Global Education – The Future

The fast paced world, rapidly changing technology and the speed to information exchange has brought us all to the understand the Future of Education. The traditional setting of education being imparted or delivered in a school is passe’. Education today is a global phenomenon, it is meaning to  a new life…a life that connects you to limitless boundaries of what you can do, what you want to do and how you can achieve all you want. The transition is here to stay and anything that connects new platforms to hasten the speed and flow of information will become part of the new paradigm. Educators are now merely tools to ignite the feeling or the curiosity of exploring the various aspects and fields of study. How can I make myself relevant to this new audience? Is the question in every teachers mind. Engaging students in class is a bigger challenge and this challenge is only  going to get bigger and tougher.

Education is not about local information, education today is a volume that makes itself relevant in every sphere. The future is not about boundaries and context, it is about understanding that the world is connected and is becoming one small space of information exchange. To appeal to the new generation and the make an impact in anything we do, understanding and accepting this change is critical for survival.