’All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”

Corroborating the notion, IILM is synonymous to producing exceptional Jacks who are adept in both academic as well as non-academic facets. In constructing the overall personality of a student, the management thrives expeditiously in harnessing the best out of every future manager in the making. Keeping in limelight the prime objective, it was about time to dust off the impeding pressure and dive upon in a fun & playful engagement.

Adhering to the significance of physical activities, the sports club of the college regimented a ‘Fun Cricket Tournament’ on 18th August 2017 which was successfully organized in the college precincts. There are no marks for guessing the quantum of joy and passion that gets the Indians going when it comes to their favorite sport. Because of this reason, the sports club received an overwhelming response when the students were apprised about the tournament. Consequently, it was decided to augment the rules that promised a much more interesting game of cricket and meet the idea of enhancing amicability amongst the fellow mates.

As a rule, every team played with 4 boys & 2 girls. Both the undergraduate and post graduate team students showcased their spirit towards the gentlemen’s sport by defeating scorching heat and savored each moment of the tournament. The off-field participants in the form of audience lauded for their favorite teams with equal zest.

At the end, the team of Gurugram Warriors was unassailable and lifted the winning trophy. Finally, with the dusk of sun ended a fun tournament that promised to be back next year with unlimited entertainment.

Young Entrepreneur Ideation Challenge

IILM – Lodhi Road Campus organized The Young Entrepreneur Ideation Challenge on 22nd Dec 2017, which has been designed as an experiential learning exercise that encouragessenior secondary school students to find innovative solutions to common everyday problems. The aim is to spark an entrepreneurial mindset amongst these students. 20 presentations were received from various schools, out of which 5 videos were shortlisted and presented.

The students had to identify a social issue, capture the issue along with an innovative solution in a video and present their idea in front of experts.

The opening session was introduced by Dr Gunjan A Rana for the various schools who had come for the participation on campus, along with the distinguished judges comprising of alumni, which was preceded by the Welcome Speech by Dr Daisy Mathur Jain Dean UBS.

The first presentation was from Indraprastha International School Dwarka, who presented a video on the social issue of bullying and impact of it on students.

The second video was presented by Laxman Public School, who spoke about the lack of empathy and lack of emotional awareness amongst the inmates of old age homes. The students spoke about how care and emotional sensitivity is needed to bond amongst the elders in our society.

The third video was on Swach Bharat Abhiyan from Indraprastha International School, Dwarka, they spoke about the life of tin cans and the awareness on using it as a recycled waste.

The fourth presentation was from Pathways Aravali School, they presented a video on “Effective Disposal of Sanitary Napkins” and the concept of hygiene amongst women, with an effective disposal system.

The fifth presentation was from Bal Bharati Public School, Dwarkawho spoke about stress and depression amongst students. They created an application to track the messages posted on social media to trace the mind of the student and mentor the student in case facing the problem of stress or depression.

The final presentation was from Modern School, Vasant Vihar where they gave a presentation on the theme of Swach Bharat Abhyan by picking on the theme “Nurture Nature”, which spoke about trees being cut and human encroachment. They used the video to emphasize on “Save me don’t nail me campaign”.

The presentations were very well received by the judges and audience who thoroughly appreciated the social innovative ideas put forward by the school students.

The First Prize went to Pathways Aravalli, the first runner up trophy was awarded to Modern Vasant Vihar and the second runner up trophy went to Laxman Public School.

The trophies were distributed along with the prize money to the winners and participation certificates were presented to all participants in IILM’s Young Entrepreneur Ideation Challenge 2017.

Celebrating Second Convocation of the SBS Swiss Business School Graduates at IILM, Lodhi Road

IILM, a forerunner of International Undergraduate Programs in India since 1996, achieved another milestone on October 31st 2017. Second Batch of the students pursuing their BBA in Entrepreneurship were conferred their graduate degree of SBS Swiss Business School. It was indeed a proud moment for SBS Swiss Business School, as well as for IILM to see their students, dressed in ceremonial robes, eager to receive the Degree.

The convocation ceremony was held at the Lodhi Road Campus at 3.00 PM. The proceeding started with the arrival of the Chief Guest, Prof Bert Wolfs, Dean, SBS Swiss Business School.

The academic procession comprising the Undergraduate Faculty Members was led by Dr. Daisy Mathur Jain, Dean of the Undergraduate Business School (UBS). Recitation of Saraswati Vandana by the students of Banyan Tree School and lighting of the lamp by Prof. Bert Wolfs, Dr. Shuchi Agrawal (Director UBS), Dr. Jain and Izabela Karanfiloska, (Program Manager, MBA, SBS Swiss Business School) marked the beginning of the event.

