How to Get your Dream Job?

‘’Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the Life you have imagined.’’ David Thoreau

Why do young students aspire to be part of a Top B-School? Do you remember the first time you were inspired to make it big in the corporate world? As a professor on the Industry track at IILM I am always amazed by the aspirations, enthusiasm that the bright young students bring to B-School when they step in at IILM – starry-eyed, big dreams! At IILM we try and give shape to these dreams, getting them ready for their next leap towards a successful career.

The first Job from campus is always the most cherished one and I still remember the day when I received multiple job offers during the two day placement season at the B-School campus placements during my MBA back in 2003. The year was still a recovery phase in several sectors as the economy was recovering from the Dot-com bubble burst in the year 2001. Circa 2020 and we are in the middle of looking up to the new normal that beckons at fresh graduates wanting to join the Economy in June – August Season. At IILM we believe in working with loads of passion for the students’ careers. A testimony to the statement can be found in the way the students and faculty mentors have engaged beyond the classrooms to get a whopping 430+ Job Offers including 225 Job Offers at IILM GSM Campus as part of the final placement cycle that turned out to be a success (sans the impact of COVID in Mid-March 2020). We would like to keep this article as a testimony to the hours spent in making the twines meet and for the future  batches at IILM in the new normal (Post-COVID)

  • Bringing attention from 150+ Companies: IILM believes and works in student based principles. Based on the emerging trends picked up during interactions with the students, the placement team has interacted with over 180+ companies during the run-up to the placement season beginning Early September 2019.
  • Great Candidates find a way to their dreams: The graduating batch saw several examples where students lived up to the challenge to find a way to landing their dream jobs in companies starting with Consulting Companies such as Deloitte, EY, CIAN Analytics, Benchmarking Six Sigma to the FMCG Majors and Retail such as Marico, ITC Ltd, Reckitt Benckiser Plc, Café Coffee Day, Colgate, Khimji Ramdas. The season continued to see a steady upswing in high CTC job offers from EdTech Majors with Byju’s (Think & Learn Pvt Ltd), LIDO Learning picking up students. New Sectors Companies included Square Yards, Future Generali, PhonePe, Wedding Wires, Regalo Kitchen. The BFSI Sector covering HDFC Bank, HDFC Ltd, ICICI Bank, IDFC First Bank, Axis Bank, Bandhan Bank made a significant impact on campus with more than 60 offers at Greater Noida and 120+ across NCR. The complete list can be accessed at This is also testimony to the HR professionals who have extended their working hours to conclude placement processes at IILM as part of their recruitment calendars. We wish to extend gratitude for their support
  • Salaries are an Outcome of the Roles: Salaries have gone up by 20% in several companies while the average salaries in the Top 50 percentile of Job Offers for the graduating batch also went up by 25%. This year also saw a new maximum of 8 international job offers for Team Leadership Roles. Based on the needs of the industry, CDC Team has continued to meet with stakeholders in the industry from August last year until the COVID lockdown stopped us in our tracks in ides of March. IILM spent over 2000+ man-hours in engaging with the companies to review the student resumes and select the best possible jobs for the students.

All this would not be possible without the tireless efforts of placement team, students and faculty mentors who to spend additional several hours guiding the students with the necessary skill sets that will make them industry-ready.

  • Student’s Goals: Placement cell engages the students directly in placement oriented activities that allow them to have a very direct understanding of the requirements in the companies as well as mapping the dream companies from the student’s journey from the first year into the second year post their internship. IILM strong focus on benchmarking its pedagogy with the best B-Schools provides the students with an ambient ecosystem for scaling up their skill sets to the next level.
  • Prepare, Prepare and Prepare: Every dream company on a student journey starts with a plan. At IILM, the placement team engages with the companies around the year through industry sessions from stalwarts in the industry beginning with the orientation course, the industry ; Principle of Responsible Management (PRME) and several more sessions through placement workshops which provide the building blocks for all students to listen and network with professionals, enhance their grasp of the industry. Students are also part of several club activities including a vibrant Student Committee on Placements (SCOP 2020) which worked with placement manager and placement heads to bring hundreds of job profiles that bring joy to the eyes of the students who believe they can be part of the India growth story.

