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It is crucial for MBA/PGDM students to gain practical experience and exposure to the most recent industry trends & practices as the business world gets more complicated and competitive. To give their students the finest education and professional preparation possible, several of the top MBA/PGDM programs are partnering with industry experts

One such institution is IILM, which has teamed up with Protiviti, a well-known business consulting firm, to provide its MBA/PGDM  students with a distinctive training program called ‘Campus Wheel.” In addition to bridging the gap between academia and industry, this partnership between IILM and Protiviti gives students the tools and information they need to be successful in the corporate world.

In this blog post, we will explore the details of this collaboration and how it is benefiting our PG students at IILM.

IILM’s most celebrated collaborations:

IILM has always been proactive in keeping its students up to date with the ongoing industry trends so that when our students get their degree and enter the real world, they don’t find themselves behind the race in such a restless & competitive world.

Now it may start sounding a little frightening, but don’t worry. At IILM, we don’t drag our students, but rather prepare them all to conquer the current market conditions by training them with the right tools and making them work in the real-world environment.

To ensure our students get the right training, we have collaborated with many industry leaders in a wide range of domains. Here’s a small list of our most celebrated collaborations:





This collaboration will enable our students to gain a competitive edge by being associated with an industry leader and having various perks like, ‘IBM Badge’. ‘Internships’, ‘IBM Guide’, etc.


It’s one of the leading firms in the business consulting field, and IILM is collaborating with Protiviti to give our students an introduction to various tools and concepts used in the business consulting field.

IILM has done many, and these are just a few of them.

You can see the complete list of all the collaborations and MoUs that IILM has done with industry leaders.

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Campus Wheel – Protiviti’s Training Program

The Campus Wheel program at Protiviti is a hiring approach that concentrates on recent graduates and college students. It is intended to give students the chance to interact with Protiviti personnel and learn more about the company’s culture, employment prospects, and career trajectories.

This program will be conducted in 3 phases, the first one will have the introduction to power BI, next phase will consist of a workshop on Design Thinking and wrapping up with the interaction with protiviti’s leadership team. These activities are meant to foster student skill development, professional connections with Protiviti staff, and knowledge of the company’s mission and core principles.

Protiviti is seeking brilliant and driven students that have the potential to lead the company in the future through the Campus Wheel program.

The Campus Wheel program is a win-win situation for both the company and the students. After finishing the whole program, the student ends up with industry-oriented knowledge, and the company gets a pool of well-trained/educated students whom they can directly hire and don’t have to go through the whole process of filtering, selecting, and interviewing.

Protiviti has a strong commitment to diversity and inclusion, and the Campus Wheel program is designed to attract and recruit a diverse group of candidates. The firm has received recognition and awards for its commitment to diversity and inclusion, including being named one of the “Best Workplaces for Diversity” by Fortune magazine in 2021.

The IILM & Protiviti Collaboration:

IILM and Protiviti have been sharing a bond of collaboration and mutual support for a long time, and this particular collaboration aims to bridge the gap between classroom teaching & industry and provide students with real-world exposure and experience.

We have countless success stories of our students where such collaborations proved to be a helping hand for them. One of the main outcomes of this collaboration is the Campus Wheel program, which is designed to provide training to MBA and PGDM students on various industry-specific tools and technologies. The program includes training on topics like Power BI, Design Thinking, and other relevant software and programs. Through this program, students are exposed to real-world industry scenarios and are better equipped to handle interviews and job placements. This gives them an advantage over other students who do not have exposure to these tools and technologies.

This and various other collaborations between IILM and Protiviti have been highly successful and provided students with the necessary skills and exposure to succeed in the industry. It is an excellent example of how collaboration between academia and industry can benefit both students and organizations.

Improved Interview Chances:

As the whole “Campus Wheel” program engrains our students with all the industry-oriented skills and every required aspect, it fills our students’ hearts with confidence to overpower the competition and stay ahead of their peers. Also, during the interview, when a student comes prepared with the knowledge and experience of all the required software and programs, they automatically become the “apple of the eye” for the interviewer.

Even employers are most likely to hire candidates who have the necessary skills to work with industry-specific software and programs, as such candidates don’t need much training and an induction period to start being a profitable asset for the company. Students who have undergone the Campus Wheel program are better equipped to handle real-world scenarios and are more likely to perform well during interviews.

