Impact of Personality and Behavioral Styles During Difficult Negotiations- Amitabh Mukherji MA PSY 2019-2021


This article is a small effort to help one understand the science and art of negotiation and manage the negotiation processes. It suggests few insights of the same.

Negotiation is all about trading or in simpler terms, it is nothing but a type of deal one does while carrying out businesses. It is distinctive from other forms of decision-making. “In negotiation there is an explicit trade: I get some of what I want and you get some of what you want” (Kennedy 1994: 3). There is no negotiation in voids since negotiations conclude in decision-making. We must however seek to resolve matters by various means, including submission of others.

One exhibits traits, which makes us understand the personality. These traits incline a person to respond in certain ways. If one’s personality is stable enough then it could produce predictable responses to different negotiating situations during the dealings one carries out with different personalities. In turn it helps one to secure better negotiated outcomes.

According to the research by Rubin and Brown, two variables were identified to determine personality styles influencing negotiation skills. The two variables are: Interpersonal Orientation (IO), also known as social ability and social awareness. If one is high on IO then one is responsive to one’s relationship with the other negotiator and low IO leads to non-responsiveness. The other is, Motivational Orientation (MO), means one’s nature is competitive or co-operative. These variables thus give rise to Aggressive and Submissive personality styles.

There is always a likelihood of coming across difficult negotiators in different walks of our life. They may or may not agree with us and may seem less than enthusiastic. Because of certain behavioral traits, they could be labeled as mean, aggressive and lacking in manners.

So the question is how one should deal with such complicated negotiators? One may want to negotiate but the other person may not want to! Their version of a solution implies that either one gives in and provide them what they demand or end it there.

What we need to understand is that their mindset regarding negotiation is different. They adopt such aggressive behavior(s) while negotiating, possibly because in the past they got what they demanded and they confuse aggression with toughness, which in actuality is different.

Need of the hour then is, to sever the connection of the other negotiator’s stances of intimidation and winning. For that one needs to grab the attention, choose the same style of negotiation or a contrasting style and assert unambiguously that the other negotiator will not resort to coercion or bullying but will deal either through merit of the case or through trading.

At-times matching style could be risky as it can easily get lost amidst the haze of threats and insults. The main purpose of it is to create an impression that one does not possesses a submissive personality style and it also leaves open an alternative settlement route. Contrasting style could also be risky since being possibly read by the difficult negotiators as one being submissive.

One can adopt the following during negotiations:

  • Quiet and soft conversations.
  • Displaying warmth.
  • Unhurried discussions.
  • Do not hear; but listen.
  • Empathetic attitude.
  • Understand non-verbal cues.
  • Non-interference and patience during interruptions.
  • Non-responsiveness, if there is swearing by the other negotiator.
  • Non-argumentative, if there are personal attacks.
  • Ignoring threats.
  • Be non-defensive against ascribed motives.
  • No acrimonious action.
  • Positive responses, if there is overt demonstration of aggressiveness and deviousness from the other negotiator.
  • Display of humility along with firmness.
  • Affirmativeness to be displayed upon arriving at an agreeable solution based upon merits of the case and trading.

Adoption of the above effectively renders an assertive message of; one’s toughness during negotiations, that is based on the rationale; that unless one acquires something, the other will obtain absolutely nothing.

It can be well concluded that negotiations are a fundamental element in our social lives. One knowingly or unknowingly, always negotiates for resources and attention. Recent studies have brought out that Negotiation is both an art and science. Cognitive biases (leading to deviation from judgmental rationales), personality and behavioral styles, affect negotiations. Thus a little psychology backed science added with conversational arts can deliver success during difficult negotiations.

“Everything is negotiable. Whether or not the negotiation is easy is another thing.” Carrie Fisher

AMITABH MUKERJI- A Defence Officer who is also pursuing Masters in Psychology from IILM University..
Apart from being a Science Graduate, he has certifications and diplomas in Defence Management (Strategic Studies) and Cyber Law and is a qualified Assessor for selecting candidates for Defence Services.

