The Intern: Become Their Favorite on Day 1

You would be thinking how we can prove ourselves on the very first day of Internship. I am going to explain it through this blog to give you guys more insights about how to impress your Boss and colleagues on the first day of your Internship Program.

Just follow me till the end so that you can get the benefit in many different ways on getting noticed on the first day of your Internship.  There are many Do’s and Don’ts which every intern should keep in mind so that they get the desired learning without any loss.


Follow these simple ‘Do’s’, and you shall be on their good books: –

Prepare an elevator pitch beforehand

The best way to introduce yourself on the first day would be to prepare an elevator pitch beforehand so that you don’t have to think again and again about introducing yourself to different persons. This will help you to make a good impression on your Managers and Colleagues on the very first day.

Flaunt the punctual streak in you

One of the most important factor to consider is showing up early on the first day because this will show how disciplined you are and ultimately will give a nice image of you. If needed, get a trial commute before the joining date so that you get an idea of when to start and how to reach.

Listen.Observe. Repeat

Keep in mind that in the initial days you have to just notice how the things are going on in your office environment. Ask questions to the seniors as much as possible because if you did something on your own, no one will be responsible for that act but you. Keep track of how the system works in the office.

Communicate, smile & be humble

The best way to get hold of the things is to make good conversations with the office mates during the break or lunch. Try to understand how they keep the work life balance. Also if they have some sports complex or someplace to leisure after office, go along with them and make good bonding with them.


Be careful of these ‘Don’ts’, save yourself from being tagged in the bad books : –


Don’t jump onto the conclusion in a blink of an eye

Maybe you will find many awkward things on the first day if you haven’t worked before or not in this type of environment, don’t react or get emotional. Just observe as I mentioned above because you are new and don’t know the reason why these things are into picture. I will suggest you to KEEP CALM AND RELAX.

Learning never stops, it is always constant

It’s possible that you won’t be getting any work for the first day or not that much as you expected, don’t panic or overreact. They are giving you time to get settled down and make yourself comfortable to handle the work further. If you get some work and you are done with it on time, don’t sit idle. Go to your industry mentor and show them your work and get along some notes copy or some piece of paper to note down the corrections, if any. If you are done with that work, then ask for another one. Learning should not stop. Keep in mind that it your lifetime opportunity to learn under no pressure.

It is never a crime to look good & maybe just a little formal fancy

Till you are not acquainted with the dressing behavior of the organization, it is advisable to wear a formal dress and you can change it according to the environment that runs inside.

Take Control on Emotions

Don’t talk or laugh too much on the first day as you are not aware of the behavior of the fellow colleagues. Try to avoid cracking jokes on anyone if you are used to it for others. Because its an professional place, just smile and do your work.



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IILM Summer Internship Program 2017 – The Experiential Way

For the whole year student shuts heavy books, and semester by semester opens heavier ones to study for the ever upcoming exams. He worries about assignments, projects and imminent mid semester reviews. Sound familiar? A student’s academic life in college reads like a bunch of old theorems- dull and unchanging. Winter semester is preceded by fall and soon the year ends with us having achieved high marks but no knowledge of how we achieved them. Summer time is  perhaps the time for our students to pursue their passion and live their future goals by networking with corporates & professionals.

Our curriculum mandates a 3 month summer internship, to provides a first hand experience of the business environment. Moving from the classroom set up to the real world space, this process makes our students more adaptive at handling real life problems hence making them effective decision makers.

Our students will be spending their summers interning at their dream companies! 

Amidst the PG academic session, classes & projects, every year from early February onward the IILM campus gets all worked up with top brands on campus to hire students for the Summer Internship Program. There’s a huge association with industries, sectors &  established line of start-ups for the on the job training with young (highly inspiring) entrepreneurs. To name a few companies who hired IILM PGDM students for SIP’17 – Mondelez International (Food Processing Industry), SMC International (Financial Services), WNS (Business Process Outsourcing), Hettich (Manufacturing sector), ITC limited (FMCG), IMRB (Consulting), JLL (Consulting) & Eazy Diner (Food and Beverage Industry).

