How IILM Turns Uncut Stones into Shining Diamonds – An Alumni Story by Firdaus Shadab Alam of Deloitte India

One year after graduating with honors and a boring degree had me thinking life has me beat. Been there? Good, now let’s talk about how it all changes.

My desperate attempt to find a job, any job had me going down a rabbit hole of researching for MBA colleges. At first glance, they all looked the same to me. I could not differentiate one from another. I sat for many interviews but once I visited IILM I knew this is where I’m going to study. To call it a college with a big heart is an understatement. This is a family, one where every second faculty member cares just as much about your future as your immediate family. So, me and my sister packed our bags, bid the city of Joy adieu and proceeded to live in the campus hostel for what I can without doubt call the best 2 years of my life.

While I did not have any specific expectations as a newbie but having previously done my graduation in Accounting, my main motivation was to pursue finance and get placed in a reputed accounting firm. My teachers did me one better and suggested I get a dual major in Finance and marketing. I only wanted to be an accountant but from learning economics to finance to big data science I now work in the Innovation team in Deloitte. A few years ago, if someone told me I would be working in such an offbeat and dynamic role I never would have believed it.

From early morning classes, to running around campus for assignments, and late-night study sessions to the interesting competitions, corporate exposure & continuous interaction with the corporates- there is never a dull moment on campus.The course is rigorously planned, giving each student the ambient condition and many opportunities to explore their full potential and polish their leadership skills. The days sometimes seem endless, coffee tends to become a constant ally to navigate through the myriad of projects, role plays, case discussions & group assignments. I often played table tennis with my peers to lighten the mood after a hectic day.

Unlike other colleges I saw most of my batchmates getting their dream job. From summer internships to final placement the CDC team has you covered. I did my internship at WNS Global Services Private Limited as I wanted to learn more about research and how one can transform it into a career.

On one hand I had the finance professor (Mr. Raju Majumdar) teaching us how to formulate a strategy or correctly analyze a balance sheet and on the other you have (Mr. Rajkishan Nair) teaching you the importance of self-awareness and moral judgement, in our post-modern world it is very important to understand what moves the world and how asking the fundamental questions will keep you on top of your game every single day.I thank each teacher who taught me so well that I graduated and was awarded the Gold Medal, from learning how to negotiate with absolute certainty, to remembering each word written by Philip Kotler to understanding why Big data is the next big gold mine. The faculty here will teach you everything and more. And most importantly they will do it with grace and patience. 

IILM for me was not only about the monetary return on investment. It has other non-monetary benefits added to the package which seems to lack in the average rung Indian B-schools. It has its own brand and its own value. They teach you hard skills such as marketing operations, economics and so on and soft skills such as teamwork, communication and leadership. Most importantly, it helps you establish the valuable ‘network’ and ‘contacts’ and you are left with more than just a degree. Everyone you network with during the period— fellow students, alumni, faculty staff, and visiting speakers — will prove invaluable when it comes to seeking out a high-profile internship and, eventually, a job.

Firduas Shadab Alam

Innovation Team at  Deloitte India

Alumnus- Batch (16-18)

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Dancing Market: Optimism or Insanity?

In the era of COVID-19 when WHO has declared it as a pandemic. India is under the lockdown for more than sixty days like all other nations in the world. All the economic activities were shuttered down till lockdown 3.0. The future outlook for the Indian economy is not pleasant. Analysts are expecting negative growth for Financial Year 2021. Almost all medium and small-scale businesses are in crisis. Most of them have shut their shops and laid off their employees. Big business houses have announced a salary cut for their employees. For April, the Auto industry first time have observed zero production output. The unemployment rate is at an all-time high. Scores of migrant laborers have moved back to their native places.

In this gloomy scenario across the nation stock market is dancing like anything. Though, it is not at the record height as it was during February but it is not that bad either. Eventually, soon after the announcement of the lockdown market slumped to almost half but this state did not last long. At present, the market is hovering around the level of 2017 which under the present circumstances is quite amazing.

Barometer of Economy?