“Kya Result Aaya?” #Boards 2020


Board results are the quintessential discussion for parents and students which also becomes the most discussed topic amongst family. Unfortunately, it’s marking a child’s future with the percentage for the rest of their lives and not to mention labelling them.

The amount of pressure that board classes bring with them has been accounted in various studies, clearly signifying, inverse correlation of stress and marks in board exams, even though we continue to pressurize students to attain, at times, the impossible.

Expectations (from parents, teachers, peer and self) may crumble the self-esteem, as well as performance in boards and can have devastating effects on students and their career options.

100% Board results-2020

In 2019, as many as 17,693 students scored more than 95% in CBSE XII and the numbers increased to 38,686 students in 2020. Board results 2020 have raised the bar for students, who will be giving exams from here on. To compete with 100% marks can have challenges in plenty. Not to downsize the student who made that effort and actually got those brilliant marks; the discussion is about students who got a distinction (above 75%) and still feel “not good enough”.

This unfortunate inadequacy of “could get better marks” is a dilemma any student scoring marks from 70-90% category feels, especially when the choice of subjects in a prestigious university looks bleak. Not that the ones who make it over 90% waltz through the top universities. They also struggle and at some point “have to compromise” on the course or a college.

Can you accept your marks and not label it as destiny?

My observation while looking at board results- Yes, it is the highlight of your life and will be compared in galore with cousins, friends and any known person who got better marks than you. However, could we stop putting the blame on either teachers, Corona or pressure from known and accept what we scored gracefully?

Can we find jubilance in clearing class XII and being ready for applying in colleges rather than whining of what could happen if we scored better? Acceptance of board results brings inner peace and reduces comparisons which clearly isn’t helpful. I believe board results don’t shape your destiny and that only if you are ready to believe in yourself, can life offer opportunities for you to carve out the best in self.

If we can make a reality check and be honest with oneself, as to what are the strengths and to work on them, we may find our success, even if it feels inadequate to others. The key to convince parents and friends is when you, yourself can accept what you want to do, or reach out for counselling, if unable to make career choices.

Try reducing those mountains of expectation or mirages of “what I should be” to “what I can be” for a better career path and at the same time enjoy the journey of becoming your own person.

Experience the “Joy in Learning at IILM”

With newer opportunities coming up every day like School of Humanities at IILM University, Gurugram, we encourage students from varied fields to open their minds to choose a trending subject and experience the joy in learning. With latest pedagogy in teaching, faculties at IILM strive to help students create a niche for themselves and prepare themselves for better career opportunities.


Board results could have brought tears of joy or disappointment given what you were expecting and what was received as results. See this as an opportunity to explore and search what and where you want to take your college education. Comparisons and expectations can be hurtful, so try avoiding them by focusing on “what you think you want” than “what you should be”.


“Every accomplishment starts with a decision to try”

Mankind 4.0

Humans are ever-evolving- This phenomenon is triggered by their needs and wants that are required to be fulfilled for survival; well sometimes for luxury too. Every kind of change that takes place in the world develops mankind in certain ways that makes them a little more capable. There are no limits to what humans can do, but it is only discovered when they face a crisis. This is the perfect time to move up the ladder of maturity and once again prove that nothing is superior to humans and nothing can end this mankind’s reign on earth.

What happened so far?

2020 is the year that escalated the revenues of the News Industry and Media Houses. A series of events have been taking place globally which have had a large impact, rather a very negative impact be it to people, biodiversity, climate, or economic growth. The Australian bushfire, Delhi communal riots, coronavirus pandemic are just a few examples to site. The effects of the pandemic have been the most massive so far, so huge that the world has come to a standstill. Lives have been lost exponentially and so have the hopes of people of going back to normal ever again. There is going to be the start of a new normal soon after there is some control over this situation. The pandemic has had far-reaching consequences on human behavior and there have been unforeseen innovations and development taking place concerning a new lifestyle.

