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In the journey of life, we cross a number of milestones though we do not give much attention to all of them. But certain milestones have a great significance, as they sometimes become major turning points in this journey. Similar milestones have been setup by IILM in Field of Art and Design. Since, October 2014 under the umbrella of ANANT ART, IILM School of Design organised various art camps with more than 150 selected young and senior artists from all over the country with different medium and techniques, towards the common goal of promotion of art and culture.

ANANT ART came forward to encourage, promote and supports innovative work in the field of the visual arts, by organizing camps and residencies. It is committed to promote art and artist form different regions. Students and artists from all over India and the world showcase their work without the intermediary of the galleries. In the forthcoming camps, particular attention will also be given to folk and tribal arts, as they are a unique part of India’s culture and tradition.

Art cannot be judged according to its status in the commercial world or academic world or regions it belongs to. IILM has broader vision and always looks for a seminar mode of art camps or exhibitions rather than focusing upon a particular style or ideology. Effort has always been directed towards maintaining high standards for the art camps as selection process needs to qualify the defined rules for its execution.

IILM art camp is a significant event organised twice a year, in which we invite artists from varied fields of visual arts. Students at IILM School of design experience art forms beside design by actively participating in these art camps. The camp invited art talks by senior artists on paintings, installations, sculptures, video projections, site-specific art works, audio, digital and multimedia works. The competitive character of IILM Art Camp gave number of opportunities to various artists who live in the off-centers of art to come to the centre stage and make their presence felt. I am sure these art camps will be a grand platform for a huge number of talented artists of our country.