Faculty and Academic News : Aug – Sep, 2015

Learning from Leaders at Campus

Ms Rashmi Chugh Business Head and Publisher, HT Media Ltd addressed the students PGDM 15-17and 14-16 batch students on the topic “How to craft your Career” on 07 Sep 2015 at IILM Institute for Business and Management, Gurgaon.

Faculty News

  • Ms Anjali Jain (Faculty Associate, IILM Institute for Business and Management) presented a paper titled “Talent Analytics: Need of an Hour”, at the HR Conference Women in Power: Changing the Business Landscape on September 11, 2015 at IILM Institute for Business and Management.
  • Ms Aparna Kaushik (Assistant Professor, IILM Institute for Business and Management) conducted a training programme on Emotional Intelligence with Engineers India Ltd on 21 August 2015.
  • Shweta Sharma (Assistant Professor, Marketing, IILM Institute for Business and Management, Gurgaon) has qualified for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) of Faculty of Management Studies, University of Delhi. Her title thesis title is: “Social Media: Analysis and Implications on Marketing Communications in the Indian Context”.
  • Dr Vidhisha Vyas (Assistant Professor, Economics and Strategy, IILM Institute for Business and Management) presented a paper on has published a paper in the magazine People Matter titled Emerging trends of green work life balance on 31/Aug/2015

Faculty Development Programme On Campus

  • Faculty Development Programme was be conducted by Dr. Sujata Shahi and Dr. Vidhisha Vyas on “8 minute Lecture” on 25 th September, 2015
  • Faculty Development Programme was conducted by Mr. Jasdeep Chaddha and Mr. Nalin Jha on “Managerial Decision making using Excel” on 18th September, 2015
  • Faculty Development Programme was conducted by Dr. Sujata Shahi and Ms. Aparna Kaushik on “Conflict Management” on 4th September, 2015
  • Faculty Development Programme was conducted by Ms. Rachna Madaan on “Work Life Balance: 8 steps on the road to success” on 14 th August, 2015
  • Faculty Development Programme in the area of Placement Training was conducted by Ms. Shivani Teckchandany and Ms. Ruchi Shah on the topic of “Right approach to industry engagement” on 3rd July, 2015.
  • Faculty Development Programme was conducted by Dr. Vidisha Vyas on the topic of “Knowing Goods and Services Tax (GST): An economic perspective” on 19th June, 2015

Students Achievement

  • Vijaydeep Dhasmana and Sundeep Singh Bharaj of PGDM students (batch 15-17) were one of the six finalists in ‘SHIKHAR 2015’- National Level Paper Presentation Competition, on “Report on Devaluation of Yuan-Chinese Currency” at the N.L. Dalmia Institute of management studies and Research, Mumbai on 26th September 2015.


  • Ms Niti (PGDM 14-16 student) presented a paper titled “Women Empowerment at Workplace” at the HR Conference Women in Power: Changing the Business Landscape on September 11, 2015 at IILM Institute for Business and Management.

CII HR Summit on “Developing Future Leaders in India”, 28 July 2015

The CII HR Summit on Developing Future Leaders in India was conducted on Tuesday, 28 July 2015 at Hotel Le Meridian, New Delhi. The 14th edition of the CII HRM Summit focused on ‘Developing future leaders in India.’ The Summit covered various aspects of building leadership skills in today’s young corporate professionals and entrepreneurs – both at a personal level and at an institutional level.

ILM Faculty and Students with Mr Gurcharan Das

ILM Faculty and Students with Mr Gurcharan Das

IILM Institute for Business and Management, Gurgaon participated in the conference as Quiz Partners with CII . The attendees were Dr Sujata Shahi, Ms Aparna Kaushik, and Dr Kiran Sakkar Sudha with students from PGDM 15-17 batch. The quiz had three rounds where the entire content was formulated by the IILM Institute for Business and Management, Gurgaon. The quiz winners were declared at the conference. The first position was taken by DCM Shriram Ltd, Ist Runner-up was Fortis Healthcare Ltd and the IInd Runner-up was Secure Meters Ltd. HR managers below 35 years of age were eligible to participate in the quiz.. The CII awarding fraternity announced IILM Institute for Business and Management as their Quiz Partners with special thanks to Dr Sujata Shahi and Ms Aparna Kaushik to lead the process for them effectively.

