LinkedIn Profile Checklist For Students!

LinkedIn is a professional networking site which has grown from just 500,000 users to 50 million users over the years. It is not only said to be a social-professional networking platform, but is considered to be a necessity tool for every person out there wanting to connect with each other for business, hiring, research or networking purpose. Yes, personal branding is as essential as marketing a product in the market.

For today’s millennial generation, who are aspiring to enter into the world of corporate space (and strategies!),  it is so very important to keep a regular check on LinkedIn profile essentials.

If you are just starting new on LinkedIn, the process can be a little overwhelming for you. To make things easier, we have made a quick checklist for MBA students, and all other kinds of aspirants to help you get started on the right track.

Here is our 6 point checklist for your LinkedIn profile :-

1. First Step To Start

  • You must have over 100 connections
  • Make sure you put a professional photo
  • Your profile should be SEO driven. Keep a check on your keyword strategy, it should be in place for higher & right visibility of your profile
  • Work on your unique LinkedIn profile URL. 

2. Headline/Job Designation

  • Headline is possibly the most important thing on your LinkedIn profile. It permits you to use 120 characters to define yourself in every right and attractive manner for a user to simply click on your profile.

3. Summary

  • Your profile summary is a short description of your experience; skills, talents, and how you could (or can) add value to a company.
  • A summary should definitely include the quantified results with numbers and figures that was achieved in previous companies.

4. Experience

  • This section gives you a systematic way of displaying your work associations with previous employers, and also to add relevant amount of media files/pfs/blogs to portray your work establishments in a much extensive manner.
  • It is highly recommended to be detailed while writing the specifications about your work experience by providing employer’s background, years of association with the particular organization,  project details, accomplishments & KRAs.
  • This section also permits you to proceed with filling in some specifications about – Education, Courses, Certificates etc.

5. Recommendations & Endorsements

  • For right LinkedIn optimization it is suggested to at least have top 3 recommendations filled in. Recommendations are the best way to make your own profile speak for you from your references.
  • Endorsements are the display of your top skills on your profile. You must keep a check on the endorsements you receive from your network (and what you give back to your LinkedIn connects). Endorsements work like a give and take strategy. The more you connect with people on LinkedIn, the endorsements increases with time.

6. Networking & Connecting

  • Be a part of at least 10-15 relevant groups on LinkedIn. There is a large community on LinkedIn that could help you know what’s trending and bustling in your chosen domain around by just digitally interacting with them.
  • It is said that sharing is important, but only if it relevant & effective. Post relevant articles on your profile at least once a week.
  • Make sure you connect with two new much relevant users on LinkedIn on a monthly basis.
  •  Messaging on LinkedIn is one of the strongest tools to sustain your network. You must message to your known network, one to an unknown LinkedIn user on a weekly basis.
  • Make sure you follow at least 5 new companies that you are interested in.

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