It is time to evaluate the phrase ‘SENSEX is the barometer of Indian Economy‘. Is it a barometer to gauge the economic activities anymore? The stock market is considered a leading indicator of the economy. It was believed that there is a high correlation exist between the stock market and economy but this correlation does persist?

Fool’s Paradise!

Though the stock market is not a true representative of the economy nowadays it seems like the market has divorced the economy especially to all whatever is happening around us; whatever is the reality of economic activities. The stock market is not showing any concern to the more than fifty-nine lacs corona positive cases around the world and more than forty-seven hundred deaths in India. Stock market and particularly investors are living in paradise.

Future Outlook

There are various explanations for this insane behavior of stock investors. First and foremost, the explanation is that stock prices are always based on the future outlook, not the present. Present stock prices are the discounted cash flows expected from stock in the future. So, the present stock prices reflect that investors believe that economy will have a speedy recovery shortly.

Expectations from Government

Investor’s expectation of a substantially large stimulus package from the government went in vain. Investors have a strong feeling that the government will be able to overcome all difficulties in the economic front. The historic decision of reducing the corporate tax rates and conceptualizing the idea of ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ is giving hope to the investors.

The central government, as well as Reserve Bank, has already taken measures in terms of various fiscal and monetary policies to infuse the liquidity in the system. The financial year which generally ends on March 31 has been extended till June 30 exhibits commitment of government toward economic measures. Investors are betting on such strong interventions of government to boost the profitability of corporate houses in the future. The first year of NDA 2.0 is rated positively by various analysts which is enough to boost the confidence of investors.

Investment Options

Even more, now investors have not left with more options to invest as the prevailing interest rate on government bonds and all small saving schemes have been reduced. If we adjust the returns from these schemes with inflation, we will get negative returns for almost all investment products. So, the stock market is the only option left for investors to park their excess money with.

Optimism for Vaccine

Stock investors are at present feeling more optimistic about the future than the doctors and scientists who are working on the development of a cure for the Corona virus. Investors are expecting that soon enough a vaccine for the same will be discovered on which the whole world is working.

Black-box Theory

Another theory argues that all investors are operating as a black-box process. No one knows about the future of investments or till when this pandemic end and the road to normality be back. It is just the mere expectations which are leading the market at present. Investors are also active because they fear being left behind. New investors are considering this time as an opportunity to enter into the market at this level which may not come around again.

Parallel with Lehman Crisis

If we draw a parallel between the current crisis with the financial crisis of 2009, we get a hint from there also about this euphoria in the market. In November 2009 when the future of economies was pathetic even then the stock market across the world was mostly up by more than 50 percent from the past year while the economies were only growing by 1 percent for that particular one-year period. People were investing based on their expectations not based on ground reality. So, again history is repeating itself in the market.

Advice for Novice Investors

It can be inferred that expectation of the majority is driving the market than reality. Investors are not acting insane rather they have optimist future outlook. For investors, market timing is really important. For a novice investor, it is time to get into the market with a long horizon. If you have missed the wagon in 2017 then prices are again around that level. ‘Buy with caution’ is the mantra for success.

At IILM, students are being prepared to analyse the economic situation and to identify the trend for investments to be successful. We conduct live trading sessions for better understanding of the same. For more information on stock market one can approach at

Changing Course of Study Abroad Programs in the time of COVID 19

The Global Pandemic may have sabotaged the dreams of most of the students, who wanted to study abroad, but here Indian Universities like IILM Undergraduate Business School is evolving to bring in the new culture and new learning formats to the door step of these young minds. Let’s see how.

Institutes with collaboration with International Partners:

PHOTO-2019-10-15-19-20-59 (1)Indian Institutes that have partnership with Universities Overseas stand a better chance as what they offer is a Global Integrated Program from their own hinterlands.  IILM Undergraduate Business School has academic collaboration with many such academic partners and offer well curated educational curriculum to cater to the youth of today.

International Experience made affordable: Students seeking for Global Programs can pursue the same from the Indian Institutes at much affordable prices.

Global Transfers: Institutes with Global collaborations offer seamless transfers to global campuses for students to start their education in India and later be honored by an International Degree. At IILM, students have taken transfers in the Second/ Third year and have returned with an International degree in hand.

