Art of Management

Management is a subject that defines practical knowledge of lifestyles and mannerism to develop a business on strict terms and procedures. on the contrary, poetry is an expression of my views, perceptions and feelings conveyed through words of wisdom.

management is itself an art, an art defining self-development goals.

management and poetry are two ends of the same rope. for me, one is to enhance my knowledge and personality with an exposure to varied fields and concepts while the other end leads me to a more relaxed version of myself wherein I am composed, idealistic, imaginative and innovative.

art nurtures my soul and strengthens my aspirations through different goals of management“.

Time is a journey,
Of joys n sorrows.
Moments become a memory,
lightning the path for tomorrow.
Tomorrow, is unknown
for the facts we own.
Time is a measure,
discovering self creations.
Through ways of leisure,
forming insecure upgradations.
Upgradation is a necessity,
for our lively vicinity.
Time is a treasure,
for lonely admirers.
Business is plushy pressure,
discovered through real mirrors.
Mirror, an unbiased cage,
defining our complete image.
Time is a story,
furnished in a short memory.
fore-gone is history.
Followed by, is a mystery!
Mystery, is a heavenly gesture
personifying a lifetime adventure.”

____ Vaishali Kanodia (PGDM Batch : 2017-19)