IILM is a microcosm of One India covering the 18 states and over the last two years that the students have spent on campus preparing themselves for the job roles, we are more than happy to have been able to connect students with a company that becomes their new launchpad for their long career road map ahead.

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Psychology and Your Future in India


Today’s disruptive changes have made Psychology one of the most sought-after careers. The demand and supply chain in Psychology will help overcome obstacles in personal and professional lives in the future. Our fast-paced lives, demanding jobs and complicated family dynamics are making mental health a prime issue of survival in the 21st century.

Countries across the globe are looking at making mental health equally imperative and vital as physical health. Therefore, the role of psychologists in future will become as crucial as our medical workers. Simply put, we may take medicine for any physiological ailment, but what about societal, global pressures coupled with tragedies? There is no known medicine to handle all that, hence Psychology becomes crucial as a subject to be pursued.

Psychology as a subject and its specializations

Psychology has been an undercurrent in any field offering a myriad of opportunities. IILM University, which is considered one of the best colleges in Delhi/NCR for Psychology provides components of the following in the course as fusion in undergraduate as well as specialization in masters.

Clinical Psychology: Anyone who has been a student of Psychology has been amazed by abnormal psychology and at least once aspired to become a clinical Psychologist. Facets such as diagnosis, understanding and management of disorders while working in hospitals, rehabilitation centres come under this. Given the emotional pressures people go through, the demand for good clinical psychologists is expected to rise. We hear and see many celebrities openly discussing their mental health and concerns. This trend has increased awareness and acceptance towards disorders and with time the need for experts in clinical psychology is only expected to grow.

Counselling Psychology: Counselling is like a second skin to any Psychologist as it deals with facing day-to-day scenarios and its management. Counselling being a broader term branch into career guidance, marital and academic. Counselling Psychologists are seen working in private set-ups, career centres, schools, NGOs and organizations. Today, it is required across all walks of life, and the need for it will only continue to grow. At IILM, we invite guest lectures as well as electives in CBT/REBT for Psychology students.

Organizational/Industrial Psychology: Psychologists in this field focus on workplace issues at the individual, group and organizational levels to enhance the productivity of the employees and ultimately the organization. As more and more MNC’s are paying attention to the mental health of their employees, Psychologists with I/OB specialization are working in HR as consultants/managers and are assessing emotional, social intelligence and performance in the employees.

Developmental/Child Psychology: This field works with lifetime development of human beings focusing on psychomotor, cognitive, as well as emotional development from early years. Popularly known as Child Psychologists they work mainly with children in therapy centres, schools, paediatric setups, NGO’s with close association with special educators and psychiatrists.

Sports Psychology: This is a fairly new branch that works with athletes’ physical and cognitive performance along with coaches, nutritionists as well as physiotherapists. Sports Psychologists endeavours to help sports teams to increase performance and motivation of sportsmen. India being a sports passionate country, this field has a lot of scope as a career.

Forensic Psychology: This branch deals with legal and judicial systems and is closely related to criminology. At IILM we help B.A students, enhance their understanding of laws in India while offering Law as an elective course.

Military Psychology: This is yet another contemporary branch of specialization dealing with military personnel and their families. Concerns such as depression, anxiety, grief as well as stress-related issues are taken care of by evaluations and treatment of mental and emotional disorders along with counselling. Psychologists are routinely hired in forces and are doing extensive research and policy-related work.

How to pursue Psychology as a budding career?

In India, we can pursue Psychology from graduation level (Psychology as a subject in Class XI & XII is preferred) and then pursue a B.A. / B.Sc. programme in Psychology. Master’s programme in Psychology is mandatory for seeking a career as a Counsellor as well as to apply for a job. M.Phil. is important to practice as a clinical psychologist and may accompany it with diploma courses in any therapeutic work (cognitive behaviour, rational emotive, career guidance, etc.) IILM University offers BA (Hons) as well as MA Psychology with specialization in counselling and organization behaviour.


