The Business School community building starts with the cafeteria.

A blog post by Avani Natani (PGDM 2018-20- IILM GSM)

Have you ever wondered how a college would be without a cafeteria?

Exactly! A feeling of monotony strikes you with a grimacing face, how could someone just depend on mess food. But at the same time, the college cafeteria isn’t only about food or an excuse from the mess, it is much more than that. It’s a place holding a million memories that remain enshrined in everyone’s heart and soul even after we bid goodbye to our college but we carry along with those souvenirs of utmost happiness that remain fresh every time we think of college days.

It has rightly been said canteen is not just a place but an emotion where the probability of finding students is always greater than finding them in the classrooms. After all, it’s an easy way for the students to abscond from lectures to explore campus life. It’s also a respite from tedious long-lasting, and day-long lectures.  We have numerous reasons to believe that the college canteen is the best place for all. It’s a place where we see our student community being built up and the same is reinforced through love or hate or scuffle or debate. The sounds of everlasting conversations and gossip can be found echoing across the walls of the cafeteria.

“I have 50, you have 100”, perhaps only the canteen watches us silently what actual efforts we friends make to pool in for one appetizing and leisurely meal. Amidst all the chaos and disturbance this is the only place that every student finds comfort in all the projects and assignments related discussions. With every sip of tea, it somehow skips their mind how time is passing by, after all this is the place where bonds are not just created but are reinforced with every indulgence and conversation, shuddering the walls with their boisterous laughter.

No matter how strong your resolution of “Kal se fast food band”, the college canteen would break that too, as the aroma of paratha, chilly potato, cheese sandwich, samosa, and Maggi reach your nostrils.

Canteen is all about friends and foods the best duo anyone would ever come across. Be it an occasion of someone’s birthday, a treat from someone getting placed, canteen is always the perfect ambiance for such rendezvous where we brush aside all our hassles of monotonous and mundane life.  Be it Dominos or KFC, even a lavish dinner at Taj could not match the taste of that morsel of food that we snatch from our friend’s hand which is almost about to enter his mouth, and gobble them up. Fighting for that tiny morsel with our squad is indeed a true satisfaction.

Long after once they have left the college, this would be a place where they would shed tears remembering those precious moments with friends spent here.  Canteen culture is an important culture and an integral part of every college as it is not just a place to satisfy hunger but it also creates an environment for students to interact with each other, learn life skills, get along with each other, and finally become a family. The process of building the second family away from home starts from here.





Five Personality Traits All Entrepreneurs Must Have

Do you want to step away from the rat race of bagging a secure job and dream of becoming an entrepreneur? If yes, then you deserve all the encouragement because it is truly a worthy aspiration. In this, you give shape to a completely original and innovative idea through the sweat of your brow and let it go through the baptism by fire by presenting it to your customers. Do you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur? Here are the five characteristics of a successful entrepreneur. Find out for yourself if you have them.

1. Passion and Motivation:

What is that which you can work on over and over again without getting bored and can continue doing for the rest of your life? What keeps you restless because you haven’t finished it yet? Is there something that you enjoy so much, something that you have built and want to continue improving upon? Building a prototype from the scratch, implementing it and then pitching your idea to venture capitalists, all this requires immense passion and determination.

2. Ability to Take Risks and Manage Finances Strategically:

Entrepreneurs should be willing to take the risk and dive deep into a future of uncertainty. Moreover, a venture takes time to become profitable. Until then, capital is limited and has to be managed wisely. Wise entrepreneurs keep a grip on cash flow even after securing funding or going fully operational. They also put resources in reserve for dealing with unforeseen situations. After all, not every attempt will result in success, but what sets successful entrepreneurs apart is their ability to determine when to cut losses.

3. Self-belief, Hard Work and Disciplined Dedication:

An entrepreneur should have an unfaltering belief in themselves. They should be confident, willing to work hard and dedicated to their project. Apart from that, it helps to acquire the relevant knowledge and skills before beginning a career in entrepreneurship. One can apply for PGDM admission as its curriculum acquaints students with the fundamentals of management, something which may benefit them immensely in the long run when they pursue a career in entrepreneurship.

4. Adaptable and Flexible:

It is also important to be flexible about client or market needs as not doing so will lead to failure sooner or later. An entrepreneur should thus welcome suggestions for optimization which may help in enhancing their product and satisfy the current market needs. What holds the key is the ability to decide when to call it quits and try something new.

5. Product and Market Knowledge:

Entrepreneurs have to know their product and its market inside and out. Not remaining informed about changing market needs, competitors’ moves and other extraneous factors may cause even great products to fail. Entrepreneurs achieve success because they create something that did not exist earlier or because they significantly improve an existing product before it loses its newness.

Do you have these above-mentioned traits to become a successful entrepreneur? If you still do not know, trust your gut. And to gain the knowledge and skills required for being an entrepreneur, go for a PGDM course, that is, a post-graduate diploma in management. Its curriculum gives you the theoretical edge and practical training that empower you to make better decisions as you take baby steps in a long and successful entrepreneurial career.

How To Effectively Leverage Your MBA Alumni Network

The beauty of completing an MBA degree lies not just in the prestige of being a management graduate but also in the connections you make in your time at the institute. The famed alumni network is always positioned as one of the biggest benefits of doing an MBA; connecting with like-minded, ambitious souls from diverse backgrounds can teach you more than a standard classroom experience.

Your peers add value to your life on the personal as well as professional front. From grappling to get an MBA admission in Delhi to graduating with each other, time spent together improves your personality and equips you with skills you didn’t realize you needed. This same of a network of people becomes an invaluable asset later on in life. Leveraging your alumni network is a sure-shot way of building and solidifying relationships that open up opportunities for you. Here’s how you can make the most of your network and extract priceless benefits:

Stay updated on the latest developments:

Do not forget to sign up for the alumni newsletter. Keep in sync with the latest developments about the rest of alumni and their careers, especially those who are stepping out or working in industries and causes that interest you. Be sure to attend any alumni events and connect with former classmates to build new relationships.

Stay connected on social media platforms:

The power of social media cannot be discounted here. Use professional platforms such as LinkedIn to stay in touch with your alumni network. Twitter and Facebook are also platforms you can use to leverage and build your network. Another benefit of these social platforms is the potential to connect with the individual on a more personal level. You can also use these platforms to speak with them about topics or questions you may need assistance with. Best part? Since you are a part of the same Delhi management institute alumni network, they’ll be more than happy to help you out!

Build sturdy bridges:

One of the key reasons why there is so much stress on maintaining relationships is that they sometimes become the bridge to the right person. If you are looking to turn to entrepreneurship, your alumni network can be helpful in connecting you to the right investors or customers. If you’re looking for a job switch or a business prospect, you can rely on your peers to connect you to the right people.

Whether considering a better job opportunity or a potential investment matter, your alumni peers form a goldmine of opportunities that when utilized well, can open doors to unbound success. Connect with the right people and stay in touch to fully realize the power of being an MBA graduate.