What Do You Mean By MBA In Business Analytics?

Have you ever wondered how e-commerce platforms recommend products that suit your preferences? Or how banks detect fraudulent activities? The key to all these services we rely on is the dynamic world of business analytics.
Business Analytics refers to thoroughly studying a business and providing strategies for improvement. In this increasingly digitized era, companies rely a lot on business analysts, creating a lot of lucrative career options. If you have been looking up careers with tremendous growth potential, a business analytics degree from one of the top MBA colleges in India might just be what you need.

Why Pursue An MBA In Business Analytics?
If you are interested in building a career in data science and analytics, a degree from one of the top MBA colleges in India can help you stay ahead of your peers. By learning how to use data-driven strategies to increase sales and generate revenue, you help businesses come up with innovative solutions to problems. Whether you have your own business or are seeking employment in one, business analytics helps you analyze the needs of your customers and serve them better.

What is the Scope of MBA Business Analysis?
The dynamic world of business analytics covers a large range of topics from ethical and legal ramifications of data usage and decoding of data. Additionally, you will delve deeper into topics such as
● Business Analytics where you will learn using stats and data mining to make business decisions.
● Predictive Analytics teaches you to use historical data to predict future outcomes.
● Descriptive Analytics focuses on summarizing historical data to identify patterns and trends.
● Big Data Analytics employs the usage of large and complex data to find out obscure patterns.

What Are The Career Opportunities in Business Analytics?
In today’s era of technological advancements and data explosion, companies are always looking for an edge over their competitors. With an increasing demand for data-driven decision-making, business analysts are a must-have for companies. From the manufacturing and retail sectors to consulting firms and startups, every industry these days employs competent analysts to help them boost their revenue.

Why Choose IILM for an MBA in Business Analytics?
If you have been scouring for MBA in business analytics colleges in India and ended up here, don’t go any further. With their innovative teaching methods and hands-on learning through field trips, industry projects and workshops, IILM is the perfect choice for you. All you need is a bachelor’s degree in any field and a minimum of 50% in CAT/MAT/NMAT/XAT/CMAT to begin your journey towards a glorious career in business analytics.

To Wrap Up,
Whether it’s figuring out the best marketing strategies, predicting trends or coming up with innovative solutions, business analysts sift through piles of data to crack the case. If this dynamic world has caught your interest and you are looking for an MBA in business analytics colleges in India, choose IILM. Their collaboration with the SAS Institute provides you with a course that provides you with a holistic education, empowering you to lead with confidence.

A Path to Pursuing Psychology in India

Does someone in your family or known work as a psychologist or give counselling? Have you been inspired to follow this route since you were a child? If so, the best choice for you is to do a degree in psychology. Are you aware that between 60 and 70 million Indians suffer from mental illnesses ranging from mild to severe? With over 2.6 lakh incidents recorded yearly, India has the regrettable distinction of being the world’s capital of suicide. The World Health Organisation reports that 10.9 suicides occur for every lakh individuals in India on average.

Now, if your goal is to aid these people, more than just being passionate about what you do, by providing them with mental support and a helping hand and having a real influence on their lives, choosing one of the best colleges for psychology in India like IILM University might be helpful. To improve your professional prospects and have a significant social influence, they provide you with training in a variety of subjects, including mental health, workplace psychology, organisational behaviour, and counselling.

Let us investigate the benefits of taking this course in India.

The Pros of Studying Psychology in India

There are several benefits to studying psychology, especially with respect to the availability of prestigious universities. Students may have access to top-notch instruction and state-of-the-art resources by enrolling at one of the best colleges for psychology in India, like IILM University. Frequently, these establishments have seasoned instructors who are authorities in their domains, providing priceless guidance and information.
Additionally, a large number of the best private colleges for psychology in India provide interdisciplinary methods and a wide range of specialisations. As a result, you can alter your coursework to fit your interests and professional objectives.
The practical experience students gain while pursuing their education is a huge bonus as well. Numerous educational establishments provide internships, fieldwork, and research opportunities that allow students to apply their academic knowledge in practical contexts.
In addition to improving your comprehension of psychological principles, this practical experience gives you marketable talents that companies desire. Overall, a psychology degree is versatile since it guarantees graduates are well-equipped to succeed in a variety of professional situations.

