My Global Study Tour at ISM, Germany

My Global Study Tour at ISM, Germany
By – SurbhiDhasmana

IILM Undergraduate Business School offers a view and experience of a big World beyond the Horizon. To be in sync, with the Global vision of providing Economy with Responsible Entrepreneurs in today’s time. IILM gives the first-hand experience about multi-lingual cultures, organizations, and business practices around the world. All this encapsulated in a mandatory 3 weeks Global Study Program at Germany or Canada or Finland, to choose from.

Global Study Programs are also designed to strengthen student’s knowledge, skills and attitudes to create economic and social wealth everywhere. Giving a sense of living in harmony with the environment and becoming self-reliant in the known and unknown circumstances.

One of the options under Global Study Program offered to the students is in association with International School of Management (ISM), Dortmund, Germany.

On the 6th of August 2017, 35 students along with two faculty members, from both Lodhi Road and Gurgaon Campus boarded Lufthansa flight for Frankfurt, Germany to reach ISM. Modules taught consisted of “Advance Strategic Management” and “Entrepreneurship and Innovation”. Each set of Module is designed keeping in mind the fundamental importance of business learning. IILM students are required go through a well-planned and structured format of the conduction of the modules as per ISM curriculum. The teaching methodology applied during the program takes place in the shape of Interactive Classroom Teaching, Numerous Presentations, Harvard Case Study Sessions and much more. The icing on the cake was when Professor Kamran was happy with the students that he provided an additional teaching class on the subject “Design Thinking” which is certainly the next big thing in the industry.

This three weeks program was a blend of high standard teaching, Industrial visits to DASA and WILO, and Cultural interaction. Prof. Qeis Kamran is a person with vivid knowledge and vast experience, teaching students about What could be there rather than What is there. Our student Coordinator, Jana Dargel from ISM was kind enough to make our stay comfortable.

German Culture is about People being hard working, sincere, honest and punctual. They are very helpful, warm and welcoming to the visitors to their Country. During the week ends and spare time, we traveled across Europe. People we came across were very helpful, even when they didn’t know the way they used their Google Map to guide us. Some of the places the students planned and visited on their own, included Berlin, Paris, Praha, Zurich, Amsterdam, Brussels and Spain. It was overall Personal as well as Social skills development 3 weeks program.

To Conclude I would say;

Thank you IILM for giving me this golden opportunity to learn and experience the world beyond IILM campus and across the Continents. Global Studies by far has been one of my most delightful experiences. From cross-cultural diversity to different business trends and challenges, I learned an essential side of business studies. Faculty and Friends – they all made my Global Study Tour worth cherishing for life.



















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Experience of a lifetime – IILM’s Global Study Program at International School of Management, Germany.

There’s a big world beyond the IILM campus, and a student can experience it through the golden opportunity given by IILM Undergraduate Business School as Global Study Program.

In order to be a responsible leader in today’s time students need to have first hand experience of cultures, organizations, and business practices around the world. In order to cater to this requirement IILM’s global offerings encompass a mandatory 3 week global study program.

This program was organized for the first time for our stage 1 students of 2015 – 18 batch. Based on the preferences, students were taken to International School of Management, at Hamburg, Germany. The entire program was sponsored by IILM and the partner school except that the students had to bear extra expenditures like food, travelling etc.

On the 8th of August 2016, 50 students collectively from both Lodhi Road and Gurgaon campus boarded Emirates flight for Hamburg, Germany along with the three faculty members. Ms Philipa , International Office Manager, ISM received us at the airport along with a coach to facilitate commutation from airport to the A&O Hostel where the students were given accommodation. While the travel itself, the students were handed over the ISD sim cards so that they can make calls to their parents and inform them about their safe arrival at Hamburg.

In addition with this the students were also explained about the rules and regulations to be followed at the hostel. Each and every student was provided on the same day with a train/bus card to travel nearby location for free of cost.

The students were also provided with a unique identity card inorder to seek entry into International School of Management, Hamburg, Germany.

This three weeks program was a blend of two modules, industry visits and cultural immersions. A highlight of this interesting curriculum is here.

1. Strategic Management: Prof. Qeis Kamran

The course covered the basics of strategic management, key elements, current trends in strategy, strategy thinking styles, the role of resources and knowledge, branding, decision making, organizational politics, international and collaborative strategies, strategy and innovation.  Module also introduced Prof. Kamran’s six forces model which challenged Porter’s five forces. This module was delivered through lectures, case study and visit to Google. The students appreciated the delivery of the course.

The professor made use of case studies such as  Volkswagen’s Clean Diesel Dilemma; University of Michigan; WDI Publishing, inorder to

2. Entrepreneurship & Innovation – Prof. A. Schonknecht

Course content included entrepreneurship and business development, innovation and business ideas, innovation strategy, business model development and business plan development. The module was delivered through lecture mode with the help of ppt.

Industrial and Cultural Visits in Germany 


Learning Outcome: The students were able to relate the concepts learnt in the classroom. They learnt about the various strategies adopted by Google. This visit was a part of the module Strategic Management. A pre and post briefing reinforced the concepts delivered.

Feedback: Well appreciated by the students.

Lufthansa Technik

Learning Outcome: The students were able to witness the manufacturing and servicing of airplanes and learnt about the various ways a product is modified keeping in consideration the customer’s requirements.

Feedback: The students could not relate very well to the visit as it was more apt for engineering students.  It also became tiring for students to walk around the entire facility spread in acres. For all visits, transport arrangements must be looked into in the future programs.

amburg City Tour:

Learning Outcome: The students were informed and explained about the Hamburg city’s        heritage and culture.

Feedback: Liked and appreciated by the students


Hamburg Harbor:

Learning Outcome: The students got to experience Germany’s largest port – its gateway to the world. They were able to understand the significance of the port in Germany’s economy.

Feedback: Great visit, fully enjoyed by the students.

Overall the students had a great 360 degree experience in terms of classroom learning, industry visits, cultural immersions, hostel lifestyle, traveling using public transport etc.