The Past, Present & Future of Digital Marketing

In this era of technological and virtual evolution, Digital Marketing is a form of digitized marketing, which is done on an electronic platform. The term “Digital Marketing” expanded in the late 90’s in an effective way to create a relation with prospective customers. It became one of the affordable means of mass communication. We can say that digital marketing is going to play a vital role in the process of marketing and is going to take the marketing sector at a whole new dimension for marketers.

We live in a digitized world. A live example is a device that is currently there in your pocket, or kept on top of your table, or is currently in your hand i.e. your cell phone. On an average basis you receive at least 5 – 6 text messages from your mobile service provider trying to sell you various network related schemes. This is mobile marketing strategy, which is also a form of digital marketing.

You are connected to interview in every possible manner on devices that you carry, in this process Google Ads play a significant role in understanding the psychology of customers and users behind doing any activity or a step on internet. Basically, it is the advertisement and branding strategy that shapes up the digital marketing for online strategist. Digital marketing is a vast concept, and is catching some lime light at the moment as more and more, producers are using the digitized medium of marketing to connect to their customers. It is also highly recommended for start up businesses /ventures who have failed to make an instant impression in the market. Digital marketers have been using the digitized platforms search engine websites, blog sites, using the means of PPC (Pay Per Click) method to engage with their customers.

Some of the most significant terminologies in digital marketing are – SEM (Search Engine Marketing), SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Google Analytics, E-mail Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Digital Display Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Digital Marketing Campaigning

A proper digital marketing strategy has to taken up by the marketers so as to inform the prospective customers about the product that they are trying to sell. Proper market survey has to be done before making a strategy and applying it so as to gain more results from the marketing activities. So, to summarize, digital marketing can be characterized by high customer engagement. The more you engage, the more you gain popularity in the society, and make an impact. Digital Marketing is going to revolutionize the entire marketing industry, and being a part of this industry will definitely bear fruits for an organization.

Dipjyoti Bhattacharyya
Student of IILM IGSM Campus