Dr. Jain embraced the presence of graduands, parents and guests and delivered her welcome speech.

Dean’s Message to the Students

It is a matter of pleasure and great honour that we have gathered here for the graduation ceremony of the Bachelors of Business Administration (Entrepreneurship) SBS Swiss Business School.  On behalf of IILM Undergraduate Business School, I extend warm greetings and welcome you all to this very solemn and at the same time a joyous and fulfilling occasion.

This day is important for students as well as the Institute.  It is indeed a proud moment for us to see  young  ladies and gentlemen coming  out  with  flying  colours  and all set to  begin  a  new  journey. As   young   graduates,   you   are   about   to   embark   on   your   own extraordinary   journey   and   create your   own   life   adventures. I congratulate you for the hard work that you have put in during these three years. A new chapter is about to begin.  A myriad of new challenges and options are on your horizons. There are several paths that you all must have decided to pursue now after graduation – like starting your own entrepreneurship journey with your fresh ideas, or furthering your family business or pursuing higher education. No matter what path you choose – THINK BIG! That is how you will succeed. I urge you to be focused and serious while trying to achieve your goals. However, in this process don’t make your life too serious. Make it a habit to be happy while you solve all your difficulties in life. This is only the beginning.

Do keep coming to your Alma Mater and share your success stories with us. Congratulations once again.

The Dean took the permission of the Chief Guest to declare the Convocation open. She welcomed and introduced Prof Bert Wolfs- Academic Dean, SBS Swiss Business School. Prof Wolfs is a PhD, MDP (Harvard Graduate School of Education) and a founding member of SBS Swiss Business School and holds the position of the Academic Dean and DBA Program Manager at the Institution. Dr. Wolfs also is a lecturer on SBS educational programs with a special interest in entrepreneurship and e-commerce, and holds the Albert Einstein Peace Award from IAEWP. Furthermore, he is a certified lecturer of Swiss Vocational Education Training (VET) students. Dr. Jain also introduced Izabela Karanfiloska, Program Manager –SBS Swiss Business School.

This was followed by a brief Address by Ms Izabela Karanfiloska who was happy to congratulate all the graduands. She emphasized that the Convocation Day stood as a moment of great pride for the students, and she wished success to all the young graduands.

Director’s Message to the Students

Members of IILM Board of Governors, Distinguished guests, proud parents, colleagues and dear graduating students.

On behalf of the IILM fraternity, I extend a very warm welcome to each one of you on the annual convocation for the Class of 2017. With pleasure I want to share that the year 2017 marks the 25th year of our legacy in education.

Our undergraduate program aims at inspiring students to be innovative in their thoughts and actions and to grow as entrepreneurs. Today India is brimming with ideas and energy.     At IILM, we do our best to energize this new generation so that our country can reach new heights of greatness.

Dear Students today marks the culmination of an enriching journey by you and also the beginning of a new, fascinating one. All of you have gathered here on this special occasion   but I see a lot of missing faces. Do you know why? I am proud to share that

30 of your batch-mates that is one third of the batch has got admission in various universities abroad for pursuing Masters. This is indeed a big achievement. Ashna Gupta is in University of Warwick, UK, Shrey Bharadwaj University of Leeds UK, Kunal Chugh in RMIT Australia, Krishan Katyal in Grenoble Graduate School of Business, France to name a few.

Many of you have started your own entrepreneurial venture.  Bhavaya has started Built Natural- Recycling plastic to make T- Shirts.- Tejas who is currently in University of Bristol UK  has created an app ‘Madfad’, Piyush Popli is working on bio-gas plant. Vishesh Jhalani on jewellery e-commerce site and Pranav Agarwal has started his own venture ECHO. Others have gone back to their family business and bringing in innovation there. We are indeed proud of you all.

IILM through various initiatives like Entrepreneurial Development Centre, Annual Higher Education summit, Centre for Excellence for family business and specialized mentoring is helping and guiding students to realize their aspirations and dreams.

I would now like to briefly highlight some of IILM’s major achievements during the last year.

I am proud to inform that in the EdUniversal rankings of best business schools in India, IILM has been ranked 10 in 3 Palmes of Excellence category for 2017. Headquartered in Paris, Eduniversal is a global ranking and rating agency specializing in higher education.

I am also proud to inform that IILM has been accorded the prestigious SAQS Reaccreditation by AMDISA for a period of 5 years. SAQS is an international system for quality assurance and accreditation, an EFMD supported initiative in South Asia. Only 15 Business schools in India have received this accreditation.

