Entrepreneurship – Job and Wealth Creation

Entrepreneurship – Job and Wealth Creation

(Entrepreneurism must be practiced to be learned)

Entrepreneurial success does not take place in a vacuum. Entrepreneurs exist in the context of their particular geography – be that their local, national, or even supranational economy and society. This mix of attitudes, resources, and infrastructure is known as the entrepreneurship ‘ecosystem’.

Having an entrepreneurial mind-set is critical to being successful as an entrepreneur. An entrepreneurial mind-set stands alone in terms of its importance. No other attribute, personality, inherent entrepreneurial proclivities, training, or demographic profile is common to all successful entrepreneurs whether Warren Buffet, Steve Jobs, or the neighbourhood florist or grocer.

Family controlled businesses, both private and publicly-traded, are characterized by unique challenges that threaten their continuity and distinct core competencies.

The challenges are primarily the result of issues presented by the changing ecosystem, government laws, and interaction of family, management and ownership -particularly where the family wishes to perpetuate its influence and/or control from generation to generation.

A large majority of successful companies started as entrepreneurship and few survive into the second generation. Family Business Management has to undergo changes in order to thrive in India.

The leadership issues, adoption of technology, modern HR practices and corporate governance will help companies to become more competitive and relevant.

It is imperative that students learn entrepreneurship as a course to delve deep and understand “What is entrepreneurship” and what it take to have an “Entrepreneurial mindset”.

IILM University focuses on providing such an education to students through an entrepreneurial ecosystem. This course aims to give basic fundamentals to students towards understanding the ecosystem for entrepreneurship and startups and a direction towards developing a mindset for pursuing this as a desired program in as a specialization and an area to work on for wealth creation. The students are also given an exposure into understanding the fundamentals involved in ideation, researching the idea, knowledge about finances in the entrepreneurial space.

While understanding the entrepreneurial journey it would be of fundamental importance to understand the entrepreneurial and startup system in India which is aggressively promoted by GOI. The Startup India initiative launched in January 2016 by Prime Minister Narendra Modi offered incentives to such ventures to encourage entrepreneurship and innovation

Students will explore some of the myths and key facts about entrepreneurship, and find out what it takes to be an entrepreneur, so that they can conduct their own self-assessment and identify priorities for their own growth as an entrepreneur.

Students will learn how to unlock creativity and innovation to help generate more and better entrepreneurial ideas. This course provides learners with insights to re-frame their thinking in order to maximize their chances for success.

The course provides learners with an understanding of the attributes and perspectives of an entrepreneurial mindset, and the process to acquire one. The course introduces concepts that enable a person to start a trans-formative process in the way they think generally, and in the way they think about business specifically. This new way of thinking has the potential to positively impact not only them, but their family, and community.

So what can a learner expect to gain from this course? At the end of this course a learner:

  • Will be able to argue effectively against all of the reasons for not starting their business (or reaching some goal);
  • Will be able to operate effectively within the new framework or model for starting a business (or any new endeavor), thus increasing their chances for success; and
  • Will be able to make the initial business startup decisions of what type of business to start, and what type of business owner to be.

Entrepreneurism must be practiced to be learned

  • Maybe a student knows and wants to be an entrepreneur, but you’re not sure where to start? This course is for anyone aspiring to be an entrepreneur – regardless of the industry or type of venture you might have in mind.

The course will enable a student to think and maybe start with a project and develop insights to pursue detailed learning towards job and wealth creation.



IILM Placement Week 2015 – Experience the Buzz Around!

It is finally that time of year at IILM campus. Yes, the recruiters are here to cherry pick the best students in the lot. As our students brace themselves to answer that one question, “how to choose the right career path?” IILM is all set to put up a showcase the most awaited gathering of the year. We are glad to announce that some significant companies are ready to put their positions in front for the current academic year’ campus placement drive, starting October 5th – 9th 2015, across all three campuses of IILM– Gurgaon, Greater Noida and Lodhi Road Campus.

Campus mood was in the range enough to upbeat the excitement going through the students and placement faculty in charge.  With companies coming in from as many as 60-80 group of corporate and start ups from diverse industries and functional areas across all campuses. To name a few, companies made a mark on IILM campus are  – Yes Bank, Accenture, Eazy Diner, Kotak Mahindra Bank, Bajaj Allianz, Fortis, Oyo Rooms, Genpact, Zenica, Tybros, Naukri, Jabong, Askme.com, Oxigen , Policy Bazaar, Edelweiss, Koovs.com, GroupOn.  Hence, it is very important for students to understand the seriousness of such an event and be prepared to show their skills, knowledge, academic grades and the ‘will’ to step on the ladder of success.

IILM helps each student in exploring placement opportunities by inviting various companies for campus recruitment. It is essential for students to portray their capability along with consistent performance that they have achieved in their academic performance with the right pitch and tone. The hiring managers of different companies come with some specific requirements as depending on positions being offered and company requirements.

All in all, like every year, the final placement drive at IILM is the result of a very systematic interaction with the industry and continuous career counseling and grooming of the students. Simultaneously, sessions of mentoring help the students in getting their ‘dream’ jobs but also assists the visiting placement companies in identifying the ‘right’ candidate for their organization.

Stay updated with us – some exclusive bites coming up straight from our students and company recruiters on IILM blog.

Gearing up for Placements | Job Preferences- How Do You Decide

Every year the students passing out of IILM face the million dollar question, “How should I decide on the company I should work for”. The situation becomes quite complex as a multitude of companies with different Job offerings visit the Institute at different times of the year. The students also receive advice from various sources mostly from people who are quite ignorant themselves. What should be the practical approach for students which will not jeopardize their careers? When the choices are many, the practical approach is ‘Stick to Basics’.
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