Accept Credit Transfer: Institutes with Global Partners accept credit transfers and prior learning assessments to smoothen the process of settling in the learning ecosystem.

Talent Pool: A Global Integrated Program brings along a talent pool of Indian and Global faculties having rich experience in terms of both academic and industry. At IILM varied foreign languages such as Spanish, French and German are offered to inculcate a global perspective in the learning process.

Peer to Peer learning: Transition from Guided Learning to Self Development formats. Institutes that offer Multiple Self Learning Programs through Certifications will be in demand. This will encourage skill development at the micro level. At IILM, several MOOC courses on platforms like Coursera, Edx, and Swayam are offered to encourage students towards self-development.

IMG_5620Real Time Course Curriculum: B- schools are already working on rejig of their academic programs as they believe that this pandemic has led to widespread disruptions across all functions of management. There has been immense learning from the current pandemic situation and the same needs to be incorporated into the teachings such as marketing during pandemic times, work from home HR policies, impact on economy, emergence of next Gen-C cohort group, Consumer 2.0 etc.

This post COVID world will open new wave in imparting higher education to the students. It will bring a new normal in the education field with emphasis on blended learning formats. IILM Undergraduate Business School is already restructuring and re-designing their teaching pedagogy for a better tomorrow.

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How To Choose The Right B-School

The right B-school not only paves the way for a great career but also plays a role in helping shape the person’s character, beliefs and thoughts, thereby playing a significant role in shaping his/her life for the future. With admissions to various B-schools in full swing, it becomes essential for students to check out the various attributes of a college before they zero in on it. Studying in a B-school call for a huge investment of time, money and energy, so it is vital that you make sure your choice of business school meets your needs.

To choose the top management college for you, follow the guidelines mentioned below:

Student And Alumni Network:

Look through the profile of students at the university in terms of professional experience, gender, and cultural background. These diverse individuals also contribute to your learning apart from forming your network. Find out how active the alumni group is, as you may want to draw on this network in the near future. This network can provide you with invaluable career information and also help raise funds for your start-up.

top management college

IILM is proud to have a network of over 9000+ alumni, placed both domestically and abroad, that have risen to high ranks over the years. These individuals are invited to interact with students and motivate them through guest lectures. Some also go on to become mentors to the students, providing them with first-hand knowledge and experienced advice. Annual alumni meet are organized on campus, which is an excellent networking opportunity for both alumni and current students.

Academic Community:

Before making your choice, find out about the caliber of the faculty, in terms of their expertise and achievements to make sure they give you in-depth knowledge of a company or industry. In addition to this, research about the teaching methods the school uses, such as case studies and consultancy projects with companies.

The IILM faculty members come from leading institutions across the country and are known to be knowledge creators who rigorously peruse research in their fields. The curriculum taught at IILM is benchmarked against the best in the world. It includes Field Courses (as at Harvard), Career Trek (as at Wharton) and Community Experience (as at Yale). Besides this, the 3-month long summer internship and accompanying workshops acquaint students with the demands of the professional world.

Global Experience:

Employers often seek international experience and there are plenty of options to broaden your horizons. Seek colleges that offer study abroad programs or colleges that have overseas partnerships.

In keeping with the needs of the ever-globalizing world, IILM organizes a 4-week global study program in Germany, France, Canada, Finland or Spain, where students are given an opportunity to develop their outlook through industry visits and diverse cultural immersion.

Careers: Another aspect to scrutinize is the institute’s employment record and check the kind of jobs, sectors, and countries graduates go to. It is crucial to investigate the reputation of the careers service of the particular college.

The Career Development Cell at IILM mentors the students on the selection of the right career path in accordance with their preferences and aptitude to check PGDM eligibility. The recruiters comprise of over 300+ companies across the country spanning a wide range of industries.

Think Global, Be Beyond with our Global Study Programme

With the ever-expanding reach of the internet and other mediums, access to the world is becoming easier. The more we know about the world and how it functions, the better prepared we are to take on the curveballs thrown at us. Businesses, too, are thinking globally today. The way they function or the way they create value needs a touch of the worldly wisdom to be able to truly succeed. And one way to grasp to this knowledge is by interacting with and learning from the best minds while completing your business education from one of the premier business schools in India.

