Alumni Profiles

SHRUTI KOHLI (Batch 2008 – 10)

Ms. Shruti Kohli has been working for the past 5 years in the area of taxation and auditing. Shruti completed her PGDM program from IILM, Gurgaon in the year 2010. She was awarded the gold medal for securing first position in the post graduate program and a silver medal for securing the first position in the area of finance. During college days, Shruti not only excelled in academics, but also excelled in basket ball. She anchored the annual inter college festival of IILM and also won the first prize for the inter college corporate walk.

During her masters, she did her internship for a period of three months with Feedback Ventures Private Ltd which enhanced her knowledge in financial modeling. Through campus placement, she was selected by Ernst & Young as CA Article Trainee. She completed her CA articleship training and got promoted as a Tax consultant. She has been working with this company for the past 5 years.


DEEPAK VERMA (Batch 2006 – 08)

Mr. Deepak Verma completed his post graduate program in Marketing and Sales in 2008. He immediately joined the Leela Group of Hotels as Sales account manager. Since the, there has been no looking back for Deepak. He has spent almost 7 years with the Leela Hotels in their Sales and Marketing department.

He was responsible for handling the niche portfolio of corporate clients from Gurgaon for all the hotels of Leela Group across the country. For a very short period of time, he worked with Moevenpick Hotels and Resorts as Senior Sales Manger. He was looking after the NCR region for Sales and brand promotion of Moevenpick Hotels. The portfolio comprised of corporates, embassies, ministries, wedding planners and public sector companies.

He again went back to Leela Hotels as Associate Director, Sales and has currently changed his job. He is now working with the Hyatt Regency as Associate Director, Sales


Guest lecture on Marketing of Services by our alumni

A guest lecture was organized as part of the Marketing of Services and Financial Products course, for PG II students. The session was taken by Mr. Keshav Bajaj, an alumni of IILM Lodhi Road, batch 1999 – 2001.
Mr. Bajaj works with Nimbuzz Internet India as Head E- Commerce and VP Global Business Development. Prior to this, he has worked with brands like, Airtel, Aircel and Nestle
The session revolved around the growth of service Industry in India and across the globe. The reasons why people prefer to work with a service company. The concept of designing a new service along with their parameters and steps were discussed in detail with practical examples. Examples pertaining to Uber, Urban Clap, Blah Blah Cars, OYO Rooms, Wudstay, Airbnb etc were discussed at length. This made the session highly effective.
The session was highly interactive and very informative. Mr. Bajaj has expressed his interest in helping / guiding the students with their business ideas. He is keen to devote time with the students to help them become future Entrepreneurs


IILM Global Study Program, Fanshawe College, Canada

Studying in a foreign land was something I always wanted to do but circumstances didn’t allow me to do so. And to my surprise, I got admitted in IILM, Gurgaon with a compulsory one month foreign exchange program in Fanshawe College, Toronto, Canada for a Google Digital Marketing certification. It was like icing on the cake for me, mind you chocolate icing (the divine one). After a 2 week intensive orientation program at IILM, we left for Canada on the 26th of June and from the moment I stepped on the IGI Airport till date, my experience has been exciting, enriching and exhilarating. To begin with, our entire group was sceptical about the 19 hour flight but to our surprise, it was really smooth and comfortable. Once we landed at the Toronto Airport, we quickly grabbed our bags, got past the immigration easily and were all set to board our bus to London, Ontario which was about a 2 hour drive. As expected, each one of us was exhausted and was fearing another 2 hours of journey. But, the moment the bus started moving and the beautiful landscapes of Canada started moving past us, all of us and I bet you, all of us completely forgot about our exertion and were mesmerized by everything that Canada had to offer – pretty land spaces, widespread greenery, the cleanliness, the pleasant weather, the smiling faces around us and not to mention the hospitality of Fanshawe College.


As soon as we arrived at the college, we were immediately given first class en-suite apartments according to our preference, we were expecting an apartment with 4 small rooms and a lounge area, but what we found once we entered our en-suite apartments was complete astonishment. We were given literally 5 star apartments, where each one had four single rooms with 2 fully equipped bathrooms, a common big size fridge and microwave, ceramic utensils and cutlery, a TV, a comfortable lounge area and not to forget goodies from the Fanshawe College. Since we had arrived on the weekend, we had one day to explore around before classes started. The coordinators at Fanshawe went out of the way to make our stay comfortable by helping us with bus routes, directions, solving our room discrepancies, guiding us about restaurants and above all, making us feel like at home.