Exploring Career Opportunities as a Psychologist

A degree in psychology may lead to a wide range of employment options. In many industries, there is a growing need for psychologists due to the growing emphasis and understanding of mental health.
As a psychologist, you can work in clinical settings where you help people with mental health problems by offering treatment and counselling. Furthermore, there are chances at educational institutions where psychologists assist students with their behavioural and mental health.
Psychologists are also in demand by the corporate sector for employee well-being programmes, organisational development, and human resources. Additionally, research settings need psychologists to carry out investigations on a variety of facets of human behaviour and cognition.

Pick the Right College To Realise Your Dream

If you’re looking for one of the best private colleges for psychology in India, the greatest and most appropriate choice is IILM University. The university has the potential to help students thrive in their respective industries with its over thirty years of experience in the sector. You can advance your career and realise your goals with the help of international partnerships of the college, innovative curriculum that covers a wide range of topics, summer internship programmes, and hands-on learning opportunities led by professionals in the fields of clinical, child, educational, counselling, industrial, and cognitive psychology.

Opportunities for MBA Graduates in India’s Evolving Economy

Are you a student thinking about getting an MBA? Maybe you’re thinking about what opportunities lie ahead of you in India’s exciting business scene. With the nation’s economy’s fast evolution, the need for qualified business experts has never been greater. But in this dynamic climate, what opportunities are really waiting for MBA graduates?

To answer this question, you need to take into account an important element that is critical to a successful career – the institution you choose. Yes, certain Indian universities, like IILM University, provide modern coaching that includes simulations, live data, and current literature from prestigious institutes like Stanford, BCG, and McKinsey. In addition, they organise many placement drives for their students, which improves their chances of getting a job. Therefore, by picking these universities, you can set yourself up for a successful MBA career.
In this discussion, we examine the wide range of prospects that an MBA graduate can expect. We also stress how important it is to choose the best placement MBA colleges in India.

Exploring Opportunities Across Sectors

With an MBA under your belt, you have the critical thinking abilities and strategic outlook needed to succeed in management consulting positions. Students are frequently prepared for these roles by best placement MBA colleges in India, where you may collaborate with elite companies and customers to address challenging business problems
MBA graduates who know the tactics for statistics and financial analysis might find great prospects in the finance industry. Organisations looking to maximise their financial performance place a high value on your proficiency in financial modelling and risk assessment, whether you work in asset management, corporate finance, or investment banking.
Product management positions are in great demand in the modern digital era, especially in tech-driven companies. Your MBA qualifications can be used to drive the development and launch of innovative products that satisfy consumer demands and spur corporate growth.
MBA graduates from the best colleges for MBA in India like IILM University are well-suited to handle the complexities of contemporary marketing environments. Marketing is still a key component of corporate success. Your knowledge of consumer behaviour and market dynamics can help you succeed in leadership positions in marketing, from brand management to digital marketing tactics.
In today’s cutthroat corporate world, productivity and efficacy are crucial, making operations management a vital role in organisations. Operations can be streamlined and efficiency can be increased with the help of MBA graduates who have experience in supply chain management, logistics, and process optimisation.

Shape Your Future With Right Choice

IILM University is the best option for anyone looking for one of the best colleges for MBA in India with placement opportunities and practical knowledge. Through their connections around the globe and more than 30 years of experience, the university offers excellent education. Additionally, having access to employment prospects from more than 400 firms guarantees students a rewarding future.Their creative approaches and wide range of activities mould your business and entrepreneurial sense, readying you for new challenges and cutting-edge career prospects.

BBA in Business Management: A Guide for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

If you are passionate about exploring the business world but confused about where to start, enrolling in the BBA degree program is an ideal option. It can provide you with a holistic understanding of the domain and help develop practical skills for optimum success. Completing BBA in business management subject can broaden your business acumen and offer you a better understanding of how organizations operate. For exploring the best career opportunities, pursuing the course from a renowned university like IILM can prove to be beneficial.

IILM is a leading university that offers an accredited and established undergraduate degree program in business management. The student-centric learning approach and industry-focused curriculum help students kickstart a promising career in business. The university allows you to specialize in subjects like human resource management, business law, marketing, accounting, finance, and sports management.
In this blog, you will explore everything about the program, from the benefits to eligibility criteria and qualification for BBA course. Let’s dive in!

Why Pursue BBA in Business Management?

