How To Effectively Leverage Your MBA Alumni Network

The beauty of completing an MBA degree lies not just in the prestige of being a management graduate but also in the connections you make in your time at the institute. The famed alumni network is always positioned as one of the biggest benefits of doing an MBA; connecting with like-minded, ambitious souls from diverse backgrounds can teach you more than a standard classroom experience.

Your peers add value to your life on the personal as well as professional front. From grappling to get an MBA admission in Delhi to graduating with each other, time spent together improves your personality and equips you with skills you didn’t realize you needed. This same of a network of people becomes an invaluable asset later on in life. Leveraging your alumni network is a sure-shot way of building and solidifying relationships that open up opportunities for you. Here’s how you can make the most of your network and extract priceless benefits:

Stay updated on the latest developments:

Do not forget to sign up for the alumni newsletter. Keep in sync with the latest developments about the rest of alumni and their careers, especially those who are stepping out or working in industries and causes that interest you. Be sure to attend any alumni events and connect with former classmates to build new relationships.

Stay connected on social media platforms:

The power of social media cannot be discounted here. Use professional platforms such as LinkedIn to stay in touch with your alumni network. Twitter and Facebook are also platforms you can use to leverage and build your network. Another benefit of these social platforms is the potential to connect with the individual on a more personal level. You can also use these platforms to speak with them about topics or questions you may need assistance with. Best part? Since you are a part of the same Delhi management institute alumni network, they’ll be more than happy to help you out!

Build sturdy bridges:

One of the key reasons why there is so much stress on maintaining relationships is that they sometimes become the bridge to the right person. If you are looking to turn to entrepreneurship, your alumni network can be helpful in connecting you to the right investors or customers. If you’re looking for a job switch or a business prospect, you can rely on your peers to connect you to the right people.

Whether considering a better job opportunity or a potential investment matter, your alumni peers form a goldmine of opportunities that when utilized well, can open doors to unbound success. Connect with the right people and stay in touch to fully realize the power of being an MBA graduate.

Reasons To Start Your Own Business With A BBA Course

So, you have the perfect idea for your first business venture. Perhaps you have come up with an innovation or a disruptive business model, and now feel that this is the right time to step into the entrepreneurial world. But this is the moment where we tell you to take a moment and consider something that will have a great bearing on your future business plans: a BBA in Entrepreneurship course from one of the best undergraduate colleges in Delhi – IILM UBS.

Why? Like in every profession, there is a certain skillset that you must possess to tackle entrepreneurship head on and carve a niche for yourself. This is exactly what a degree in BBA arms you with as you work on your business simultaneously. Let’s take a detailed and convincing look at the reasons to start your own business with a parallel BBA in Entrepreneurship course:

Academic and Industry Knowledge:

Having knowledge of various subjects in business, finance and management will strengthen your expertise in entrepreneurship by building a strong theoretical foundation. The BBA in Entrepreneurship curriculum is designed to provide students modern subject knowledge along with practical know-how on the industry practices, case studies, and global scenarios. Such education will enable you to better understand your business and implement your learning in real life.

Exclusive Mentorship:

IILM UBS is one of the only few business schools in Delhi that ensures that every student gets a personal mentor who will guide them throughout the course and help them build upon their business plan. If you already have a business venture, you can set up meetings with your mentor to discuss and iron out problems and issues. Such an intimate interaction gives you and your new business a rare advantage.

Development of Communication Skills:

In today’s extremely competitive world of business, entrepreneurs are expected to be not only experts in their industry but also highly polished, fluent and confident. A course in BBA will help you build your personality from the ground up, and allow you to learn how to communicate and discuss your ideas, proposals, solutions, etc. in a charming, confident manner.

Building of a Robust Business Acumen via Experiential Learning:

In a BBA course, you get unbridled exposure to real-world learning, challenges, work experience, and projects. From internships at top corporates to seminars with business leaders, it is the experiential learning that will help you scale up your business and explore new possibilities. Then, there are the global study programs that provide a budding entrepreneur with international experiences that help in developing key competencies required in the field. All these experiences help cultivate the entrepreneur in you as you simultaneously work to make your business a success.

Apart from the above-mentioned advantages, successfully completing a BBA course along with your business venture provides you with brilliant networking opportunities. If you so choose to, you can later on pursue an MBA to take your entrepreneurial wisdom to another level.

Is MBA a Good Career Choice for an Engineer?