Before the classes were about to start, we were unsure whether we would be able to familiarize ourselves with the Canadian teaching methods. However, the professors here are not at all different from Indian professors. They are very helpful in both presenting content and solving questions. The course we are pursuing here viz Google Digital Marketing Course is an extremely vital course and the best part of Fanshawe is that our professors are people who are working live, side by side in digital marketing firms. There can undoubtedly be nothing better than on hands real life experience. I am so glad I chose IILM and I am getting a chance to experience this.

The best part of the course is that we would be working on real clients and our reports would be presented to them as well. We would also be given a chance to write Google certified exams for Google Adwords and Google Analytics.

I was never very keen on marketing but coming here to Fanshawe has generated a very strong interest in me towards Digital Marketing and I am so thankful to Fanshawe and IILM for it.

Apart from the classes (which are not hectic at all with ample time to explore Canada), Fanshawe college has also arranged excursions for us. We were taken to CN Tower (3rd tallest building in the world) in Toronto which was undoubtedly an unforgetful experience for us. They have trips planned for us on the weekends, some of them being a visit to the Niagra Falls, The Great Lakes, Canada’s wonderland and local mall visits.

All in all, till now this experience has been very exciting and eventful and I would like to give IILM a big thank you from my side for giving me this lifetime of an opportunity.


Guest lecture on Supply Chain Management by our Alumni

A guest lecture was organized as part for Supply Chain Management which was taken by our alumni, Mr. Anshul Jain. Mr. Jain is an alumni of IILM Lodhi Road campus, batch 1995 – 97 and currently works with Li and Fung India as Divisional Manager. The company is a global sourcing firm, based in Hongkong and operates through three segments : Trading Network, Operations Network and Distribution Network.

The sessions revolved around the supply chain practices of the company and also of other companies related to the industry. All the concepts covered in class such as outsourcing and procurement, logistics, warehousing and inventory management  were explained with practical examples and videos by the speaker who shared his experience of working with a supply chain company.

The session was highly appreciated by the students and the speaker made the session very interactive. He also encouraged the students to take up online courses related to supply chain management in case they were interested in entering this field.



Experience sharing by a student of IILM studying a semester at EM Normandie, France

Given an opportunity to study at em Normandy was one of the most exceptional chances given to me.  The way of teaching is very practical over here. The concepts, the theories are related to the real world examples and explained in the class. The subjects are not only taught theoretically but students are asked to put their views about the ongoing situation and what could be the further improvements done in regards to the discussions going. A healthy debate is also conducted at the end of the class so that both positive and negative impacts about the situation are considered.  For example the subjects taught till 1st semester to us were “Role of Companies in Sustainable Development”, “Operation Engines”, “Cultures in Different Companies”, all of these three subjects were taught to us by excellent faculties from Argentina, France and Germany respectively.

Talking about the culture of the class, the class is highly diversified. Students from different countries are studying over here, which is helping us to know the culture, their working methodology etc.

Living in a foreign country helped me to deal with some challenges. The weather, the food, the country regulations etc. were some of the issues we had to deal with. Money was also a concern for us. Living in foreign country helped me to learn about how to manage with the limited amount of resources available; also it taught that knowing just one language is not enough. Wherever you stay, you are supposed to have some knowledge about the language and about the people of that country. As we landed in France the main challenge for us was how to cover the communication gap between the people of France and us. Neither they could understand us nor could we understand their language.

As the college emphasised on practical learning, the faculty asked us to visit more countries of Europe and understand the culture, the diversity of people of different country. Therefore, I went to Brussels the capital of Belgium, Amsterdam the capital of Netherlands. I had an amazing experience travelling to different countries. Also the scenic beauty of Europe is breathtaking.

It has been two months now living in Deauville, France and it has been challenging yet a lot of learning as well and fun studying at EM Normandy and I hope that the rest of the two months of my stay will make me gain experience and help me for my future placements.

