OffBeat Professions After MBA!

“Your work is to discover your work and then with all your heart to give yourself to it” – Buddha 

It is a fact that a degree in Business Administration gives you a holistic learning; it has certainly become a pre-requisite quality to handle the complexities of any management set up, or a profession. In this attainment of completing higher studies, and earning an MBA Degree students often let go off their passion.

Do you ever find yourself longing for something to happen while you do a long term planning keeping the rights and wrongs inside your head. In this age and time of creativity one cannot afford to lose his or her passion for conventional lifestyle to live for the rest of their life.

Major change that has emerged in this market is the rise of unconventional professions that a lot of youngsters choose to practice, and surprisingly earn fancy amount of money.  Youngsters today are flexible to take up ‘thrilling jobs’, reasons could be because traditional careers have become competitive and lack creativity. It is amazing to even release that WHY one should take up an off-beat profession after MBA. Foremost reason could that an offbeat career path will be less competitive and there’s a greater chance of getting recognized and being able to make a difference. These careers may give you great satisfaction, and most importantly at the same time it will pay you every worth back.

So, what are some of the off-beat yet rewarding career choices out there? We look at top 5 off-beat profession that one can opt after MBA –


Blogger – From traveling to food, or fashion or social issues, it is today’s every writer’s dream to go a full time blogger and share their wonders online with every reader. In this age of social networking, blogging has become one the most popular medium to connect with the audience and followers online, connecting people globally over anything and everything.


Photographer – In this digital age, visual selling is the key to go forward. There are many versions in the profession of Photography. One can easily learn the technique of right p-photography and associate oneself with corporates and startups to sell the services as per requirements.


YouTuber – YouTubers are people who believe in the power of creating something unique and spontaneous.  They create their own YouTube channels, vlog (video blog) regularly and build subscribers over time. The more traffic their channel gets, the more opportunities they have for percentage-based advertising revenue, freebies for review purposes, promotions and partnerships.

wedding planner

Wedding Planner – If you are good at networking, negotiating and managing events, or parties you could become a Wedding Planner. They are called as Bridal Consultants, they primarily help couples plan their wedding. They are either self employed or associate themselves with with companies, brands and firms on projects.


Theater Management – A theater manager is required to take up the sole responsibility of managing the administrative components of any theater set up, and also keep the networking as needed . It is an extensive job to manage the the entire system of shows and events. The management majorly depends on the size of show, or play. One is expected to be passionate about theater.

You should do more what you love, one cannot ignore these words if you are planning to make your passion as your a career path.
Share some of your inner passions with us that you wish to take up after your MBA.