If you are an engineer who has freshly earned his or her degree, or a seasoned individual working a white collar job in a multi-national, there comes a time when you are faced with the question of ‘what next’. For many, engineering is a means to an end or a truly uninhibited passion. Yet, many of us aspire to go one step further – than step often being management. But, is MBA a great career choice for an engineer?

As top management colleges in India such as IILM eagerly await the next set of applications for their MBA course, it is time for you to decide whether you want to pursue this option. If getting into the family business, becoming an entrepreneur, or landing a top management job at an MNC is what you eventually plan to do, then an MBA is definitely the right option. And we are quite optimistic that after reading this article, you will have already made your decision…in favor of MBA after engineering. Here’s why:

You learn about the finer nuances of business:

Coming from an engineering background, you must already be aware of the technical and operational side of a business. But, in the long run, a business is all about expansion, productivity and profit – domains in which MBA graduates excel. An MBA program develops strong strategic, analytical and financial aptitude in candidates, setting them up to lead organizations one day.  Moreover, if you have a business idea, an innovation you want to market, or simply expand your family business, knowledge of management principles and subjects is critical.

MBA Course

You get exposure like never before:

An MBA degree is highly dynamic and fast-paced. You will be constantly involved in projects, discussions, and debates which will challenge your problem-solving acumen, and impart to you the necessary leadership skills to rise to the top. Most importantly, you will get unprecedented practical experience in an MBA course – via internships, workshops, international study programs, corporate training and interning, etc. An MBA program will thrust you into the real-life business world, and provide you with opportunities to enhance your skillset.

You develop an entrepreneurial aptitude:

An MBA course also opens up avenues for you to become an entrepreneur. Many MBA colleges have tailor-made courses on this subject which allow students to develop and perfect their ground-breaking ideas and innovations into profitable business models. As an engineer, you might have always dreamt of solving the world’s problems and disrupting industries with better services and product. Doing an MBA is how you can devise a blueprint for accomplishing this dream.

You benefit from extensive personality development:

In business, it’s all about the personality, ethics, and manners. Making the right first impression is half the battle won. In an MBA program, one learns etiquettes and communication skills that are synonymous with the best leaders in the world.

You can land an extremely lucrative corporate job:

It is no secret that MBA courses promise great placements in the best and biggest corporate firms globally. If that is what drives you, then doing an MBA is the best decision you can take right now. After all, to reach the top of a company, you need to have excellent business skills, which is why companies hire management graduates with lucrative offers. In other cases, many top positions in your present company would most definitely require an MBA degree. This is where you can get an edge over your colleagues and gain a quicker and bigger job promotion.

Are you ready, now, to take the jump from engineering to management?

Top 5 Skills You Develop While Studying BBA In Entrepreneurship

Starting your very own venture demands skills that are second to none. These distinctive skills are not acquired overnight and need to be nurtured. A BBA in Entrepreneurship provides students with the education needed to create and begin their own businesses. From learning about legal implications surrounding a business to effective operating strategies to scale-up, a BBA in Entrepreneurship gives you a jumpstart when you finally begin your journey. Below are the top skills you’ll be equipped with towards the end of the course from the undergraduate business school at IILM UBS, one of the top business schools in India:

Become A Leader:

The BBA in Entrepreneurship is a very hands-on program where students will be expected to work in numerous projects and case studies in groups. This enables the development of leadership skills and specialized competencies required to lead a new business, scale-up and adapt to changing environments.

Develop An Entrepreneurial Mindset:

Learn how to apply new ideas, methods, and perspectives to businesses and projects.

The program helps students gain confidence and certainty in their business idea and apply it in the real world with the structures and systems learned at the b-school.

Embrace Innovation:

Furthermore, the program also enables students to develop skills in innovation and creativity, helping them acquire the ability to understand consumer needs and demands and develop products and services accordingly. The ability to gauge untapped needs in the market is a skill that is developed over time through the detailed analysis of numerous case studies at the b-school.

Gain The Tools To Be Highly Competitive:

Courses in accounting, information technologies, and entrepreneurial finance help you develop invaluable hard skills, especially when procured from IILM UBS, which is amongst the best BBA colleges in India. Additionally, soft skills like leadership and people management will be obtained through group projects, giving you a firm foundation to start your own business.

Develop A Global Network:

Networking skills are crucial in the business environment. The ability to make valuable contacts, maintain contacts and know when to use them is important in the real world. Earn a BBA in Entrepreneurship from IILM UBS and take advantage of the professional relationships and connections in made at the b-school.