This is how IILM is making its students stand out from the crowd.

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For students to receive real-world knowledge and experience, academic and industrial collaborations are essential, and the partnership between IILM and Protiviti is a great example of this. The course gives students the chance to pick the brains of professionals in the field and put what they learn to use in practical situations.

All in all, the Campus Wheel programme offers MBA/PGDM students a great chance to learn about the most recent technology and raise their chances of getting their dream job. The partnership between IILM and Protiviti made possible by this programme is evidence of the college’s dedication to giving its students the greatest instruction and real-world experience.

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International Exposure at IILM | Study Abroad Program 2023

IILM has been sending their students for the semester exchange program for over a decade now and with a bundle of experiences we can proudly say that IILM is the cause of illuminating the fire of knowledge and curiosity along with making it spread all over the world with our semester exchange program. We are celebrating sending over thousands of our students abroad and giving them all international exposure, making them face new challenges, and enlightening them with a great source of knowledge.

IILM Study Abroad Program 2023:

We had an event on 29 March where we got to serve 3 globally reputed Universities from different parts of the globe. This year we had Birmingham University from England, York University from Canada, and UC Riverside from California. The presentations given by each university representative were incredibly informative and insightful, as they discussed not only the courses they offer but also the various ways in which students can benefit from them. It’s inspiring to see universities from different parts of the globe come together to help students brighten their career prospects.

Furthermore, the one-to-one sessions of students with university counselors were extremely valuable for IILM students, as they were able to gain a deeper understanding of their career options and future opportunities. The chance to speak directly with experts in their chosen fields gave them an incredibly enriching experience for everyone involved.

As always the international event 2023 at IILM was a resounding success and a testament to the power of global cooperation and collaboration. We find ourselves grateful for being able to send our students abroad and provide them with great opportunities to expand their mental capabilities.

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What is the Purpose of the Study Abroad program:

College life is a part of your life where you have everything to explore-in. At this age, you have enormous energy, some amount of money, very less responsibilities, the ability to take your own decision, and absolute independence & abundance to experience your life. Now you can either choose to spend this time laying on your couch and binge-watching shows or explore the world full of new opportunities. This program is for those who want to explore their life, meet new people, experience a new culture, and want to learn new skills.

If you finished your degree sitting in a classroom, you’ve chosen the wrong college

The primary purpose of the Study Abroad program is to make students comfortable adapting to the new environment, expand their knowledge, make new friends/network/connections, and most importantly self learn new skills.

How does the Study Abroad program help students:

The right college will enhance the soft skills of the student along with their academic knowledge. In earlier times students could avoid having any social skills/soft skills and having excel in just one skill would work completely fine for them, but in today’s competitive world one has to be good at many skills to outperform others and lead the way of life.

The Study Abroad Program helps students gain powerful soft skills by breaking their cocoon of comfort by sending them into a completely different country, culture, atmosphere, and environment, and constraining them to make new connections & expand their networks.

After going through this exchange program, students become comfortable with speaking different languages, communicating confidently, managing their life independently, and giving them a sense of being grown up.

Covid-19 –Political Obligation and Government Compulsion

The current state of epidemic not only urges the government to take harsh measures but also the people to cooperate with it for their own survival. Letting go of their right of self-preservation the people need to understand that the measures are for their own good.

Hobbes had once stated “Out of it, any man may rightly spoil or kill each other, in it none but one. Out of it we are protected by our own forces, in it by the power of all. Out of it no man is sure of the fruits of his labour, in it all men are. Lastly out of it, there is a domination of passions, war, fear, poverty, slovenliness, solitude, barbarism, ignorance, and cruelty, in it, the domination of reason, peace, security, riches, decency, society, elegance, sciences and benevolence”. This is a situation which seems to persist in India and around the world currently. When the people are anxious and cautious at the same time. When the citizens are looking towards the sovereign for the answers to their questions and support for their well being. There is peace and havoc; there is ignorance and awareness that simultaneously persists.