Internships – The Real World Training 

The experiential learning offers our students to work in their interest domains. Students are offered a range of profiles during the internship period of 3 months. These profiles range from different departments, such as – Marketing & Sales, Financial Services, Human Resources & Operations.  With recent SIP hiring on campus there are various profiles which are being offered to our students, to name a few –

  • Business Sales
  • Employee Engagement
  • Data Analyst
  • Channeling Sales
  • HR Generalist

So, how does the process of SIP really works at IILM?

The students are given a committed faculty & industry mentor. Industry mentor is the person who is an employee of the company where he/she is going to start the internship. SIP Projects play a very significant role in the internship period, all the projects are evaluated by faculty mentors before they are allocated to the students. The faculty mentors also visit companies and interact with the industry mentors on a regular basis to keep abreast of the students’ performance. There’s a regular interaction between the assigned faculty mentor & the student during non working hours on how to prepare their reports. The project is culminated with a presentation by the student before a panel of company representatives and the industry mentor at the company premises.

Indeed, an over whelming achievement is experienced by the students by the possibility of receiving the ‘Pre-Placement Offer’ on the completion of their internship period. It is earned and gained only with the immense and sincere efforts done by the interns


IILM Career Trek Visit 2017 – Review I

For many IILM students, the internship and job search extends far beyond the Delhi-NCR campus. As a part of campus placements drive, students of batch 2016-18 made use of the opportunity to visit companies, covering across 23 sectors to understand the sector specific requirements.

In particular, for The IILM Career Development Centre, the Career Trek is one of their hallmark events. So, what exactly happens during this Career Trek?

For the organizer, the trek is the result of months of planning and coordination with many companies. All students are taken for a limited spot on this trek regardless of their experience in this field, as the goal is for them to broaden their exposure and to network for potential job opportunities.

Fabio Rodriguez Santiago, President of the IESE Marketing Club stated, “We need the trek to cater to our entire student base. We have some participants with very strong marketing experience in big firms like Coca-Cola whilst others are career changers with little previous exposure to the industry. We plan the mix of companies and content of visits in such a way so that it is enriching regardless of your marketing knowledge.”

The Career Trek is primarily student driven. This means that every year, the companies that are included could change depending on students’ interest.  In the month of March students & the placements team optimised the activity of Career Visit to large corporations like – Audi Whirlpool,  Bisleri, and Mercedes-Benz,  leading banks like ICICI & YES BANK as well as fast-growing start-ups such as Make My Trip and Cash Karo. Not only did the students learn trends from industry leaders, they were able to participate in discussions on current projects involving gender equality and sustainability.

Acquainting with industries like – Automobile, Banking, Consumer Durable, E-commerce and many more are ultimately giving a lot of exposure and career boost to  young professionals on campus. These industries have the all round reputation for the overall personality development and grooming for its employees.
The Career Development Centre also organized a panel with young entrepreneurs at the Lodhi Road campus, who shared their experiences about the marketing challenges faced by starts-ups. Of course, no trek would be complete without Happy Hour to wrap up the busy day.

Let’s see what students have experienced :-

  • “Overall the trek proved useful to me. Coming from a non-marketing background and looking into potentially moving to a marketing role, it helped me gain a 360 view of the business”   17425947_1496118200400511_2020080846988599168_n
  • “It was a unique experience to learn about a company, not from papers or pictures, but from the recruiters and employees. It was amazing to be in their work environment and to see the passion they have for their work.”   17309171_1490679790944352_2882660304084705530_n
  • “Inspiring, informative and fun for everyone.”

From the companies’ perspective, the trek gives them a chance to interact with IILM students in a more intimate setting and to hear their ideas. According to company professionals,

  • “The companies shared were that they were very impressed by the energy and inputs given by IILM students”.
  • “Presenting to the IIILM PGDM students was really exciting. For me, it wasn’t a class of MBA students, it was a community of really cool, curious and eager individuals. I am very thankful for the insights gained from such an international audience.”            17309245_1490675774278087_6029245993411904955_n

 Ultimately, every trek is only as successful as the efforts put in by the students.

For those first year students who missed out on this year, there is always next year. Get an insight on IILM PGDM Campus Placements & Summer Internships at

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