“Kya Result Aaya?” #Boards 2020


Board results are the quintessential discussion for parents and students which also becomes the most discussed topic amongst family. Unfortunately, it’s marking a child’s future with the percentage for the rest of their lives and not to mention labelling them.

The amount of pressure that board classes bring with them has been accounted in various studies, clearly signifying, inverse correlation of stress and marks in board exams, even though we continue to pressurize students to attain, at times, the impossible.

Expectations (from parents, teachers, peer and self) may crumble the self-esteem, as well as performance in boards and can have devastating effects on students and their career options.

100% Board results-2020

In 2019, as many as 17,693 students scored more than 95% in CBSE XII and the numbers increased to 38,686 students in 2020. Board results 2020 have raised the bar for students, who will be giving exams from here on. To compete with 100% marks can have challenges in plenty. Not to downsize the student who made that effort and actually got those brilliant marks; the discussion is about students who got a distinction (above 75%) and still feel “not good enough”.

This unfortunate inadequacy of “could get better marks” is a dilemma any student scoring marks from 70-90% category feels, especially when the choice of subjects in a prestigious university looks bleak. Not that the ones who make it over 90% waltz through the top universities. They also struggle and at some point “have to compromise” on the course or a college.

Can you accept your marks and not label it as destiny?

My observation while looking at board results- Yes, it is the highlight of your life and will be compared in galore with cousins, friends and any known person who got better marks than you. However, could we stop putting the blame on either teachers, Corona or pressure from known and accept what we scored gracefully?

Can we find jubilance in clearing class XII and being ready for applying in colleges rather than whining of what could happen if we scored better? Acceptance of board results brings inner peace and reduces comparisons which clearly isn’t helpful. I believe board results don’t shape your destiny and that only if you are ready to believe in yourself, can life offer opportunities for you to carve out the best in self.

If we can make a reality check and be honest with oneself, as to what are the strengths and to work on them, we may find our success, even if it feels inadequate to others. The key to convince parents and friends is when you, yourself can accept what you want to do, or reach out for counselling, if unable to make career choices.

Try reducing those mountains of expectation or mirages of “what I should be” to “what I can be” for a better career path and at the same time enjoy the journey of becoming your own person.

Experience the “Joy in Learning at IILM”

With newer opportunities coming up every day like School of Humanities at IILM University, Gurugram, we encourage students from varied fields to open their minds to choose a trending subject and experience the joy in learning. With latest pedagogy in teaching, faculties at IILM strive to help students create a niche for themselves and prepare themselves for better career opportunities.


Board results could have brought tears of joy or disappointment given what you were expecting and what was received as results. See this as an opportunity to explore and search what and where you want to take your college education. Comparisons and expectations can be hurtful, so try avoiding them by focusing on “what you think you want” than “what you should be”.


“Every accomplishment starts with a decision to try”

The Beautiful Road Ahead – IILM, School of Management

Just out of school, a student enters a life, less cocooned, more puzzling, and challenging full of promises and heartbreaks. Parents also anxiously want their children to be on the right track of a steady career growth that promises a secure future. Wise decisions taken at this stage by the student and parents about the choice of course and institution will ensure good learning and focused career growth that is both rewarding and fulfilling. A beautiful road ahead is possible if one plans and decides well. Who wants a rickety ride in the graduation years?

In the market that is full of enticing offers and promises for a beautiful road ahead in education right after school, IILM, a top-ranking institute, is a name of trust running the helm of top-class education for decades. It has a unique reputation of welcome and warm ambiance with student-centric education that is in line with the demands of the market. One can see the wonderful reviews of students and parents on the internet about the quality education being offered in echelons of IILM. IILM has three imposing campuses in Delhi NCR, namely in Lodhi Road, Gurugram, and Greater Noida. IILM University, in Gurugram, offers several graduate and undergraduate courses in Management, Law, Psychology, Design, etc. apart from its rigorous Ph.D. program in different streams. All the departments boast of high-profile faculty and management, having an illustrious experience in their fields.

The School of Management

IILM University is nestled right in the heart of Gurgaon on the glistening Golf Course Road. The School of Management is one of its oldest and prestigious departments. The well-guarded campus housing the School has beautiful green manicured and well-tended gardens and lawns full of trees of mogra and pansy buds striking a contrast amidst the concrete and glass jungle of the Golf Course Road. One can see students sitting in the gardens with their laptops studying in the natural peace of nature or busy playing basketball/volleyball on the courts. Everywhere you see students, busy, happy, and secure.

