What are the Benefits of Specialised Mentoring?

Young minds are often given to traverse the depths of aspirations and opportunities to find the right path. Even though strong in will and ambitious in actions, the surmounting problem of a future life can be arduous to tackle alone. One then needs assistance from an expert who understands these goals and can guide you towards your calling. In simple words, students need mentors who can help them achieve their maximum potential. At IILM, we assign a dedicated mentor to each student who helps you through the thick and thin of academics, career, and the future. Mentoring sessions are a part of the entrepreneurship courses at the Undergraduate Business School at IILM. Read on to find out the various benefits of specialized mentoring:

Identifying Priorities:

Primarily, you must learn how to get your priorities straight and manage your time accordingly. With social media creating an eternal distraction in the lives of the young guns, our mentors help in determining the amount of time wasted. Subsequently, they urge the students to make practical plans to reduce the wastage of time. Finally, they help in establishing accountability for the plans to ensure growth and the optimum use of time to achieve the goals.

Managing the Financial Aspect:

Most students come to IILM to pursue the bachelor of business administration degree from different walks of life. Regardless of the family background, every student evaluates his/her financial position at some point in their educational career. More often than not, it leads to unwanted and unnecessary stress. The specialized counseling at UBS, IILM aids in exploring the financial worries, identifying wasteful spending, and helping you look for ways to do well post the completion of the course.

Managing Anxiety:

The elaborate curriculum and industry practices required to be mastered by students may lead to anxiety. You may feel like not being able to cope with the studies. Mentors at IILM lend guidance on how to get rid of irrational fears. Additionally, they help you manage your studies better and rearrange your thoughts towards a positive mindset.


The business world gets the better of everyone every now and then. Therefore, how you handle stress and channelize your worries are essential. Specialised mentoring sessions are organized to avoid the stress from building up to a point where it becomes overwhelming. Regular sessions beyond school hours ensure that the students don’t over-indulge in unnecessary activities. They make sure that you don’t turn towards depression and ruin your life. By simply indicating triggering points and identifying activities and ways to cope with stress, the mentors introduce mindful ways of coping with the problems of the mind.

Moreover, mentors help the families of the pupils to keep a track of their child’s progress. The sessions emphasize ways for pupils to expand their family business, higher education abroad, starting a new business or finding a respectable job to excel in life and make a name for themselves.