After the completion of the course, students will be empowered with the tools to fashion new products or services and oversee developments for existing companies the world over. Not only that, they’ll be able to make valuable contacts, further develop their skills into core competencies and deal with the pressures of a big corporate job or their own business efficiently.

BBA after Class 12th: PF Course Details, Eligibility and Career Prospects

A Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration (BBA) after class 12 lays the perfect foundation for a career in business with sound management skills. This degree aids you with the ability to effectively set up and manage businesses of all sizes, especially vital for business managers and entrepreneurs. BBA degree is of most relevance to those looking to foster innovative ideas and channeling their business acumen. Innovation is the only way for new businesses to succeed and old businesses to continue thriving. This drive for innovation can be in the field of business processes, technology, social innovation, business models, revenue models, branding, positioning, etc.

BBA after Class 12th

With innovation at its core, IILM offers a specialized BBA in entrepreneurship as per the SBS Swiss Business School curriculum, double accredited by the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE), as well as the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP). Being one of the leading business schools in Delhi, IILM seeks to set the groundwork for budding entrepreneurs and young achievers through a holistic support system.

The three-year course includes 2 semesters of international experience, studying at the SBS campus abroad. Being exposed to a global environment and holding an international degree gives the student an unmatched competitive edge to excel in any given field of business.

To match the eligibility criteria and get admitted in the course, prospective students must pass Class XII with minimum 55% under the Indian education system (CBSE or ICSE) or any equivalent board in India or overseas, with English and Mathematics at the class X level. Overseas students seeking admission should have completed their A-levels (under the British system). Students who meet the criterion undergo an in-depth counseling session with a faculty member followed by a video case study discussion. The aim of this activity is to gauge the student’s analytical abilities and thinking style. The final step of the admission procedure is a personal interview conducted by the admission committee.

Pursuing a degree at one of the top BBA colleges in Delhi will open up doors to opportunities in all fields of business. The degree will prepare the student to excel in varying functions and roles in a business setting. It will provide the student basic knowledge about corporate management with a focus on entrepreneurship. Extended guest lectures, live case studies, and simulations will expose the student to the dynamic world of business, setting them on the path to strategize, conceptualize and launch prosperous ventures.

Is BBA Beneficial for a Student of Science Stream?

Choosing a stream post the reception of the Secondary School Certificate (SSC) is one of the most significant decisions. However, as you go along you might realize that your talent really lies in another field of study altogether. While it is a matter to be considered, it is nothing to give yourself a headache over.

Students choosing a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) course after completing school in the science stream is not very different from Technology graduates going for an MBA. The best BBA colleges in Delhi NCR offer the degree to students from all streams with minorly varying selection criteria. Here are a few things you need to know:

Will the science stream affect a career in BBA?

The BBA course proffers basic business values regarding financial management, economics and the principles of management. The 3 years are structured to imbibe appropriate communication skills that make up an important part of managerial life. Your assessment as a business graduate will depend on how you perform in the course instead of your high school education. So, the science stream will not affect a career in business.

Eligibility Criteria:

You will need to, however, prove your ability to grasp the essentials of the B-world over the course of the next 3 years. BBA admission in Delhi and other states is dependent on your performance on the entrance test. The entrance examination is a conventional method of identifying the eligible students with exceptions in a few colleges and universities. You may enroll for centralized examinations that offer admission in a number of colleges if you pass.

The universities require a minimum of 50% aggregate score in your 12th standard examinations for you to be allowed to appear for the entrance exam. The exams usually consist of the following sections:

  • General Awareness
  • Reasoning
  • Quantitative Aptitude
  • Language (English)

Follow your disposition:

Essentially it boils down to your interests and calling in life. If you are sure that you need a shift from practical or theoretical sciences to managerial sciences, nothing should stop you. As you might have heard, an MBA is almost necessary to ensure a promising career after a BBA education. Nonetheless, it is advisable to seek advice from your parents, seniors, and peers. You can save a lot of time and effort by consulting an individual who has taken the same step earlier.

Take the example of Edwin Hubble; his studies were focused on jurisprudence at the University of Chicago given to his father’s wishes, but he never let his goals out of his sight, worked hard, believed in himself and turned out to be one of the most prominent astronomers in the world. You can do it as well!

My MBA Experience at IILM

An MBA is not merely a degree. It is not merely a course that allows us to gain an entry ticket into the world of corporate functioning and entrepreneurship. It is a pool of experience that we dip into time and again to gain valuable pearls of wisdom and insight.