Here the measures of a complete lockdown by the Indian Government at the early stages has been up lauded across the world. Yet the Indian populace even in this state seems to be defying the government orders as a part of their leisure routine not understanding the severity of the situation. The recent incident of the conglomeration of crowds at bus stations is sheer ignorance on their part against the world wide pandemic.

The government of India needs to be praised that they have been working on meeting up with all the flaws in the scenario and bringing in satisfactory measures in the social, economic and health scenario. It is now up to the people of India to understand the severity of the situation and heed to their obligation towards the state which is abiding by the dictates of the state.

The Research Mindset


Research in its real essence calls for unbiased analysis of problems, scenarios, and situations using scientific tools, to get answers and solutions to questions and generate perspectives. Research aids and gives direction to progress and growth. People and economies thrive when in a habit of research. The freedom to explore and analyze any topic under the sun that intrigues the human mind is essential for the growth of human intellect and human capital development. Good research is a good investment. Therefore, it is essential and wise for nations to invest in developing an atmosphere of research and analytical contributions to keep alive the discourse of development and freedom.

“Research is to see what everybody else has seen.

And to think what nobody else has thought.”- Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

Good research is research done in the context of a problem at hand. The research process involves observations, background study, hypothesizing alternative situations, experimentation or data collection, and analysis which brings out the results of the research to make new decisions or recommendations. Quality of any research must be maintained at every step to get useful results that can further aid policy-making and strategizing of plans.

The bounties of modern and civilized life, be it good concrete buildings to live, good food to eat and experience, clothing, transportation, education, healthcare, social work, governance, etc. have been a result of somebody’s research work at some point of time. There are many small countries like Israel, which give a lot of importance to research and development and have risen as the great economic power of influence in the world today with their products and expertise in healthcare, warfare, digital technology, and banking.

The research acumen and interest should be developed quite early, in fact from childhood itself. Children and youth should be encouraged to read, think, and question, analyze problems and think of solutions. The Indian education system is also making efforts to be research and researcher friendly and develop an ethos wherein an analytical mind thrives, but it is yet to make substantial progress in this direction. The education system should be inherently inclined towards a research mindset wherein good funding is provided to research projects and programs in schools, colleges, and universities. More and more national excellent research journals on the levels of the Management of Information System Quarterly (MIS Quarterly) should be established to aid quality research in the country. Also, educational institutions must stress on rewarding and recognizing quality doctoral degrees and research papers. This will prepare the students for the challenging job market ahead and land them their dream jobs.

IILM University is one such premier educational institution of the country that emphasizes research recognition and practice in its graduate and postgraduate programs. Research methodology subject is taught across all programs to inculcate analytical and scientific thinking in students and make them competent with research work and statistical tools that are very much in demand in jobs these days. Students read and discuss research papers, present their project thesis, give presentations of their research, etc. Students are busy with projects the year-round that involve deep analysis of case studies, products, and ideas in detail. This is one of the major reasons for IILM students always bagging top placements.  Besides the regular graduate and undergraduate programs, IILM University takes pride in its robust doctoral program that attracts candidates from across corporate and academic fields. The 6-month mandatory course work in the Ph.D. program prepares the candidates in the research process and research tools and develops their perspective in the right direction. The guidance provided to the researchers is immense and constant. The faculty, regular students, and doctoral candidates have published their research articles in top journals. IILM University International Conference held once every year is another very commendable effort by the University in its endeavour to promote a research mindset that contributes to the progress of the nation.

For all the aspiring candidates of degree programs in Management, Psychology, Law, etc., and PhD., IILM University offers a great environment to learn and grow, research, and develop. The learnings will remain with you and help you grow in your space long after one leaves the University.

The admission team or the author of this blog can be contacted freely for any queries related to admissions and programs. Let us be busy with research to always be at the front of the game.


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Harnessing Brand Communication to Reignite Momentum & Restart Commerce

Brand communication is voice. It humanizes any brand to be able to create real and relevant conversations with people. In times of crisis like today, brands play a significant role in shaping the choices people make. These choices are not just about the product or service, but also message and purpose-driven.

IILM conducted an engaging and interactive webinar on “Brand Communication in Times of Crisis ” by Karen Wilson – Publisher & Business Head Lifestyle Division – India Today Group. The webinar was scheduled for 15 May and was streamed live on YouTube. The participants were a mix of students, faculty, and guests who joined through registration.