Opening Key Note Speaker for the conference was the eminent speaker, author Mr Gurcharan Das. The theme of his speech was Leading in a VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity) World. He stressed on issues like traits of future leaders: Determination, Humility and Attitude. He outlined that people should be hired for their attitude not for the skills. Skills can be taught if the employee recruited has the right attitude. He opined that Never Say No and can do attitude plays an important role in identifying the potential leader. Mr Das suggested that the best way to hire the right attitude candidate is to catch them young. The corporates should ensure structured integrated internships program which should not run in isolation and as an isolated activity. He suggested that organizations should promote campus hiring and do summer hiring. He advised corporates to ensure that recruitment and selection process should focus on locating right attitude.

Mr Das’ session was followed up by a panel discussion on Leadership – Nature or Nurture?. Eminent panelist include Mr P D Rai (MP, Sikkim), Mr Banmali Agrawala (President, CEO: GE South Asia), Mr Pramod Bhasin (Chairman, The Skills Academy and Founder and Vice Chairman: Genpact), Mr BalajiKrishnaswami (Head Communication and Sustainability, Hindustan Power Projects Pvt Ltd).

The main highlights of the panel discussion were focus on leadership development, role of disruptive change and risk taking attitude of the organisations. Mr Bhasin quoted “Culture eats Strategy for Breakfast”, hence organisation needs to ensure right culture to nurture leadership.

The next session was on “If You’re So Smart, Why Aren’t you Happy? The panelists for the session were Mr Harpal Singh (Mentor & Chairman Emeritus, Fortis Healthcare Limited) and Prof Raj Raghunathan (University of Texas, Austin). The session evoked answers to many questions such as what are the determinants of a happy and fulfilling life, why people are not happy even if they are very successful. Three basic needs were identified that were regarded as MBA (Mastery, Belongingness, Autonomy) by Prof Raj Raghunathan.

This session was followed by the session on Personal Journey of Leadership. The session focused on leadership as more a journey than a destination. The speakers were Dr Subash K Bijlani (President, Magnus Engineers Pvt. Ltd), Mr K Ramkumar (Executive Director–ICICI Bank), and Mr S Sandilya (Chairman Eicher Goodearth Limited).

The last session of the day focused on the  different aspects of Entrepreneurship. Mr Indrajit Gupta (Co-Founder and Director, Founding Fuel Publishing Pvt Ltd), Mr Hindol, Sengupta (Editor-at-Large, Fortune India), and Mr AnkurWarikoo (CEO, Groupon India) presented various thought provoking insights into the main stream ideas and challenges related to the aspect of Entrepreneurship in India.

The conference was a great learning experience and students have expressed their desire to attend more such events to understand the industry perspectives and their requirements from the future managers.

IILM Faculty and Students with Mrs Rumjhum Chatterjee, Group MD, Feedback Infra Pvt Ltd

IILM Faculty and Students with Mrs Rumjhum Chatterjee, Group MD, Feedback Infra Pvt Ltd

“Best Employers Practice Sharing Driving Performance Excellence” – NHRDN Session,17 Sept 2015

NHRD Network has conducted a session on “Best Employer practice sharing driving performance excellence where around 56 members joined in. The students and faculty members attended the session and were benefited by the learning from the corporate leaders.

The eminent speakers for the session

  • Mr. Marc Effron (President of Talent Strategy Group)
  • Ms. Asten Martiwers (VP Delhi and NCR NHRDN)


Speaker- Mr. Marc Effron addressing audience

Speaker- Mr. Marc Effron addressing audience

The Delhi Chapter of NHRD Network was the organizing committee for the session. The session began with lot of enthusiasm where students and faculty members also joined in to listen to the speakers.

