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Bon Voyage – The IILM Global Study Program in France

In the future, the Global Study Program should undoubtedly become an integral part of IILM as the amount of learning and exposure it has to offer is tremendous. It is an excellent opportunity for every student who aspires to study abroad as well as to become independent for doing things that they have had others Read more

IILM, India & More…

My experience at IILM so far has been incredible. The students are very eager to learn, actively participate in class discussions and want to know how business is done in other countries. The faculty at IILM are very well informed about global issues, they are extremely friendly and go out of their way to make sure you have everything you need. The infrastructure here at IILM is very modern and up to date with all the latest technology. I really enjoy all the space and greenery at the Greater Noida campus where I am staying. The students there are very active in campus life as the other night as I was walking to the cafeteria there was a large fire and students dancing and giving out bags of peanuts and popcorn in celebration of the holiday of Lohri. Read more

How to stay Motivated & Creative

Life is an evolving journey through different phenomena present around us all. In order to keep up through the peaks of stagnancy, it is important to keep motivated and creative. Motivation and Creativity works hand in hand. There could be endless things around us that could keep us thrilled up in life, for instance – from just reading another chapter of your favorite book to meeting another friend for a supper. Let’s look at four ways to keep you motivated and creative. Read more

IILM PRME Third International Conference

IILM in collaboration with United Nations Global Compact PRME (Principles for Responsible Management Education) organized its Third International Conference on 7th , 8th and 9th January 2016. IILM is the only Academic Institution body in Asia to be part of PRME Champions (2013-2015). Here is the Social Media coverage of PRME Conference held at Lodhi Road Campus, New Delhi. Read more

Study Abroad Semester at Burgundy School of Business, France

We learn every single day, every single second Everybody says that there will be a turning point in life when the way your thought works, the way you perceive this world will change. IILM exchange program was that turning point in my life. I was among those students who got this lucky opportunity to stay Read more

6 Habits To Get Rid Of In 2016

We have all made that ‘Break the Habit’ or ‘Resolutions’ list every year. Trial after trial we try our best to hit them all, well, almost. Let’s be honest to each other, the list is not getting any shorter. Think of 6 nerve wreck habits that you have planted in you for years, and trying to give up, but they cling back with every effort you make. Read more