Inculcate Academic Lawyers to Practice Law

Academic professors in educational institutes have mentored countless students with their knowledge and guidance. Those disciples have shaped the future of this country and brought changes in the society. The field of law has been no different. Now, why isn’t it that the same professors on whose principles these changes have been bought haven’t been allowed fully to implement their knowledge in courts and guide the judiciary and executive to make informed decisions on cases. This is clearly suboptimal use of talent in our country.

Even though there has been slight support which has been given by individuals to showcase faith in academic professors, the Indian judiciary system has majorly neglected this angle of inclusion. India has rarely nominated academic professor to international judicial and legal bodies such as ICJ of UN and the Appellate Body of WTO. Also, the current government hardly opts for law professor to serve as a full-time expert in any of the ministries. Contrary in US, numerous law professors served as judges of Supreme Court.  Additionally, many practicing lawyers teach in universities in UK. We do have acts supporting advocates to teach for limited hours but vice-a-versa engagement is very limited as full-time academic professors are not able to appear in courts.

India’s lawyers and judges have exhibited excellent intellect capabilities and flair. Renowned academics such as Shamnad Basneer, Upendra Baxi, Mrinal Satish, Aparna Chandra and Latika Sarkar have intervened or assisted in judicial matters, gripping court’s attention to take them up. The Courts deserve nothing but the best of law minds for handling complex cases and supporting judgements. History itself is a proof that there have been judgements where courts have heavily relied on academic publications and observations. This academic inclusion would also bring a fresh perspective since law as a profession is heavily intellectual and relies on interpretation, fact of laws and policy inputs. Decision makers must realize that they have to develop a system to incorporate the talent of academic lawyers to serve the nation better. Only then, the synergy among the entire legal system and academia will create euphoric system.

*Author: Chavi Sood, Assistant Professor, IILM Law School




Classroom equity: Creating educational equality

Everything that happens in the society is a consequence of human actions. Even though it may seem like a roundabout route, any effort to build a brighter future must begin with a change within human beings themselves.

The way we distinguish our own lives is also the way we distinguish the lives of others. When we have a sense of our own dignity, we recognize the dignity of others and value their lives too. The most fundamental way to achieve peace and happiness is to help people around the world to the greatest extent to reveal the treasure of inherent dignity in their lives.

No epidemic or any other cause is worth depriving students of their right to education. Teachers should not be masters who offer themselves as paragons, but enablers who guide students towards achieving their goals.

It is important that we afford students the highest respect as individuals in their own right. Helping students grow requires total commitment on our part. There is a fine adult inside every child. We need to direct our voices to that inner adult. We must never treat children in a dismissive or condescending manner, assuming they won’t understand and thinking its okay not to fully explain things.

We must believe in students’ immense potential, and strive to develop their innate capacities as well as our own. The more we broaden our own minds, the more we can inspire and foster the students. That is why our growth is indispensable to our efforts to help others grow.

We, at IILM University, Gurugram believe in our students, trust them unconditionally and encourage them to grow and excel professionally as well as personally. We believe in providing immeasurable source of support and encouragement to them. Our effort to provide Liberal Education gives our students the flexibility, knowledge and wisdom to pursue their passion.

Fostering students contributes to our own growth. Teaching students makes us wiser. Learning together with our students and advancing together with them is a path of lifelong youthfulness, giving us fresh perspectives and vitality.