YouTube video


Karen initiated the webinar by talking about how in these unprecedented times, people look to leaders and institutions for guidance, reassurance, and information. We further deliberated that customers today are more aware and exposed to the realities of business. And that’s why it becomes imperative for any business to stick to implicit messaging.

The webinar took an interesting turn when Karen highlighted how increasingly, businesses require to reignite momentum and restart commerce. How they should perceive this moment of crisis not as a danger but also as an opportunity but not at the cost of sounding an opportunist. She added that this is the time for brands to take a moment and reassess past business practices and the road ahead. Karen showed some eye-opening advertisements from the past and from the present that exhibited what brands must do in times of crisis and how in the process maintain their reputation as well.

The latter part of the webinar was open to the audience and some interesting questions on how businesses should strategize their brand policy when sales begin to nosedive, consumers set stricter priorities and reduce their spending, and most businesses postpone new investments. To this Karen focused principally on the right brand messaging and its importance. She explicitly pointed out how brands must appeal to consumers’ emotions. All messaging must elicit a high emotional response to the said product. The underlined sentiments of this new normal must be reinforced in all communication. To a very interesting question on how businesses dealing in non-consumable services must do their branding? Karen was quick to answer that businesses must leverage testimonials and focus on the USP of their service for the end-user.

The webinar was a grand success in terms of the relevance of the content, the structuring of the presentation, the flurry of questions from the audience, and the huge participation.  The crux that as humans, we’re programmed to stay connected. While social distancing measures offer protection and security, they come with a significant impact on the emotional and mental well-being of individuals, communities, and the world at large. It is at times like this that brands must continue to connect and reassure their customers that this too shall pass, and we are in this together, therefore resulting in them remaining top of mind.

Check out this post I wrote on “The Anatomy of Online business- Brand Storytelling the new normal, it’s packed with amazing tips.

Family Business: The Need for Alignment in Times of Uncertainty

The Corona Virus pandemic has put more than half of the world under the lockdown with practically very limited economic activity. The economic growth rate has slumped into negative and unemployment rate has soared high.

In this uncertain situation, businesses need to adapt and change. Family businesses face bigger challenges for survival. In this context, IILM invited Dr Stephanie Brun de Pontet, principal consultant, Family Business Consulting Group to give insights into challenges that family businesses face in this scenario. Dr Stephanie titled her talk “Building AirplaneWhile Flying it”- the need for alignment in the times of uncertainty.


Provide Stability and Innovation

Dr Stephanie started with pointing out the way people are feeling intense disorientation because global corona pandemic. The life as we know has been disrupted. This has changed many things in the world while lot of things have remained same. There is sense of grief in this loss. In this scenario when it is difficult to predict the future, it remains quite a challenge for businesses to plan and look ahead. Quoting from Charles Darwin who had said “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent ones but the most responsive to change”, Dr Stephanie went on to emphasise the need to provide both stability and innovation for family business . Family businesses have strengths as they look at business long term and also they have long term connection with employees, suppliers and customers.

Adapt and Reinvent

The intensity of disruption is quite massive and there is sudden loss of control of everyday life and business. In this scenario of crisis when the future is not clear, there is a need for definitive planning to protect people, and also viable part of business, to adapt and to reinvent the business. There is also a need to try out new things and innovate. Innovation is the least risky option now.

Alignment with Values and Core Purpose

Family businesses need to get aligned to values and purpose. The values and purpose give direction and also meaning to business which everyone shares. Clear values and purpose are great force if acted properly. It makes things simpler for employees, associates.

Family businesses need to look at the core values to protect the business in these uncertain times. Core values are the handful of guiding principles by which a company navigates. Giving an example of Disney’s core values of imagination and wholesomeness that stem from the founder’s belief that these should be nurtured for their own sake, not merely to capitalise on a business opportunity. Instead of changing its core values a great company will change its markets, seek out different customers to remain true to its core values.

Core purpose is an organisation’s most fundamental reason for being. It should not be confused with the company’s current product lines or customer segments. Disney’s core purpose is to make people happy – not build theme parks and make cartoons. Theme parks or cartoons or any other product will flow from the core purpose.