In this competitive era, the business landscape keeps evolving rapidly. Want to remain ahead of the curve and thrive in the industry? Then acquiring the appropriate knowledge and skills is the need of the hour. That is where BBA in business management subject comes into the picture. This program can enable you to understand the role of business in history, culture, and society.

Moreover, it can also develop your critical thinking ability and research and analytical skills. The course will make you familiar with the vital concepts of business management and enhance your chances of success in the future. It can even provide you with ample career options like operations manager, business analyst, marketing and sales manager, business associate manager, and development manager.

Qualification and Eligibility Criteria for BBA Course

Every university aims to provide deserving candidates with fair opportunities. The qualification for BBA course is listed below.

Candidates who want to get admission to the undergraduate program must have completed class XII with a minimum of 55% marks under the ICSE, CBSE, or other equivalent boards.
The individuals must have studied Mathematics and English at the class X level.
The abroad candidates must have completed their class XII with A-levels under the British system.

Application and Selection Procedure

Have you decided to enroll for BBA in Business Management? Delve into the simple application and selection procedure of the course.

First, you need to apply online through the official website of the university.
After providing all the required information, you will get an email with the application form and brochure.
Students who satisfy the eligibility criteria will meet a faculty of the college for a counseling session.
The analytical skills of the student will be assessed through a simulation test.
A personal interview will be conducted and the final decision regarding admission is made.


If you aspire to become an entrepreneur, pursuing a BBA degree is a smart move. Are you looking for the best university for BBA? IILM can be your perfect choice. The university provides a congenial and comfortable environment to unlock your interests and potential. The blended and experiential learning approach ensures delivering deeper insights into the practical world and enhances your chance of success.

Information Technology: Future of Engineering!

In 2024, the world is online. Are you an ambitious individual looking to capitalize on this trend towards technology? A Btech (Bachelor of Technology) in Computer Science Engineering (CSE Stream) is your ideal choice. With Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning revolutionizing the tech space, if you master these cutting-edge technologies, the scope is limitless. IILM University ranked among the best colleges for B.tech in Information Technology, focuses on developing cutting-edge skills like AI and Machine learning so the students are prepared to take on the challenges of tomorrow. Before you begin your Btech journey, it is wise to learn the options you have for specialization. The top institutes like IILM University offer the following specializations:

1. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: AI has taken the world by storm, and professionals are worried about being replaced by AI and language models. On the flip side, a specialization in AI helps you capitalize on this new technology and utilize these intelligent tools to boost your productivity and effectiveness. A specialization in AI not only makes you irreplaceable but also helps you utilize AI tools.

2. Data Science and Big Data Analytics: There is fierce competition among corporations for market share. Any company utilizing customer behaviour data to promote its brand stands to win big. Data analysis is the most vital tool companies use to process and analyse vast amounts of data to predict customer preferences and market behaviour. A specialization in data science is highly valued by the top MNCs (Multinational corporations) for their research and marketing professionals.

3. Cyber Security: The digital footprint of an average citizen in 2024 is massive. This vulnerability increases the likelihood of falling prey to cybercrime and fraudulent behaviour. Among the top information technology colleges in India, IILM University offers a specialization in cyber security to make an impact on society by safeguarding the innocent and building a lucrative career in the tech domain.

4. Cloud Computing and Virtualization Technology: As the internet traffic increases, so does the need for better servers and data transmission. The largest global companies are increasing their server footprint and investing in better storage, networking, software and databases. The best colleges for B.tech information technology offer cloud computing degrees to help you build your career in this rapidly expanding sector.

5. Blockchain Technology: Apart from the entertainment industry, sectors like finance, real estate and banking are also moving to digital platforms. High stakes and security risks in these sectors need dedicated technologies such as blockchain. The top information technology colleges in India like IILM University prepare students to have an in-depth understanding of these cutting-edge technologies and perform in these high-stakes sectors.

In Conclusion

Do you aspire to become an industry leader in the tech space? A Computer science degree creates the perfect learning environment to understand the basics of information technology and apply your knowledge to solve real-world problems. Apart from the branches mentioned above, you can explore your passions in graphics, game development and IOT applications (Internet Of Things). Visit the University website for more information on course material, placements and fee structure.

BBA in 2024: Finding the Right College!

