Giving “Grey”​ a Chance !!

The toughest thing to deal within life aren’t the mistakes we do or even repeat, not even the heartbreak or obstacles we face, the toughest thing to deal with is our own rigid attitude towards things, people and situation.

We expect everything to be either black or white, whereas the color grey wins it all at the end of the day. A coin has two sides, and both sides defines it’s value, a day comprises of morning, as well as night hours, and both together makes up a day! Similarly any person, thing or situation always holds two perspectives which together mark their existence.

It is not important what do they bring for us, what stands important is what we ask of them. They will anyway offer what they have got to offer; we need to be careful and sensible of how we accept and then what we choose. But our acceptance shouldn’t be for either black or white, we should always find place for the color grey. Good will be accompanied by bad and bad would always exist in order to make us understand what good is.

Accept it all, and then choose wisely what seems more convincing for you. Accept the person, thing our situation completely with all the existing black and white, let them blend and be grey, then choose whether you would want a shade darker, or a shade lighter would do. As that would define it all.