Struggle between Tradition and Innovation

Family businesses normally struggle with the choice of honouring tradition and pioneering change by bringing innovation. A good leadership always find a balance between the two. Few companies manage to do both – they are more stable, and they are more innovative.

Building-Airplane-While-Flying-it_3Giving example of a company and how it has adapted its business in the current corona crisis by reinventing itself she spoke about J W Lopes, a 4th generation family owned suppliers of produce and dairy to restaurants and institutions. It has changed its business model shifting from institutions to residential distribution by configuring the new way of distribution channel. The company has rightly assumed that people are spending more time trying out new dishes at home and that they would like to have new fresh produce and dairy products. New ideas and experimentation are needed to survive and thrive in the new normal.

Rise of the Younger Leadership

Dr Stephaniebeautifully combined the new ideas and experimentation of rising generation with the experience of the leading generation. The future is going to be different. New ways of thinking and working are needed.
The leadership in this crisis is needed from both the young generation,and leading and older generation. The leaders are expected to do certain things to tide over this massive disruption and crisis. They are expected to figure out the situation and protect and support the team. Leaders also need to provide clarity and guidance and to bring wisdom and perspective. Leadership is also about sharing sacrifices. Dr Stephanie emphasised the action needed from leaders from younger generation. Leaders from younger generation need to gain different perspective on options and future. They need to share ideas on new technology and markets. They are expected to show solidarity and commitment of the family.

Honest and Transparent communication

The webinar was followed by a lively and robust question answer session where Dr Stephanie emphasised the need for honest and transparent communication during the period of crisis. She also went into great detail in bringing professionals in family business and keeping family members in the Board and the Management.At the end it is all about emotional resilience to bring change and adapt and survive.

The webinar organised by IILM that offers several courses on Family Business and Strategy as well as Management, was well received by the listeners. It gave insight into how family businesses need to tide over this current crisis that was informative for the students and faculty members of IILM as well as the for the guests who attended the webinar.

Watch on Youtube:

Professor Rahul Mishra


14th March, 2019

And here we go, coming in one of the most exciting and most entertaining collegiate of sports event, SPORTS-O-MANIA 2019 as part of MOSAIC, the annual festival of IILM University. SOPRTS-O-MANIA is the best platform for the sports enthusiasts to showcase their talent and discover their true potential for sports.

The trill, sportsman spirit, the competition, the stress, the outbursts, the friendships and of course the beautiful memories and lots of fun, it was the perfect package.

The entire first day of mosaic, 2019 was devoted to myriad of sports events. Preparation started good number of days before the D-day and the entire college converted into sports ground. Everybody feels sporty, light and active. The volunteers even wore IILM T-shirts to keep the spirit on, and at the same time cheering up for the IIL M teams.

The action began soon after the lamp lighting by the student core team members and the management on day 1, with the massive crowd thronging at the basket ball court, loud and proud cheering up for the home teams and to witness the first event of sports-o-mania. Once the matches began, the air was filled with cheering and tons of encouragement for the teams.  This was just the beginning; the sports club had planned lot more the entire day.

Large number of teams from other colleges participated, setting the whole energized and competitive atmosphere. The spirit to win was seen everywhere and the whole atmosphere seem electrified.

The basket ball tournament ended in a heart break in hard-fought loss in the finals to the champions from North Campus University. While in table tennis, carom and slow cycling, our IILM teams blew out their hapless opponent in a lopsided victory.

And as soon as these games get over, quick prize ceremony began. And then, the most awaited event began fun cricket, where maximum participation took place. With some twists and new rules and regulation this soft ball tournament, in this sports both boys and girls showed their spirit. The entire tournament was on knockout basis and each team showed passion, energy and aggression to qualify for the next level. Everyone showed their skills in form of batting and bowling and the huge sixes, amazing strokes and rattling of stamps. With semis into the play, high pressure moments and the joy of winning on faces of team members were visible to everyone. The final match, the ultimate game was reserved for the next day where both the teams from Pg 1 batch played and ‘IILM Warriors’ stood victory.
With all the matches getting over and the victors decided, everyone waits anxiously for the prize ceremony. Where all the winners and runners up were applauded with trophies, medals certificate and of course cash prizes.