Are you confused about what to do after your secondary school examination? Thankfully, you have a plethora of options you can explore from the best colleges in Delhi. Students in 2024 understand that engineering and medical science are not the only path forward. You have innovative options like a BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) degree. The best colleges for BBA in Delhi like IILM University focus on the latest trends in technology and business to make sure the students become industry leaders in corporate sectors or entrepreneurial domains. Before you start your college education, it is wise to understand the employment scope, eligibility criteria and admission procedure to find the right college for you!

Understanding the Scope of BBA

A business degree has applications in the corporate sector and also comes in handy for entrepreneurial ventures. Choosing a prestigious university like IILM University grants you access to the best placements from the top firms around the globe. Additionally, the University ranking among the best colleges for BBA in Delhi offers hands-on training in real-world conditions to help you grasp the day-to-day challenges of running a company and effectively strategize to solve complex problems. Leading colleges like IILM University have a vast network of international alumni crossing the 15000 mark, enabling you to build a valuable network that will be useful throughout your professional life.

Finding the Right College

As the new session nears, admissions are open for BBA colleges in Delhi. If you find yourself confused among the colleges, there are key identifiers of the best colleges that distinguish them from others. Industry-leading colleges like IILM University offer options like BBA in International Management and BBA in Entrepreneurship to make sure students get tailored courses that serve their interests. Additionally, the course material is diverse and gives students the freedom to explore their interests instead of rote learning. Education with such passion and attention to detail produces quality professionals who lead the next generation of corporations.

Admission Procedure

Admission open for bba colleges as soon as the new session comes close. With thousands of students competing for the limited seats in the best colleges, the competition is fierce. Do you find yourself wondering how to secure your seat in a leading institution like IILM University? Carefully assess the eligibility criteria, and admission procedure to ensure you do not miss out on this opportunity. To qualify for BBA admission, you must pass the 10+2 examination from a recognized board with the minimum prescribed aggregate marks. Visit the University website for all relevant information as admission dates, interview information and fee structure.

In Conclusion

With the right approach, securing a seat in prestigious institutions like IILM University is easy. Ensure you meet the eligibility criteria, download the brochure for course-related info and contact the college authorities for admission details. The top Universities for BBA have a culture that promotes excellence and nurtures the entrepreneurial spirit in every student. So what are you waiting for? Start your preparation now and embark on this journey towards a lifetime of excellence!

A Cross Cultural Perspective on Child Rearing – Student Blog – Ritwik Khurana


Parenting is regarded as one of the most challenging tasks for a person to take up. It requires patience, understanding, unconditional love and support. There is a quote that states “A single tree cannot grow a variety of fruits”, which implies that a person cannot possess a multitude of qualities to sustain a desirable life. But how does this translate to parenting?

There have been many stories of children who reminisced the times spent with their mothers and fathers, whereas there also have been horror stories of childhood abuse and parents who neglected their children. But overall, on average most children can provide a testament to having nostalgic and vivid childhood experiences in their adulthood. Parenting requires a person to possess the same multitudes of qualities as mentioned above, which proves this statement wrong. Humans are complex, are prone to lapses in judgement but are capable of possessing a variety of desirable and positive traits.

Universally, the challenges of Child rearing are very similar but differ in practice according to one’s culture. In todays Blog post we will try to understand the impact of parenting styles on Child rearing and mainly the cultural differences between Eastern & Western Child rearing practices. Diana Baumrind (1950s) revolutionized the existing thoughts on parenting by introducing 3 types of parenting styles, which are; Authoritative, Authoritarian and Permissive. Now let’s apply these concepts on Eastern & Western Child rearing. Countries like India, China and Vietnam are often recognized as truly Asian, because of their strong collectivistic values.

Indian parents are often typified as being “Authoritarian”, being too controlling and worried about their child’s future. This is often displayed through “High academic expectations” where these parents force their children to pursue excellence in studies and co-curricular activities. China also follows a similar model, barring cultural connotations. This attitude of parenting often stems from an excessive reliance on communal image and personal goals at the parental end, which harms the emotional and cognitive development of children.

The strength of cultural conformity and family bonds has even extended the authoritarian rights to neighbors and other adult members of the society. This often causes problems among the younger members of society, who require deserved autonomy in their youth. But on the other hand, the youth are usually well supported by their parents – emotionally & financially, until they can afford this autonomy on their own. Resulting in some members of this culture doing well for themselves. Which is not the case in Western culture.