Fraternity at the Event involved in the session activity

Fraternity at the Event involved in the session activity

Fraternity at the Event involved in the session activity

Mr Marc addressed the audience where he discussed how to predict and understand potential. He mentioned that potential is the ability to move farther and faster in the organization. He asked the audience to get into groups of 3-4 and discuss three things that best predict potential in their opinion. After the exercise audience came up with their predictions about potential which included ambition, eagerness, attitude, adaptation to new things etc and discussed about the fact that 93% of higher potential people are also higher performers. High performers produce up-to 3-12 times the result of average performer. The market hence knows them therefore it is important for the organization to know people with high potential so that they don’t loose them. He also mentioned that such people are an asset to the organization and hence should be taken care of. So he concluded that as HR leaders it is vital to make sure that high performers are identified and retained in the organization.


Talking about science high potential is contribution of both intelligence and personality. Intelligence contribute 30% personality contribute 55% and contribution of both make 45% of higher potential people. The majority 55% is about fit. Science says when people ”fit” with the environment they are more engaged and have higher performance therefore best fit predicts potential. The discussion took a turn putting the CEOs in the the lime light highlighting the fact that marked differentiation between efficiency and innovation. The key factors that were highlighted were facts like:

  1. The potential changes with the change in company
  2. Change in companies often takes place at a faster pace than the change in people therefore flexibility is crucial
  3. Limitless expectation that is boundless beyond strengths can be uncertain therefore focus should mainly be uncertain strengths in accordance to situations.

The success model states that the focus should not be limited to just their competencies since capabilities can shine in a whole new light.

He briefed the audience about how a very high performing scientist might not be a high performing sales person and vice versa.

The three thriving questions according to Mark to assess the high potential employees were:

  1. Would you stake your personal success on their results?
  2. What one thing is most likely that derails them in the next three years?
  3. Where do they rank among the other high potentials?

Dos and Dont’s by Mr Marc Effron

  1. Avoid excessive use of formal assessments
  2. Be abreast of your team and team members
  3. Do not focus on a primary voice
  4. Leniency in ratings should not be permitted.

Hereby with the dos and dont’s Marc concluded the entire session on the note that high potential works hand in hand with efficiency, whereas any employers work primarily be attracted to employ youth with both tact and grit that would give the employer the certainty that the employee is capable to take the organization to a level higher than it originally is.

The session was presented a huge learning opportunity to the students and the academia and corporate fraternity.


Women in Power: Changing the Business Landscape HR Conference, September 11, 2015 at IILM Institute for Business and Management

IILM Institute for Business and Management hosted the HR Conference on September 11, 2015 on the theme “Women in Power : Changing the Business Landscape”. The conference received an overwhelming response where dignitaries from academia and corporate participated with great enthusiasm.

The Chief Guest for the conference was Mr Shitanshu Prasad, , Executive Director Personnel, SAIL.

Chief Guest Mr. Sitanshu Prasad (Executive Director Personnel, SAIL)

Chief Guest Mr. Sitanshu Prasad (Executive Director Personnel, SAIL)

The event commenced with the lighting of the lamp by the guests and faculty fraternity with recitation of Saraswati Vanadana. Dr. Sujata Shahi, Senior Director, IILM delivered the welcome address and Dr. Ritu Sharma welcomed the Chief Guest, Mr. Shitanshu Prasad, Executive Director Personnel, SAIL.

Inaugural Session - Lighting of the Lamp

Inaugural Session – Lighting of the Lamp

The theme was divided into four technical sessions, each of them being delivered by industry experts and academicians.

The guest of honour Ms. Ashley, founder of New Global Mind Consulting, focussed on three important things – Follow Your Passion, Look for support from family and Choose your company wisely.

Ms. Ashley Chiampo (Founder New Global Mind consulting)

Ms. Ashley Chiampo (Founder New Global Mind consulting)

The Key Note Speaker Dr. Sunita Chugh, founder Director of On Last mile.com emphasized on the power of woman by comparing women with Goddess Durga and gave us a powerful mantra of bringing in the power of AND not OR.