The event ends on the note of thrill and excitement bidding good bye to the day.
This time Mosaic’19 raised the bar even higher, with close games, sportsmanship, enthralling performances and overall good vibes, giving all those who attended good two day to remember.

Contributor: DIVISHA AGARWAL (MBA 2018-20)
Faculty Coordinator: CA. VISHAL GOEL


New year bought new and unparalleled opportunities for some of the PG1 students where they got a chance to visit the top management institute of India i.e. IIM KOZIKHODE.

Later in the pervious year a workshop on personal branding & entrepreneurship skills was held in collaboration with Makeintern in IILM Gurugram campus itself where almost every PG 1 student participated.  Top 5 students were selected to further represent our college on national level, those students were Akshat Tyagi, Atishay Sobti, Radhika Mishra, Riti Sharma and Simran sarna from PG 1st year.

So under the guidance of  Vishal sir, team was all set to participate in 6th International B-plan championship by Makeintern which was to be held at IIM Kozhikode. Every year teams from reputed B schools come and participate in this event. This year teams from 50 Bschools from all over India came all in, and one such team was from ours i.e. from IILM University.

The dates were finalized i.e. from 1st feb till 4th feb and our team was all set to fly to IIM K with their B-plan model on IWMS i.e Integrated waste management system named BinTraq . Kerela surely a tropical paradise and to add on to that the campus of IIM K was like its own little world situated away from the city and on a hill top and one could see the city lights from above.

Day 1 at IIM k was a magical concert night with legendry musical duo Salim-Sulaiman. It was a good time to break the ice and interact with other teams as well as with the students of IIM Kozhikode, for that moment everyone forgot that they came for competition and was enjoying the moment all together.

The next day was the first round of the competition in which each team was given 5 min to pitch their B-PLAN to the jury followed by the questions from the jury itself. There were in total of 50 team from reputed B Schools and our team from IILM university qualified the first round. We were among the top 16 teams that qualified for the next round which was really a proud moment for the students of IILM university.

The final round was the brief explanation of your b-plan, every team gave a tough competition to each other. Some teams even bought the working model of their business model and some even made detailed videos. This time each team was given just 10 min to briefly explain their business plan.

At the end of the day results were announced and top 3 teams were picked which was from Pune, Hyderabad and Bhopal. Our team didn’t come in top 3 but we got appreciation from panellists, it was a good exposure for the us, and next time they will come back stronger for the competition.

We would like to thank the faculty coordinator CA Vishal Goel sir for helping in organising such a wonderful event and for being a torchbearer for the students during the course of the event. Such opportunities really help students to get out of their comfort zone and explore the world outside their college.

Contributors:                                                                                                                      Faculty Coordinator:

PG1 2018-2020 Batch                                                                                                                 CA. Vishal Goel

Riti Sharma, 

Akshat Tyagi

IILM-NHRDN 7th Business Leadership Quiz 2018

I think what makes us special is that, among all the quiz and game shows out there, ours tends to encourage learning

On 1st December

IILM University takes pride in partnering with NHRD to organize 7th Business Leadership Quiz 2018 that was held with an element of fun & frolic in the premises of IILM, University Gurugram. It corroborated the institute’s objective of promoting strong learning and development culture by exposing students to value adding enhancements incessantly. As a core value, IILM fosters its students to aim for nothing but the best and to have an attitude of perpetual learning. With this in mind, the leadership quiz was organized that witnessed participants who possessed knowledge from varied domains such as marketing, advertisement, business history, leadership, to name a few.


The quiz was peeled off elaborating NHRD’s code of conduct that was addressed to the entire audience. It was followed by a welcome speech by Mr. Dhananjay Singh, Director General of NHRDN who spoke about the importance of continuous learning and expressed his enthusiasm upon unfolding 7th Business Quiz. Following him, Dr. Sujata Shahi, vice chancellor of IILM University welcomed the chief guest and other participants and apprised them about recent achievements and success of IILM in getting converted into a University from this academic year. Post that, Mr. Avadhesh Dixit, CHRO of Moody Corporation expressed his ecstasy upon receiving the invitation and felt proud in being associated with a prestigious and trustworthy institution like NHRD for 20 years. He acknowledged the magnum of such quizzes is seeing an uprising trend every year.  He wrapped up his address by congratulating the students for their empowering endeavor and wished everyone good luck for future. And finally, Dr. Aayushman Gupta, Senior Professor, thanked everyone for their presence and advocated the need of blended education.




