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Why is Delhi-NCR a Preferred Choice for Business Schools

For a first time visitor the national capital can be a nexus of mayhem and confusion, but once you to become a part of the daily hustle and bustle, you’ll soon be swept up into the excitement that makes the city of Delhi. The multicultural city with its ancient monuments, veritable museums, and delectable local cuisine is also a student hub, with many business school aspirants flocking to the city in large numbers to chase their dreams.

Many such aspirants choose to study at our institutes that offer competitive PGDM programs in the city that is the center of activity. IILM has three strategically located campuses. One of the campuses located at Lodhi Road, the political center of the country, allows students to be privy to the developments in politics as well as business. The second campus in Gurgaon’s Golf Course Road, the industrial hub and nerve center of start-ups, gives students the opportunity to gain entrepreneurship knowledge from their surroundings. The third location in the Knowledge Park of Greater Noida provides a networking and knowledge-sharing platform for the students with educational institutes and large firms located in close proximity. Below, we’ve listed out a few more reasons one should consider studying in the national capital.

MBA in Noida, PGDM colleges in Delhi-NCR

Industry-based learning:

A student pursuing an MBA in Noida has the advantage of studying in the National Capital Region, which over the years has transformed into a talent pool where several multinational companies have set up a branch. IILM truly takes advantage of this by making an experiential curriculum available to the students. This type of curriculum is put together after close interaction and inputs from the industry leaders, thereby going beyond the traditional teachings limited to Finance, Marketing and Operations.

International Curriculum:

Today, PGDM colleges in Delhi-NCR provide the world-class education to its students. The curriculum of these colleges is comparable to that of top business schools the world over. For instance, at IILM, the course modules are inspired by the Stanford Graduate School of Business, Wharton Business School, and IIM-A.

Future prospects:

As the region is home to an increasing number of multinational companies, the demand for management experts is ubiquitous and firms are always on the hunt for such management graduates. IILM’s Career Development Center sets the path for students’ future by connecting them to the right firm. Furthermore, the placement cell is also well connected to different sectors of the industry, widening the scope of opportunities. Today, IILM has an alumni network of over 9000 students who have been placed in some of the biggest firms in the industry.

Clearly, the central location of the region proffers numerous benefits to students, giving them an edge. More importantly, it is the attributes such as industry-based learning, international curriculum and future prospects that make IILM a preferred choice for discerning business school aspirants.

Reason to Believe: Why Do PGDM Students Opt for IILM?

Every year, thousands and thousands of young aspiring minds aim to get into a top management college. The prestigious PGDM degree, they believe, will unlock their future and give wings to the dream of entrepreneurship they have harbored for long. At IILM, the philosophy lies in strengthening this belief and shaping future leaders of the world every step of the way. This is why IILM is often on top of the wish-lists of prospective PGDM students.   

So, what makes the PGDM degree at IILM so lucrative? Why do PGDM students opt for IILM to help them carve a niche for themselves as top management professionals in the future? Let’s find out the answer:

A truly international curriculum

IILM has literally brought the world’s best management education to India’s doorstep with course modules that imbibe the best offerings from curricula of globally-known B-schools such as the Stanford Graduate School of Business, Wharton Business School, and IIM-Ahmedabad. At the core of it all lies experiential learning through Field, Career Trek, and Managerial Skills. Across 6 terms, students get to learn from Business Simulation and case studies that help them convert their concepts into real-life management solutions.

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A global study experience

What sets apart the PGDM course at IILM, the best management college in Noida for global experiential learning is the month-long international study program in Finland, Germany, Canada, Spain, or France. This exposure serves to provide students with a life-changing learning experience abroad that sensitizes them to diverse cultures, the importance of international relationships, and the development of skills to build them.

Experienced faculty and mentors that make learning fun:

The ground-breaking PGDM curriculum at IILM would be of no use if there weren’t a faculty with vast industrial experience and teaching acumen. The teachers and professors at IILM strive to share the same vision and dream as their students. In the exclusive mentorship programme, every student is allotted a faculty member aligned with the skills and interests of the student. For 25 years, the faculty has churned out more than 9000 business leaders and entrepreneurs through ultimate dedication to every individual’s goals.

