New year bought new and unparalleled opportunities for some of the PG1 students where they got a chance to visit the top management institute of India i.e. IIM KOZIKHODE.

Later in the pervious year a workshop on personal branding & entrepreneurship skills was held in collaboration with Makeintern in IILM Gurugram campus itself where almost every PG 1 student participated.  Top 5 students were selected to further represent our college on national level, those students were Akshat Tyagi, Atishay Sobti, Radhika Mishra, Riti Sharma and Simran sarna from PG 1st year.

So under the guidance of  Vishal sir, team was all set to participate in 6th International B-plan championship by Makeintern which was to be held at IIM Kozhikode. Every year teams from reputed B schools come and participate in this event. This year teams from 50 Bschools from all over India came all in, and one such team was from ours i.e. from IILM University.

The dates were finalized i.e. from 1st feb till 4th feb and our team was all set to fly to IIM K with their B-plan model on IWMS i.e Integrated waste management system named BinTraq . Kerela surely a tropical paradise and to add on to that the campus of IIM K was like its own little world situated away from the city and on a hill top and one could see the city lights from above.

Day 1 at IIM k was a magical concert night with legendry musical duo Salim-Sulaiman. It was a good time to break the ice and interact with other teams as well as with the students of IIM Kozhikode, for that moment everyone forgot that they came for competition and was enjoying the moment all together.

The next day was the first round of the competition in which each team was given 5 min to pitch their B-PLAN to the jury followed by the questions from the jury itself. There were in total of 50 team from reputed B Schools and our team from IILM university qualified the first round. We were among the top 16 teams that qualified for the next round which was really a proud moment for the students of IILM university.

The final round was the brief explanation of your b-plan, every team gave a tough competition to each other. Some teams even bought the working model of their business model and some even made detailed videos. This time each team was given just 10 min to briefly explain their business plan.

At the end of the day results were announced and top 3 teams were picked which was from Pune, Hyderabad and Bhopal. Our team didn’t come in top 3 but we got appreciation from panellists, it was a good exposure for the us, and next time they will come back stronger for the competition.

We would like to thank the faculty coordinator CA Vishal Goel sir for helping in organising such a wonderful event and for being a torchbearer for the students during the course of the event. Such opportunities really help students to get out of their comfort zone and explore the world outside their college.

Contributors:                                                                                                                      Faculty Coordinator:

PG1 2018-2020 Batch                                                                                                                 CA. Vishal Goel

Riti Sharma, 

Akshat Tyagi