Where do you see yourself in next two years?

Are youaspiring to become an entrepreneur, an influential leader or a successor of the family business”?

Then Aicte approved college, IILM is a perfect platform to kick-start your journey to reaching great heights in your choicest career path. At IILM we understand that every student is unique and has strong potential to do wonder if his talents are directed in the right direction, thus we shoulder the responsibility of extracting the best from our student by providing them with the management education that goes beyond the traditional classroom ties and accomplish our motto of providing “Responsible Management Education”.

At IILM, Top management institute in Delhi NCR, we incorporate the essential skills in our students so as to prepare them for the upcoming changes and challenges in today’s business era where Industry 4.0 will dilute the traditional jobs and would incorporate fast-paced creative jobs. IILM polishes and widens the inherent creativity of a student by focusing on experiential learning, since the new-age students learn-by-doing in a real business situation as opposed to learn-by-listening, discussions, and studying.

IILM Students

The global integration is speeding up and in keeping with the requirements of the ever-globalizing environment, IILM mandates a 4-week global study in Germany, Canada, Finland, France or Spain, to give students a global exposure in terms of teaching pedagogy, industry visits, and diverse cultural immersion to develop cross-culture communication skills and expand their horizons.

IILM’s Summer Internship Programme is crucial in familiarizing the students with diverse working cultures across big companies (national and multinational), so as to enable a student to understand various dimensions and requirements of today’s era and thus enabling him to decide his/her future path by closely experiencing and examining the complexities of it.

IILM Students

Right Mentoring is the key to success and faculty @ IILM leaves no stone unturned to guide our students. We provide them with pathways to choose and specialize in their areas of expertise and interest, to ensure that the actual potent of a student is best utilized leading to a student’s betterment throughout his/her life.

IILM Students

The full-fledged two-year PGDM course provides you with a correct mix of skills, knowledge, and experience to lead you to your dream career path and unfold the answer to the trickiest question “Where you see yourself in next two years?”

Join the Best and discover the best in you.

~Manisha Bothra