The first session of the day was on Designing and Implementing a Progressive and Sustainable Career Path Strategy. Ms. Malini Gulati, AVP Legal, GENPACT, started the day by asking everyone to think about their passion in life. According to Ms. Malini, gender balance brings maturity and sensibility to an organization. According to the Company Law in India, companies need to have women as directors. Nowadays, companies give flexibility to women employees who would otherwise quit in their mid 20’s in order to fulfil their personal commitments. Women need to burn early in life and differentiate between a job and a career in order to create a demand for themselves. Ms. Shefali Singh, VP International Business, Myntra, laid a lot of emphasis on the support of family when we talk about women in power. If a woman gets support from her family, she will be able to sustain herself in the competing world. Mr. Rajiv Kapoor, Chief People Officer, FORTIS, shared with us a survey conducted by E&Y, which states that 65% of the people believe that woman leaders are better than male leaders. 60% of FORTIS employees are women who are given flexibility in their work, are mentored and given training on a regular basis.



The second session of the day was on fostering the environment that encourages women risk taking temperament. Ms. Himanshi Singh, founder and editor of woomag.com took us through the changing landscapes for women entrepreneurship and guided us on how to emerge from being risk averse individuals to risk takers. Ms. Nidhi Aggarwal, Partner at The Grace Solutions, encouraged us to be ourselves and to create our own rulebook. Ms. Aparna Venkatesan, Research Scholar at Sussex University, UK, talked about three important barriers in the way of a woman’s career- individual barrier, social/cultural barrier and structural barrier. She enlightened us about the different ways to overcome these barriers. Research papers on “Gender Diversity in Rural Areas” were presented by Prof. Arjya Chakravarty, MDI Gurgaon and Ms. Bharti Goel, PGDM student, IILM Gurgaon.

Session 2 Fostering a Culture that Encourages women risk taking temperament

Session 2 Fostering a Culture that Encourages women risk taking temperament

The third session was on Social media / digitalization as a tool to promote women power in organizations. Mr. Mayank Narula, spoke about how technology and big data analytics can help in improving HR policies and bringing women in power. He rightly pointed out the power of women and her network by expressing that if you appoint a woman, you appoint her whole social network and if you fire her, it will be the same. Dr. Savita Mohan, Director, GNOIT, presented some eye opening statistics about the status of women in India. She emphasized that social media and digitization revolution is supporting women in their personal and professional lives by giving women a platform to express their opinions and exchange ideas. Ms. Saima Sharif, IABC Accredited Senior Corporate Communication Leader, Head Corporate Communications, Chambal Fertilizers and Chemicals Ltd. enlightened us on how to manage our image through social media because any postings on these social media channels impact our reputation along with our organizations.

The fourth session was on Building Entrepreneurial capabilities and Mindset. Dr.Srilata, Director, Department of Management Studies, IGNOU took us through the concept of entrepreneurship. Women need to deal with the following aspects to become an entrepreneur – risk taking ability, strategic perspective and integrity. The mantra for success lies in, innovation, value creation, social goodwill, confidence and continued learning. Ms. Geetanjali Saxena, Sage Global HR, spoke about capabilities and mindsets of women. India is growing with respect to women entrepreneurs. According to a survey, women entrepreneurship in India is ranked at 70 out of 77 countries. The key paradigm shift lies in having a sense of purpose, thinking big, moving away from self defeating conditions, team work and taking calculated risk. Mr. Vikram Mall, Partner BEDOHA emphasized the three important things every woman should adopt – passion, patience and perseverance. He concluded by taking about the right attitude. Having a good sense of humor is important to climb the ladder of success as it moulds your attitude.


Group Photograph-IILM faculty and Student celebrating event success

Group Photograph-IILM faculty and Student celebrating event success

Placement Week at IILM Institute

IILM observed the “Placements Week” from the 24th to 27th of August 2015 for the post graduate students from all three campuses. Various companies from across sectors were invited to deliver their Pre Placement talks and share their interview processes along with the job profiles available. The exercise was intended for the companies to be able to interact with the students and the students to gain greater insights about these companies, the job profiles on offer and their respective selection process. The event was fruitful for both the students and the companies.

The week saw companies like Samsung, Vodafone, Blackrock, Cargill, J K Cement, Ernst and Young, Capital IQ, Deloitte, Adglobal 360, Publicis Group etc. deliver their presentations. Many start up companies like Urban Clap, V Resorts, SmartWords, Flexipass and Finalytics came on campus. This helped the students gain a holistic view of all the sectors in a concentrated form, so that they could identify and sort companies in order to make themselves better prepared for the upcoming placement interviews.