Psychology as science finds applications in all walks of life. Psychology presents immense career options in the present times and will hold promising opportunities in the future as well.

The best way to predict your future is to create it

Abraham Lincoln

LinkedIn Profile Checklist For Students!

LinkedIn is a professional networking site which has grown from just 500,000 users to 50 million users over the years. It is not only said to be a social-professional networking platform, but is considered to be a necessity tool for every person out there wanting to connect with each other for business, hiring, research or networking purpose. Yes, personal branding is as essential as marketing a product in the market.

For today’s millennial generation, who are aspiring to enter into the world of corporate space (and strategies!),  it is so very important to keep a regular check on LinkedIn profile essentials.

If you are just starting new on LinkedIn, the process can be a little overwhelming for you. To make things easier, we have made a quick checklist for MBA students, and all other kinds of aspirants to help you get started on the right track.

Here is our 6 point checklist for your LinkedIn profile :-

1. First Step To Start

  • You must have over 100 connections
  • Make sure you put a professional photo
  • Your profile should be SEO driven. Keep a check on your keyword strategy, it should be in place for higher & right visibility of your profile
  • Work on your unique LinkedIn profile URL. 

2. Headline/Job Designation

  • Headline is possibly the most important thing on your LinkedIn profile. It permits you to use 120 characters to define yourself in every right and attractive manner for a user to simply click on your profile.

3. Summary

  • Your profile summary is a short description of your experience; skills, talents, and how you could (or can) add value to a company.
  • A summary should definitely include the quantified results with numbers and figures that was achieved in previous companies.

4. Experience

  • This section gives you a systematic way of displaying your work associations with previous employers, and also to add relevant amount of media files/pfs/blogs to portray your work establishments in a much extensive manner.
  • It is highly recommended to be detailed while writing the specifications about your work experience by providing employer’s background, years of association with the particular organization,  project details, accomplishments & KRAs.
  • This section also permits you to proceed with filling in some specifications about – Education, Courses, Certificates etc.

5. Recommendations & Endorsements

  • For right LinkedIn optimization it is suggested to at least have top 3 recommendations filled in. Recommendations are the best way to make your own profile speak for you from your references.
  • Endorsements are the display of your top skills on your profile. You must keep a check on the endorsements you receive from your network (and what you give back to your LinkedIn connects). Endorsements work like a give and take strategy. The more you connect with people on LinkedIn, the endorsements increases with time.

6. Networking & Connecting

  • Be a part of at least 10-15 relevant groups on LinkedIn. There is a large community on LinkedIn that could help you know what’s trending and bustling in your chosen domain around by just digitally interacting with them.
  • It is said that sharing is important, but only if it relevant & effective. Post relevant articles on your profile at least once a week.
  • Make sure you connect with two new much relevant users on LinkedIn on a monthly basis.
  •  Messaging on LinkedIn is one of the strongest tools to sustain your network. You must message to your known network, one to an unknown LinkedIn user on a weekly basis.
  • Make sure you follow at least 5 new companies that you are interested in.

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Get Your Resume Noticed In 6 Seconds

Dear applicants, the recruiters have finally confessed the secret. The time span of a recruiter checking your resume stays between 5-7 seconds, says online job search site The Ladders as per the research done by them. This equals to about 30-40 words on resume in total.

There’s always this anxiety in us to know what happens next when we apply for a job. How long are recruiters reading our resume? What are the major areas of concern on a resume for recruiters?  What interests them to not toss the resume in recycle bin?

Let’s glance through a few facts below unleashing the figures and facts related to recruiters’ activity. (A study was done by Undercover Recruiter on the analytics of CV through a recruiter’s point of view.)