My reflections may resonate with those who have graduated from the best MBA colleges in India.

Developing Business and Relationships:

Even as I embarked on my MBA journey in one of the top MBA institutes in Noida I was aware that I would be specializing in entrepreneurship. My greatest learning during my time at IILM, however, was developing relationships. Closely interacting with the faculty and business leaders was an eye-opener.

Add to this the fact that each one of my peers added to the wonderful network I was developing. While I did have some idea about the work of an entrepreneur, I was soaking in all the aspects of business development.

Career Growth:

My MBA experience at IILM, refined my views on career development. One of the greatest mistakes that our generation makes is to equate ambition with shortcuts to growth. Even for those who achieve a phenomenal amount of success in their careers in a relatively short time, life is never a bed of roses.

Setbacks, struggles, and an occasional failure are inevitable. Getting past career hurdles is something that I would not have learned without spending the time I did studying the nuanced lives of various industry leaders and pioneers during my MBA. The course equipped me with the skills that I require to get ahead in my career.

Personal Development:

The time I spent at IILM pursuing my MBA degree was not only a defining phase as far as my career goes but was also instrumental in shaping my own personality, my personal ambitions, and outlook. It taught me the value that we add to goods and services by way of our work is not defined by the profits we rake in, but by the difference we make to the lives of people across the globe.

From our stakeholders to colleagues, from those in need of our solutions to the common man of our nation – our dreams must necessarily be from the growth and development of everyone around us. Our growth lies not only in our own prosperity but in the growth of all the lives we touch.

My MBA experience at the IILM was an exceptional one that opened up numerous avenues for me to explore through my professional life. It also connected me with many brilliant people who had made their mark in the business world or set out on the wondrous journey with me.

Procedure to Get Admission for MBA Degree in IILM

MBA aspirants have a rather overwhelming experience while applying to B-schools. Most colleges have a complicated and exhaustive admission procedure. Unlike them, IILM provides the applicants with every help they require to simplify the application process. The admission procedure is easy and uncomplicated and has been thoroughly explained under the ‘Admissions’ section of the website:

For aspirants who still have queries about the process, the following blog comprehensively explains the procedure to admission for MBA degree in IILM. Read on to know everything you need to.

Before we start it is important for the aspirants to know that IILM’s admissions process for PGDM full-time-2 year is approved by AICTE and is also accredited by SAQS (South Asia Quality Improvement System) program for the 2018-20 batches.

The first step in the admission process is to fill in the application form.

Aspirants planning to apply to the IILM PGDM 2018-20 are required to fill out one common application form. The form would have 3 IILM campus options to choose from. Aspirants can indicate their preferred location amongst campuses in Lodhi Road, Gurugram, and Greater Noida.

best MBA institutes in India

The IILM’s application form is available Online and is free of application fee. The aspirant will also need to scan documents like the photograph, passport, and income proof and mark sheets (Class 10, Class 12, graduation and competitive exam score card) and send along with the form. The competitive exams for which scores are accepted are CAT/MAT/XAT/ATMA/CMAT/GMAT.

Additionally, a single window interface has been designed for all admission-related queries for all locations. This makes processing much simpler and centralized for IILM PGDM.

The aspirants must take an appropriate amount to fill in the form. Pay attention to the details and proofread once you are done filling it.

Note – The eligibility criterion requires students to have completed their graduation in any stream (minimum 50%) or appearing in the final year of their graduation from universities and institutions recognized by AICTE/UGC/AIU before they apply.


From these applicants, the aspirants who pass the minimum eligibility criteria for admission at IILM, one of the best colleges for MBA, are shortlisted. These shortlisted candidates are then invited for a one-to-one interaction and interview with the faculty members. Students living abroad are interviewed telephonically or over Skype. The students have to contact us over the telephone, on a number given in the interview mail sent to them.


Finally, on the basis of the above-listed stages, the final batch of 120 bright, dynamic and passionate individuals are admitted.

We want to mention that the admission procedure at IILM, one of best MBA institutes in India, is absolutely transparent and merit-based. IILM does not have any management quota or special quota. Each applicant goes through the general application process.


IILM UBS aims to create a learning environment that is active, collaborative as well as one that cultivates ‘learning relationships’, wherein learning takes place amongst peer groups, allowing students to actively engage and develop crucial social skills. Moreover, these educational experiences enhance the academic abilities of the students, as they are not limited to assignments and tests.

