WORLD HEALTH DAY -An Initiative of Yuva Goonj (NGO Club) IILM Gurgaon


The World Health Day (7th April) is a global health awareness day. And the highlight of this year was “Depression” which is a common mental disorder that affects people of all ages, from all walks of life, in all countries. The risk of becoming depressed is increased by poverty, unemployment, life events such as the death of a loved one or a relationship break-up, physical illness, health issues and problems caused by alcohol and drug use. Untreated depression can prevent people from working and participating in family and community life. To mark this occasion Yuva Goonj organized a talk by Dr. Rajesh Kumar MD (Medicine) of Paras Hospital for a talk on “Depression, its cause and mental health well- being”.

One of the important causes of Depression seen amongst youth today, is “Obesity”. The drive to remain slim is getting stronger and not able to reach the required status have led people to depression irrespective of their gender. Obesity can cause poor self-image, low self-esteem, and social isolation, all known to be good contributors to depression. Those who are obese can also find themselves ostracized, stereotyped, and discriminated against. The extra weight carried around by obese people can result in chronic joint pain as well as serious diseases like diabetes and hypertension, all of which have been linked to depression.

Dr.Rajesh gave a very interesting lecture on how food habits lead us to the various health issues like Obesity and diabetes and finally leading to “Depression”. He also broke myths about the diet plans that we generally follow due to the paucity of time in our day to day schedule. He focused on the importance of eating in the correct time and the correct proportion.

This was followed by an awareness session by “DATRI” on Blood Stem Cell Donation. Datri helps save lives of those suffering from life threatening disorders like Leukemia, Lymphoma etc. With very few registered donors available in India, the chances of finding a match for an Indian patient anywhere in the world is bleak. Datri is working towards creating a wider diverse database of potential donors across the world that can be accessed by any patient in need of a Blood Stem cell Transplant.

A good number of students and staff had registered themselves soon after the session as donors, an act truly honored by all present.




Yuva Goonj NGO Club of IILM Gurgaon celebrating New Years with the slum children

Yuva Goonj NGO Club of IILM Gurgaon ushered in 2017 with a celebration for the slum kids. Yuva Goonj have been running a school for Basic Education, “Pathshala” for these children and today they are like an extended family with the number rising to a 100. This New Year we planned to celebrate with these children who awaits us regularly for their evening classes. Their enthusiasm, spirit fills each with joy and gaiety. The experience is exhilarating. We had cut a cake and distributed clothes and small gifts which was donated by each student, staff and faculty of the institute. The kids then presented their talents. It was wonderful to see them so disciplined and well mannered. The Yuva Goonj team has been putting in a lot of hard work, and it is visible from the growth of the number of participants in the school.

Comprehensive Report of HR Conference 2016, IILM Gurgaon Campus:

Empowering HR through Technology: A way forward

IILM Gurgaon organized a National Conference on ‘Empowering HR  through Technology: The Way Forward’ on September 30, 2016.Through this conference it aimed to  create a platform where HR professionals could share their  insights on the sweep of technology in the area of Human Resource. The world of human resources has experienced something of a revolution over the last decade. Much of that change is due to advances in technology and the opportunities found when hiring managers began embracing the Internet as a new tool in their toolbox rather than just an interesting way to pass the time. The World Wide Web has forever changed the way we do almost everything — and change is good. Change is the only constant force in this dynamic and competitive world. The conference was a confluence of corporate speakers and academia experts to merge the practical and the theoretical spectrum together. This will aid in better understanding of the changing HR arena and how converging HR and technology can create value. The sessions were  power packed with the theme to bring forth the clarity of concepts and actionable steps for the audience.

The  Objective of the conference were 1.To advance the field of HR by incorporating latest technology leading to increase in productivity. 2. Removing human biases through technology in HR practices, increasing value for the organization. 3.Recruiting employees, engaging employees, acquiring talent, retaining employees, optimizing employee performance through technology  4.To understand the ethical value of social media in HR practices.

There were 3 sessions. The conference began with lighting of the lamp  by our Chief  Guest Mr. Kamal Singh Director General National HRD Network and Mr. Kaustav Mitra Director Xecute  HR solution and Dr. Sujata Shahi Senior Director IILM Gurgaon campus. Dr. Sujata welcomed the guests and all the participants of the conference. The theme of the conference was introduced by Dr.Pinky Goswami.  In her speech, she stressed on the importance of transition in HR keeping up to the requirements of the Millennial, “A generation born to the digital world”.

