Book Review- “The Anatomy of Success” by Dr Rakesh Sinha

The world record winning, Dr. Rakesh Sinha is a gynecological endoscopic surgeon based in Mumbai. He has written his first book entitled; “The Anatomy of success – Management lessons from a surgeon”. Drawing two Guinness World Record from his surgical experiences, Doctor motivates people to achieve excellence in their own professional goals by deconstructing success into easy components. He has focused on higher potential of human being and further suggested that irrespective of the biological components, the success is something which we all are deserving.

His first book is based on management lessons from his own surgical experiences. This book is divided into fifteen chapters and all were sub-divided on the basis of three components; i.e. Biological component; Learning Component and cognitive component. Dr. Rakesh has utilized his education of neurophysiological and neurolinguistics programming for elaborating his experiences of real life. The visualization of dreams can be easily seen through GPS (i.e. Goal, process and success) and further expounded that heredity has to do nothing with the success. The more redefined signature skill will allow us to get the job done in the lesser time and efficiently. Will power is generally based on the thoughts, emotions, performance and impulse. The author has put forward the concept of how to unlearn the things and pursuit the mastery in our fields.

The reading is first of its kind which recommend a person about what to do or what not to do in order to attain the success. As the examples cited in the book is linked with human neurological system, medical terms and surgery. Hence, it become very stimulating for any reader to learn, to become very optimistic.

Self-control, decision making biases and learning through observation or deliberate practice are the most interesting aspects which are covered in the book. Its human nature that if any endorsements or recommendations are given by any layman then we may not accept or acknowledge it but if the lessons or suggestions are given by doctor or professional then we usually not only accept it but also foreword it to others.

This manuscript will enlighten you with the tips of attaining the success in very short span of time and the most beautiful thing proposed in the book is that to err is human and to learn is divine.

The book highlights the few commonalities between management and medicine. Betting the odds and being better than what we could be are the best learning we can gain from this book. Dr. Rakesh has elaborated each inspiring point through the medicinal and motivational theories. His lessons would be meaningful for the patients, doctors, mangers and trainers. He has segregated the entire learning lessons of the book into three sub-parts :

Suggestions for Doctors : The anatomy of success is an entire treatise on the essential path towards success, the anatomy of the mind, the psyche, the carving and passion for success. The book teaches that how success is generated, nurtured and reaches fruition.

Suggestions for Patients : Stress is the worst thing for any patient and it will find a way to infiltrate our immunity. Dr. Rakesh has suggested that Success at just any cost will leave you poorer in end. The art of maintaining a fine balance in work and world is also the hardest lesson that even the author have ever had to learn and it is one that he keep learning every day of his life.

Suggestions for Mangers & Trainers : Dr. Rakesh has asked a question from the mangers and professional that can work alone provide the satisfaction? The response is negative. The success evolve only with the perfect balance of Personal, professional, spiritual and family life.

Dr. Rakesh inspires, motivates and educate us to take a firm control of our future and live up to our potential. The reader will find as if the book is talking about their life journey which is communicated back to you with powerful stories and practical tools. Whether you are a student, a young manager or an accomplished professional in search for further success, this self-believed and thought provoking book will be worth reading ever.