 IILM is a member of the United Nations Global Compact Initiative – “PRME”, and has earned the coveted ‘Champion business school’ status. This year in July during the Global Forum in New York, PRME launched the India Chapter. IILM is a Co-lead along with Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore and S.P.Jain Institute of Management & Research, Mumbai. This is indeed a great honour for us.

Our Gurgaon campus has applied for University status and I am happy to share that we are in the final stages of the process and very likely to get it soon. The university will focus on liberal education having schools in liberal arts, Management, Design, Technology and Innovation.

This year  as part of the IILM Global study program   our undergraduate students attended 3 week programs at Seneca college Canada and ISM  Germany where they studied modules on strategic management , Entrepreneurship  and innovation .The program also included visits to companies such as Porsche, Mercedez Benz ,Google, IBM and Bosch. The students found the experience very enriching. In the coming years we will continue to strengthen this initiative.

Our undergraduate program focuses on providing experiential learning to our students along with the regular management courses. We have introduced innovation weeks, held three times a year, with a special focus on social innovation. Courses like entrepreneurial case studies, family business management, small business field studies and regular  company visits help to inculcate in our students the skills required in today’s world.

Now to today’s event:

Dear Students, today you come to the end of a journey which you had started 3 years back!   I am sure you will miss the rush to reach the class on time, the assignments to be submitted, not to forget the thesis and number of reworks it required. Well you all did a commendable work and Shubham Gupta and Saachi Narang’s thesis has been published in SBS Journal of Applied Business Research. I would like to congratulate you .It is your hard work that brought you to this finishing line. I know this is a big day and you will enjoy and remember it. I would also like to congratulate the parents and families of the graduates. Your support to them was essential to what they have achieved. So it is your moment too to enjoy and remember.

Today you are set to embark on a new journey, a journey full of challenges and opportunities.  You should be willing to take on the challenges and capitalize on every opportunity that comes your way. Draw inspiration from the famous lines by Steve Jobs “Don’t let the noise of others opinions drown out your own inner voice.” So be honest, be bold and believe in yourself and the world will be at your feet.

Once again Congratulations, Class of 2017. We are so very proud of you. Enjoy this momentous day and, as you go out into the world, please keep us in your hearts. You will be in ours.

Prof Bert Wolf’s Message to the Students


Prof wolfs delivering his congratulatroy address to the fresh graduates

Prof  Wolf’s delivering his congratulatory address to the fresh graduates


Respected members of IILM, dear ladies and gentlemen, dear parents, dear honourable guests….

Dear Students, Congratulations to the Class of 2017, you have made it!

Usually the Dean has to speak for hours, but the students are not actually interested any more in what the Dean will say. So, I will do my best to keep it short and simple.

It is an honourable day and a respectful day for you. It is definitely a day to remember. You belong now to the small part of the population worldwide which possesses the Bachelor’s Degree, a Bachelor’s Degree in Entrepreneurship. You have learnt how to manage risks, you know how to think risks, and how to diversify your risks. As your parents and grand-parents have always told you, don’t put all the eggs in the same basket!

Now, life is simple. Life often asks three kinds of questions- the first question that people usually ask is, “Where do you have your degree from? Do you have a degree?” As of today, you are in the possession of a well-respected degree. The second question people ask you is, “Which language do you speak?” You definitely must say that you have mastered the language of entrepreneurship today. Besides that, I encourage you to learn more languages. Language is an ice-breaker. Learn in twenty languages how to say “hello” and how to say “thank you”. The world doesn’t end in India. The world is broader than India. So, if you can break the ice with other people and other cultures, it’s always appreciated. And the third question they ask you in life is, “Who do you know? Don’t say you know me! Who do you know?” So, continue to expand your network, continue to interact with your professors and continue to interact with your classmates. But, also look and know who the alumni of last year are? And you may know that we have alumni all over the world. So, try to connect with these people because there are whole lot of opportunities for you. I wish you good luck with that.

I also would like to thank the administration of the Institution for their outstanding task which they have done this year and the previous year. We are proud to be associated with you. And also, dear Graduates, you should thank your faculty. Dhanyawaad (thank you)!

Dr. Jain then presented the candidates from IILM Undergraduate Business School to be admitted to the Degree of Bachelors of Business Administration in Entrepreneurship, announcing the names in alphabetical order.

The Degree was handed over to one hundred and eleven qualifying graduates by the Chief Guest, and the candidates who could not receive the Degree in person were conferred the Degree in Absentia.