The school of Management offers different undergraduate and post-graduate degrees and diplomas in varied streams of Management, Marketing, Human Resource, Entrepreneurship, Insurance, and Risk, etc. A well-equipped library that is regularly updated does not leave much for asking in terms of knowledge resources. The School of Management also aims and delivers 100% placements to the students in companies like Toyota, L’Oreal, HDFC Bank, Gartner, etc.


‘No one should teach who is not in love with teaching.’ Margaret E. Sangster

Indeed, at the School of Management, the teachers are in love with their profession. The faculty is well-read and industrious in their efforts to impart impactful classroom teaching to the students. Many teachers have rich industry experience behind them and have research papers published in top research publications. The teaching sessions involve students and teachers in active, engrossing discussion of insights and wisdom. Case studies and role-plays, debates, quizzes, projects keep the students alert in the learning drill for a competitive future. Faculty is also deeply involved in continuous mentoring of students even after classroom sessions and students are active participants in organizing conferences, events, annual fairs, and social outreach programs.

Student life

‘The secret in education lies in respecting the student.’ Ralph Waldo Emerson


Student-centric education is the mantra at the School of Management. Students are involved everywhere, be it classroom, conferences, placements, etc. from day one at the school, the student feels part of the IILM family that builds his sense of responsibility and deliverance. The activities and clubs, like Marketing Club, Finance Club, Entrepreneurship Club, etc., keep the students busy in the learning mode. Yearly life skills training rendezvous to Jim Corbett Park help to relax the freshers and help them connect with their new friends and faculty and developing in the team spirit. Industrial visits and industry connect meetings and seminars help students gain exposure to the market they are readying up for. Students also participate in various competitions and social work programs with equal interest. long hours are also spent in the peaceful library. The hostel available for students is safe, secure, and hygienic. The management of the School is very cordial with the welfare and development of the student of topmost priority for them.

Good Decision

Choosing IILM University, School of Management is a wise decision to invest in a wonderful future in the business world. The teaching pedagogy is world-class and placements assured. Great global exposure is a value add with a number of student exchange programs and international visits. Guest lectures from the best in the industry help students get attuned to industry practices. They also become socially aware and responsible citizens. And of course, the beautiful green shaded campus is a big bonus.

The graduate years must be the best as they do involve the precious youth of a person’s life. A good institution will make focus on the future clear and be the mantle of guidance and support for the students. School of Management, IILM University, offers just that with passion and commitment. Students can get in touch with the IILM University admissions team on the university website and will be guided in the admission process and assisted with any queries. As the seats are limited in various programs offered by the School of Management, it will wise to submit applications as soon as possible.

So, for the prospects out there, make the right choice. Visit iilm.edu.in now to apply.

Surely, a beautiful road lies ahead!

Psychology and Your Future in India


Today’s disruptive changes have made Psychology one of the most sought-after careers. The demand and supply chain in Psychology will help overcome obstacles in personal and professional lives in the future. Our fast-paced lives, demanding jobs and complicated family dynamics are making mental health a prime issue of survival in the 21st century.

Countries across the globe are looking at making mental health equally imperative and vital as physical health. Therefore, the role of psychologists in future will become as crucial as our medical workers. Simply put, we may take medicine for any physiological ailment, but what about societal, global pressures coupled with tragedies? There is no known medicine to handle all that, hence Psychology becomes crucial as a subject to be pursued.

Psychology as a subject and its specializations

Psychology has been an undercurrent in any field offering a myriad of opportunities. IILM University, which is considered one of the best colleges in Delhi/NCR for Psychology provides components of the following in the course as fusion in undergraduate as well as specialization in masters.

Clinical Psychology: Anyone who has been a student of Psychology has been amazed by abnormal psychology and at least once aspired to become a clinical Psychologist. Facets such as diagnosis, understanding and management of disorders while working in hospitals, rehabilitation centres come under this. Given the emotional pressures people go through, the demand for good clinical psychologists is expected to rise. We hear and see many celebrities openly discussing their mental health and concerns. This trend has increased awareness and acceptance towards disorders and with time the need for experts in clinical psychology is only expected to grow.

Counselling Psychology: Counselling is like a second skin to any Psychologist as it deals with facing day-to-day scenarios and its management. Counselling being a broader term branch into career guidance, marital and academic. Counselling Psychologists are seen working in private set-ups, career centres, schools, NGOs and organizations. Today, it is required across all walks of life, and the need for it will only continue to grow. At IILM, we invite guest lectures as well as electives in CBT/REBT for Psychology students.