Dr. Kaustav Mitra  gave the keynote address and talked in detail about the changing nature of HR in all its functions. The plenary session members were, Ms. Vishwapriya Associate Director HR PWC,Mr. Manish Anand– (Vice President IT  Max Life Insurance) and  Mr. Raj Nehru (Director HR Schneider Electricals). All the plenary speakers gave very interesting presentations about the new age HR and the way it has got about the multi faceted changes impacting an entire organization. It was  well appreciated by the participants. The moderator of the plenary session Dr. P.Goswami summed up the session along with a Q&A round.

Session 1: Driving Employee engagement with modern HR Technology

The global forces are reshaping the workplace, the workforce, and work itself. After years of struggling to drive employee engagement and retention, improve leadership, and build a meaningful culture, executives see a need to reinvent  a new design of the organization. Four powerful forces—from demographic upheavals and the rise of digital technology to rapid business-model innovation, and socially driven evolution in the employer-employee relationship—are driving change for both HR functions and the organizations they serve, creating talent challenges and potential solutions radically different from those faced by previous generations of leaders. The speakers for the session was Mr. Debabrata Bannerjee (VP Enterprise Business Application Apollo International) Mr. Kishore Das (HR Advisor and Consultant DCM ) Ms. Pooja Goswami  (  Head- People Function HR EKO India Financial Services ) Ms. Prerna  Kapoor(Sr. Manager Compensation & Benefit – Pepsico) Ms. Sukanya Devi (Student PGDM Term 4). The moderator for the session

Session 2:  Managing People Performance through HR Analytics

The working environment is increasingly becoming very complex and ambiguous. This has put human resources into a challenging situation in terms of making definite   decisions in the workplace. HR has to look constantly at new tools for making risk free decisions, and this is where the help of HR analytics comes in. HR analytics is the use of statistical methods like factor analysis, correlation and regression and making use of different sources and variables to arrive at meaningful insights. It helps HR understand the dynamics in the workforce.  The speakers for the session were Ms. Neeti Kumar (Manager HR  Xceedance) Ms. Manu Gupta (Founder of Innokreat which provides customised Employee Wellness and Analytics Software Solutions to HR) Ms. Shyana Mehta(Student of PGDM Term 4) and Mr. Asif Mir Shabbir (Student of PGDM Term 1). The session moderator Prof. Richa Bhargava finally opened the session for the participants to put up questions to the speakers.


Session 3: Recruiting Talent through social media and ethics of social media: A look into the challenges and downside

Every month million people use Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.  Such social platforms, with the largest audiences available. Recruiters are increasingly turning to the social web to market their companies to job seekers and to screen prospective employees. Is the use of social media an ethical form of screening for recruiters to use, or are they taking candidate research too far and invading their privacy? Recruiters may argue that social media is a public platform, unless the candidate makes it otherwise, and that it’s their own choice to share the content that is available to anyone who searches for it. This session  discussed the challenges  and  downside. The speakers for the session was Mr. Mayank Arora(Cargill Hr Head),Mrs. Malbika Bose(Black Barry- HR head) Mrs. Arti Kohli  Ashwani(Bausch&Lombs HR head)Ms. Sonam Yadav (Student of PGDM  Term 4). Prof.Ruchi Shah the moderator of the session summed up the session discussion on the positive and negative influences of social media in the HR sector.

The conference concluded with a vote of thanks by Prof. Shivani Ahuja.

Pathshala of Yuva Goonj Breaking for summers

“Paathshala”is an initiative of “Yuvagoonj, to educate the under privileged children. Yuvagoonj members used to visit the slum(in Sector 53, Gurgaon)regularly after college and took continuous classes. There were 30 children between the ages of 3 to 12 .To keep an account on whether this effort was successful or not, a small examination was held. The results generated after the test would definitely be of  help to the students in getting admission in schools to continue their studies further. The 1st session of Paathshala came to an end after enlightening the students with some basic knowledge that would help them in leading a good life later.To make Paathshala a beautiful memory for those little souls Yuva Goonj  celebrated the Birthday of all the 30students on the day of the last class. A huge cake was made to cut by the students of Pathshala. As a part of the celebration clothes were donated to them, games were played and snacks were distributed.The participants of North Eastern University Illinois who had visited IILM Gurgaon, had left with the Yuva Goonj members a lot of edible and stationery stuff for donation which was also distributed on that day. The hard work of Radhika Bansal a student of PGDM along with the other team members is worth an appreciationIMG_8731