It is the beginning of a new era with changes influencing healthcare, consumption, values, society, education, politics, finance, economy, and so on. Such humanitarian revolutions had been taking place from time to time with the genesis of civilization. Firstly, it was the discovery of fire, secondly, the rise of agriculture and thirdly, the industrial revolution. Perhaps a technology revolution is on its way because that’s the only way to keep things going in this crisis. Just when the world was moving towards technology adoption at a very rapid pace, the Covid19 pandemic has fuelled this phenomenon.

Re-shaping industry and economy

All the sectors that are likely to be dominant from now on are healthcare, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, manufacturing, logistics, agriculture, education, and social welfare. There will be a significant influence of technology either in the form of virtual reality or artificial intelligence, in all these sectors. The new economy will be technology-driven. Disruptive innovation is going to be a focus point. Social welfare also will gain significance. All of it will be facilitated by public-private partnerships which can lead to socio-economic development. The need for the hour is to focus on all these areas so that the world is ready to face such a pandemic again without severe loss. Otherwise, the economic depression cycle will continue for a prolonged duration. The cycle goes on like this- business exists for profit and no production leads to no sales and hence no profits. The capability to employ becomes less. So, companies only hold on to very essential employees to meet demand when the economy picks up. Subsequently, people lose jobs or have the fear of losing jobs and buy less, consume less. So demand goes down and profit automatically goes down. It is evident that revenues are falling and both consumption and production are going down paving a path towards economic recession. However, post the pandemic, the countries with a zero growth rate will be looked upon as an attractive business hub as compared to the countries with a negative growth rate which is going to be common after this catastrophe.

Life comes first

Many of the best paying jobs only facilitate the exchange to make money and serve the no wider purpose to society. This leaves us with huge consulting firms, the advertising industry, and the financial sector. Health care and social care never got the limelight as they were considered “unattractive”. Looks like in the present-day people are realizing that there’s more than making money to survive. A much wider approach to life needs to be followed. Life should be valued more than anything else. Nobody anticipated that a microorganism can devastate the most evolved and developed organism on earth; the humans. This is a signal that the next phase of evolution has arrived where we need to reconsider our way of life. The priorities need to be altered and a more vigilant human needs to take shape.

A transition in lifestyle

Post the 1918 Influenza pandemic, many lifestyles, and hygiene etiquettes were being followed that were never imagined about earlier, yet are a part of our daily routine in the present day. Similarly, there will be some concrete transitions now. Just to cite an example, as social distancing is so essential, multistory buildings might become history. Too many people jammed in one apartment is undesirable. We need more open spaces with better ventilation. Filtration and neutralization of air and water will become mandatory. The home will be the new office for jobs that don’t essentially require movement and physical interaction. Work will be digitized to the farthest extent. The internet will be more accessible and the blood of information flow. Traditional jobs will be replaced by robots. Education delivery will become blended and rich. Globalization will move towards localization. Countries will try to be self-sufficient by having an entire supply chain within the country borders. Country borders might be closed except for extremely essential exchanges and international trade will be redefined. Social welfare, poverty reduction, education, and employment will be prime concerns. In addition to this, people will value their jobs, focus on productivity. Family life will be back, eating nutritious home food with the family together, interacting, bonding, all of it which was somewhere lost in the mechanical life will revive. The scarce resources will be better utilized for needs first and then wants.

Life on earth is precious and with every passing day, facing challenges and changes, mankind has always learned to adjust and endure. With this optimism, we can hope that with time we will evolve to a stronger, more sensible, and responsible being and harmoniously share the planet with our fellow beings. We need to make some quick lifestyle changes and inculcate healthy habits. With our efforts, we can have a better and happier ending to the year 2020 and have a successful decade ahead.

Please comment and share your views on how the Human Race will evolve in 2020.

