Faculty Development Programme on Artificial Intelligence

A faculty development programme (FDP) on Artificial Intelligence (AI) was conducted at IILM Lodhi Road campus on 26th & 27th of October 2017. 60 faculty members from the IILM campuses at Lodhi Road, Gurgaon and Greater Noida attended the two day long programme. The programme was conceived and coordinated by Prof Rajkishan Nair. As a pre-requisite to attending the FDP, all the participants had to audit the edX course on AI.

The FDP was divided into three sessions, spread over two days. The first day kick started with a summary of the edX course on AI. The first session revolved around a discussion on the first 100 years report on AI from Stanford University. It discussed the growth and evolution of AI and its impact on our lives and specifically on business. A lot of short videos interspersed all the sessions which were highly interactive. The pre-lunch session ended with two case-study discussions from one of the pre-readings.

The second session, post-lunch, discussed the impact of AI on education & specifically on management education. Participants shared their perceptions and concerns regarding how AI and the Fourth Industrial Revolution is already changing the nature of jobs and the required skills sets of the 21st century workforce and how it would possibly impact the education system. The various aspects of challenges that management educators are likely to face subsequent to the aforementioned changes were discussed in detail.

The third session on the second day morning was delivered by Mr. Pankaj Bhardwaj from TCS. He shared his experiences with Business Intelligence and discussed how AI is changing the business intelligence landscape.

The fourth session was on Blended Learning Models and how blended learning courses enhance learning better. The FDP ended with an assessment exercise based on a brief case analysis on AI.