Experience shared by a student of IILM studying a semester at HANZE University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands

Our Experience as Exchange Students from IILM

As unnerving as the prospect of studying in a different country was, the moment we set foot at the airport in Amsterdam, the four of us knew it was the beginning of a spectacular experience. We were greeted by two extremely helpful and friendly students from Hanze, who were there to receive us, and traveled with us till our accommodation in Groningen, guiding us and acquainting us with the Dutch culture and environment along the way.

We, along with all the other exchange students, were welcomed at Hanze with an introductory lecture elaborating the structure and schedule of the semester. The first week of the semester, self explanatory called ‘Introduction Week’, was dedicated to facilitate interaction between all the foreign students and to encourage team work, through group activities. All the students were divided into four groups. Each team was given a project, which were as follows:
Group 1- Cookbook
Group 2- Yearbook
Group 3- Dutch Calendar (Birthday Calendar)
Group 4- Newspaper

Each group had to prepare, promote and sell as many copies of their respective products, and present the results in front of all the other groups and group coaches by the end of the week.

What ensued was a flurry of activity, with every group clamoring to attain sponsors, planning the design, promotion, pricing etc.
The four of us were split up as well, two being in the Yearbook group, and the other two in the group preparing Dutch calendars. Each group worked in a different way, yet all were working to beat time and competition, in order to sell the maximum number of copies.

All these efforts paid off, as on the day of the presentation, each group emerged successful in making profits out of their sales, and our coaches were pleased with our performances. We all were hence proud recipients of the credits assigned to this project.

Classes at Hanze have only been getting better and more enriching with each passing day ever since. We learn something new every day, not just from our teachers, but also from our classmates, hailing from all over the world, with diverse nationalities and varying cultures.

This has truly been an illuminating experience for us, and we are grateful to IILM Institute for Business and Management for giving us this opportunity of a lifetime.

Alumni Engagement at IILM

An alumnus at IILM is a very integral part of its alma mater. At IILM we try to engage Alumni in as many activities as possible. Alumni Engagement is dedicated to bringing together the alumni community on a common platform to build another channel of personal and professional support to members. Apart from serving as a base for information about the alumni, it initiates programs and organizes events important to alumni and their alma mater.

Highly experienced alumni are invited to campus to share their experience with our students and faculty members. Such activities provide our students a chance to demonstrate their leadership competencies. To strengthen alumni engagement, one alumni member is invited to campus every week to interact with our students either formally through classroom lectures or informally over lunch or dinner at campus. This is an initiative taken by the Institute where each student gets an alumni mentor based upon their area of specialization or the sector where they would like to work. It is through the experiences of the mentors that the student learns a lot. The alumni mentor helps the student in their personal and professional development and the student gets an opportunity to gain knowledge and perspective of an organization and its culture.

In the past, we have had the Vice President of Finalytics Consultancy who came and interacted with our students and absorbed them in his company for final placement. Similarly, we had the Product Head of Wizzcare who again took a session with our students and gave them opportunities to work in his company through live projects and summer internships. We have had eminent speakers from companies like Wipro, PWC, ITC, Xerox, Deloitte, GE India etc who not just interacted with ours students but are also mentoring them.10616662_630524983713484_1638764471417370060_n

Blood donation Camp at IILM Gurgaon

IILM organizes a blood donation camp every year to support their campaign “Bring a life back to Power”.  I am pleased to share the blog written by Saikat Mazumdar (PGDM student from year 1) from the last camp held at the institute.

“A life may depend on a gesture from you, a bottle of Blood” – This was the motto of every member of the college, when a blood donation camp was organized in IILM Gurgaon campus.

The college took the initiative of donating blood to State Blood Transfusion Council.The team of the Rotary club arrived at college campus at 9:30 A.M. The posters for the blood donations were designed by Juhi Bajaj and Swati Gulia. The promotions in the campus was done by Manpreet Kaur, Syed Moin and Gaurav Singh Punetha.

The seniors from the Rotary Blood Bank team tested each candidate whether they were eligible to donate blood. Forms were filled up by the students of the college to collect various information of the donors required for blood donation. Yugam Verma took the initiative of checking whether the forms are being filled up correctly or not. Hemoglobin of the participants was tested. Abhishek Sarkar assisted in the test for hemoglobin.

A total of 30 units were collected in the camp which lasted up to 3:30 P.M.The blood donors were given a blood donation card, for which they can avail 1 unit of blood for the upcoming year. They were also provided with a coffee mug, biscuits, sandwiches and juice.

