Youth Power

Youth is the most precious thing in life; it is too bad it has to be wasted on young folks” -George Bernard Shaw

I liked the definition of “Youth” given in Collins dictionary which is “Youth is the quality or state of being young.”  When you are a youth you are full of energy, excitement, hope and dreams.  In India 65% of the population is youth. Imagine the reservoir of youthful power India holds. The Youth is contributing   into different areas whether it is Agriculture, Art, Science and Technology, Environment Protection, Power sector, Health, Business and building the Nation into a powerful country.

Today’s youth is well informed, aware, questions dogmatic ideas and ready to initiate.

Garvita Gulhati and Pooja Tanawade were in school when a presentation from Reap Benefits, NGO brought in the attention of water wastage in Restaurants. They took initiative and started addressing restaurants and brought attention of water wastage. Many a times they were discouraged but they did not give up. Garvita Gulhati’s efforts has been recognized and has received the title of “Global Changemaker.”

Unfortunately, today’s Youth also experiences many fears which were not there earlier like cyber bullying, fear of not getting employment due to economic instability, fear of violence, discrimination, fear of conflict, War.  It is important to address your fears and voice it otherwise it can pull you down.  You become your own advocate, make efforts to resolve your fear/fears and conquer it. Speak up, have dialogue and seek support.  Don’t live in fear!!

Augustine “Og” Mandino, an American Author and write of the bestselling book, “The Greatest Salesman in the World” said, “Obstacles are necessary for success because in selling, as in all careers of importance, victory comes only after many struggles and countless defeats. “

Recognize your fears, recognize your dreams, recognize your potential and take action now. Your life is precious and you have lot to offer to the World.

The World is waiting for you to “Rise”

Working Women during Lock down


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This blog is meant for those working women who are struggling to find a balance between work and home responsibilities when working from home during the lock down.

Working women are used to managing personal and professional commitments and maintain a balance between the two. Then why things are getting difficult for them when they have got an opportunity to work from home?  Earlier, most working women depended on day care and household helpers to shoulder the responsibility of children and household chores. At this time that support is gone. Now they have to take care of washing dishes, cleaning the house, cooking and maintaining an order at home and spend time with family members and also take care of their work commitments. Each front has to be managed during the same time.

Based on my experiences and observations I have found that women stretch themselves to manage both front even if it means neglecting their own need of personal time. The best part is that they love taking care of others need before their own.

Think of a situation where you are on an office call and suddenly your child needs help or you are in the middle of meeting a deadline and you also are responsible for cooking for the Family.  What do you do at such times? Every person will respond to these situations in the best possible way but the point I am making is that this kind of situation can create pressure on you to manage both front.

I have tried to put down few tips that may help you during this time  

  1. Self-Care: It is important to first take care of yourself mentally, physically, last but not the least spiritually as well. So, maintain a healthy diet, sleep properly, take breaks between work, do some breathing exercise, practice mindfulness and find some time to relax. You can use app like Calm for guided meditation.
  2. Organize yourself and your time better and create a routine. Pen down the work that you need to complete
  3. You have to learn to prioritize and work in smart ways. Don’t build pressure on yourself by trying to attain “perfection” at this time
  4. If you are beginning to feel that there is too much on your plate then try to delegate work at home to other family members
  5. Don’t hesitate to take help and support from your colleagues at work when required.
  6. Pursue your own interests and hobbies and give some time to yourself
  7. In case you are getting stressed out then it is normal, don’t beat yourself down as you are doing the best you can
  8. Talk to family member or friend you trust
  9. Give credit to your self for managing both!

Hope these tips help you at this time!

Take Care & Stay Blessed!