This year, apart from the existing recruiters, the focus was on reaching out to the Alumni based in various companies. Around 8 Alumni Members had participated in the Placement Week. They also offered to interact with the students who were interested in a follow up sessions. The placement team has been able to reach out to many new companies through references from our Alumni base. We intend to keep enhancing the interaction and involvement of our Alumni base in placement related activities.

The eminent delegates from the respective organizations who all visited and briefed the students were:

  • Mr Rahul Sachdev (University Alliance program Manager) from SAP
  • Mr Sagar Gupta (Account Manager), and Ms Garima Sareen (Account Manager), from Ad Global 360
  • Mr Raghu Raj Rathore and Mr Rahul Arora (Entrepreneur) from Smarstward
  • Mr Rajender Birla (Managing Director) from Finalytics Consultancy
  • Mr Atul Singh (Assistant Manager-CE-Biz) from Samsung
  • Mr Pankaj Gupta (Founder and MD) from Flexipass
  • Ms Arti Chopra (Sr Manager-HR) from Zenith Optimedia
  • Mr Abhay Tamaria (Co-Founder) from Red Carpet

International Updates at IILM Gurgaon

Study Abroad Program to Fanshawe College Canada (PGDM Batch of 2015-17)

Study Abroad Program to Fanshawe College Canada (PGDM Batch of 2015-17)

IILM Gurgaon campus has been buzzing with excitement with the arrival and departure of students from and to the exchange programs. We at IILM aim to provide a platform for students to develop themselves and we leave no stone unturned to provide the best to the student fraternity. The International Office at IILM works actively with its partner universities across the globe to develop opportunities that could benefit students from both the countries.

As part of the PGDM program at IILM, 1 in 4 students were selected to study a Semester abroad. The selected students from the Batch of 2014-16 arrived with great enthusiasm at EM Normandie France and Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands in January 2015. The students shared their exciting experiences that enriched their learning in their Post Graduate Program.

Students at the Semester Program in EM Normandie, France (PGDM Batch of 2014-16)

Students at the Semester Program in EM Normandie, France (PGDM Batch of 2014-16)

As unnerving as the prospect of studying in a different country was, the moment the students set foot at the airport of a different country, they realized it was the beginning of a new journey for them. Having spent over a year at IILM Gurgaon India, the students from the batch of PGDM 2014-16 could relate well to the courses taught to them and got to implement some key concepts through the assignments, assessments and group activities assigned to them. This not only encouraged students to think out of the box but also taught them the importance of working in groups with students from diverse cultures. What ensued in Hanze was a flurry of activity, with every group clamoring to attain sponsors, plan the design, promotion, pricing etc. of the products assigned to them. All the efforts paid off as on the day of the presentation each group emerged successful in making profits out of their sales and their coaches were pleased with the students’ performance making them the proud recipients of the credits assigned to this project.

Similarly, students from the Semester Exchange Program at EM Normandie, France appreciated the courses methodology and the healthy discussions that emerged as a result of each topic taught. They also were intrigued to learn about the culture of the country and its overall impact on doing business there.

“We learn(t) something new every day, not just from our teachers, but also from our classmates, hailing from all over the world, with diverse nationalities and varying cultures. This has truly been an illuminating experience for us, and we are grateful to IILM Institute for Business and Management for giving us this opportunity of a lifetime”

SamikshaGarg (PGDM Batch of 2014-16 – HanzeUniversity of Applied Sciences Groningen) 

 Fanshawe College, London Ontario (Canada)

The batch of 2015-17 had the opportunity to go for a 4 week Study Abroad Program. Students attended Digital Marketing Programme at Fanshawe College, London Ontario (Canada) from 25 July 2015 to 23 Aug 2015. They studied Google Digital Marketing Certification. Here, the students worked with real clients and their reports were presented to them. They were also given a chance to write Google certified exams for Google Adwords and Google Analytics. The Digital Marketing Camp at Fanshawe College was composed of website and online advertising best practices to prepare the eager students from IILM to begin a career in online media management. The students from IILM embraced their Canadian experience and were able to benefit from the practical nature of the Fanshawe College experience.  Apart from the classes, there were excursions arranged for the students through which they got to visit the CN Tower (3rd tallest building in the world) in Toronto, Niagara Falls, The Great Lakes, Canada’s Wonderland and local mall visits.