On the other hand, a research conducted on American & Western parenting practices by Sandra Hofferth in 2015 discovered that America has higher proportions of poor and low-income children than other developed nations, and poverty explains more differences in parenting practices than family structure. It is slightly ironic, but can we infer this is as a reason for problems observed in Indian parenting, from the given statement? This statement gives us a reason to believe that the financial resources of a family in any cultural context, is the biggest extraneous variable in research conducted on Parenting & Child rearing practices. According to Hofferth’s research, the parents were performing well on average, but two aspects need improvement in American culture, as these cause a lot of developmental problems.

These are Poverty & Parental relations; Poverty and homelessness are the biggest causes of childhood abuse and exploitation in developed countries. There are many cases of resilience, but a lot of children succumb to their adverse circumstances. Strong Parental relations is a good indicator of peaceful family life, It is worth noting, moreover, that despite the preponderance of children living with two married parents at any one time, more than half of American children will spend some part of their childhood living in a household that does not include two biological parents who are married to each other.

This small overview has been presented to provide an insight into the commonly observed Child rearing practices between Eastern & Western cultures. The institution of marriage is highly regarded in the Indian culture and its impact can be evidently observed on child rearing practices in India. Whereas marriage in western cultures is often characterized as the “Next step”. It is very important to note, that when cultural contexts change the problems will also change. Countries like India & China, which have a higher density of people residing in an area, are prone to more collectivistic consumer-oriented parenting. Whereas North Americans are used to Individualistic consumer-oriented parenting. Here consumer-oriented refers to the impact of popular culture on Child rearing practices.

I hope you learned something today, and are able to take something home. Don’t get alarmed by these statistics, refer to the first paragraph of this post. Good Parenting can happen with patience, understanding, unconditional love and support!

For more Blogs on various Psychological Facets follow blog.iilm.edu.

By – Ritwik Khurana

BA Psychology

This shall too pass…till then let’s try Meraki!

I know those frowning faces with irksome stretched online classes or work from home, as they say it’s the new normal or ordinaire. What’s normal or what’s not, I am not here to infer that. Neither am I here to draw conclusions about who played the bad-boy and ignited our 2020 with full of remorseful endeavours. Neither shall I salt the wound of families who have been affected by the pandemic. We all know about it. And we all are waiting to surface our sorrows and joys above it; float above the virus massacre of 2020.

Then what must our dialogue entail…time to ponder!

Have you guys ever thought about why all of a sudden, it’s us? Us in the brink of an utmost apathy by our creators–the nature, the water, the air, the sky and above all the earth? Maybe yes some of us have, through fathomless research, readings; and maybe not! But my implication is not soul-searching but rather to pull our lives back exactly to the years gone by and re-think to relive it differently. Now how’s that possible? As we all are judicious beings, we believe in tangibility mostly. Money is time’s new definition and more the time, let’s pour some more money…isn’t it? Don’t worry, we all have our minds clocked and locked on our wellbeing… we create and think to create more often. In the midst of only creation of means to wellbeing, we lose most of it by the time we realize it.

Hence, let’s come back to my fundamental ask—Can we re-think or re-live our lives backwards? Scientifically we can’t as time is a factor that is linear…even if somebody builds or secretively has a time machine- we can’t redo our lives—as physicists might argue about paradoxes! On possessing a very unscientific, illogical mind, I’ll offer you my consolation of not being able to solve that paradox. But my dear smarties, we can certainly re-live our lives- in moments of our passions that we enjoy the most while executing- Meraki.

Meraki will guide you and your work (be it studies/profession/job/hobbies) in a time where everyone is busy tabulating the viral count across the globe. Somebody asked me if Meraki is a replicated version of Tiktok or yet another type of a PS4, I smiled back to them stating, ‘It’s my bad!’ So, if you guys are unsure of Meraki, I have already smirked at you all too. Since, I believe that I have induced in the right vocab in your dictionary now.

Now let’s see how this Meraki can help you evolve from this situation that is going to persist for some more months.

  • Whenever you wake up- put Meraki into thankfulness for still being alive! Hurrah!
  • While preparing morning tea/breakfast/helping your house-mate-involve meraki
  • While relaxing, add observational task as your meraki
  • While petting your bird or dog, look at them and pet them enough to utter meraki
  • While cleaning your house-meraki can do a better job than most trained house helps
  • While taking up your online courses, meraki might help you achieve an A plus
  • While reading a book, it can turn you into an online book reviewer
  • Just wondering if while reading this article, your meraki can make you like it 😉

There are too many mundane yet necessary tasks/activities that we do undesirably with great complaints. However, using the miracles of meraki, we can change our lives, we can relive ourselves in small yet ordinary tasks… what used to be a complaining, boring and uncool and unproductive hours of our lives yesterday could be our elated freedom in times of today.

