Alumni Profiles – IILM Institute for Business and Management

SATYAVEER PAL (Batch 2006 –2008)

Satyaveer has a total work experience of 9 years in ICT Sales, Pre Sales Account Management and Digital Marketing with I.T. companies, Telecommunication and Infrastructure Management Services.

Before joining the masters program, Satyveer had worked for three years with e-commerce Web Solutions as Associate Business Analyst. He completed his masters program at IILM Gurgaon in the year 2008 and did his specialization in Marketing and International Business. Since then he has been placed with the best of companies and his career graph has seen a great high. After completing his post graduate program, he was placed through campus with Genesis Technologies Ltd. where he worked for almost four years on ERP and CRM solutions.

Keeping in mind the tough competition in the industry, Satyaveer also took a lot of training and has got certifications in project management; cloud computing, cloud services etc. His passion and an urge to learn more was also appreciated during the scholar tenure at IILM.

Not only does he excel in his professional life, he is also good in writing blogs and has his own blog where he keeps sharing his thoughts. He is an active alumnus who has always stayed connected to his alma mater.

Currently, Satyaveer is working with AurionPro Solutions as Manager PreSales and Account Management.

JIGAR RATHOD (2009 – 2011)

Jigar has over three years of work experience in the “Online Industry”. In these three years he has even taken up certifications for Google Adwords and Capstone Business Simulations.

Jigar completed his post-graduation program in the year 2011 and did his specialization in Marketing and I.T. His area of interest has always been Project management, social media advertising and analytics, Google advertising, media planning, website development, social media app development and search engine optimization.

He started his career with AdGlobal 360 as an Assistant campaign manager and then worked with Percept Knorigin and Webchutney where he did client servicing, website development, media planning and budgeting. His clients have been Airtel, Alcatel, Kelvinator, Toshiba to name a few.

Currently he is working with LINE Corp as Social Media and User Management where he is managing operations, user engagement and social media for India and Bangladesh

Good Governance day at IIBM, Gurgaon

ILM observed Good Governance Day in the Christmas Week on Dec 22, 2014. An open house oratory competition was organized on the pre decided themes. Considering the hangover of IFest, there was a good footfall of PG (I &II) students !!

The students spoke willingly on the selected themes and quoted related statistics on governance issues hampering nation’s performance. Ms. Avantika spoke about governance issues in the state of Haryana, vis-a-vis some of the listed goals and strategic decision making for its fulfillment. On the questions posed by the audience, she made a sound differentiation on the concepts of execution and strategy. Mr. Yugam and Mr. Anubhav spoke about women safety as a governance issue in the country’s premises. The presentation was well delivered and global scenario in the same lieu was presented. Ms.Neeti’s presentation was very well researched followed by step by step clarity on the meaning of governance, and the concept of e-governance. Mr. Dipam’s overall delivery was more spontaneous and originality factor was high. He emphasized on the prime strategies for governance as awareness, goal setting, policy and timely changes in the policy making.

The audiences interacted maximally followed by discussions and individual perspectives. Students and faculty were intrigued to speak about the issue. The results were prepared by three panelists, Dr. Saima Rizvi, Dr. Anjali Malik and Ms.Sandhya Prakash on the five parameters namely, content, grammar, language, expression and overall delivery.

The conclusive remarks by the faculty were thought provoking and an experiential learning for all. Mr. Gaurav Dawar stated a bollywood movie analogy, citing difference between participating and awareness. Dr. Parul Goel Wassan spoke about the governance in the varying contexts, and Dr.Saima Rizvi announced the winners and discussed the missing elements. Ms.Shivani Teckchandany kept the spirit of the discussion by ensuring the maximum responses. Mr. Dipam Das,was awarded the best orator (winner) and the runner up for the event was Ms. Avantika Paracer. Many congratulations to the winner.

The event was led by Dr. Kiran S. Sudha in the esteemed presence of active faculty members: Ms. Shivani Teckchandany, Dr.Saima Rizvi, Ms.Sandhya Prakash, Dr. Anjali Malik, Ms. Radhika Madan,  Dr.Rumki Banerji, Ms. Maheshwari Sathyananda, Ms.Shweta Sharma, Ms. Archana Poonia, and Mr. Gaurav Dawar.

I Report Compiled By


Assistant Professor (O.B./H.R.),

IILM Institute for Business and Management, Gurgaon

IILM’s participation at the 5th UN PRME Asia Forum

UN PRME Asia Forum was organized by University of Utara, Malaysia from 12th to 16th November. It was an iniative of UN Global Compact to organize Asia Forums to deliberate and discuss the issues faced by ASEAN nations and South Asia. Three members team from IILM participated in the Conference. Ms. Preeti Srinivas, Assistant Professor-Operations, Ms. Kausani Bagchi, Assistant Professor-HR and Dr. Saima Rizvi, Associate Professor. The Pre Conference session was on 12th whereby academicians presented their research paper and cases for the pre and post lunch session. The case titled “Social Entrepreneurship and its Future: The Case of IndhaCraft” coauthored by Ms. Ruchi Shah and was presented by Dr. Saima Rizvi from IILM Gurgaon Campus. The case talks about the Business model and viability of a social enterprise and the issues and challenges faced by these small enterprises. The session had presenters from various countries such as China, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan and India. The participants have been able to bring the global perspective to the table and were able to interact and discuss the course of action that need to be taken so that businesses along with the profit motives need to keep the social objective in loop while formulating their long term strategy.

IFest -Dec 2014 – Gurgaon


i Fest 2014 at IILM Institute for Business and Management, Gurgaon

With IILM, taking the winter “LEAP”, the talk of the town “Ifest 2014” (18 – 20th, December 2014) was grand in every sense. The inauguration ceremony was held early in the lotus feet of Goddess Saraswati and lighting the lamp ceremony by the Sr. Director-Prof. Sujata Shahi, Director-Ms. Shivani Tekchanadany, and all the faculty members.

The entire campus was decorated with colorful paper flags, fragrances of flowers, and great olfaction of food. The much appreciated student volunteers cooperated with all warmth and passion to set up the youth theme in the motion. Their engagement and involvement was largely applauded.

The perfect warm-up and the nail-biting team performances by the girls’ basketball team begin the show. I could see all management lessons being applied: Sportsmanship, team management, goal setting, goal achieving, strategies, performance and appraisals were the flavors of the acts.

Over ten activities were successfully organized by the faculty coordinators, students and the participants. As the sun was warming up, the lush green lawns of the campus were getting filled with lovely hues of art all around the campus. The limelight was stolen by Dalal street, AD Mad, RuBaRu and group dance performances. The spontaneity and enthusiasm of the students kept the audiences on the roll. Students from different colleges and universities participated in the full swing. The much popular dance show was a mega hit.

There was a “word of good” for organizers and facilitators. The pictures were flooded on the social media and the forums were flooded with the appreciation. Participants from different colleges also appreciated the hospitality and smiling award recipients had much to say.

The students have also prepared short coverage on some of the events. The passion and involvement is evident from their writings.

I appreciate and thank all the participants for sharing their thoughts. “IFest 2014” (18-20, December, 2014) at IILM was a blockbuster.

Kudos to each and every member of the IILM family!  Cheers! Wishes for welcoming prosperous new year, 2015 with the same energy.

Report compiled by:
Dr. KiranSakkarSudha,
Assistant Professor (O.B./H.R.),
IILM Institute for Business and Management, Gurgaon