Placements, internships, and bucket-loads of opportunities

Ask any PGDM student the need for stellar placement and training opportunities at a management college, and he or she will probably place it on the checklist. IILM thoroughly believes that any management education should be backed by walking the walk. Therefore, great emphasis is placed on providing students with real-life corporate experience via a 3-month summer internship program with global business corporations. The placements at IILM are a serious affair, with students being able to pursue opportunities provided by over 300 renowned companies according to their interests. The Career Development Center and career training courses like Field Immersion Experience for Leadership Development ensure that every student gets the best placement possible!

A campus that is a home away from home

Furnished with world-class classroom, hostel, and other facilities, IILM’s three campuses are a beehive of activity, hope, laughter, and success. They are also easily accessible to the business and corporate hubs around Delhi-NCR.

Think Global, Be Beyond with our Global Study Programme

With the ever-expanding reach of the internet and other mediums, access to the world is becoming easier. The more we know about the world and how it functions, the better prepared we are to take on the curveballs thrown at us. Businesses, too, are thinking globally today. The way they function or the way they create value needs a touch of the worldly wisdom to be able to truly succeed. And one way to grasp to this knowledge is by interacting with and learning from the best minds while completing your business education from one of the premier business schools in India.

Our Global Study Programme exposes our students to a truly enriching experience that empowers them to adopt a modern outlook while making day-to-day decisions. We believe there is nothing like an international experience at the best business schools around the world, to broaden your minds and sharpen your acumen. Our strategic tie-ups with leading business schools around the world nurture excellence by expanding your key learnings from your time with us to unprecedented levels. Unlock your potential with:

University of Winnipeg, Canada

The University of Winnipeg in Canada has always been a preferred destination for those looking to specialize in International Business and Marketing. Their programme in Entrepreneurship is an absolute value-add to those looking to start their own ventures after completing their BBA degree or MBA.

BBA scope, BBA in Entrepreneurship

EM Normandie, France:

The leading business school in the historic city of Normandy is among the prestigious B-schools in France. A rewarding course in supply chain management and a dynamic business project will groom you to lead operations. Or if you have plans to move to France, their course in doing business in the country will equip you with knowledge and a student network that will be extremely beneficial.

Lapland University of Applied Sciences, Finland:

The University of Finland is known for its exceptional focus and dedication towards innovation. During your time there, engage and build on relationships as you work through challenging team projects and come up with innovative solutions. Build on your talent of thinking out of the box by working with the brightest minds in the world.

ISM, Germany:

International School of Management in Dortmund, Germany is well-known for the diverse crowd that joins and graduates every year. Be a part of a worldwide network as you hone your skills in Operations Management, Strategic Management, International Finance Management, along with inter-cultural communication.

Thus, an international education can help you evolve personally and professionally. The exposure to different styles of teaching, thinking, and living makes you more adept at taking on the world as a universally thinking manager and paves way for unbound success. Think global with your business experience at IILM, and emerge as a leader who works and lives beyond.

Education Gone International: A Global BBA Degree with an Edge

With thousands of courses in business flooding the cities, how do you decide which one is correct for your entrepreneurial aspirations? Today, the need of the hour is to groom business students into leaders who can stand shoulder to shoulder with their global peers. This is where our BBA in Entrepreneurship international degree provides the much-needed edge to students.

With a curriculum designed in association with the internationally-acclaimed Swiss Business School, BBA in Entrepreneurship brings business education of the highest standards to Indian students. This international affiliation serves to add more to the BBA scope for students and allows them to experience learning that goes beyond the rigid boundaries of a classroom and educate themselves on the best global practices, innovations, and ideas in the field.

Developing international competencies

The very idea of entrepreneurship is to take your idea to the world and establish it into a successful business. At UBS, we understand that disruption is ruling the roost in business ventures that have risen to the top today, which is why the modern-day BBA student should be a problem solver. The 3-year (or six semesters) BBA in Entrepreneurship course opens up a student’s mind to business problems that have global roots and inculcates a drive for entrepreneurship backed by innovation to solve them.

BBA scope, BA in Entrepreneurship international degree

The specially designed modules rise in difficulty from the more basic concepts of marketing, accounting, management, economics, finance, law, etc. and move on towards more niche subjects like venture capital, private equity, mergers, and acquisitions, etc. Entrepreneurial case studies and simulations from Harvard Business School are also included to provide students a chance to test their mettle in managing real-world situations.

