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Redefining Business in a “sustainable” world.

Business Ethics Blogpost -Kolyaani Gupta Liberal Economic policies have led to the emergence of a new aspect of business organizations and corporations. With the advent of globalization, business organizations have moved from the constraints of geographical boundaries, whereby they are not affected by the legal constraints of a particular country. This makes it easy for Read more

Redefining Secularism: Diversity or Uniformity of Religions?

The Preamble of the Indian Constitution reads, “WE, THE PEOPLE OF INDIA, having solemnly resolved to constitute India into a SOVEREIGN SOCIALIST SECULAR DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC and to secure to all …”. One of the principal pillars of Indian democracy is the character of secularism which it beholds. “Secular” means which has no religious basis or Read more

The Age of Blended Learning: Bringing Philosophy down from the Heavens

Socrates contended that a good instructional methodology must necessarily focus on two things: students as the core of the educational enterprise and the purpose of education as wisdom. In conjunction with this, real classroom teaching consists not of one-way traffic of ideas but a mutual dialogue between the ones imparting education and the others receiving Read more

Developing an Entrepreneurial mindset

The world is thriving on innovation. Consumer needs are evolving like never before. We are witnessing an unprecedented rate of technological transformation driven by cognitive computing, artificial intelligence, and big data, leading to a plethora of innovative products and services. Solution orientation and problem-solving abilities are the key skills that organizations consider crucial to succeed. Read more

Impact of Covid-19 Pandemic on Commercial Dispute Resolution: A Global Perspective

  Recently the International Bar Association has demarcated the changing practice that has been introduced in commercial dispute resolution due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. It has reflected on the study of substantive and temporary laws as well as its regulations, which have been incorporated during this pandemic across twenty-three nations. The study Read more


Today the entire globe is working on the technology that is trending, and the environment in organizations is a dynamic one based on the change in the technological world. In most organizations, be they in the manufacturing sector, logistics based firms or educational institutes, most of the day to day operations in almost all the Read more

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