Our Global Study Programme exposes our students to a truly enriching experience that empowers them to adopt a modern outlook while making day-to-day decisions. We believe there is nothing like an international experience at the best business schools around the world, to broaden your minds and sharpen your acumen. Our strategic tie-ups with leading business schools around the world nurture excellence by expanding your key learnings from your time with us to unprecedented levels. Unlock your potential with:

University of Winnipeg, Canada

The University of Winnipeg in Canada has always been a preferred destination for those looking to specialize in International Business and Marketing. Their programme in Entrepreneurship is an absolute value-add to those looking to start their own ventures after completing their BBA degree or MBA.

BBA scope, BBA in Entrepreneurship

EM Normandie, France:

The leading business school in the historic city of Normandy is among the prestigious B-schools in France. A rewarding course in supply chain management and a dynamic business project will groom you to lead operations. Or if you have plans to move to France, their course in doing business in the country will equip you with knowledge and a student network that will be extremely beneficial.

Lapland University of Applied Sciences, Finland:

The University of Finland is known for its exceptional focus and dedication towards innovation. During your time there, engage and build on relationships as you work through challenging team projects and come up with innovative solutions. Build on your talent of thinking out of the box by working with the brightest minds in the world.

ISM, Germany:

International School of Management in Dortmund, Germany is well-known for the diverse crowd that joins and graduates every year. Be a part of a worldwide network as you hone your skills in Operations Management, Strategic Management, International Finance Management, along with inter-cultural communication.

Thus, an international education can help you evolve personally and professionally. The exposure to different styles of teaching, thinking, and living makes you more adept at taking on the world as a universally thinking manager and paves way for unbound success. Think global with your business experience at IILM, and emerge as a leader who works and lives beyond.

The Top 6 Lessons from My BBA

For three absolutely wonderful years, I called IILM UBS, one of the best BBA colleges in Delhi, my home. And what’s a home without its fair share of learning and life-changing experiences? Like many before me, I was also bitten by the bug of entrepreneurship that is still at the height of its power in our country. I like to believe that it was always in my blood – I hail from a business-running family, which is why opting a Bachelor of Business Administration degree course was never a difficult decision.

The dilemma lied in choosing the right college. And after finishing my BBA in Entrepreneurship from IILM UBS, I can proudly say that I couldn’t have picked a better institution to hone my skills and emerge as not only a better businessperson but also as a better citizen of the world. Here’s a low down on the six lessons that my BBA from IILM UBS taught me:

The earlier you start, the better

When you are right out of school and brimming with ideas, it is easier to fine-tune and shape you, which is exactly what the BBA in Entrepreneurship did to me. I was not even out of my teens, but the excellent curriculum helped sharpen my business acumen, right from leadership and communication skill development, to critical thinking and decision-making.

There is no better preparation for an MBA

After bagging a lucrative management job in a reputed firm after my BBA, I worked for a few years before pursuing my MBA. Honestly, thanks to the strong knowledge and skill base which the BBA course had provided me, MBA was a smooth sailing. The multi-disciplinary learning at IILM UBS set me up wonderfully for the challenging and dynamic environment of MBA and, later, the corporate world.

Faculty matters

Who says the spirit of entrepreneurship can’t be taught? If you have the right teachers, you can learn almost anything, and I was fortunate enough to have found many gurus during my BBA. The internationally-merited curriculum at IILM UBS is stipulated by the Swiss Business School, and the modules are delivered by highly qualified in-house as well as visiting foreign faculty and experts. With a teacher-student mix of 1:4, I never had complaints about not getting adequate attention from my teachers in my BBA who not only imparted practical knowledge of the industry but mentored me into the person I am today!

undergraduate degree, entrepreneurship courses, iilm

Exposure is critical

If businesses are never limited to one country or region, why should the learning experience be? My BBA was built on this very premise, and, honestly, the 4 weeks of my Global Study Program in my BBA when I went to a partner university in Europe was one of the most enthralling and enlightening experiences of my life. Studying business in a completely different environment, interacting with a different culture, and getting to test my skills on a global stage inspired a new-found confidence in my abilities and introduced me to the possibilities that lie beyond the border, not just for budding entrepreneurs like me, but the entire Indian business economy.

