The Latin term “Ignorantia Juris Non Excusat” means that ignorance of the law is no excuse for not following the law. This Latin maxim states that a lack of facts can be excused, but ignorance of the law cannot. Each individual must be familiar with the laws of the country where he resides, and ignorance cannot be used as an excuse. Even if the individual is physically in another country, the laws of that country must be obeyed when the individual is there.

Recent research from Statista Research Department reported 7,287 low-wage violations by United States employers during the fiscal year of 2021 because they failed to pay the minimum wage. An effective HR department can anticipate such concerns in advance and address them, saving the company a lot of time and resources. Instead of just hiring, training, and retaining employees the role of Human Resource Manager can greatly vary with different scope and extent in the organizations, however, the law has always had an important role in the management of risk in an organization and it is an essential component of every HR manager’s role to ensure compliance with the law.

As HR professionals can be affected by the law in almost every aspect of their work, they must become proficient in it to handle situations that may result in serious legal ramifications. In many cases, HR managers perform their duties without having much knowledge about the legal principles that govern the duties and this can pose quite a risk to the organization. A human resources manager’s primary responsibility is advocating, implementing, and enforcing various organizational policies. Legal awareness and human resource management can produce an incredibly inclusive work environment that could dramatically enhance a company’s productivity.

The HR department drafts policies that have an impact on the entire organization, and companies are duty-bound to adhere to the legal compliance that protects both employees and employers. Hence, the company’s strategy and objectives should be aligned with the employment laws. It is essential that businesses must comply with a variety of laws as noncompliance can also lead to stiffness and penalties. A legal-minded human resources department can help reduce the chances of lawsuits, financial losses, and reputational damage, and add credibility to decisions made by the department.