The Chairperson, Mrs. Malvika Rai was requested to give away medals and certificates to the meritorious students as follows:

Dr. Kulwant Rai Gold Medal for securing First Position in Academics was awarded to Shubham Gupta.

Dr. Kulwant Rai Silver Medal for securing Second Position in Academics was awarded to Nikunj Agarwal.

Awardees of the Special Prize for the Best Thesis Saachi Narang and Tejas Kumar. The Award was conferred upon Tejas Kumar in absentia.

Mrs. Malvika Rai, Chairperson IILM, conferring Dr. Kulwant Rai Gold Medal on Shubham Gupta for Academic Excellence

In the end, the Dean, IILM UBS sought permission from the Dean, SBS Swiss Business School and declared the ceremony closed. Then audience then rose for the National Anthem after which the Academic Procession and the fresh graduates assembled for group photographs.

All Graduates, parents and other invitees were welcomed to partake of high tea, during which the Management, the Director, the Dean and all the Faculty Members interacted with one another and shared their happiness and best wishes.





22nd Convocation of the Post-Graduate Diploma in Management Program

IILM celebrated 22nd Convocation of the Post-Graduate Diploma in Management Program at its Lodhi Road Campus on 25th August 2017. 296 students from IILM Graduate School of Management, Greater Noida, IILM Institute for Business and Management, Gurgaon and IILM Institute for Higher Education, New Delhi were conferred their PG Diplomas in Management.

Mr. Bharat Kaushal,Managing Director, Hitachi India Private Limited was the Chief Guest on the occasion. Mr. Kaushal has the unique distinction of being the first Indian Managing Director of Hitachi. A distinguished business professional, Mr Kaushal has over 25 years of industry experience specializing in macroeconomic policy, government advisory, project finance, debt restructuring as well as in mergers and acquisitions. He is an alumnus of Columbia University where he pursued Masters in International Affairs and Northeastern University where he secured his Masters in Business Administration. He graduated from St Stephen’s College, Delhi.

Message from the Chief Guest, Mr. Bharat Kaushal, Managing Director, Hitachi India Private Limited

In his address, Mr. Kaushal congratulated the young graduates and said that, “We could not have asked for a bigger blessing for the day than Ganesh Chaturthi. This is may be the most auspicious signal for you all. It is a privilege for me to be here on the day of Convocation of an academic institution. I think an academic institution is one of the highest points of recognition that one receives personally as a part of their own growth. My association with IILM was born in 1993. I have known it reaching many several pedestals and I think it is also important to thank for the important roles played by the younger generation of the Rai family. Anand and Aarti, thank you very much for your contribution.
I was in a flight about one and a half hours ago before I came here and I was thinking what to say to this smart lot of graduating people who are already very intelligent. And I said to myself that maybe I should not leave them with theory, but share something about what I have learnt in my own life’s journey. Some of the observations I have may be relevant for today and some of those may be used as you get on in life.

Message from the Chief Guest, Mr. Bharat Kaushal, Managing Director, Hitachi India Private Limited

Message from the Chief Guest, Mr. Bharat Kaushal, Managing Director, Hitachi India Private Limited

The first thing that I want to share with you today is that you must always set a goalpost for yourself. This is a water ship moment. You have culminated whole lot of learning that has gone on until today and you embark on upon a sort of really big opportunity from your own businesses to envisioning new ideas, starting up your own ventures, to companies and institutions where you will find jobs and work and learn in every sphere. But leadership is an important goalpost and the only way to set that goalpost is to start taking ownership from the first day. You have to put your heart in where your mind is. Not every job is going to be intellectually fertile or stimulating. But it is important to take ownership of what you believe in. You will learn that not every position is about CEO’s job. Leadership is the most important aspect of every job and so you have to pay attention to your work as though it is your own company. And finally, somewhere recognition for your sincerity will fall in place. The other thing that I want to say is about learning continuously. You must build on yourself constantly. I am standing in front of you. I am going through a reinvention myself. Even at 49 years of age, I put efforts to constantly learn and reinvent myself more and more. In the end, I will talk about social evolution. If we look at this whole evolution that we have been undergoing, it has always been a balance of continuity and change. But just this time, the word progressive disruption has made the whole thing change so much that we have altogether different perspectives about this is how education, skilling, work and everything else around us should be. You should always be ready to deal with the rapidly evolving environment.

