Revamp Brand loyalty & Sales strategy in Educational Sector through Online Marketing

The purpose of writing this research paper was to determine how can brand loyalty and sales strategy be revamped in educational sector through online marketing. The strategies which marketers follow in the past were based on the assumption of traditional marketing, word of mouth. With the growing recognition of online marketing, marketers need to reexamine their theory and practices. They need to revise their policies on brand loyalty and sales strategy.

Nowadays, Social Media Experts were asked to share the content and images as well with the online community as it is happening without any obstruction. Online marketing enablers are customer experience and conversations in the online community, engaging the community, networking and prospects through regular low cost personalized solution. The data received from the questionnaire was being correlated with one factor to measure the impact on another factor. Updated content on website will get you more footprints and real results. If website visibility is well – established, it is easy to do regular low cost maintenance of your strategy.

The web traffic, clicks, leads; sales conversion for your community will provide the information, how well you can perform in the online marketing.