Last Minute preparation tips for CAT 2023

Since CAT exam is near, there are some important tips I would like to share.

Mocks – Taking a CAT Mock test every day won’t help much, at this point. Instead, focus on the areas that you’ve already covered, take three to four exams over the next two weeks but, most importantly, revise all the MOCKs that you have taken so far, and learn from them.

Speed & Accuracy – Your performance in the upcoming CAT 2017 is highly dependent on what you have prepared and how good your command is over the topics you consider to be your strengths. Here is a clear pacing strategy that will help you time the test better.
Verbal: Maximum eight minutes for reading a passage and 90 seconds to answer each question based on that passage
Quant: two minutes per question
Logic: Six to eight minutes for a set of four questions
Data Interpretation: six to eight minutes for a set of four questions

Focus on important topics – One should focus on important topics which will fetch more marks. The most important areas of each section are as follows –
QA: Focus on Geometry, Modern Mathematics and Arithmetic problems
VARC: Practice Reading Comprehension as much as you possibly can with a slight focus on Jumble and Completion type questions
LR: Arrangement based puzzles, Investment Betting and Tournaments
DI: Logic and calculation based DI sets are important.

Last but not the least is confidence. One should be extremely confident during the exam. At no point should the person panic. Try to give 100% during the exam.