And like I have said, some of the things I have shared with you may be relevant today and some of them are those on which you can reflect upon and use them later in life. But the most important thing to remember in life is that things have their own way of finding a course to reach you. And everything doesn’t have to be planned. Of course, you have to be diligent and keep organising yourself for tomorrow. The opportunities are opening and it is nothing like before. I come from a humble background and I went to St. Stephen’s College thinking that I will join the Civil Services. But then things changed entirely and this is where I have landed up today. But definitely about my interest in India, and this is also what I say to my Japanese colleagues all the time, is that I am good person to be your team is because I am a very proud Indian.

I have come here to be a part of your celebration and to share with you that you need to believe in yourself and go ahead in life. God bless you!

Awards and Recognition

The Chief Guest, Mr. Bharat Kaushal and Mrs. Malvika Rai presented Gold and Silver Medals to the toppers from three Campuses. The winners of the Gold and Silver Medals respectively were Navneet Kaur and Lochan Surana from New Delhi Campus, Shubham Agarwal and Sagnik Das from Gurgaon Campus and Joseph Davis and Sajib Dhar from Greater Noida Campus.

Summer Internship (SIP) has always been an integral part of the Curriculum at IILM. It has proved to be instrumental in enhancing the credentials of the students and also in fetching them a fulltime job. Mr. Bharat Kaushal extended the award to Pooja Falwariya from IILM Institute for Higher Education, New Delhi. She did Internship on Human Resources Practices (Talent Acquisition) at Marks & Spencer. Best SIP award from IILM Institute for Business and Management, Gurgaon was extended to Sagnik Das for Internship on Marketing Assessment of Bakery Fats Cargill India Private Limited. Best SIP award from IILM Graduate School of Management, Greater Noida went to Mansi Singh for Internship on Big Data Analysis at Benzara.


IILM honoured six faculty members with the Excellence in Teaching Award. The faculty who won the award for teaching core modules are Prof. Rajkishan Nair (Greater Noida Campus), Prof. Ruchi Shah (Gurgaon Campus) and Prof. Rahul Mishra (Lodhi Road Campus). The faculty who won the award for teaching elective modules are Prof. Raju Majumdar (Greater Noida Campus), Prof. Pinky Goswami (Gurgaon Campus) and Prof. Devika Sharma (Lodhi Road Campus). The Award winners expressed their joy and gratitude to students as they mentioned that this day would not have been possible without a successful partnership with them. They also thanked the Management for providing them with a platform to exhibit their knowledge and skills and recognising their efforts.

IILM also nurtures the tradition of recognising its senior alumni every year. This year, Dr. Smitha Girija welcomed Mr. Anil V Vallecha, Senior Service Delivery – Financial Operations, American Express. Mr. Vallecha is IILM alumnus from the Class of 1998. Mrs. Malvika Rai, Chairperson, IILM, presented an award to him. Mr. Vallecha took pride in recollecting his memories at IILM and mentioned that “I have spent the two most eventful, exciting and action packed and professionally enriching years of my student life which forms the foundation of where we are going in future. You have a rock-solid launch pad and an establishment to take you further. Take risks with your careers, take risks with your capabilities, get out of your comfort zone and take on responsibilities which you think you will not be able to accomplish, believe me you will be surprised.”

Annual Report

Read More : Annual Report By Dr. Smitha Girija

Dr. Smitha Girija, Director PGDM took the opportunity to highlight some of the major achievements of the Institute with the audience.

She mentioned that the Association of Management Development Institutes of South Asia (AMDISA) has awarded the prestigious SAQS Re-accreditation to IILM for a period of 5 years and IILM’s Greater Noida Campus has been re-accredited by National Board of Accreditation (NBA). IILM is also a member of the United Nations Global Compact Initiative – “PRME”, and has earned the coveted ‘Champion business school’ status. This year in July during the Global Forum in New York, PRME launched the India Chapter.

IILM has set up a Centre for Excellence in Family Business which is an institutional member of Family Firm Institute, Chicago. The Centre aims at research and training, discussions through conferences and seminars which will help its family-business students, alumni and parents.IILM has also constituted an Entrepreneurship Development Centre with the primary aim of encouraging entrepreneurial mind-set among students.

Another integral part of the PGDM curriculum is the Global Study Program. The students get the opportunityto learn at IILM’s partner schools in Germany, France, Spain and Canada for four weeks and acquire global exposure, which has proved to be of great value to the students.

Message from the Directors PGDM

Prof. Smitha Girija, Director of IILM Institute for Higher Education in her inspiring words said to the students,“The world you inherit poses great challenges and huge responsibilities. Change is inevitable, whether you want it or not. The institute through our curriculum has tried to promote individuality and innovative thinking. This would help you to be the architects of a new world. Do remember you belong to a small group who are equipped to take such challenging role. This goes beyond having a job in a company or any other organization. This requires you to remain connected with the society. Embrace the challenges and get ahead of the change. We are all excited to watch you as you step into the real world and become creators of the future.

