Why Your Company Needs a B-school Campus Recruitment Strategy?

On-campus information sessions and recruitment is the most popular way for management graduates to find career opportunities after job boards, employer website and career fairs. Campus recruiting is also a great way for organizations to engage emerging talent. But campus recruitment comes with its own challenges. Attracting management students on their own turf needs a sufficiently unique approach – an approach that includes engaging resources, a streamlined application process, and some memorable activities.

Today’s job market is more dependent on young talent than ever before. According to the data released by the Census of India, India has an unrivalled youth demographic: 65% of its population is 35 or under (the critical demography category of 18-35 years of age is approximately 32%).

In such environment, premier management schools continue to be an important channel for selecting leaders for companies. Companies have started to work on campus recruitment into their strategy to further entrench their leadership positions. Employers have also enhanced their focus on hiring from top tier b-schools.

On-campus recruitment is catching the fancy of Human Resources’ departments in companies across industries because on-campus recruiting can create a pipeline of interns and entry-level hires that can help these companies grow. Campus hiring can also help companies reduce the attrition rate dramatically, an extremely important benefit as employees are switching careers more frequently than ever before. When it comes to millennials, they are actually job-hopping more frequently than previous generations.

On-campus recruiting is also important for promoting your brand. Many of your company leaders will be first exposed to your company on their b-school campus. Even if management graduates aren’t hired directly out of campus, these graduates will remember your company as they continue their career path, and will keep it in mind in the future. In short, some of your most talented business leaders of tomorrow are on campus right now, probably unaware of your organization’s existence. An effective campus recruitment strategy should aim to change that.

Feeling confused and lost? Well, please don’t! We have weaved together this step-by-step guide to help your company come up with an effective campus recruiting strategy. This guide includes questionnaire, checklists, timelines, and some tested tricks for getting attention on campus.