Responsible Management Education

Student Committee On Placements: An Introduction

Who does not foster the ideology of ‘work hard party harder’ in the contemporary world? As evident, there is no second thought that managers should perform handsomely not only on the technical frontiers but also advocate the needs of a wider, global audience. Realising the significance of this much accepted convention, our college works zealously Read more


With the aim of keeping the learning mission in loop through practical acquaintances, Placement Week 2 was orchestrated between 9/10/17 and 13/10/17. Thanks to the stupendous efforts of IILM’s management in tandem with CDC, notable speakers from diverse industries agreed to interact with future managers about the expected contemporary & future industry requirements. The week Read more


One of the chief constituents in determining success of a management student hovers around his/ her ability to transcend academic learning to secure a promising placement. Undoubtedly, this has remained a consideration for every student since the moment he decides to venture into a management program. Abiding by this rationale, IILM has maintained a reputation Read more

Visit to IndusInd Bank

They say anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Hence, to give wings to the learning objective of aspiring Bankers, the management organised a visit to IndusInd Bank’s M. G. Road branch on 20/12/17. The entire episode was escorted under the tutelage of Prof. Shegorika Lalchandani, who is an Associate Professor Read more


‘’All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” Corroborating the notion, IILM is synonymous to producing exceptional Jacks who are adept in both academic as well as non-academic facets. In constructing the overall personality of a student, the management thrives expeditiously in harnessing the best out of every future manager in the making. Read more

Pros of Taking a Gap Year between School and College

Planning to take a break after high school? Well, a gap year is an option that more and more students are taking up these days. And the announcement that first daughter Malia Obama would be taking a gap year before starting her college last year, has made many students consider about delaying their entry into Read more

Book Review – Intercultural Communication for Global Business – How leaders communicate for success by Elizabeth A. Tuleja (2017)

Communication, undeniably, is essential for any business to thrive. Especially in today’s context, when most of the organisations are located in various corners of the world, communication holds an all the more important role as people from different cultures come on a common platform to work together and therefore, ensuring effective exchange of ideas and Read more

IILM UBS Three Week Global Study Programme – ISM Stuttgart, Germany

Going beyond boundaries… IILM Undergraduate Business School’s Three Week Global Study Programme “Wherever you go becomes a part of you somehow”- Anonymous To be a globally responsible leader, you need firsthand experience learning about cultures, organizations, and business practices around the world. IILM Undergraduate Business School’s International exposure is designed to strengthen students knowledge, skills, Read more

10 Lessons From My Time At IILM

It has been a long journey – from being accepted into one of the top business schools in India to taking flight into the world of corporate administration. My time at IILM, however, has been worth every moment. Today as I sit down to compile the top 10 takeaways, the most important lessons I have Read more

5 Insights From My First Year At IILM

Business school – a long cherished dream for many. When I received my acceptance letter from IILM, nearly a year ago, it was with a bit of trepidation and a lot of anticipation that I packed my bags. The learning would be deeply insightful and the experience very different from undergraduate college, I was told. Read more