► 200 applications are received when a job is posted
► Average time spent looking at the CV lasts for about 7 seconds
► 15% chance is the attached cover letter will be read too
► 1 spelling or grammar mistake your CV will be thrown out
► 80% of CVs are rejected with photos attached on it
► 60% of recruiters will search for your other social media profiles
► 80% of CVs are rejected if you have unprofessional email address

After the careful analysis of survey done by The Ladders on job recruiters to figure out what matters the most on your resume – firstly, they found out the areas of content that is largely ignored, secondly – the top six aspects on which recruiters pay maximum of their attention, such as –

► Name
► Current Title / Company
► Previous Title / Company
► Current position start end dates
► Previous position start and end dates
► Education

So, what do you do to make your CV gain worth a second glance? We would say, the best solution is to summarize your CV at the earliest.  Try applying following smart tricks to keep your CV visible in that span of 6 seconds precisely –

► Tailor your resume summary as per each job application you apply for – Try to highlight your areas of expertise most relevant to the particular position you are applying for and use them in the summary. This will help a recruiter focus his/her attention on the areas that are expected out of you to perform, hence it improves the interview process.

► Mention the result outcomes you’ve achieved in those areas of expertise – Focus on how you have helped organizations achieve their goals. Simply focus on specific results that have benefited other organizations. And most importantly, how well your accomplishments distinguish you from other candidates.

► Highlight the major industries you’ve been associated along with years of experience – This space gives you an opportunity to explain the industries you’ve been associated with through out your career span. Try to talk about the areas which are most vital in terms of its relevancy and application.

► Make use of important key words that describes you as a best fit Avoid using generic words. Keywords are essential to make your resume strong in terms of right filtration of the most concerned set of words.

► It is equally important to work on LinkedIn profile alongside – Unlike just having about a few lines on your resumes summaries; you have up to 2000 characters in the summary section of your LinkedIn profile to highlight accomplishments and connect them to what you want to do next.

It is true that other parts of resume are also important. But a summary can captivate a recruiter’s mind at the right spot. Try to distinguish yourself from other candidates and create that need of your profile in recruiter’s eyes. In the end, all you can wait for is a call back on your phone.

The Ladders
Undercover Recruiter

Gear up for The IILM Global Study Program – Canada

There’s a big world beyond IILM campus, and you can experience it all now. In order to be a responsible leader in today’s time you need firsthand experience about multi-lingual cultures, organizations, and business practices around the world. Keeping this in mind IILM offers a mandate 4 weeks Global Study Program in Canada and France. Global Study Programs are designed to strengthen student’s knowledge, skills and attitude to create economic and social value everywhere.

One of the options under Global Study Program offered to the students is in association with Fanshawe College, Canada. Module consists of Digital Marketing, including subjects such as – Google Analytics, SEO and Google Ad words. Each set of options is designed keeping in mind the fundamental importance of business learning. IILM students are required go through a well planned and structured format of the conduction of the modules as per Fanshawe College curriculum. The teaching methodology applied during the conduction of program takes place in the form of Classroom Teaching, Presentations, Case Study Sessions, Simulations and much more.

IILM as a B-School focuses on providing holistic business education learning. The core benefits that a student can expect out of Canada Global Study Program can be explained in a manner that the idea is to give a much developed and equipped form of academic experience. The program is highly classroom oriented where the module is conducted keeping in mind the final outcome of an extensive teaching experience. The program entails on providing international exposure in the most efficient manner. Along with academic course structure there are cultural activities as part of recreational initiatives which is provided at the university. There’s a regular interaction with co students and faculty of Fanshawe College. The program is designed around a 360 degree learning process for the students and visiting IILM faculty as accompanied along. Hence, Global Study Program aims at making the students job ready in this dynamic market.

As part of the admission process, the fee structure is inclusive of the travel expense and course curriculum. IILM offers Global Study Program options with two universities – Fanshawe College, Canada and International School of Management, Frankfurt, Germany | Module – International Business (Intercultural Communication). Students can choose from either of the options depending on the preference of their subjects that they would like to pursue in their career.

