IILM Global Study Program – ISM Dortmund

We started with the global study program for three weeks from 5th August-25th August at ISM Dortmund with 34 students, (from Lodhi Road and Gurgaon)accompanied by two faculty members. Prior to the departure an orientation was held for the students and their parents briefing them on the process of the global study.The week started with the orientation at the ISM Campus and the students received a very warm welcome from the International Cell.

The first week was designed for studying the module titled Strategic Management. The examples used by Prof. QeisKamran covered all disciplines including economics, politics, marketing etc.The last week of the program covered the second module titled Entrepreneurship and Innovation. The module was delivered Using multiple tools such as videos, live cases and in case presentations involving creative and innovative thinking activities

The pattern of delivering the modules was very well received by the students.

1. Lecture-Activity-Lecture pattern of teaching: The modus operandi of the Professor at ISM Dortmund was to follow Lecture-Activity-Lecture pattern of teaching &learning.The students were equally involved in the teaching learning process.Every 20 minutes of lecture was followed by a half an hour activity.This not only engaged the students but also ensured that they are able to apply the concepts,theories & strategies in a real-life scenario.Activities taken up with the students involved Video snippets, live company examples, group presentations, brain storming sessions etc.

2. Idea Generation/Brain storming sessions: The Entrepreneurship module was delivered using a lot of brain storming sessions wherein the students were made to work on entrepreneurial ideas/prospective business models. This was able to gain maximum participation from the students as they were required to present a business idea that could capture the untapped needs/segments, specific to the Indian Markets.The focus was also on considering CSR & environment protection as core to the ideas generated.

3. On the spot Case based class presentations: The students were provided with Stanford & HBR case studies on the spot as an element of surprise class presentations. The purpose of the discussion was to bring out the analytical and problem-solving skills of the student group. Each of the student was required to present.The rules of presentation was made clear to the students in the beginning.Each group presentation was followed by a series of Q&A by the Professor so as to judge the analysis involved in the points presented.

During the visit students were also taken for a city tour of Dortmund which they immensely enjoyed. The bus tour was very well conducted, and the students enjoyed the scenery and the places of interest which Dortmund offers.

Two company visits were organised one at Dasa and the other at Wilo.

– Dasa is an exhibition centre run by the bureau of occupational safety and health hazards and focussing on
– Safety measures for all kind of catastrophes be it earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanoes.
– The safety gear and equipment’s required to counter such catastrophes.
– Detailed explanation of all countermeasures to combat calamity.

The students were also taken for the second company visit to a German based company named-Wilo.The students experienced the production of pumps and other parts using robotic technology.The students were briefed about the made to order production philosophy followed by the company.

The closing ceremony was held prior to the departure with the dean thanking the students for the visit at the ISM Campus followed by the departure of the students from Germany.

IILM UBS Three Week Global Study Programme – ISM Stuttgart, Germany

Going beyond boundaries…
IILM Undergraduate Business School’s Three Week Global Study Programme

Wherever you go becomes a part of you somehow”- Anonymous

To be a globally responsible leader, you need firsthand experience learning about cultures, organizations, and business practices around the world. IILM Undergraduate Business School’s International exposure is designed to strengthen students knowledge, skills, attitudes and experience to create economic and social value wherever they go.

The three weeks global study programme helps students examine diverse aspects of interacting with other cultures and innovative methods of learning. This global study programme is an integral part of the academic program, and helps students progress toward completing their degree, while helping them define their view of the world. Our students are entrepreneurial, confident, socially driven and capable of fulfilling leadership roles in a global context.
This academic year our students were taken to the following universities for this programme :

• International School of Management , Germany – Stuttgart Campus
• International School of Management , Germany – Dortmund Campus
• Seneca College , Canada

Global Study Programme

Summer at International School of Management , Germany- Stuttgart Campus

Stuttgart and its surrounding area from one of the largest commercial capitals in Europe. The campus is just a few minutes on foot from south of the city centre and is easy to reach using public transport. Ms. Vanessa Schmidt Garaj , International Officer at ISM Stuttgart campus coordinated the entire programme and ensured the transition was smooth for the students and faculty. She was one stop guide for all queries pertaining to academics , German culture , places and society.

Students studied two modules- Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Strategic Management was delivered by Professor Björn Röeber and Professor Qeis Kamran delivered Entrepreneurship and Innovation. The teaching methodology included lectures and case discussions. Both professors were highly interactive. They engaged the students through group discussions on the various cases.

Global Study Programme

Students also had the opportunity to visit three Companies. Students visited Porsche Museum, Bosch and Daimler. It is noteworthy to mention that the Germany is renowned for its automobile industry and students were enthralled to visit the headquarters of the automobile giants.

Overall, the students enjoyed their experience learning about the Germany Education system, exploring opportunities for business and discovering new ideas which they can implement back home.

Global Study Programme

My Global Study Tour at ISM, Germany

My Global Study Tour at ISM, Germany
By – SurbhiDhasmana

IILM Undergraduate Business School offers a view and experience of a big World beyond the Horizon. To be in sync, with the Global vision of providing Economy with Responsible Entrepreneurs in today’s time. IILM gives the first-hand experience about multi-lingual cultures, organizations, and business practices around the world. All this encapsulated in a mandatory 3 weeks Global Study Program at Germany or Canada or Finland, to choose from.