Prof. Taruna Gautam, Director of IILM Graduate School of Management, Greater Noida wished many happy returns to the students and said “Convocation is an opportunity to come together and take a resolve to move forward. As you proceed in your lives I hope you will continue to learn and reflect upon how you are changing even as you change the world around you. I am sure you will treasure all the efforts that others have put in to get you to where you are in your life now. Remember to thank those who supported you and return that by supporting others to achieve their best. This is not the end of your learning rather you are now going from a closed and protected classroom, to an open classroom. Keep the student mindset alive in you, so that you can scale greater heights in your profession. Your success is going to be your humility. You are the ones who will not only make your own destiny but have a say in the entire country’s destiny.

Prof. Siva Krishnan, Director of IILM Institute for Business and Management, Gurgaon in his congratulatory address to the students stated that “I am sure, this is one of the most important occasions in your life where you all are eagerly waiting to hold the graduation certificate in your hand to chart the destiny of your career. This is also a day where you can take immense pride, as it is a reflection of the passion, determination, and hard work that you have exhibited over a period of two years that has finally bore the fruits. I have no doubt that the fruits of your labor are going to be really sweet in the coming days. At the same time, it is equally important to be conscious of the fact that the world is changing fast and technology getting obsolete even before it completes its product life cycle. Adaptability and skill set requirements have become a major challenge due to this fast-changing scenario and will continue to pose further challenges in the coming years. This has put theonus on all of you to be a continuous learner. And today, it is just the beginning of that process and not an end. I strongly believe, the capacity to learn is a great gift, the ability to learn is certainly a skill, and the willingness to learn is undoubtedly a choice. I am happy that at IILM, all of you have got this mix absolutely right.

Message from the Deans PGDM

Prof. Joyeeta Chatterjee, Dean of IILM Institute for Higher Education in her congratulatory address to the graduates said, “A new chapter is about to begin. A myriad of new challenges and options are on your horizons. There are two different paths you can take now after graduation – either you can aspire to build big things and move ahead in life very fast or decide to ride a very comfortable journey, bearing no risk. Most of you are taught to think big! Build rocket ships by being patient and persistent. And most importantly be around people who want to build rocket ships. That is how you will succeed. I urge you to be focused and serious while trying to achieve your goal. However, in this process don’t make your life too serious. Make it a habit to be happy while you solve all your difficulties in life. This is only the beginning. You are now going from a closed and protected classroom, to an open classroom. Do keep coming to your Alma Mater and share your success stories with us. Congratulations once again.

Prof. Raju Majumdar, Dean of IILM Graduate School of Management, Greater Noida inspired the students by saying that, “As you roe on from here and now, here is what I want to share with you for tomorrow and ever after… do make your bed every day, for an eye for the detail and this small achievement in the beginning will surely motivate you to take up and complete bigger and bigger tasks throughout the day, and if in the end you have a bad day, you have a bed already made to sleep it off. Never give an excuse and do not take a shortcut. Please remember the road to success is almost always a difficult one, but it is this journey that creates winners and separates them from the rest. Remember your school poems? Robert Frost and his ageless lines

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I —

I took the one less traveled by,

And that has made all the difference.

When we meet again, I am sure you all will have lot of success stories to share. We will wait to hear from you always; do come back when you have time and help us grow.

Prof. Vidhisha Vyas, Dean of IILM Institute for Business and Management, Gurgaon congratulated the young graduates and said “The world you inherit is beset with great challenges. Change is upon us – whether we want it or not. Yet – you have the greatest opportunity in generations: to be the architects and builders of a new world. You will not just be a cog in a big machine (as many of my generation were) but you will be a node in a vibrant network of engaged individuals. Your successes will be sweeter, and your disappointments will be easier to bear, if you have the love and support of family and friends. I end with this thought: Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. Begin it now.Wish you luck for your all future endeavours.

The Convocation concluded with the National Anthem.

Startup’s Marketing Strategy facilitated by open source tools

Startup’s Marketing Strategy facilitated by open source tools – by Shweta Nanda

Great product companies like Zoho ,Druva and Freshdesk have leveraged digital marketing to a great extent. In the initial phase of startup where there is budget constraint some open source applications work wonders for market or competitor study and implement strategic decision making.

Free Search trend tools and segmentation tools help tremendous in lead generation.

