How to stay Motivated & Creative

Life is an evolving journey through different phenomena present around us all. In order to keep up through the peaks of stagnancy, it is important to keep motivated and creative. Motivation and Creativity works hand in hand. There could be endless things around us that could keep us thrilled up in life, for instance – from just reading another chapter of your favorite book to meeting another friend for a supper. Let’s look at four ways to keep you motivated and creative.

Challenge Against The Odds –
One of the best ways to motivate is to challenge against the anything odd. So, the question arises, ‘HOW DO YOU CHALLENGE YOURSELF?’Remember the last time you got a good grade in your examination, you tried to give your best for your college team in any sports? Now, let me tell you how you can do it. Push yourself to achieve an even higher target , if you have got a good grade try getting an even better grade, if you gave your best in the college sport, trying giving even more, get yours team in the winning position, win it for your team, not individually but as a team. The satisfaction that you’ll get at that moment, believe me, is one of the best moments in your life.

Think Deep – No matter what situation you have been thrown into, don’t exaggerate and get nervous. Just calm yourself down and try to think deep into the situation, try analyzing all the little things that come into your mind related to the problem. A way will always come out.

Read More – They say, “book is said to be a man’s best friend”, and I totally second it. Once you start reading, either it’s a book or even an article; it opens up your view to different scenarios. I myself have always tried reading auto-biographies and biographies of influential person. Their experiences will tell you, how they have struggled in different situation, and have come out being a better man. Am not telling you to only read biographies, read anything you like. Reading books take you to a different world. You try to live that world for that moment and it refreshes your mind.

Set Higher Goals – This is the biggest motivating factor in one’s life. What do you want to be? Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years? Go, set yourself some goals and work on them and try to achieve it. A person gets one single life, and if you aren’t able to live it to the fullest, you haven’t lived it at all. Even if you aren’t able to achieve it, at least you gave it a try. AND if you can ‘TRY’, you can do anything, my friend.

So, tell us what keeps you all motivated and creative. Share your stories with us.