Organizational/Industrial Psychology: Psychologists in this field focus on workplace issues at the individual, group and organizational levels to enhance the productivity of the employees and ultimately the organization. As more and more MNC’s are paying attention to the mental health of their employees, Psychologists with I/OB specialization are working in HR as consultants/managers and are assessing emotional, social intelligence and performance in the employees.

Developmental/Child Psychology: This field works with lifetime development of human beings focusing on psychomotor, cognitive, as well as emotional development from early years. Popularly known as Child Psychologists they work mainly with children in therapy centres, schools, paediatric setups, NGO’s with close association with special educators and psychiatrists.

Sports Psychology: This is a fairly new branch that works with athletes’ physical and cognitive performance along with coaches, nutritionists as well as physiotherapists. Sports Psychologists endeavours to help sports teams to increase performance and motivation of sportsmen. India being a sports passionate country, this field has a lot of scope as a career.

Forensic Psychology: This branch deals with legal and judicial systems and is closely related to criminology. At IILM we help B.A students, enhance their understanding of laws in India while offering Law as an elective course.

Military Psychology: This is yet another contemporary branch of specialization dealing with military personnel and their families. Concerns such as depression, anxiety, grief as well as stress-related issues are taken care of by evaluations and treatment of mental and emotional disorders along with counselling. Psychologists are routinely hired in forces and are doing extensive research and policy-related work.

How to pursue Psychology as a budding career?

In India, we can pursue Psychology from graduation level (Psychology as a subject in Class XI & XII is preferred) and then pursue a B.A. / B.Sc. programme in Psychology. Master’s programme in Psychology is mandatory for seeking a career as a Counsellor as well as to apply for a job. M.Phil. is important to practice as a clinical psychologist and may accompany it with diploma courses in any therapeutic work (cognitive behaviour, rational emotive, career guidance, etc.) IILM University offers BA (Hons) as well as MA Psychology with specialization in counselling and organization behaviour.


Psychology as science finds applications in all walks of life. Psychology presents immense career options in the present times and will hold promising opportunities in the future as well.

The best way to predict your future is to create it

Abraham Lincoln

A Vibrant Campus Life at IILM

A typical day on campus is exciting, challenging, zealous, active & inclusive. There is learning beyond the curriculum, which involves building on soft skills like teamwork, interactions, networking, and communication. The students are encouraged to pursue co-curricular interests, a variety of clubs and organizations exist on campus offering a range of leadership opportunities. They offer the scope of refining management and leadership skills, exploring interests and building networks.

Students at IILM have the opportunity to interact with business professionals & successful business managers in and out of the classroom set up all throughout the year. It works like a learning community where students are encouraged to make conscious decisions about the quality – rather than the quantity – of their engagement in a wide range of organizations, activities, and programs.

We also believe that students’ emotional and physical well-being is connected directly to their potential for academic, professional, and personal success. Through close collaboration and communication among faculty, staff, students, and their families, we work hard to ensure that every student is empowered to have a transformative IILM experience.

Some of the events that made a mark in 2016 -17 on campus with accompanied eminent personalities –

1. International Conference – PRME – IILM is one of the three business schools that are PRME Champions from Asia. PRME initiative is the largest organised relationship between the United Nations and business schools.


2. Annual Alumni Meet Up – Alumni Meet Up is an annual event to bring together the alumni & fellow batch mates to communicate and network with the current students of IILM. We also felicitate our senior alumni, reflecting on their journey with IILM that has enriched over the years.


3. Distinguished Global Thinker Awards – The 9th IILM Distinguished Global Thinker Award was conferred on Mr Naveen Jain in 2016. Naveen Jain is an entrepreneur and philanthropist – founder of Moon Express and Infospace.


4. PGDM Placement Week – Companies recruiting from IILM come from a diverse set of industries, covering almost 23 sectors. We have 300+ companies on campus offering job opportunities to students every year.


5. Annual HR & Marketing Conference – Departmental conferences are focus based discussions & engagement that is centrally constructed around continuous changes, innovations & ideas emerging out of management domains. Industry professionals are invited on campus across different sectors to have an engaged interaction with our students and faculty.

All in all, IILM is a vibrant & learning community where students are encouraged to make conscious desc ions in life pertaining to professional,  and personal counters. There are a lot many such events that are organized across all three campuses. Guest lectures, Alumni sessions, Management conferences, Annual college festivals, TEDx talks, Inter-campus debates and in house publications are just a few of the options available to the students to expand their horizons in terms of overall development.

