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Corporate Social Responsibility in Pandemic

The Concept of Corporate Social Responsibility was very much there in India However, for the past two years, while the country faced the Covid-19 pandemic, many dimensions related to it came up. Corporate Social Responsibility is the act of fusing environmental and social concerns with a company’s planning and operation. The basic idea behind fusing Read more


Access to Justice means approach or admittance to justice. It means existence of an effective system where rights are provided and remedied in case of breach. The preamble of the Constitution of India begins with “We the People” signifying the source of power lies in the hands of common people. Access to justice to everyone Read more

Moving towards Inclusivity in the classroom

      For the effectiveness of successful learning of the students, a faculty needs to ensure that the student feel accepted, motivated , & continuously guided & supported by their teachers & classmates. In a class room you will always find a very diverse group coming from various cultural backgrounds with high disparity in Read more

“Pandemic Is Affecting US More Than WE Know”

Covid 19 pandemic has affected all of us in ways no one could really imagine. The unpredictability of the pandemic has swept all of us from our feet and placed us in the zone where uncertainty dominates. We often find ourselves perplexed and unsure. Seldom do we discuss the damage it is causing us mentally Read more

A Positive psychology toolkit for your virtual semester

On a Tuesday afternoon class on July 15th, I watched my students stare at the whiteboard during an online class without “BLINKING”. While all of them had a vast opportunity to make connections with each other in a class of thirty, half of them were looking for connections on their cell phones, scrolling tirelessly through Read more

Digital Transformation in Design Education

The current scenario we are in, change has become the only constant. Designers have always been known as early adaptors and change makers. The sudden paradigm shift in the way lifestyle, health and economic scenarios are building, designers require to evaluate the current health situation is bringing to light problems, changes and opportunities for the Read more

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