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I am Ankita Agrawal, PGDM first year student from IILM institute for Business & Management, Gurgaon. I along with 20 of my fellow classmates and our mentor Prof. Ruchi Shah visited office on 17th march 2017. The office is located in Gurgaon. The visit was a part of our module “career trek” which is an experiential course of IILM allowing students to network with corporate, government and non-profit companies. The main purpose was to understand the e-commerce sector and to connect directly with the employers.

The visit to was one of the best experiences we ever had. It is a young start-up with many new objectives and opportunities for itself and the consumers. The office was big and sophisticated space with an essence of learning and motivation everywhere in form of quotes. It didn’t feel like we are in to a big organization with some strict code to follow. Everyone was glad to have us there and welcomed us with all smiles. The founder duo Swati and Rohan Bhargava themselves joined us for a glass of coca-cola over an informative chat session. We got to know about how CashKaro started and what was the driving force behind it.

Many of us didn’t really use CashKaro before but after the visit, we all got to know it’s the best site to earn cash back. When we shop at any online portal via Cashkaro, the retailer pays Cashkaro some commission. Cashkaro passes a certain percentage of this commission to the users as Cashback and the remaining is their revenue. For example, if we shop for ‘xyz’ amount, we can get upto 70% of the amount back into our bank account as Cashback.

Also, the employees shared their growing experience of working in Cashkaro. Unlike every other company, Cashkaro offers a friendly working environment wherein the employees communicate with their colleagues without following any hierarchy and there is complete transparency in work. One of the employees named Sanjula Miglani shared how in a span of just 1.5 years, she changed three departments as she learned about each of them and got promoted. The employees seemed to be very happy and open regarding their views about the organization and about working in a start-up. They cleared our doubts regarding cash back and detailed us about what they actually do.

The digital head of the company involved us in few activities wherein we expressed our views regarding the company’s website and its other functioning. We were also briefed about their upcoming projects and short-term goals. It was really exciting to know about what working in a start-up feels like. This motivated each one of us to pursue career in a start-up and e-commerce sector.

Last but not the least, I would like to thank our professor for giving us this opportunity to visit the company and also to the Cashkaro team for making the learning so fruitful for us. We now have a clarified goal regarding our interest areas. The students of IILM look forward to work with you in future for sure.
Thank you.