The other unique exposure that I would like to mention here is the one I had under the challenging Summer Internship Program, where I was thrown into the mix at one of the real-world corporates. It is here that I got my first taste of working in a high-velocity business conglomerate and under the tutelage of many high profile leaders in the company. All this taught me that without practical, on-the-field training, education is incomplete.

Time and stress management

So far, you might be thinking that everything was a bed of roses for me, but let me assure you, it was not. At the end of the day, the onus lies on you to make the best use of all the facilities and education you are receiving, something which I learned over the three years of BBA where live projects, presentations, case studies, lectures, events, etc. keep coming at you relentlessly. Under such a stimulating and challenging environment, I learned how to manage my time, priorities and stress. The key lies in never losing sight of your goal, which is the essence of entrepreneurship that my BBA taught me.

The art of being open

Above everything else, my BBA program taught me how to be more confident and open. There are so many avenues of learning in a BBA program, and if you have the right attitude, you will be able to benefit immensely from them all. All you need is an open mind and a hunger for trying out new experiences and challenges. As a business student, having a bright, positive attitude to everything is important, and trust me with this one: it was the stimulating environment that my BBA created for me which allowed me to inculcate the quality of being open to everything on my own.

At the end of the day, I discovered a strong sense of belonging at my BBA and became a part of a pioneering, passionate and driven community that has helped shape my entrepreneurship dream.

IILM Global Study Program – ISM Dortmund

We started with the global study program for three weeks from 5th August-25th August at ISM Dortmund with 34 students, (from Lodhi Road and Gurgaon)accompanied by two faculty members. Prior to the departure an orientation was held for the students and their parents briefing them on the process of the global study.The week started with the orientation at the ISM Campus and the students received a very warm welcome from the International Cell.

The first week was designed for studying the module titled Strategic Management. The examples used by Prof. QeisKamran covered all disciplines including economics, politics, marketing etc.The last week of the program covered the second module titled Entrepreneurship and Innovation. The module was delivered Using multiple tools such as videos, live cases and in case presentations involving creative and innovative thinking activities

The pattern of delivering the modules was very well received by the students.

1. Lecture-Activity-Lecture pattern of teaching: The modus operandi of the Professor at ISM Dortmund was to follow Lecture-Activity-Lecture pattern of teaching &learning.The students were equally involved in the teaching learning process.Every 20 minutes of lecture was followed by a half an hour activity.This not only engaged the students but also ensured that they are able to apply the concepts,theories & strategies in a real-life scenario.Activities taken up with the students involved Video snippets, live company examples, group presentations, brain storming sessions etc.

2. Idea Generation/Brain storming sessions: The Entrepreneurship module was delivered using a lot of brain storming sessions wherein the students were made to work on entrepreneurial ideas/prospective business models. This was able to gain maximum participation from the students as they were required to present a business idea that could capture the untapped needs/segments, specific to the Indian Markets.The focus was also on considering CSR & environment protection as core to the ideas generated.

3. On the spot Case based class presentations: The students were provided with Stanford & HBR case studies on the spot as an element of surprise class presentations. The purpose of the discussion was to bring out the analytical and problem-solving skills of the student group. Each of the student was required to present.The rules of presentation was made clear to the students in the beginning.Each group presentation was followed by a series of Q&A by the Professor so as to judge the analysis involved in the points presented.

During the visit students were also taken for a city tour of Dortmund which they immensely enjoyed. The bus tour was very well conducted, and the students enjoyed the scenery and the places of interest which Dortmund offers.

Two company visits were organised one at Dasa and the other at Wilo.

– Dasa is an exhibition centre run by the bureau of occupational safety and health hazards and focussing on
– Safety measures for all kind of catastrophes be it earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanoes.
– The safety gear and equipment’s required to counter such catastrophes.
– Detailed explanation of all countermeasures to combat calamity.