By Manisha Kar                                                                      Dr. Anjali Jindal

IGSM/PGDM Student                                                 Assistant Professor (OB & HR)

A Vibrant Campus Life at IILM

A typical day on campus is exciting, challenging, zealous, active & inclusive. There is learning beyond the curriculum, which involves building on soft skills like teamwork, interactions, networking, and communication. The students are encouraged to pursue co-curricular interests, a variety of clubs and organizations exist on campus offering a range of leadership opportunities. They offer the scope of refining management and leadership skills, exploring interests and building networks.

Students at IILM have the opportunity to interact with business professionals & successful business managers in and out of the classroom set up all throughout the year. It works like a learning community where students are encouraged to make conscious decisions about the quality – rather than the quantity – of their engagement in a wide range of organizations, activities, and programs.

We also believe that students’ emotional and physical well-being is connected directly to their potential for academic, professional, and personal success. Through close collaboration and communication among faculty, staff, students, and their families, we work hard to ensure that every student is empowered to have a transformative IILM experience.

Some of the events that made a mark in 2016 -17 on campus with accompanied eminent personalities –

1. International Conference – PRME – IILM is one of the three business schools that are PRME Champions from Asia. PRME initiative is the largest organised relationship between the United Nations and business schools.


2. Annual Alumni Meet Up – Alumni Meet Up is an annual event to bring together the alumni & fellow batch mates to communicate and network with the current students of IILM. We also felicitate our senior alumni, reflecting on their journey with IILM that has enriched over the years.


3. Distinguished Global Thinker Awards – The 9th IILM Distinguished Global Thinker Award was conferred on Mr Naveen Jain in 2016. Naveen Jain is an entrepreneur and philanthropist – founder of Moon Express and Infospace.


4. PGDM Placement Week – Companies recruiting from IILM come from a diverse set of industries, covering almost 23 sectors. We have 300+ companies on campus offering job opportunities to students every year.


5. Annual HR & Marketing Conference – Departmental conferences are focus based discussions & engagement that is centrally constructed around continuous changes, innovations & ideas emerging out of management domains. Industry professionals are invited on campus across different sectors to have an engaged interaction with our students and faculty.

All in all, IILM is a vibrant & learning community where students are encouraged to make conscious desc ions in life pertaining to professional,  and personal counters. There are a lot many such events that are organized across all three campuses. Guest lectures, Alumni sessions, Management conferences, Annual college festivals, TEDx talks, Inter-campus debates and in house publications are just a few of the options available to the students to expand their horizons in terms of overall development.

Why You Must Experience The IILM PGDM Academic Journey

“India needs you as future leaders. I look forward to following the success of the graduates from this school. You have a strong affinity to this school. Keep that affinity, give back; i think that’s really very important. I wish all the graduates and i am looking forward to collaborate with some of you in the boardroom as we start pondering about trade, business & studies in Canada.”

 H.E Mr Nadir Ptael, High Commissioner for Canada to India, addressing graduating students at IILM 2015 convocation.

There are a many reasons that made our students believe in the big academic journey of IILM, hence they decided to be a part of India’s leading business school. Watch their stories on our Youtube channel and get inspired.

Our students are trained differently from the typical classroom setting. They have sound academic knowledge supplemented with experiential learning that helps them do well at every on field project they undertake. They are armed with the concepts and skills required to make them a cut above the rest. They are confident and effective decision makers- ready to be recognized amongst the best in the country.

So, you are just one decision away to achieve the best of your academic & career goals. Fill in your details, and reserve your IILM admission seat for PGDM Batch 2017-19.

Become a Part of the IILM Alumni Network Leading the World

Long after our PGDM graduates leave IILM campuses, the alumni network that they became a part of continues to play a very crucial role in their professional and personal lives. Whether they are looking for good business leads or some job opportunities, are moving to a new city and building a social professional network, or for just about anything else, the IILM alumni network is there to help.

With over 9000+ alumni spread across 30 countries, the IILM alumni network is vibrant, engaged and growing with every passing day. The network is very active and passionate about helping each other. Many of the IILM alumni network testify that their career growth after IILM PGDM can directly be attributed to the alumni referrals and job postings on the network.