Global Study Programs are also designed to strengthen student’s knowledge, skills and attitudes to create economic and social wealth everywhere. Giving a sense of living in harmony with the environment and becoming self-reliant in the known and unknown circumstances.

One of the options under Global Study Program offered to the students is in association with International School of Management (ISM), Dortmund, Germany.

On the 6th of August 2017, 35 students along with two faculty members, from both Lodhi Road and Gurgaon Campus boarded Lufthansa flight for Frankfurt, Germany to reach ISM. Modules taught consisted of “Advance Strategic Management” and “Entrepreneurship and Innovation”. Each set of Module is designed keeping in mind the fundamental importance of business learning. IILM students are required go through a well-planned and structured format of the conduction of the modules as per ISM curriculum. The teaching methodology applied during the program takes place in the shape of Interactive Classroom Teaching, Numerous Presentations, Harvard Case Study Sessions and much more. The icing on the cake was when Professor Kamran was happy with the students that he provided an additional teaching class on the subject “Design Thinking” which is certainly the next big thing in the industry.

This three weeks program was a blend of high standard teaching, Industrial visits to DASA and WILO, and Cultural interaction. Prof. Qeis Kamran is a person with vivid knowledge and vast experience, teaching students about What could be there rather than What is there. Our student Coordinator, Jana Dargel from ISM was kind enough to make our stay comfortable.

German Culture is about People being hard working, sincere, honest and punctual. They are very helpful, warm and welcoming to the visitors to their Country. During the week ends and spare time, we traveled across Europe. People we came across were very helpful, even when they didn’t know the way they used their Google Map to guide us. Some of the places the students planned and visited on their own, included Berlin, Paris, Praha, Zurich, Amsterdam, Brussels and Spain. It was overall Personal as well as Social skills development 3 weeks program.

To Conclude I would say;

Thank you IILM for giving me this golden opportunity to learn and experience the world beyond IILM campus and across the Continents. Global Studies by far has been one of my most delightful experiences. From cross-cultural diversity to different business trends and challenges, I learned an essential side of business studies. Faculty and Friends – they all made my Global Study Tour worth cherishing for life.



















Global-Study-Tour-at-ISM-Germany (3)



Global-Study-Tour-at-ISM-Germany (4)






Global-Study-Tour-at-ISM-Germany (9)



Global-Study-Tour-at-ISM-Germany (7)




By : Ritansha Rampal and Tejasva Ahuja, SBS Stage 2, IILM UBS

The study abroad program is designed to further develop and expand our intercultural and language competencies, and enhance and deepen our professional knowledge in an international context.

IILM BBA Global Study Program-Benz

Being a student of BBA program at IILM comes with the advantage of the Global Study Program. This Program spread over three weeks gives the students an opportunity to travel to Germany and complete a module at International School of Management, Germany (ISM), IILM’s partner business school. The students go abroad at the end of the first year of their SBS Swiss Business School Degree course at IILM Campus. In fact, we had the choice to go to Stuttgart or Dortmund Germany or Seneca in Canada, and we had opted for Stuttgart.

IILM BBA Global Study Program-Porsche2

Stuttgart and its surrounding area form one of the largest commercial capitals in Europe. The campus is just a few minutes on foot from south of the city centre and is easy to reach using public transport. The ISM Stuttgart Campus easily accommodated our batch and we had all the resources required for presentations and project work on request. We also had options available for lunch right next to our Campus.Ms. Vanessa,coordinator of the Global Study Program representing ISM, was also our mentor in Germany. She answered all the queries about the city, cuisine and travel plans. Ms. Vanessa also organized a city tour for all the students. The tour was conducted in a bus and we were shown the most popular landmarks and historical sites of the city with a narrative.

IILM BBA Global Study Program-Porsche3

Talking about classes, our sessions were conducted by Professor Björn Röeber who taught us Strategic Management and Professor Qeis Kamran who taught us Entrepreneurial Innovation.The teaching methodology included lecture practices which is an effective way to present new information orally. Both our professors were highly interactive and made us participate in group discussions. We found that they used to actively engage the group for discussion on a particular subject and they also shared case studies which were designed to evaluate how we processed information, solved problems and reacted to new and surprising situations, as well as how we worked within a team.

IILM BBA Global Study Program-Porsche1

We also had the opportunity of three Company Visits. The industrial visits were organised for the Porsche Museum, Bosch and Daimler. It is noteworthy to mention that the automobile industry is one of the leading industries at the global level and we got the chance to visit these Companies.

Talking about our experience during the visits, at Bosch, we got to know the technical side of how their business operates and at Daimler, we got to understand the production side of the business as well. In Porsche Museum, we were shown the evolution of the cars too. We liked the fact that we were introduced to their methods of acquiring customers.

We want to mention that it’s important that we have a realistic approach when we go for the study abroad program as it involves doing things that we do not normally do while at home. For example, laundry, groceries, making our beds. And so, here were times when we also felt a little homesick because this was our first college trip too. But at the same time, we also got to learn a lot from our experiences. Our teachers, peers and the ISM mentor were helpful in making things easy for us.

IILM BBA Global Study Program-Bosch

Lastly, we thoroughly enjoyed attending our classes, company visits and most specially one another’s company. It was great to know that we all had the ability to independently handle various situations and to figure out things on our own instead of having them done for us by someone else.