Promoting cultural exchange of ideas and knowledge

With more and more students going to Europe, North America and Australia for higher studies, it is important that they are introduced to cultural intricacies of the foreign world. In this era of globalization, a key advantage someone from the business background can have is that of being oriented towards various cultures of the world. Consequently, the BBA in Entrepreneurship course offers foreign language classes to students for sharpening their communication and multi-lingual skills.

Providing critical exposure of the highest level

The BBA in Entrepreneurship international degree provides an international platform to students to experience learning at the Swiss Business School campus for two semesters. More than the course material, it is the entire experience of receiving education abroad at an acclaimed business school with an entirely different culture that exposes students to various facets of skill development and management. At the end of the day, it is this different environment which polishes students into successful entrepreneurs of the future. Another regular exposure to real-life management situations comes in the form of industry internships, company visits, and thought-leader interactions.

BBA is a critical stepping stone towards a future MBA, managing family business or starting-up. With an international course and degree, UBS ensures that your foundation for success is uniquely advantageous and supremely solid.

What’s it like to Pursue BBA in Entrepreneurship at IILM

We’ve heard multiple opinions about India’s school education system. Some of them in support while most of them contain flak. However, the truth of the matter remains that majority of the children passing 12th focus only on passing it. Once that hurdle has overcome the need for an academic to help aspiring entrepreneurs is realized. To fill this we at Undergraduate Business School (UBS) designed ‘BBA in Entrepreneurship’, a 3-year course providing the knowledge base to students to establish and run their own business ventures.

The components of the designed undergraduate program focus on a planned approach to education and career. There are various other extracurricular activities apart from academics that develop the students’ potential and skills to kick-start their entrepreneurial journey.

These are:

Industry visits:

Classroom teaching is very important. But it’s the industrial visits where students get greater clarity. The concepts taught in class are practically put to use and experienced here. It provides hands-on experience and direct insight into how the industry functions. It also provides an atmosphere for interactive learning. Their interpersonal and communication skills are tested in a real-life environment. Most importantly, it helps them notice the various roles and shortlist the ones they can envision themselves into. Regular industry visits at IILM expose the students to various work cultures and help broaden their outlook.

BBA in Entrepreneurship, bba course

Guest lectures:

The growth of competitions across the industries, volatile business activities, the dependence of the economy on the government policies and several other interwoven factors make way for guest lectures. These speakers are especially invited for enlightening students with the wide experience they’ve had in the industry. They are either from other universities or are professionals managing the above-mentioned concerns and making concerned decisions on a day-to-day basis. Their insights and in-depth knowledge enhance the student’s overall educational experience. It helps them build the greater connection with the field they want to work in.

Live projects:

Gone are the days where students’ capabilities were measured on the basis of memorizing facts. 21st-century skills include quick problem-solving and applying what you learn in the classroom. Live projects enhance these skills. Students are asked to either intern or participate in one or the other capacity in a project that is currently in operation by a company. They find themselves being a part of something much bigger than their classroom. It helps them take responsibility and make decisions in an environment where one wrong step of theirs can jeopardize the growth of the project. Students benefit incredibly and get an opportunity to sharpen their professional skills. They also establish great relationships with professionals in the industry.

These are the various extracurricular activities that make students at UBS stand out.

Developing Leadership Beyond the Classroom

With periodic imbuement of scholastic values and motivational labor on personal ambitions for the enthusiastic pupils, our programs endeavor an assemblage of leadership qualities. The Undergraduate Business School (IILM), Lodhi Road is among the top BBA colleges in India for management programs.

At IILM’s undergraduate college UBS, the curriculum ranges beyond penning down and memorizing texts and learning to draw figures. With practicality being the driving factor of our program, an individual inherits the dynamics of group behavior and how to lead others towards growth and prosperity. The BBA in Entrepreneurship is among the top-notch courses that bridge the gap between school and college education most effectively.

The Tangible Resource

The facilities on campus have been carefully dedicated for the convenience of the beginners in search for a bright future. Apart from the digitally forward lecture halls, theatres, dedicated rooms for tutorial exercises and the academic use of students, you can find a unique set of facilities on the campus.

