Responsible Management Education

IILM Summer Internship Program 2017 – The Experiential Way

For the whole year student shuts heavy books, and semester by semester opens heavier ones to study for the ever upcoming exams. He worries about assignments, projects and imminent mid semester reviews. Sound familiar? A student’s academic life in college reads like a bunch of old theorems- dull and unchanging. Winter semester is preceded by Read more

IILM Career Trek Visit 2017 – Review I

For many IILM students, the internship and job search extends far beyond the Delhi-NCR campus. As a part of campus placements drive, students of batch 2016-18 made use of the opportunity to visit companies, covering across 23 sectors to understand the sector specific requirements. In particular, for The IILM Career Development Centre, the Career Trek Read more

Magic Potion-Few droplets of LIFE to LIFE..!!

Indian society and attitude of peoples are changing when we talk about the social activity and responsibilities. Humongous number of people have come forward with their different ways to serve state and society in a better way. But it’s proven fact “all that glitters is not gold”. Read more

Unnati-Journey of Pathsala..!!

Yuva Goonj– NGO Club of IILM Institute for Business and management, being accountable towards the state and society had taken an initiative of “PATHSHALA” a year back in February 2016, with the guidance of Dr Pinky Goswami. Imparting Knowledge and learning in underprivileged children and making them rise and shine in society is the motive Read more

Yuva Goonj session on Women Empowerment

A woman is a being with senses, imagination and thoughts; she should be able to express them freely. Individual empowerment means to have the self-confidence to articulate and assert the power to negotiate and decide. The quotation has been rightly said by Swami Vivekananda Ji -“There is no chance for the welfare of the world unless Read more


It’s a new dawn, it’s a New Year .Nothing would have been best than the way New Year step in bringing the happiness of innocent kids. YUVA GOONJ-NGO club of IILM Institute of Business And Management with the vision of spreading gaiety, kissed the world of slum children by celebrating the arrival of New Year. Read more

HR Conference, 2016 “Rise of Virtual Team: Sustainability & Effectiveness in a VUCA world “

HR CONFERENCE 2016 “Rise of Virtual Team: Sustainability & Effectiveness in a VUCA world “   IILM Graduate School of Management 16, Knowledge Park II, Greater Noida-201 306 17th December, (Saturday) 2016 IILM Graduate School of Management, Greater Noida is in continuous pursuit of all-round excellence in Management Education by narrowing the gap between academia Read more

Are Dividend Announcements Informative Corporate Events ?

The value of a firm keeps changing due to changes in economic activities. In academic literature, these economic activities are precisely termed as ‘corporate event’. Corporate actions/events and changes in corporate payout policies are important considerations for the finance managers while taking financial decisions. In particular, corporate actions such as cash dividend announcements have information Read more


On June 23, 2016, in one of the most epochal referendums in European history if not modern history, Britain the 5th largest economy in the world voted to quit the European Union (EU) by a margin of around 1.3 million votes, defying predictions from all economic, political & academic quarters. The impact of Britain’s Exit Read more

Bonds and Masala Bonds

Bonds are instruments of debt – typically used by corporates to raise money from investors. Masala bonds, on the other hand, have to be explained in the context of Indian corporates raising money from overseas investors. Before masala bonds, corporates have had to rely on avenues such as external commercial borrowings or ECBs. The challenge Read more