Why Your Company Needs a B-school Campus Recruitment Strategy?

On-campus information sessions and recruitment is the most popular way for management graduates to find career opportunities after job boards, employer website and career fairs. Campus recruiting is also a great way for organizations to engage emerging talent. But campus recruitment comes with its own challenges. Attracting management students on their own turf needs a sufficiently unique approach – an approach that includes engaging resources, a streamlined application process, and some memorable activities.

Today’s job market is more dependent on young talent than ever before. According to the data released by the Census of India, India has an unrivalled youth demographic: 65% of its population is 35 or under (the critical demography category of 18-35 years of age is approximately 32%).

In such environment, premier management schools continue to be an important channel for selecting leaders for companies. Companies have started to work on campus recruitment into their strategy to further entrench their leadership positions. Employers have also enhanced their focus on hiring from top tier b-schools.

On-campus recruitment is catching the fancy of Human Resources’ departments in companies across industries because on-campus recruiting can create a pipeline of interns and entry-level hires that can help these companies grow. Campus hiring can also help companies reduce the attrition rate dramatically, an extremely important benefit as employees are switching careers more frequently than ever before. When it comes to millennials, they are actually job-hopping more frequently than previous generations.

On-campus recruiting is also important for promoting your brand. Many of your company leaders will be first exposed to your company on their b-school campus. Even if management graduates aren’t hired directly out of campus, these graduates will remember your company as they continue their career path, and will keep it in mind in the future. In short, some of your most talented business leaders of tomorrow are on campus right now, probably unaware of your organization’s existence. An effective campus recruitment strategy should aim to change that.

Feeling confused and lost? Well, please don’t! We have weaved together this step-by-step guide to help your company come up with an effective campus recruiting strategy. This guide includes questionnaire, checklists, timelines, and some tested tricks for getting attention on campus.

(Career) Trekking In The Advertising Sector

The moment you step foot at IILM Lodhi Road, the process of shaping and molding you for the real world begins. From Day 1 itself, the focus is to get one ready to bag the best possible offer from industry bigwigs, at the end of two years when the PGDM program culminates. This is where a module like ‘Career-Trek’ comes into the picture, this course is different from conventional courses as it offers a practical industrial training. Students get to choose a sector of their choice (e.g., FMCG, Automobile, Advertising & Digital Media, E-Commerce, Manufacturing, Research, Financial Consulting, Real Estate etc.) understand well, and then explore an opportunity to interact with the industry personnel / functional heads to get a detailed idea about various job profiles being offered by the company/sector, competitors, status in market, functions, processes and other related information.

Having worked in the Advertising & Digital Media sector for almost two years, I had it absolutely clear in my mind what my choice of industry was going to be. Now the next step, was getting hold of a few industry personnel who would be willing to share their knowledge and experience with us students, this was easier said than done. Now you see personnel in the Advertising & Digital Media sector are notorious for a complete disregard of everything apart from work; in a nutshell they live and breathe the work that they do. Hence convincing them (more conning them than anything else) to take out some precious time for us students was an uphill trek in itself. But finally, I and members of my career trek group managed to fix up not one, not two, but four industry visits. Let me now take you through each of these four industrial visits:

1.DDB Mudra : The DDB Mudra Group, a part of the Omnicom/DDB Worldwide Group, is India’s largest integrated marketing communications and services network. DDB Mudra Group comprises three agency networks and six specialist agencies and eleven strategic business units which offer their expertise under four disciplines (Media, OOH, Retail and Experiential).

DDB Mudra Group is one of India’s most awarded agencies picking up numerous awards at top national and international award festivals including Cannes, Spikes Asia, Clio, Adfest, ABBYs, OAA (Outdoor Advertising Awards), PMAA – Dragons of Asia (Promotion Marketing Awards of Asia) and WOW (Experiential Awards). Their long and illustrious list of clients include Emirates, Hindustan Unilever, PepsiCo, Times of India, UNICEF, Volkswagen and many more.

At DDB’s Gurugram office we met Mr. Kabir Sen, who is a Senior Partner-Client Lead; he gave us a light hearted outlook into the world of advertising. He also spoke about how advertising has evolved over the years and is now playing catch-up to Digital Media; but at the same time he pointed out that a lot yet has to be done to bring Digital Media to the masses in the tier 3, tier 4 and rural areas of India.