The students were also taken for the second company visit to a German based company named-Wilo.The students experienced the production of pumps and other parts using robotic technology.The students were briefed about the made to order production philosophy followed by the company.

The closing ceremony was held prior to the departure with the dean thanking the students for the visit at the ISM Campus followed by the departure of the students from Germany.

IILM UBS Three Week Global Study Programme – ISM Stuttgart, Germany

Going beyond boundaries…
IILM Undergraduate Business School’s Three Week Global Study Programme

Wherever you go becomes a part of you somehow”- Anonymous

To be a globally responsible leader, you need firsthand experience learning about cultures, organizations, and business practices around the world. IILM Undergraduate Business School’s International exposure is designed to strengthen students knowledge, skills, attitudes and experience to create economic and social value wherever they go.

The three weeks global study programme helps students examine diverse aspects of interacting with other cultures and innovative methods of learning. This global study programme is an integral part of the academic program, and helps students progress toward completing their degree, while helping them define their view of the world. Our students are entrepreneurial, confident, socially driven and capable of fulfilling leadership roles in a global context.
This academic year our students were taken to the following universities for this programme :

• International School of Management , Germany – Stuttgart Campus
• International School of Management , Germany – Dortmund Campus
• Seneca College , Canada

Global Study Programme

Summer at International School of Management , Germany- Stuttgart Campus

Stuttgart and its surrounding area from one of the largest commercial capitals in Europe. The campus is just a few minutes on foot from south of the city centre and is easy to reach using public transport. Ms. Vanessa Schmidt Garaj , International Officer at ISM Stuttgart campus coordinated the entire programme and ensured the transition was smooth for the students and faculty. She was one stop guide for all queries pertaining to academics , German culture , places and society.

Students studied two modules- Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Strategic Management was delivered by Professor Björn Röeber and Professor Qeis Kamran delivered Entrepreneurship and Innovation. The teaching methodology included lectures and case discussions. Both professors were highly interactive. They engaged the students through group discussions on the various cases.

Global Study Programme

Students also had the opportunity to visit three Companies. Students visited Porsche Museum, Bosch and Daimler. It is noteworthy to mention that the Germany is renowned for its automobile industry and students were enthralled to visit the headquarters of the automobile giants.

Overall, the students enjoyed their experience learning about the Germany Education system, exploring opportunities for business and discovering new ideas which they can implement back home.

Global Study Programme

My Global Study Tour at ISM, Germany

My Global Study Tour at ISM, Germany
By – SurbhiDhasmana

IILM Undergraduate Business School offers a view and experience of a big World beyond the Horizon. To be in sync, with the Global vision of providing Economy with Responsible Entrepreneurs in today’s time. IILM gives the first-hand experience about multi-lingual cultures, organizations, and business practices around the world. All this encapsulated in a mandatory 3 weeks Global Study Program at Germany or Canada or Finland, to choose from.

Global Study Programs are also designed to strengthen student’s knowledge, skills and attitudes to create economic and social wealth everywhere. Giving a sense of living in harmony with the environment and becoming self-reliant in the known and unknown circumstances.

One of the options under Global Study Program offered to the students is in association with International School of Management (ISM), Dortmund, Germany.

On the 6th of August 2017, 35 students along with two faculty members, from both Lodhi Road and Gurgaon Campus boarded Lufthansa flight for Frankfurt, Germany to reach ISM. Modules taught consisted of “Advance Strategic Management” and “Entrepreneurship and Innovation”. Each set of Module is designed keeping in mind the fundamental importance of business learning. IILM students are required go through a well-planned and structured format of the conduction of the modules as per ISM curriculum. The teaching methodology applied during the program takes place in the shape of Interactive Classroom Teaching, Numerous Presentations, Harvard Case Study Sessions and much more. The icing on the cake was when Professor Kamran was happy with the students that he provided an additional teaching class on the subject “Design Thinking” which is certainly the next big thing in the industry.

This three weeks program was a blend of high standard teaching, Industrial visits to DASA and WILO, and Cultural interaction. Prof. Qeis Kamran is a person with vivid knowledge and vast experience, teaching students about What could be there rather than What is there. Our student Coordinator, Jana Dargel from ISM was kind enough to make our stay comfortable.