BBA colleges in India, BBA in Entrepreneurship

The Stock Trading Room is the highlight of the resource section where students witness an emulated environment of trade in the real stock exchanges. With live price feeds coming directly from the NSE, MCX, and NCDEX, the students have the opportunity of understanding the dynamics of financial business with mock money.

The Clubs of Masters

The theory of looking beyond classrooms stretches wider than the realm of academics at IILM. As a part of networking and effective communication, the student clubs have been distributed into sections of diverse cultural activities. What makes it such a learning experience is that the students get to connect with peers with similar recreational interests in addition to the faculty of the same mind. The groups, however, relinquish executive control to the students giving them a taste of leadership at each step. You may choose from the following fraternities:

  • Global Engagement
  • Cultural
  • Marketing
  • NGO
  • Finance
  • Debate
  • Social Media
  • Current Affairs
  • Sports
  • Entrepreneurship
  • HR
  • Adventure

Realm of Opportunities

Creativity and skills of the students are further nurtured with trials and exhibition and we proffer events that showcase their zeal for achievement. The competitions range from filmmaking on social issues, international higher study summits, and entrepreneurship conferences with experts, company visits to the much-awaited annual convocation, and the like.

Let us take the conference for example, wherein a set of speakers from different industries approach the podium to address the young minds to get together and discuss the modern concepts of entrepreneurship. The basic purpose is to spearhead development in India’s ‘Make in India’ and ‘Startup India’ initiatives.

The 3-year course is an amalgamation of the imperative and otherwise unique skills and techniques that are assembled with precision for the individual to identify opportunities and wield it according to their own capability and dreams.

The Top 6 Lessons from My BBA

For three absolutely wonderful years, I called IILM UBS, one of the best BBA colleges in Delhi, my home. And what’s a home without its fair share of learning and life-changing experiences? Like many before me, I was also bitten by the bug of entrepreneurship that is still at the height of its power in our country. I like to believe that it was always in my blood – I hail from a business-running family, which is why opting a Bachelor of Business Administration degree course was never a difficult decision.

The dilemma lied in choosing the right college. And after finishing my BBA in Entrepreneurship from IILM UBS, I can proudly say that I couldn’t have picked a better institution to hone my skills and emerge as not only a better businessperson but also as a better citizen of the world. Here’s a low down on the six lessons that my BBA from IILM UBS taught me:

The earlier you start, the better

When you are right out of school and brimming with ideas, it is easier to fine-tune and shape you, which is exactly what the BBA in Entrepreneurship did to me. I was not even out of my teens, but the excellent curriculum helped sharpen my business acumen, right from leadership and communication skill development, to critical thinking and decision-making.

There is no better preparation for an MBA

After bagging a lucrative management job in a reputed firm after my BBA, I worked for a few years before pursuing my MBA. Honestly, thanks to the strong knowledge and skill base which the BBA course had provided me, MBA was a smooth sailing. The multi-disciplinary learning at IILM UBS set me up wonderfully for the challenging and dynamic environment of MBA and, later, the corporate world.

Faculty matters

Who says the spirit of entrepreneurship can’t be taught? If you have the right teachers, you can learn almost anything, and I was fortunate enough to have found many gurus during my BBA. The internationally-merited curriculum at IILM UBS is stipulated by the Swiss Business School, and the modules are delivered by highly qualified in-house as well as visiting foreign faculty and experts. With a teacher-student mix of 1:4, I never had complaints about not getting adequate attention from my teachers in my BBA who not only imparted practical knowledge of the industry but mentored me into the person I am today!

undergraduate degree, entrepreneurship courses, iilm

Exposure is critical

If businesses are never limited to one country or region, why should the learning experience be? My BBA was built on this very premise, and, honestly, the 4 weeks of my Global Study Program in my BBA when I went to a partner university in Europe was one of the most enthralling and enlightening experiences of my life. Studying business in a completely different environment, interacting with a different culture, and getting to test my skills on a global stage inspired a new-found confidence in my abilities and introduced me to the possibilities that lie beyond the border, not just for budding entrepreneurs like me, but the entire Indian business economy.

