The Importance of GD & PI in MBA Admission

Your aspiration as a student to attend the most prestigious B-schools is shared by numerous pupils. These institutions promise a bright future and primarily a set of skills and values that establish a strong base for an entrepreneurial personality.

Rest assured that your ambition to get into the top 10 MBA colleges in India can only be realized through hard work. Apart from qualities like punctuality, etiquette and formal attire, here’s a set of things you need to tick off your list to clear the Group Discussion (GD) and Personal Interview (PI) rounds for B-schools:

Group Discussion

Organize your thoughts:  before you set out to the take the group discussion by storm, ensure that you are crystal clear about your own thoughts. Follow a structure and avoid rushing through the idea. Additionally, speak in a clear tone.


Take a holistic approach:  A group discussion session proceeds some time to process information regarding the topic. Pen down your thoughts and compare them with a range of conventional and unconventional ideas. Having ample ideas will help you to stretch the debate towards wider areas. Present reasonable points and you’ll have the group’s attention.

Courtesy is the key:  Take care while speaking and try not to come across as aggressive instead of being impressive while making a point. Don’t speak too loudly or too softly and don’t refute aggressively if your point is disagreed with.

Learn as you go: You need to be on your toes during the discussion and grow with the conversation. Listen to each point and moderate your point accordingly. Logically, this requires ample practice and mock GDs with your peers.

Avoid personal opinions and conflicts:  It is advisable to sideline your personal views and think like an academic. Additionally, avoid getting into verbal conflicts with certain members as opposed to respectfully disagreeing with them.

Personal Interview

Prepare the basics: It is a known fact that you will be asked questions like ‘why ’, ‘why this institute’ and ‘how is the course relevant to your experience and expertise’. Your MBA admission depends on how well you answer these questions in addition to questions pertaining to your personal interests.

Confidence is the answer: These interviews are structured to evaluate your confidence by cross-questioning even satisfactory answers. It is, however, only logical that confidence comes with the appropriate knowledge. Therefore, be prepared.

Be honest: The interviewers admire honesty in addition to the aforementioned. Make it a point to answer honestly even if you find yourself short of the correct answer. Think objectively and refrain from answering questions you don’t know about to avoid further cross-questioning.

Mind your P’s and Q’s:  That is to say always act politely to achieve a positive review. Listen to the interviewers in an event where they don’t fully agree with your views. Frame a better response after considering all of their points.

Prepare a good CV:  Apart from staying calm and having a positive body language, ensure that your CV reflects the best of your abilities in a presentable manner. The information on your CV should be precise as it will be assessed meticulously.