Students at DDB Mudra with Mr. Kabir Sen, Senior Partner-Client Lead

2. MRM//McCann : is a leading Customer Experience Agency that puts people first. This philosophy guides their approach to creating moments that matter to both people and brands. Through data infused insights and engaging creative that is enabled through technology, they build seamless, connected experiences that result in profitable relationships. The agency is part of the Interpublic Group and a lead agency in the McCann Worldgroup network, with 40+ offices across North America, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia-Pacific.MRM//McCann has been ranked among the top 10 digital agencies in the world by size, according to Adweek, MediaPost, and RECMA. Their areas of specialization are Digital Marketing, Direct Marketing, Advertising, CRM, Data & Analytics, and Creative Technology.

At MRM//McCann’s New Delhi office, we met Ms. Nidhi Sharma, Group Account Manager for Lufthansa Airlines, & Ms. Rangoli Mehrotra, Manager-Digital Planning for Lufthansa Airlines. They were extremely gracious hosts and showed us around the premises while at the same time introducing and giving us a brief about every department including strategy, designing, creatives, etc. This helped all my fellow career trek group member better understand the functional departments that each agency has, and also helped decide the department they would like to work in the near future.


Students at MRM//McCann with Ms. Rangoli Mehrotra, Social Media-Team Lead for Lufthansa Airlines

3. Foolishis a highly creative, strategically-focused, independent advertising agency in New Delhi. These guys are passionate about creating big ideas for big and small, but ambitious clients. Big ideas that go beyond single executions and act as a platform for one strong campaign after another.Foolish is structured around a passionate, multi-disciplinary team of individuals infused with free spirit, curious minds and restless souls. As a diverse group, each member brings different skills. From spectacular campaigns in TV, print and radio to striking brand identity makeovers, effective direct mail to point of purchase. Whatever the challenge or creative channel, these guys have an unprecedented record for turning brands around and generating outrageous business results.Their long and illustrious list of clients includes Adobe, Café Coffee Day, Xerox, Goodyear and many more.

At Foolish’s Gurugram office we were welcomed by Ms. Gagan Arora – Corporate Head, who gave us a brief overview of how newer players like Foolish are taking the fight to industry stalwarts like DDB & Ogilvy, and on many occasions coming up on top. She also gave us valuable insights on what a recruiter looks for in a potential hire, and also focused on the qualities that are necessary to do well in the Advertising & Digital Media industry. We also had a brief discussion on how Demonetisation affected ad-spends from a client’s perspective and how agencies worked around this temporary inconvenience.


Students at Foolish with Ms. Gagan Arora – Corporate Head

4. Rep India : These guys are the new kids on the block and consist of an army of creative thinkers, who spend a disproportionate amount of their time on digital. They have a young team from diverse backgrounds with a common motive of building brands through their use of the digital economy, and that is what makes them tick.The range of services that Rep India offer include branding & identity design, web design & development, social media management, Online Reputation Management, SEO, etc.

They have an impressive portfolio of clients like GAP, Burger King, Air Asia, KittySu, and even IILM.

We spent a better part of the evening having an informal chat with Ms. Preeti Kaur – Head HR & Operations, about the finer nuances of working in an Advertising & Digital Media agency. She gave us a complete overview of the role each functional department in an agency plays, and how at the end of a day it’s the duty of an Account Manager to manage all these departments to the best of his/her abilities to ensure timely execution of Client Campaigns.

    She also introduced us to one member from each department including Strategy, Design, and Account Management, who then told us individually about the kind of work that happens in each of these departments. This was by far the most comprehensive overview of the Advertising & Digital Media industry.

Students at Rep India with Ms. Preeti Kaur – Head HR & Operations

All in all it was an extremely fun, yet informative series of industrial visits and helped pique each and every student’s interest in the Advertising & Digital Media sector. Also, the one message that we all got from the agencies we visited was, no matter how big or small, old or new the agency might be; only a person who is truly passionate and creative about his/her work can make it big in this industry, and no one else.

And for me, it just cemented my belief that Advertising & Digital Media is the industry I really belong to and nothing will change that fact for me, ever. Now can’t wait to graduate from IILM and get back to business.

By Aditya Ray
IILM PGDM 2016-18

Placement week organized by IILM

As part of the placement week organized by IILM, Mr. Rupesh Kumar Chaturvedi (batch 2010 – 12) who is currently working with SAAVAN as Senior Executive – Ad Operations took the first session. Mr. Rupesh, prior to working with SAAVAN has a work experience of more than two years with Exponential.

The session started with a detailed discussion.

He had a detailed discussion with the students on Digital Media Marketing and gave them insights from the industry perspective. The objective of the session was to give guidance to the students on how to crack an SIP interview and what mistakes they should avoid.