YUVA GOONJ visit to Nav Jyoti Foundation NGO

Every year women’s day is celebrated with lot of enthusiasm, bonhomie, and this year we were privileged as we were invited by Navjyoti India Foundation near Bhondsi jail, to celebrate women’s day with them along with a number of participants from urban and rural Haryana.

The Founder of Nav Jyoti Ms. KIRAN BEDI welcomed all and enlightened us on women empowerment and 6 P model of prevention of crime against women. The Panelists were Ms Suruchi Atreja (( Chief Judicial Magistrate¬-and-Secretary District Legal Services Authority, Gurgaon) , Ms Dharna Yadav (IPS) ,Dr Ranjana (Director centre of social research centre ) , Ms Bhawna ( Social Media Activist) ,whole of session was interactive and was also helpful in showcasing inspirational stories of determination, challenges, and survival. It was attended by number of women from several villages of Haryana.

On that day , huge sentiments were expressed about the power of women and the need of Indian women to understand and feel empowered today.

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Some of the minutes recorded in panel discussion

Ms Suruchi Atreja ( Chief Judicial Magistrate¬-and-Secretary ,
District Legal Services Authority, Gurgaon )
Description on division of court:

  • Supreme
  • High
  • Lower

Rights are for everyone, you just need to take a step and be the voice for every women

IPC – The Indian Penal Code (IPC) is the main criminal code of India. It is a comprehensive code intended to cover all substantive aspects of criminal law.

  • Eve teasing
  • Domestic violence
  • Child sexual abuse
  • DLSA court office:
    1. No fees for dispute handing of women and children
    2. Requires necessary documents related to issue
    3. If documents not available just affidavit could help in legal aids

Ms Dharna Yadav ( IPS Nodal Officer in district Gurgaon)

  • Opening of female police station in every zilla
  • Mediation centers for:
    1. Marital Discords
    2. Domestic violence
    3. Meetings on monthly and weekly basis
  • Described many of the case and gave a learning learn to say “no”

Dr Ranjana (Director of social Research)

  • Development of women by teaching life skill
  • Issues related to domestic violence in neighborhood

Ms. Bhawna (Social Media Activist)
She made an outcry that If your issues are not being resolved anywhere then your voice will be heard through the podium of media

The whole of the session revolved around 6 Ps dealing with women empowerment , development of women by teaching life skill, sexual harassment of women , child abuse , to impart values in children and how it can be prevented .This was one of the mesmerizing experience which helps in calculating Human values , duty, responsibility and human rights .