Yuva Goonj Labour day celebration

Yuva Goonj the official NGO group of IILM Institute for Business & Management Gurgaon, having a vision of being a strategic leadership organisation influencing social transformation through developmental programmers & to work towards creating a better India which provides basic health, education and empowerment to every citizen took the initiative to organize a “SPORTS DAY” for all the workers of IILM GURGAON on the occasion of Labour’s Day.IMG_8956This event was organised on 22th of April 2016, & the main aim behind this occasion was to make the workers feel special & make them understand how important they are for our organization.We all know that “THERE IS A CHILD IN EVERY BEING” and to make our workers relive their childhood different events were organized.All the workers including the female workers & security guards of our organisation attended the occasion.To show gratitude to their work and for proper functioning of the institution during the activity time, our students were appointed at each of their positions. A role reversal was done. All the posts held by our workers were manned by our students. This ensured uninterrupted functioning of the institute even with the workforce coming out to enjoy this hour.Dr.Pinky Goswami with Yuva members, Shayna, Radhika, Nikita, Riya, Sheetlata, Karan, Rohit and the overwhelming support of every student led this activity to huge success. The cooperation of Dr. Sujata and all faculty members was a good boost to Yuva Goonj.

YUVA GOONJ visit to Nav Jyoti Foundation NGO

Every year women’s day is celebrated with lot of enthusiasm, bonhomie, and this year we were privileged as we were invited by Navjyoti India Foundation near Bhondsi jail, to celebrate women’s day with them along with a number of participants from urban and rural Haryana.

The Founder of Nav Jyoti Ms. KIRAN BEDI welcomed all and enlightened us on women empowerment and 6 P model of prevention of crime against women. The Panelists were Ms Suruchi Atreja (( Chief Judicial Magistrate¬-and-Secretary District Legal Services Authority, Gurgaon) , Ms Dharna Yadav (IPS) ,Dr Ranjana (Director centre of social research centre ) , Ms Bhawna ( Social Media Activist) ,whole of session was interactive and was also helpful in showcasing inspirational stories of determination, challenges, and survival. It was attended by number of women from several villages of Haryana.

On that day , huge sentiments were expressed about the power of women and the need of Indian women to understand and feel empowered today.

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Some of the minutes recorded in panel discussion

Ms Suruchi Atreja ( Chief Judicial Magistrate¬-and-Secretary ,
District Legal Services Authority, Gurgaon )
Description on division of court:

  • Supreme
  • High
  • Lower

Rights are for everyone, you just need to take a step and be the voice for every women

IPC – The Indian Penal Code (IPC) is the main criminal code of India. It is a comprehensive code intended to cover all substantive aspects of criminal law.

  • Eve teasing
  • Domestic violence
  • Child sexual abuse
  • DLSA court office:
    1. No fees for dispute handing of women and children
    2. Requires necessary documents related to issue
    3. If documents not available just affidavit could help in legal aids

Ms Dharna Yadav ( IPS Nodal Officer in district Gurgaon)

  • Opening of female police station in every zilla
  • Mediation centers for:
    1. Marital Discords
    2. Domestic violence
    3. Meetings on monthly and weekly basis
  • Described many of the case and gave a learning learn to say “no”

Dr Ranjana (Director of social Research)

  • Development of women by teaching life skill
  • Issues related to domestic violence in neighborhood

Ms. Bhawna (Social Media Activist)
She made an outcry that If your issues are not being resolved anywhere then your voice will be heard through the podium of media

The whole of the session revolved around 6 Ps dealing with women empowerment , development of women by teaching life skill, sexual harassment of women , child abuse , to impart values in children and how it can be prevented .This was one of the mesmerizing experience which helps in calculating Human values , duty, responsibility and human rights .

YUVA GOONJ | Pathshala

Yuva Goonj established on Feb 2016 under the guidance of Dr.Pinky Goswami, has taken an initiative to educate the underprivileged children.
“Paathshala” an initiative by “Yuvagoonj.

We at Yuvagoonj are conscious of the importance of continual learning,so we organise daily classes in the slum in Sector 53, Gurgaon.

The 30 children between the ages of 3 to 12 are segregated into classes of two as per age groups and further subdivided into smaller groups as per their learning patterns to ensure focussed attention by the teachers. The coordinators of the Pathshala team are Radhika Bansal, Shreya Mukherjee, Shreya Gupta, Himanshu, Saloni and many more.

The students are introduced to technology as teachers use visual and audio aids to enable better learning. We also understand the importance of entertainment so sports and other fun activities are also incorporated into their curriculum.

We are also trying our best for the admission of those underprivileged children in the nearby Govt. School so that they are not deprived from their right to education.