A lot of alumni also turn to the network for guidance and ideas on solving challenges that they confront at work. The collective input from IILM alumni network leads to faster and effective solutions. Organisations have come to deeply appreciate this and encourage their HR team to recruit more IILM graduates, from the alumni network as well as directly through placements.

With more than 9000 graduates as leaders in various entrepreneurial & managerial avenues: the IILM Alumni network is a diverse community of doers & achievers. The relationships that students will build and the support they will receive through Alumni will result into a lifelong professional & personal bond.

Hear from some of our graduates as what they have to say about the unique IILM PGDM experience.

Manish Kathuria IILM alumni“The IILM experience was truly fantastic.I still recall the multiple orientations which we have had at various corporates, which was the first brush with what was in store and helped in tuning ourselves better.”

– Manish Kathuria 
National Business Manager: Priority Banking

Kotak Mahindra Bank


Mohit Chopra IILM alumni“Globally benchmarked curriculum of IILM produces the vibrant, ambitious and  dynamic managers of future. I strongly believe IILM is building and fashioning entrepreneurs and leaders of future.”
– Mohit Chopra 
Product Head and Job fair and Events

Bennett Coleman and Co. Ltd. (Times of India Group) – BCCL


Kapil Chanana IILM alumni“I have only great things to say about IILM. I can state with confidence that my life has truly changed because of the quality education and knowledge i gained from IILM through professionals on board & the senior faculty on campus.” 

– Kapil Chanana 

Marketing Leadership 
Coca Cola India Pvt Ltd


We want you to know that you won’t be alone in this big IILM academic journey!

A community of 9000 graduates spread across over 30 countries have been a part of the IILM PGDM programme.  We keep in touch with all of our alumni, and also organise IILM Annual Alumni Reunion & Felicitation every year to bring them all together.

Media highlights of IILM Annual Alumni Meet 2017 – 

All this sharing and exchanging of resources and opportunities, socio-professional interactions and a strong support system are not only rewards in themselves, but also serve a bigger purpose. This all contributes to build a strong sense of belonging and promote a mind-set of helping the IILM fraternity.

So, come on-board and become a part of the IILM alumni network leading the world!

IILM Meet Up – Industries, Alumni & Students

IILM Lodhi Road Campus
organized a Meetup for the students, alumni and top industries for professional networking. The IILM Meetup took place on the 10th, 11th & 13th of December at Lodhi Road Campus. Respected alumni, students and industries were invited to be part of IILM Meetup on all the three days. As a B-School, IILM believes in building lifelong relationships by connecting students with college alumni. The campus was enthralled to meet the alumni at Lodhi Road Campus, accompanied by the students.

As part of professional networking, the industries visited the campus came from a diverse set of industry sector. Campus invited over 21 industries as part of IILM Meetup,  to name a few – E-commerce: PayTM, SnapDeal & Oxigen Wallet, Media: CNBC TV18, Dentsu & The Times of India, Real Estate: Indiabulls Home Loans & Colliers International, Banking: Yes Bank, HDFC & Kotak, FMCG: ITC & Godrej Consumer Production.  These companies play a significant role in making a strong participation for IILM students in terms of final campus placement actions. Companies made its presence on the 10th of December, as the evening was gradually gripped in support of discussions and talk sessions with fellow faculty members and the students on the current scenario of market conditions in terms of money, investments and future growth.

The IILM Meetup evening on the 11th and 13th of December was filled with the presence of alumni and friends returning back to the campus with experiences to share with current students and faculty members. Campus was filled with excitement, memories and enchanting talks of the days gone by. To make the evening more memorable, college also invited a music band Firaaq, which made the environment nostalgic enough to remember. It was indeed an unforgettable evening for everyone as part of IILM family. IILM is definitely looking forward to organize more such events in near future for the students and alumni.

To know more about the campus life, admissions, college related activities and updates, please visit our website –