The other unique exposure that I would like to mention here is the one I had under the challenging Summer Internship Program, where I was thrown into the mix at one of the real-world corporates. It is here that I got my first taste of working in a high-velocity business conglomerate and under the tutelage of many high profile leaders in the company. All this taught me that without practical, on-the-field training, education is incomplete.

Time and stress management

So far, you might be thinking that everything was a bed of roses for me, but let me assure you, it was not. At the end of the day, the onus lies on you to make the best use of all the facilities and education you are receiving, something which I learned over the three years of BBA where live projects, presentations, case studies, lectures, events, etc. keep coming at you relentlessly. Under such a stimulating and challenging environment, I learned how to manage my time, priorities and stress. The key lies in never losing sight of your goal, which is the essence of entrepreneurship that my BBA taught me.

The art of being open

Above everything else, my BBA program taught me how to be more confident and open. There are so many avenues of learning in a BBA program, and if you have the right attitude, you will be able to benefit immensely from them all. All you need is an open mind and a hunger for trying out new experiences and challenges. As a business student, having a bright, positive attitude to everything is important, and trust me with this one: it was the stimulating environment that my BBA created for me which allowed me to inculcate the quality of being open to everything on my own.

At the end of the day, I discovered a strong sense of belonging at my BBA and became a part of a pioneering, passionate and driven community that has helped shape my entrepreneurship dream.

The Importance of GD & PI in MBA Admission

Your aspiration as a student to attend the most prestigious B-schools is shared by numerous pupils. These institutions promise a bright future and primarily a set of skills and values that establish a strong base for an entrepreneurial personality.

Rest assured that your ambition to get into the top 10 MBA colleges in India can only be realized through hard work. Apart from qualities like punctuality, etiquette and formal attire, here’s a set of things you need to tick off your list to clear the Group Discussion (GD) and Personal Interview (PI) rounds for B-schools:

Group Discussion

Organize your thoughts:  before you set out to the take the group discussion by storm, ensure that you are crystal clear about your own thoughts. Follow a structure and avoid rushing through the idea. Additionally, speak in a clear tone.


Take a holistic approach:  A group discussion session proceeds some time to process information regarding the topic. Pen down your thoughts and compare them with a range of conventional and unconventional ideas. Having ample ideas will help you to stretch the debate towards wider areas. Present reasonable points and you’ll have the group’s attention.

Courtesy is the key:  Take care while speaking and try not to come across as aggressive instead of being impressive while making a point. Don’t speak too loudly or too softly and don’t refute aggressively if your point is disagreed with.

Learn as you go: You need to be on your toes during the discussion and grow with the conversation. Listen to each point and moderate your point accordingly. Logically, this requires ample practice and mock GDs with your peers.

Avoid personal opinions and conflicts:  It is advisable to sideline your personal views and think like an academic. Additionally, avoid getting into verbal conflicts with certain members as opposed to respectfully disagreeing with them.

Personal Interview

Prepare the basics: It is a known fact that you will be asked questions like ‘why ’, ‘why this institute’ and ‘how is the course relevant to your experience and expertise’. Your MBA admission depends on how well you answer these questions in addition to questions pertaining to your personal interests.

Confidence is the answer: These interviews are structured to evaluate your confidence by cross-questioning even satisfactory answers. It is, however, only logical that confidence comes with the appropriate knowledge. Therefore, be prepared.

Be honest: The interviewers admire honesty in addition to the aforementioned. Make it a point to answer honestly even if you find yourself short of the correct answer. Think objectively and refrain from answering questions you don’t know about to avoid further cross-questioning.

Mind your P’s and Q’s:  That is to say always act politely to achieve a positive review. Listen to the interviewers in an event where they don’t fully agree with your views. Frame a better response after considering all of their points.

Prepare a good CV:  Apart from staying calm and having a positive body language, ensure that your CV reflects the best of your abilities in a presentable manner. The information on your CV should be precise as it will be assessed meticulously.

Networking with the IILM Alumni

Having one of the largest alumni networks in India, the IILM Alumni Network spans over 9000+ well-placed graduates across the globe. Being a graduate from one of the top 10 MBA colleges in India has its perks, chief among them is being a part of an exclusive network that spans more than 30 countries.

