Austria Meets India

As I was the first student from my home university FH Wiener Neustadt (Austria) going to India, I could not refer to any previous experiences or references. That is why I did not know what to expect from my time here. When I arrived in Delhi, I immediately knew that I would like the place and enjoy my time here. I was fascinated by the very different and diverse culture of the country, the great historical places to visit and about how people welcomed me.  IILM Lodhi Road helped me to arrange a nice apartment close to university, provided me with general information about my stay in India and introduced me to their academic rules. During the orientation process, I also got to know the other exchange student and we directly decided to visit some new places in Delhi together. Although I was not sure if people in the class will accept my different mindset, I was very lucky that many people in my courses were very open minded. In the initial days, the buddy mentors gave me good advice concerning academic work and helped me to arrange my first trip. As I was expected to do group work in classes, I got to know other students better and we spent a lot of time together. They showed me the highlights of Indian cuisine, lesser known places in Delhi and gave me a great insight into the culture of the country. Talking about the classes at IILM, they were simply great. The content of the courses was very well structured and comprehensive. During the lecture, the faculty members ensured that students participated in discussions and facilitated a friendly environment. The business school provided not only highly skilled academic professors, but also guest lecturers from partner universities abroad and Indian corporates. Furthermore, I got a chance to participate at the PRME conference which gave me great knowledge about sustainable projects in industries and businesses in India. I could also be a part of the 25th anniversary celebrations of IILM.

Overall, I have to say that my time at IILM Lodhi Road was a fantastic experience. Apart from getting to know different mentalities as I was travelling around India, widened my horizon and won friends for life. I would like to say thank you to everyone that made my stay here unforgettable. India is indeed a magical place.