The quiz was conducted by Quizmaster Ajay Poonia, who is the co-founder of Mr. Poonia is a young & exuberant quizmaster as well as an avid quizzer too. The quiz kicked off with prelims round for northern region in which executives from 43 companies participated. This round had a total of 25 questions which were a fusion of general awareness, advertisement, business marketing. This round also had audio & video based questions in culmination to keep it more interesting and engaging. The winners of this round were teams from Deloitte, Hero MotoCorp, NTPC, Maruti, Ernst & Young, and Power Grid. These teams further competed against each other for top 3 positions for northern region. The final round witnessed nail biting moments with Ernst & Young, Deloitte and Power Grid crowned as the first, second and third winner respectively.




In totality, the underlying objective of an exciting quiz was fulfilled when both the students and participants who were eager to learn and enjoy came out of the auditorium with satiating smiles. The smile in the minds and the heart of learners spoke loudly that they are ready for future and settle for nothing but the best.


Contributors:                                                                                             Faculty Coordinator:

Juhi Gupta – PG – I                                                                                           CA. Vishal goel

Manan Porwal – PG – II

Children’s Day Event

Children’s Day Event

IILM University believes in and nurture all round development of its students to prepare them for all the challenges of life with a smile on face and positive spirit in their heart. On one side if it leaves no stone unturned in maintaining highest level of rigor in academic activities than on the other hand give exposure to students to develop and showcase their talent and skills through various co-curricular activities organized under clubs at IILM.

In the pursuit of academic success, students sometimes need a break from the classroom and an opportunity to release pent-up energy. Athletics and sports not only have great physical benefits, but also help one to improve mentally and emotionally. When students are physically fit, they will achieve more academically too. Sport develops a sense of friendliness among the students and develop their team spirit Participation in organized sports offers the chance for youth to enhance their physical and social skills. Sports offer children a change from the monotony of their daily life. It is also a useful means of entertainment and much required physical activity for them.

Keeping in mind all these benefits, the sports club of IILM University organizes various activities for all the students to offer an escape from the walls of classrooms and working on gadgets. The recent addition to those activities was Tug of War, to teach them competition as well as teamwork and of course to have lots of fun.


It is always good to ignite a child in you and what better than tug of war on children’s day i.e.  14th November, 2018. To commemorate Children’s day Sports Club and NGO Club organized 2 events simultaneously. Post exams of Term 1 students also feeling stressed out and looking for a break in routine, so the sports club organized for both undergraduate and postgraduate students ‘Tug Of War’ that seems to be the most appropriate to pump them up. And it also made the children’s day really exciting and special. We invited the underprivileged children’s living nearby, who are the part of IILM University, NGO Club and it was really rewarding to see the smiles on their faces when they participate in various fun activities including musical chair and few performances from them.

All the boys and girls from Post graduate and Undergraduate showed their strength and vigor. IILM University always believes in gender equality and empowering women in all possible ways, so teams had equal number of boys and girls and their strength and enthusiasm was also matched. There were total eight teams who fought with each other. ‘Pull House’ from PG 2nd year and the ‘Flyers’ from PG 1st year played the final match. The sense of representation was high as everyone wanted their batch to win and everybody was willing to give their all to make that happen. Audience were their throughout cheering and boosting the morale of the team battling it out at the field. The music and the witty commentary set the mood at the field.  ‘Pull House’ ultimately stood victorious but not without facing some serious challenger from PG 1st year and the undergraduates. And the winning team and the runner up team received a prize which matches the heart and effort that they had put into competing.

Thereafter children from nearby villages took part in some fun activities and received some gifts arranged by NGO Club.

The event was immensely enjoyed by the audience. Everyone departed with smile on their face biding good bye to the day full of energy and memories to be cherished.

The requests for another such event were already coming in. Sports club will surely organize many such events in the future.

Contributors:  Divisha Agarwal ,  Rupanshi Sharma
Faculty Co-ordinator : CA. Vishal Goel