Lead Generation through free tools:

Must try search trends tools:

The first step is searching for the right keywords, you can start with Google Keyword Planner. We can use tools like Spyfu and Semrush to look for competitors keywords and Google Trends tool which gives you keywords which are in top searches, with regions where you should target specifically. This we have practically used in our classes. It’s a great idea to capture a business oriented key word and use it in Google Trends to identify the real time search engine presence of the specific keyword at global level.

We can design the content campaigns for Google Display and Facebook-Youtube Video for brand recall. Also before penetration with core offerings we can prepare ourselves for content marketing on social media sites as done by startup NAIKA .Once you influence the target with the knowledge of offering (which develops the interest for a product/service), it gives a platform to create the perception about the offerings and gain competitive edge.

Demographic segmentation tools :

This calls for segmenting the target audience under the following or relevant domains:

  • Function
  • Industry
  • Geography
  • Linkedin Sales Navigator works very well to create the database of prospective target. In order to introduce our business offerings, we can design 4 set of emails including an intro mail describing your services with USP’s, and then 3 follow up emails. 
  • Tools namely Gmail Account for Business or Personal & Gmass for drip emails are incredible in this context. The incredible feature is to align the sending of the mass mails in fixed day’s slots depending on the requirement of the business.

Teacher’s Day Celebrations at IILM

“You Dream We Guide”

Becoming a teacher requires strong conviction and utmost commitment. Teachers’ Day is celebrated to acknowledge the indispensable role of a teacher in guiding and preparing the students to not only chase their passion in the choicest field but also achieve their dreams by keeping their moral values and sense of social responsibility intact.
Dr. Radhakrishnan was born on 5th Sep 1888 and became the President of India in 1962. He was approached by a group of his students and friends with a request to allow them to celebrate his birthday. Dr. Radhakrishnan’s reply was “instead of celebrating my birthday separately, it would be my proud privilege if September 5 is observed as Teachers’ day”. This request showed Dr. Radhakrishnan’s love for the teaching profession. Whatever be the position he held whether as President or Vice President of India, he remained a teacher all his life. T The teaching profession always remained his first love. The highest award of the nation, The Bharat Ratna, was conferred on him in 1954 in recognition of his meritorious service to mankind.

Teachers Day Celebrations at IILM - Group
The Cultural Club of IILM, Top Management college in Delhi-NCR celebrated this special day on Wednesday 5 September 2017 with utmost zeal. The students, who had been preparing for the grand event for more than a week, organised an appreciable show dedicated to their teachers. The students undertook a great effort in decorating the auditorium with intricate detailing and ensured that teachers are engaged and enjoy the event thoroughly. The event started with a melodious prayer followed by phenomenal dance performances, innovative music, and skit. The skit was the highlight of the event, there were giggles echoing all around the auditorium during the skit.

Amidst the extraordinary performances by students of Best B school of Delhi-NCR, there were innovative games like musical chair, tie-a-tie in 15 seconds challenge, drape-a-saree in 30 seconds challenge and Just a Moment (JAM) were conducted for the teachers by the students. The winners were gifted with yummy chocolates.
The efforts of the students were appreciated by all the teachers and we are thankful to our students for giving us beautiful memories to carry alonguntil the next year.

Teachers Day Celebrations at IILM - Game

Convocation TakeAways for the Class of 2017

The convocation ceremony for the 2015-2017 PGDM batch was held on 25th August 2017, with much pomp and splendor at the Lodhi Road Campus in Delhi. Amidst the scenic beauty and serenity, the batch reconnected with each other and came together to celebrate the collective sense of accomplishments. As a new faculty, it was initially difficult for me to connect to the students who are getting graduated as one may not know them. however, I was assigned the duty at the registration desk along with another amazing newly joined and this helped us to know each and every student on the LR campus, to say ‘Hi” to and yes register of course. what a great way to connect!! The last day on campus. no tension to attend classes or to appear for the exam. the joy simply reflected in wearing beautiful n smart dresses and looking extraordinary. the hug and selfies. And much more. The atmosphere was one of celebration inter mingled by some firm disciplinary yet ‘sweet’ scoldings from the faculty and staff with whom they have spent some good as well as ‘challenging’ times!


It was a time to reminisce and look back at the two gruelling, adventurous, and life-changing years spent together. The students received their ceremonial robes and graduation caps and proceeded for the formal function.  The convocation marked the end of their journey as students, and marked the beginning of their climb up the corporate ladder. The guest lecture by the Chief guest, Mr. Bharat Kaushal, helped the students to value the education they received in past 2 years. within and without the classrooms!