Jaap Chandok and Amritanshu Anand helped in post blood donation registration and documentation of the blood donation cards. The photography of the event was done by Saikat Mazumdar. There were various students from the college who were responsible for the success of the camp. This included Abhinav Gupta, Sameer Chaudhary, Vikas Lakra, Chirag Gupta, Abhinav Pal, Aruti Sapra and Anisha Bajaj. Overall coordination was done by Sukant Jain and Manpreet Kaur who took the responsibility of the whole program.

Written By: Saikat Mazumdar

PGDM Year 1

Book Review on ‘Jack Welch & The GE Way’

At IILM, we encourage our students to read management books in order to get a deeper perspective into the industry at large. A recent blog shared by our student, Arpit Aggarwal (PGDM Batch of 2013-15) provides some relevant insights into the book ‘The GE Way’ by Jack Welch.

Jack Welch & the GE Way

Recently, I finished reading this book and it is the most interesting book on Management Insights and Leadership secrets of the Legendary CEO Jack Welch. Robert Slater has contributed so well and it is his second book on Jack Welch. GE is the most valuable company in the world and Jack Welch, GE’s CEO is the most acclaimed CEO of the world. This book tells in details the Welch Strategies and Management Secrets. Under his leadership, GE became the first company in the world to apply six-sigma strategy in their work.

This book also offers a rare look into the mind of Jack Welch illuminating his vision and prescriptions for the future of business. Slater has highlighted the GE revolution of achieving double-digit growth in a boundary less organization and feature over 30 of Jack Welch’s leadership secrets. Jack Welch does not believe in sitting still. His innovative, breakthrough leadership strategies as CEO have transformed GE into a highly productive and labor efficient powerhouse. One of the good quotes in this novel is “Act like a leader not a manager.”

One of the Welch strategies that I like in this book is – “Welch was open to take feedback from every employee of his organization, starting from a labor employee to a General Manager.” Companies will do well to with this advice on how to foster an open ended, informal work atmosphere that will encourage employees to speak out, breaking down the walls of hostility between managers and subordinates.

His commitment towards the organization motivates his employees. Welch commitment and dedication for the company came when he said, “GE will be the top most production company in the sector, otherwise GE will stop producing products.” This statement and vision of Jack Welch drives GE into the top Fortune 500 companies. In 1997, GE led Business week list of all companies worldwide in market value for the second consecutive year and achieved near top ranking of the most profitable companies in the U.S.

This book gives an overview of Welch philosophy on how to manage and how not to manage and covers topics such as building a market-leading company, forging the boundary less organization, harnessing people for competitive advantage, pushing service, and globalization for double-digit growth.

Written by: Arpit Aggarwal

PGDM Batch of 2013-15

IILM Institute for Business & Management, Gurgaon


Summer Internship

In today’s day and age, exposure to the industry is an essential aspect for any management student. A blog written by Raghav Singla (PGDM Batch of 2013-15) highlights the experiences of a student at their very first step towards living the corporate life – The Summer Internship Project.


Internship is very important for a management student because this is the time when we are exposed to the harsh realities of the corporate world. I had also went through the process of doing internship with one of the leading companies not only in India but around the world as well. With Reliance Industries I was able to get the feel of working with and in such a big organization. Rubbing my shoulders with EXIM department officials for over 2 months helped me to gain corporate exposure and knowhow of the department. When I speak about how I got this offer was through my close relative. I had to sit for an interview with the senior official of the department before clearing the hurdle.

On the due course of my internship I was given a task for suggesting any changes in Foreign Trade Policy 2014-19. In my internship I learnt about the core functions of EXIM department. Since I was based out in Mumbai I had learned the skills of time management and cash management respectively.

Every internship has some or other things to offer and the learnings out of this internship has helped me to be a better person. Internship is not all about having work experiences rather it is about gaining, learning and working in corporate life. Reliance Industry’s EXIM department helped me in achieving the above mentioned fundamental of the internship. Though I was limited to only couple of months of internship but when I look back at it now I can rightfully say that this has been a life changing couple of months and the learnings out of it has somehow helped me to devise a path for my career.


Raghav Singla

PGDM Batch of 2013-15

IILM Institute, Gurgaon