German Culture is about People being hard working, sincere, honest and punctual. They are very helpful, warm and welcoming to the visitors to their Country. During the week ends and spare time, we traveled across Europe. People we came across were very helpful, even when they didn’t know the way they used their Google Map to guide us. Some of the places the students planned and visited on their own, included Berlin, Paris, Praha, Zurich, Amsterdam, Brussels and Spain. It was overall Personal as well as Social skills development 3 weeks program.

To Conclude I would say;

Thank you IILM for giving me this golden opportunity to learn and experience the world beyond IILM campus and across the Continents. Global Studies by far has been one of my most delightful experiences. From cross-cultural diversity to different business trends and challenges, I learned an essential side of business studies. Faculty and Friends – they all made my Global Study Tour worth cherishing for life.



















Global-Study-Tour-at-ISM-Germany (3)



Global-Study-Tour-at-ISM-Germany (4)






Global-Study-Tour-at-ISM-Germany (9)



Global-Study-Tour-at-ISM-Germany (7)




By : Ritansha Rampal and Tejasva Ahuja, SBS Stage 2, IILM UBS

The study abroad program is designed to further develop and expand our intercultural and language competencies, and enhance and deepen our professional knowledge in an international context.

IILM BBA Global Study Program-Benz

Being a student of BBA program at IILM comes with the advantage of the Global Study Program. This Program spread over three weeks gives the students an opportunity to travel to Germany and complete a module at International School of Management, Germany (ISM), IILM’s partner business school. The students go abroad at the end of the first year of their SBS Swiss Business School Degree course at IILM Campus. In fact, we had the choice to go to Stuttgart or Dortmund Germany or Seneca in Canada, and we had opted for Stuttgart.

IILM BBA Global Study Program-Porsche2

Stuttgart and its surrounding area form one of the largest commercial capitals in Europe. The campus is just a few minutes on foot from south of the city centre and is easy to reach using public transport. The ISM Stuttgart Campus easily accommodated our batch and we had all the resources required for presentations and project work on request. We also had options available for lunch right next to our Campus.Ms. Vanessa,coordinator of the Global Study Program representing ISM, was also our mentor in Germany. She answered all the queries about the city, cuisine and travel plans. Ms. Vanessa also organized a city tour for all the students. The tour was conducted in a bus and we were shown the most popular landmarks and historical sites of the city with a narrative.

IILM BBA Global Study Program-Porsche3

Talking about classes, our sessions were conducted by Professor Björn Röeber who taught us Strategic Management and Professor Qeis Kamran who taught us Entrepreneurial Innovation.The teaching methodology included lecture practices which is an effective way to present new information orally. Both our professors were highly interactive and made us participate in group discussions. We found that they used to actively engage the group for discussion on a particular subject and they also shared case studies which were designed to evaluate how we processed information, solved problems and reacted to new and surprising situations, as well as how we worked within a team.

IILM BBA Global Study Program-Porsche1

We also had the opportunity of three Company Visits. The industrial visits were organised for the Porsche Museum, Bosch and Daimler. It is noteworthy to mention that the automobile industry is one of the leading industries at the global level and we got the chance to visit these Companies.

Talking about our experience during the visits, at Bosch, we got to know the technical side of how their business operates and at Daimler, we got to understand the production side of the business as well. In Porsche Museum, we were shown the evolution of the cars too. We liked the fact that we were introduced to their methods of acquiring customers.

We want to mention that it’s important that we have a realistic approach when we go for the study abroad program as it involves doing things that we do not normally do while at home. For example, laundry, groceries, making our beds. And so, here were times when we also felt a little homesick because this was our first college trip too. But at the same time, we also got to learn a lot from our experiences. Our teachers, peers and the ISM mentor were helpful in making things easy for us.

IILM BBA Global Study Program-Bosch

Lastly, we thoroughly enjoyed attending our classes, company visits and most specially one another’s company. It was great to know that we all had the ability to independently handle various situations and to figure out things on our own instead of having them done for us by someone else.