The rains were an unexpected guest but it could not dampen the spirit of the attendees. the guests, parents, and faculty had a hearty chit chat and the atmosphere was nothing less than that of a celebration! I saw the whole Rai family, watching like a warm parent, the students whom they nurtured… with joy, pride and best wishes for their great future! The highlight of any convocation is the tossing of the hats in the air and so it was with IILM with faculty running to save themselves from the flying hats! All in all, it was a day of joy, celebration, promises to stay connected and do well for oneself, others and yes carrying the honor and pride of being an IILM alumni.


Saraswati Pooja at IILM GURGAON – 1/2/17

IILM GURGAON has always believed in prosperity through participation. PG1 Students at our gurgaon campus organised the Saraswati Puja (Basant Panchami) on the onset of beginning OF Spring from  1st feb 2017.

On this auspicious day, faculty, staffs and student came together to seek blessings of the goddess of knowledge, music, art and culture. It was graced with the presence of Senior Director of IILM, Director, Dean accompanied by faculty members and non teaching staffs. students with utter joy joined the harmonic ceremony.

Celebrating Saraswati Puja is a ritual attempt to preserve Indian culture and to impart a sense of respect towards long established traditions, which IILM always keep at helm of priority.  Worship of goddess began with the lighting of lamp by respected designated faculties and students. Puja of Saraswati pratima in saraswati mandir of IILM was conducted in sync with chanting of saraswati vandana and holy chorus. Students not only conducted puja but also enlightened on the concept of worshipping goddess of knowledge. Everyone present there in traditional wear was a colorful touch to the day. Special prasad was prepared with laddu and palm and was offered to Ma Saraswati.  Event was ended in a very soulful way by serving prasad to everyone present there.


Sanjana Banerjee

Final_Carpe-diem2017- IIM-C event.

Carpe Diem’ 2017 (IIM Calcutta)

IIM Calcutta recently concluded with its annual cultural fest “Carpe Diem”. It was a three day event starting from 27th of January to 29th of January 2017.  4 students from IILM got a chance to participate in the various events of fest.

In February 2016 organized a two day workshop on ‘Digital Marketing’ on 18th and 19th in our college in Gurgaon. Around 30 students participated in this workshop mentored by “Mr. Ujjawal Chugh”. At the end of the workshop there was quiz conducted out of which 4 students were selected to participate in B-Plan competition to be held in the fest.

The team was-

  1. Surabhi Bhatia
  2. Mahipal Jain
  3. Riya Garg
  4. Vijyadeep Dhasmana

We 4 prepared a B-Plan on bespoke tailoring solution named as “Dressoup”. This was to be presented in the competition.

Day 1

We landed in the noon in Kolkata and reached college wherein they gave us accomodations. Carpe Diem 2017 was inaugurated by famous children author Ruskin Bond. He addressed the audience and narrated about his various life experiences. We had a chance to interact with him and asked questions related to his books and stories. His speech was followed by a band performance ‘Laghori-Coke Studio’.

Day 2

Our day started with breakfast in the student mess, eating which we missed our IILM breakfast very much. Then was the first round of B-Plan Competition in which a team quiz was conducted. It was written quiz which consisted of questions 125 on Rio Olympics, Constitution of India and general marketing concepts. Around 40 teams from various colleges in India participated in that quiz. After that we moved out and looked for other events. We were also given lunch coupons and again during lunch we realized IILM still stands far ahead in terms of food and hospitality. In the gaming corner a block game known as ‘Zenga’ was being played. Then there was picture puzzle, face painting doodle art etc. we participated in a few of them. The day ended with a performance by “Nucleya” a renowned DJ.



Day 3

Results were announced for the quiz and much to our delight we qualified for the second round. Now came the time for presenting our business idea. Each team was given 10 min to put forward their presentation and after that there was a small round of Q&A from the judges. We presented our B-plan but exceeded the time limit by 2 minutes. However, judges were still convinced in the Q&A session. After that we saw many events like fashion show, dance competition etc. at 4 o clock results were announced and unfortunately we could not make it to top 3. Still, we would say it was an amazing experience for all 4 of us as we got a chance to be here in such a premier B-School and talk to people out there.

In the evening we left the campus and decided to take a small city tour. We visited Howrah Bridge, Birla Mandir and then Park Street, which is famous for its night life. Street food in Kolkata is very delicious and a must try.

Next morning we went to New Market and spent whole day wandering around as our flight was delayed by 3 hours. To sum it up, it was a very hands-on experience for those who always wondered what life in the most sought after B-School would be.


Surbhi Bhatia

Vijaydeep Dhasmana

Riya Garg

MahipalI S Vijaydeep 20170129_130132 1