IILM UBS gives students several opportunities to engage in learning through the following initiatives:

Innovation Weeks:

These weeks are designed to strengthen the entrepreneurial spirit of students and nurture their creative abilities. This is achieved through multiple sessions conducted by eminent entrepreneurs, field visits as well as live projects. The themes for these sessions range from social entrepreneurship to starting-up.

Entrepreneurship Development Centre:

Inspired by the belief that entrepreneurs are not always born but can also be created, IILM formed the Entrepreneurship Development Centre (EDC) with an aim to create an entrepreneurial mindset in students. The students of the BBA in Family Business program along with the other IILM UBS courses can greatly benefit from the center as it performs a strong platform for budding entrepreneurs to ideate, validate and develop their innovative ideas.

PGDM college in Delhi NCR

From learning to prepare and presenting a business plan to understanding the legal aspects of opening a start-up, the supportive atmosphere at the EDC helps students move a step closer towards the realization of their dreams.


Numerous contests and activities are organized throughout the year to build a healthy environment and develop the various facets of the dynamic students at IILM. These activities include blood donation camps and donation drives; painting and poster making contests, as well as football matches, are organized to allow students to discover their passions and strengths. Business-related activities include the stock trading contests and group discussions on relevant pressing issues in the industry.

The BBA in Entrepreneurship program, as well as the other programs offered at the Institute, aim to provide students with a holistic experience at IILM so that they walk out of the institute as well-rounded individuals.

Finally, students are challenged to reflect, question, conjecture and evaluate, thereby encouraging them to think beyond the classroom.

After all, a multidimensional, socially responsible citizen is developed out of a student who is actively involved in academics as well as extra-curricular activities.

MBA Admissions 2018-19: IILM B-School Begins Admission Process

Every year, up to 120 smart, dynamic and aspirational students get to enroll themselves at IILM, a PGDM college in Delhi NCR unlike any other. With the MBA admissions now open for the next batch which will last from 2018 to 2020, we take a look at the entire process in detail, and why IILM can be the perfect stepping stone to a successful entrepreneurial career.

Choosing IILM:

Before opting to participate in the admission process, one must decide the ideal college for MBA. In IILM, though, you will discover a college and an experiential PGDM programme that tailors itself to your strengths and interests. Backed by a globally benchmarked curriculum inspired by Stanford Graduate School of Business, Wharton Business School, and IIM-A, our PGDM involves business simulations and case studies at its core. This is testified by over 9000 well-placed alumni throughout our 25-year history.

The 4-week global study programme is also a key differentiator which enables students to get adequate and critical global exposure in business studies and environment across various countries in Europe, Asia, and North America.

The backbone of the entire course, though, is the mentoring programme which pairs individuals with a permanent mentor according to his or her interests. The full-time and visiting faculty with vast industrial and teaching experience also plays a huge role in churning out world-class entrepreneurs of tomorrow. A robust placement cell and the mandatory 3-month long internship develop critical skills in students and provide them with a fantastic platform to bag the job of their dreams.

Finally, the spacious and world-class campuses with all the best amenities located at Gurgaon and Greater Noida provide the perfect environment for learning and fun to one and all.

With so much on the plate, an MBA at IILM is one absolutely worth it.

Getting admission:

Eligibility criteria-

If you have completed graduation in any field with a minimum of 50% marks, or are appearing in the final year of your graduation from AICTE/UGC/AIU recognized universities, you are eligible to apply for our PGDM course.

Valid competitive scores:

Scores will only be counted from either of the following examinations for MBA: CAT/XAT/ATMA/MAT/CMAT/GMAT


The process is divided into three tasks- online application, interview, and selection.

First, you must fill and submit the online application form along with all the relevant documents. Normally, within 24 hours, a reply is issued to the applicant.

  • Thereafter, shortlisted candidates undergo interaction and interview with faculty members. In case you are unable to attend the interview due to location problems, a Skype interview can also be arranged.
  • Once selected, the candidate will have to deposit the required fees before the classes commence in July. Students can also avail the Merit-cum-Means scholarship which varied depending upon marks in graduation, CAT percentile, MAT score, and other socio-economic factors.

Once you clear it all, you can proudly proclaim to be a student of the best college in India for MBA that is more a course in business experience, driving innovation, real-world problem-solving and critical international exposure– IILM.

Are you ready to begin your entrepreneurial journey with us?