Join and Leverage a Global Network of 9000+ Well Placed IILM Alumni

Alumni Relations and networks have been and continue to be an important part of any academic institution of repute and for a business school even more so. Having experienced few years of their lives with an institution, alumni of an institution develop an almost natural bond towards their alma mater and are likely to be its loyal supporters.

An engaged alumni network helps benefit current students, the institution and ultimately the alumni themselves in myriad ways from their skills and experience by offering their support to students, to the institution and strengthening relations with each other. They act as valuable ambassadors and IILM’s 9000+ alumni directly or indirectly help in promoting and marketing the Best B-school in Delhi-NCR to prospective recruiters, corporate and society at large.

Repository of Known Expertise

Alumni networks are familiar and ready repositories of different expertise that the institution and students can look to easily tap into. Placed in different walks of life, members of alumni will likely have a wealth of experience and skills to share with current students via talks, guest lectures, mentoring programs, newsletters etc. Students and institution can turn to their ex-students for knowledge and skill transfer and even beneficial exchange at a mutually convenient time. Engaging alumni in various conferences, talks, and mentorship programs has been a way of life at IILM.

Career Support

A step further is when well-placed alumni offer career support to students by helping them with internships and work placements providing a launch pad. Many old and reputed institutions e.g. IITs etc. are known for their alumni coming back to recruit in large numbers. The age of an institution with accumulated alumni database also provides an advantage. As IILM completes 25 years next year students have the advantage of connecting with those many batches of well-placed alumni. While the Career Development Team of the institute actively helps during the time of placements, alumni community remains at your disposal for a lifetime.

Social Platform

A vibrant alumni community also provides a platform for socializing with fellow classmates, seniors and juniors with similar experiences and memories from their institution being a common denominator. They could meet over lunches, social events or in a manner they like and choose. Alumni events provide an opportunity to catch up with old friends, regale each other with stories of yesteryear and learn what exciting opportunities their alma mater is engaged with currently. Besides being a good networking platform the comfort factor that the commonality brings about also help in making friends for a lifetime quite likely with even those who one could not get an opportunity to not connect well during your years of study. Need for recognition and sense of belongingness getting addressed is also a driving force. Just to give you an example, Keshav Bansal, awarded with Top B School in Delhi-NCR IILM’s most successful alumni in year 2017 says :

Giving Back

Besides effecting the institution in positive ways with word of mouth e.g. admissions etc., alumni community owing to a sense of gratitude for the institution, are generally generous with efforts to raise fund. This philanthropic support can help institutions financially to offer helpful scholarships and bursaries to talented students who may otherwise have to give up their studies. Funds raised also enable help provide students with improved infrastructure and facilities positively impacting the image of the school and life of its students and staff.

To conclude, expressing their thoughts on IILM, our Alumni’s keep sharing their experience which helps the students wanting to start their Post-Graduation Journey with us get benefitted. Here are some the best reviews of our Global Network of 9000+ Alumni.