Post graduating from the MBA programme, the alumni network plays an important role in your professional life. There are countless examples of new jobs, business leads, and development opportunities for these strategic networks. Whatever your MBA specialization may be, a strong college network is a premier advantage that you receive after graduating.

Networking Impact:

The IILM Alumni Network is an energetic and well-connected set of individuals, with its base strength increasing daily. The network has a passion for enhancing professional development and aiding each other in business needs. Whether that’s mentoring or vendor recommendations, the network provides a strong advantage for individuals who are looking to be a part of a premier institution. With existing graduates showing a positive organization impact, HR departments are keen on hiring those that are in the network of these individuals.

Global Study Programme, top 10 MBA colleges in India


Diversity is another key component of the IILM alumni experience. With the rich culture of the institution being instilled in all alumni members, the networking opportunity doubles for new students who have diverse backgrounds. For IILM, excellence is a quality that is never compromised, and graduates from the PGDM program have MBA specializations that blend with their diverse backgrounds.

Relationships & Nurturing:

With senior members mentoring new graduates, it’s a win-win situation for all alumni individuals. The relationship that graduates form with senior members creates an overarching culture of innovation, excellence, and instills confidence in all members. Senior members learn about upcoming technologies and key trends, while new members learn core management skills from the top heads of the industry.


With a rising emphasis on the need for global leaders, the IILM alumni network focuses deeply on globalization. The IILM alumni network spans many countries and regions that are easily accessible through the network’s capability. Graduates can easily reach out to new geographies, industries, and profiles, just by leveraging the power of one of the top 10 MBA colleges in India.

An IILM MBA education is a deeply enriching experience for global candidates. With a large network spanning 9000+ members, the IILM alumni community is one of the most well-connected and professional networks in the world.

Nail Your College Interview in 8 Steps

Do you plan to study abroad after 12th Grade? Or do you plan to seek admission in one of the top 10 MBA colleges in Delhi NCR or elsewhere in India after earning your undergraduate degree? In either case, you must prepare for the interview, which is part of the college admissions process these days. Here’s an 8-step guide to acing your college interview –

Do Your Research:

One sure way to impress the college interview board is to research beforehand. Not only does this show that you are keen on joining the college but also highlights your ability to research. During the interview ask a couple of questions about the college; the answers to which may not be available on the website or brochure.

It also helps to do a bit of research on the interview board members, particularly if they are faculty members or alumni. This will help tailor your answers to include areas that may interest them.

Dress To Impress:

Take your interview seriously. Do not dress in denim or turn up in party wear. Dress in professional attire. Your clothes need not be expensive or new but a clean well-kempt look works best.

Come Prepared:

Do not be late for your college interview. Come prepared with all necessary documents and writing equipment. Read the fine print in your interview invitation letter. “Recommended” usually means ‘required’. If your interview invitation says it is recommended that you come equipped with letters from your school teachers or other community members, do not leave these out.

Go Beyond Answers:

Sure, your invitation letter says interview. It is not an interrogation, though. Go beyond answering questions. Come prepared with a couple of questions of your own – particularly about the student facilities or courses that you plan to take up.

Remain equipped with insightful answers to questions such as “Tell us about yourself”, “Why this college?”, or “Why this course?”

What Makes You An Asset:

Interviewers are always looking for students who will make great alumni. Your academic achievements are certainly important but if you have excelled at sports, arts, or made significant contributions to your neighborhood, the interview is the place to highlight these.

MBA colleges in Delhi, IILM

Put Together A Portfolio:

It is always a good idea to put together a portfolio of your interests and achievements – things you may want to highlight at the interview. If you have done a bit of volunteering or have been part of any social service venture that you wish to speak of if you are an artist and have a curated portfolio, bringing these along may be a very good idea.

Confidence is The Key:

Confidence is the most important factor in cracking your college interview. Keep your tone light and conversational and be ready to questions with a touch of humor. Do smile and make eye contact when you greet interviewers and as you answer them. Talk about your achievements but do not sound boastful.

Follow Up:

Common courtesies go a long way. Thank your interviewer(s) and part with a firm handshake. Follow up your interview with a ‘Thank You’ note if appropriate. A nicely written email will work well in this case.