What’s it like to Pursue BBA in Entrepreneurship at IILM

We’ve heard multiple opinions about India’s school education system. Some of them in support while most of them contain flak. However, the truth of the matter remains that majority of the children passing 12th focus only on passing it. Once that hurdle has overcome the need for an academic to help aspiring entrepreneurs is realized. To fill this we at Undergraduate Business School (UBS) designed ‘BBA in Entrepreneurship’, a 3-year course providing the knowledge base to students to establish and run their own business ventures.

The components of the designed undergraduate program focus on a planned approach to education and career. There are various other extracurricular activities apart from academics that develop the students’ potential and skills to kick-start their entrepreneurial journey.

These are:

Industry visits:

Classroom teaching is very important. But it’s the industrial visits where students get greater clarity. The concepts taught in class are practically put to use and experienced here. It provides hands-on experience and direct insight into how the industry functions. It also provides an atmosphere for interactive learning. Their interpersonal and communication skills are tested in a real-life environment. Most importantly, it helps them notice the various roles and shortlist the ones they can envision themselves into. Regular industry visits at IILM expose the students to various work cultures and help broaden their outlook.

BBA in Entrepreneurship, bba course

Guest lectures:

The growth of competitions across the industries, volatile business activities, the dependence of the economy on the government policies and several other interwoven factors make way for guest lectures. These speakers are especially invited for enlightening students with the wide experience they’ve had in the industry. They are either from other universities or are professionals managing the above-mentioned concerns and making concerned decisions on a day-to-day basis. Their insights and in-depth knowledge enhance the student’s overall educational experience. It helps them build the greater connection with the field they want to work in.

Live projects:

Gone are the days where students’ capabilities were measured on the basis of memorizing facts. 21st-century skills include quick problem-solving and applying what you learn in the classroom. Live projects enhance these skills. Students are asked to either intern or participate in one or the other capacity in a project that is currently in operation by a company. They find themselves being a part of something much bigger than their classroom. It helps them take responsibility and make decisions in an environment where one wrong step of theirs can jeopardize the growth of the project. Students benefit incredibly and get an opportunity to sharpen their professional skills. They also establish great relationships with professionals in the industry.

These are the various extracurricular activities that make students at UBS stand out.