Family Business Expansion: BBA Degree Overview

In an economy as booming as India’s, a lot has been attributed to the rise of entrepreneurship in the country. Be it your small-scale businesses to large MNCs, everyone has played their role. Family businesses too are extremely popular in India, with many young ones aspiring to join the same when they complete their education. A BBA degree may just be the boost they need.

BBA at IILM UBS is about making the most of that degree to contribute your family business’ expansion in multiple ways. A look at the BBA course details will tell you how the course is designed to introduce multiple disciplines to a person and help them identify their forte. The holistic approach to business education at the college can help you nail your role as the next leader of your business.

Delving into the know-how:

A BBA introduces you to the various aspects of the business. From understanding strategy to marketing, financial and legal knowledge, this degree forms the perfect stepping stone into understanding how your market works. Well-equipped with the basics of every field, you are more in command of your next step. It helps you understand how the sync between two different segments of your business can affect your top line business goals.

Widening your scope of thinking:

Among the best advantages of studying at one of the top 10 business schools in India are the exposure to a good faculty and high-quality peers with goals similar to yours. Interacting with a diverse set of people exposes you to different viewpoints of approaching anything. You get an insight into their worlds and it also helps you understand how they think and feel; this can help you sharpen your interpersonal skills.

Nurturing your strengths:

Every person comes with their own soft-skill sets which are honed in the baccalaureate years.  While you can gain knowledge of everything that governs how a company functions, you’ll be able to identify which fields have your core interest – be it logistics, marketing, finance, strategy, product or more. You can concentrate and build on that knowledge, and even specialize in it. The support you get from peers as you develop is going to be phenomenal making you more confident when you step into your family’s venture.

Staying tuned to the latest trends:

Every business needs to adapt to the changing times and trends that are more dynamic than they ever were before. A degree such as a BBA keeps you updated with the latest tools and marketing mediums, enables you to think beyond the traditional business intelligence, and makes you confident in predicting trends. This can, in turn, assist you in making changes to your business that ensures its strong standing in the market.

BBA degree empowers you with a strong foundation in business knowledge and equips you with soft skills that make you fit in easily in a family-run business. Step into IILM UBS to stand out as a leader for tomorrow.


With high-quality academics and impressive study abroad programmes, IILM is ranked amongst the top tier B-schools in the country. It’s been 25 years since the inception of the venerable management institute and through the years, IILM has displayed incessant and consistent efforts to deliver superior quality education to its students. This dedicated commitment has been recognized with a number of accolades that the institute has been honored with year after year. In 2017, EdUniversal ranked IILM as the 11th best business school in India. Keep reading for the IILM BBA course details that set it apart:

Centrally Located Campus:

The central location of the IILM campuses gives students the opportunity to take advantage of the numerous resources and stakeholders available in the vicinity, as well as a chance to network with the influential community present in the national capital. IILM has three strategically located campuses. One campus location at Lodhi Road, the political center of the country, enables students to be aware of the developments in politics as well as business. The second campus in Gurgaon’s Golf Course Road, the industrial hub and nerve center of start-ups, gives students the opportunity to network and learn from established and budding entrepreneurs. The third location in the Knowledge Park of Greater Noida provides a knowledge-sharing platform for the students with universities and large firms located in close proximity.

BBA in Entrepreneurship, undergraduate program

Global Exposure:

The BBA college at IILM offers the Global Study Programme to develop intercultural competence in the students. The Programme includes lectures on Strategic Management, Entrepreneurship, Digital Marketing and Innovation at the partner institutions abroad. The students have the unique opportunity to study at a campus located in North America, Asia or Europe and immerse themselves in the local culture as well as participate in company visits abroad.

Family Business Mentoring:

Many students at IILM either join their family business or start their own business after graduation. At the business school, you are assigned a mentor with whom you have the opportunity to ideate, discuss and incubate your ideas, as well as seek advice for challenges that a family business may face. These mentors are expert faculty members who give students individualized guidance depending on the varied background and interests of the students.

The BBA programme at the institute is quite popular, especially in today’s day and age when the demand for management experts is constantly on the rise. IILM has a vast alumni network of over 9000 students that have been placed in some of the biggest firms in the industry. IILM offers its students numerous benefits and promising future prospects, which is why the institute is the preferred choice for many students.