One of our Alumni share the experience gained as part of Global Study Program, “Thank you IILM for giving me this opportunity to learn and experience the world outside IILM campus. Global exposure by far has been my most enthralling experiences in life. From cross-cultural diversity to different market trends and challenges, I learnt the most essential side of business studies. Faculty and peers – they all made my global journey worth remembering for the rest of my life.”

All in all, IILM students experience and learn the dynamics of international markets, cross-cultural changing needs of market negotiations and various ways of doing business globally.

Know more about The IILM Global Study Program and other academic offers at IILM PGDM Admissions.

2nd Placement Week at IILM from Oct 5th to Oct 9th, 2015

IILM helps students in exploring placement opportunities by inviting companies for campus recruitment .The final placements at IILM are a culmination of systematic and continued interaction with industry and ongoing and enduring career counseling as well as grooming of the students by mentors and Career Development Centre.

Placement week is an initiative that offers students the opportunities to interact with senior representatives from corporates , to know the work culture, the performance expectations, the job opportunities available and the remuneration offered by recruiting companies.

IILM organized its 2nd Placement Week from Oct 5th to Oct 9th. First and second year students of PGDM from Lodhi Road, Gurgaon and Greater Noida campuses participated in the placement week with great enthusiasm and excitement.

Industry personnel from Grail Research ,INTEX,, Protiviti , HDFC, Edelweiss, Kotak Mahindra, Oxigen, Tybros, Keysight Technologies (off shoot of HP), Oyo rooms, PWC, Floret, Evoque, Bonton Cables, Icons , Fortis Heath care, Methodix Systems, Yes Bank, Spandana Sphoorty Financial Limited visited IILM and interacted with the students.

The Industry personnel’s experience, their expertise and the aspect of knowledge sharing was the high point of the sessions. The underlying idea was to
acquaint the students with the companies, their culture, the domain, how they differentiated from their competitors, the job roles , growth rate, the expectations from students, the selection process, required skill sets and other aspects needed to build a lasting career.

After interaction, Grail Research and Spandana Sphoorty Financial Limited completed their final placement process also.

Face to face interaction with industry people added value and knowledge to the understanding of job market among students. Pre placement talks were an eye opener for all the students and would help students to take right decisions while choosing companies for their final placement.

Placement Week at IILM

Whenever the human capital of an organization thrives, the organization will prosper, and vice versa. With this belief, a student’s personal potential and workplace potential is intervened, placement week was organized for PGDM 1st year students from Feb 9 -13, 2015 to optimize opportunities and circumstances for summer intern-ship and understanding job market well.

Placement week was a great endeavour to bridge in the gap between demand of companies and students’ expectations.

Industry people from Vodafone, Wingreens, Singer India, Mccain Foods, Silver Arrow, Nova beans (3D Printing), UAS international , IIFL, Deloitte, Garmin Navigational Tools were invited to interact with students. Campus to corporate, how to prepare for an interview, importance of preparing LinkedIn profile in a professional manner in corporate world, understanding corporate culture for professional effectiveness, importance of team building among budding managers,how to develop soft skills, orientation about current job market and various job profiles offered by organizations were the topics appreciated by the students. Some of the companies offered summer intern-ship during the placement week. Face to face interaction with industry people added value and knowledge on understanding job market among students.

Last but not the least, TED videos on motivation, improving body language and enhancing interview skills were also appreciated by the students.

Gearing up for Placements | Job Preferences- How Do You Decide

Every year the students passing out of IILM face the million dollar question, “How should I decide on the company I should work for”. The situation becomes quite complex as a multitude of companies with different Job offerings visit the Institute at different times of the year. The students also receive advice from various sources mostly from people who are quite ignorant themselves. What should be the practical approach for students which will not jeopardize their careers? When the choices are many, the practical approach is ‘Stick to Basics’.
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