Meraki is the spice we need to blend in our activities of today so as to relive those mundane moments. As the crisis has proven to us that life and its associated echoes are not old-fashioned—what’s uncool is the regular whines, the complaints and ultimately no life at all!

My focus is more on your well-being, your pustimarga and Meraki is the way forward.

Reach out to thank me! 😉

Note: Meraki is a Greek terminology that believes in putting your heart & soul into whatever task/work you do. I hope that helps!

Nidra Naik
Novelist & Poet
PGDM Batch 2004-06, IILM Lodhi Road

Email: nidranaik@gmail.com

A Letter by Tara Gandhi Bhattacharjee

Towards a world where the human mind is without violence and the environment is without pollution…

Dear friends,

With all of you I am also in deep pain for millions and millions of persons across the world who have been faced with unbelievable and immeasurable suffering. I join you in expressing our heartfelt appreciation and gratitude for all who are risking their lives to help and serve the needy and the society. We are together in prayer.

I want to share the following thoughts with you:

The pandemic of coronavirus has shattered the human soul.

The cosmic law of justice has pronounced an unprecedented and unexpected fury on the human race in this planet.

But this cosmic fury has awakened the damaged and the anguished human soul to another reality of spiritual realization of human concern.

For years now, my mind and soul have been disturbed and challenged by a certain question.

Today, I want to share this challenging thought with you.

I have been feeling for some years now that human beings are certainly not the most important life in the creation. It is a human being’s concept that the human life is the superior most. Even at the highest intellectual and spiritual level, human beings can think and act within the limitations of the human mind. What do we know about other lives? Whether insect life, animal life, plant life or environment, we know nothing about how plants speak to each other or how animals and insects communicate with each other. What is their philosophy? We know nothing. At least we know that we know nothing about other lives.

It is very humbling that if the humankind is wiped out on this planet, the environment will not miss us at all. In fact, the environment and every other life will be happy without us. This pandemic has really proved that the nature can live beautifully without the existence of human beings.

Even from my modest house, I am suddenly able to see so many rare flowers with lovely fragrance. I can also hear in my house the various chirpings of lovely birds which I had not heard before. It delights my heart and soul to see beautiful and rare birds in the little courtyard of my house.

With the emergence of the purity of the fear free nature and environment, human beings are also perceiving the awakening of the human soul with the greatest compassion for one another and all life.

In order to bring some cheer around me and for others, I have been telling my friends on the phone – “At this stage in my life, I have finally found a companion of life. He is called Mr. Isolation.”

“Mr. Isolation” has inspired me for further introspection.

The entire creation is wrapped in a cosmic net. Destiny is playing with the warp and the weft of the cosmic net. While destiny is playing it’s game, we as human beings will have to remain with compassion and non-violence towards each other and to every life.

We are all together in a spiritual awakening with the consciousness of human conscience.

Man pollutes the four elements, earth, sea, fire and air. With the negativity and violence of our mind, we can also pollute the space. Let us not pollute the fifth element- the space.

His Holiness Pope Francis had once repeatedly said in a public audience, in five different languages – “The creator forgives us always but what is created never forgives.” Let us work together, and do our best, for a future where every life respects the other life. Let us work towards a world where the human mind is without violence and the environment is without pollution.

With you,

Tara Gandhi Bhattacharjee

About the Author

Smt. Tara Gandhi Bhattacharjee, the granddaughter of Mahatma Gandhi, has held the position of Vice-Chairperson of the Gandhi Smriti and Darshan Smriti for nearly nine years. She is also involved with the ‘Save the Ganga Movement’, an initiative to protect India’s environment and rivers for the last 18 years. For the past 28 years, she has worked for the Kasturba Gandhi National Memorial Trust (KGNMT), founded by Mahatma Gandhi in memory of his wife. The KGNMT is one of the oldest pre-independence, non-governmental institutions serving the women and children of rural India. She has been decorated with one of France’s top honour  L’Ordre des Arts et Lettres for her contribution in promoting peace, solidarity, culture, education and development.