Group Photographs-Faculty and Students at Fanshawe College CanadaStudents and faculty at the Niagara Falls

HEC Belgium

Keeping in mind the global connect an international exposure through a 4 week study abroad programme was experienced by 36 students across 3 campuses to HEC Management School –University of Liege, Belgium, which is one of the oldest universities of Europe in the field of Commerce,finance, business administration, management science and Business Engineering. Identifying the changing dynamics of Global Business, during the stint the following modules were covered;

  • Inter-cultural studies (Hofstede Model): Diversified culture since independence through documentaries and movies of European Union.
  • Financial Markets: An overview of behavioral finance apart from the basics of financial markets
  • Creativity & Innovation: Projected a Business Plan and a prototype from scratch focusing on how to persuade people to follow their passion using their skills and talent
  • Human Resource Management: Comprehending the role of HR in customer centric organizations to create utmost value though a case study on a European organization called Car Glass
  • Digital Marketing & Strategic Intelligence: Discussed about the change that companies like Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon have made to the world using online strategies and media in changing the Business.
Students engaged in class activity at HEC Belgium

Students engaged in class activity at HEC Belgium

Apart from the above modules the courses embedded the judicious blend of City Excursions to Brugges and the capital city of Brussels and Industrial Visit to the Space Centre, Diamond factory and Chocolate Factory

It’s worth mentioning that the immersion was enriching and the students gained hands on familiarity on Culture, consumer behavior, retail structure and the country landscape.

Faculty conducting class at HEC Belgium

Faculty conducting class at HEC Belgium

International Students at Campus

Apart from the outgoing students, IILM Gurgaon hosted students from its partner universities in France, Sweden and Netherlands. Baudin Jean, Bea Martin and Gay Oceane arrived in India in the month of September 2015 from ESC Troyes. They will be studying the Stage 3 course of the University of Bradford program at IILM. Also, Maarten Velthuijs (from Hanze Groningen), Anna Gottfridsson (from Linneaus), Rafal Wisniewski (HZ University) and YahyaYahyayev (HZ University) have begun with their studies in Stage 3 of the Undergraduate Program. Further to this AugustinBachoud, RemiLegrand, Raphael Martin – Guiheneuc and Gauthier Heron from EM Normandie have joined in Stage 2 of the Undergraduate program at IILM Gurgaon. Each student has been assigned a mentor at IILM Gurgaon, who would guide them through their academics and extra-curricular activities during their exchange program here at IILM.

Campus News : IILM Institute for Business & Management, Gurgaon

Placement week at IILM

Placement week was conducted between 9 February 2015 and 13 February 2015 at Gurgaon campus aiming to prepare the students of 1st year – PGDM both for summer internship and campus placements. The week started off with an inspiring talk by Mr. Preet Kamal Sodhi from banking industry, shared his experience on how to be confident and focused in achieving the goal. Through the “Sneak Peak” series, our Alumni from various industry segments shared their experiences on summer internship, which helped students understand the journey from internship to final placement and gave them an insight on choosing the right summer internship.

TEDx videos on “interview skills” and “how to conduct oneself in a confident manner” were shown to students followed by role play on personal interviews. Students had profiling session to make them realise their passion in life and the area in which they want to pursue the internship. A resume-writing session was also done wherein the students prepared their resume in the standard format which was later reviewed and signed off by respective mentors. Since teamwork is crucial skill at work, the students also participated in team building activities which were fun learning experience.

Visit to Fortis Memorial Research Institute

On 13th February 2015, the first year undergraduate students visited Fortis Memorial Research Institute in Gurgaon, accompanied by Ms Shegorika Lalchandani. The objective of the visit was to introduce the students to the management environment in the medical industry. In addition to learning the various functions of a hospital, the students were given an in-depth walk through the complexities of hospital management systems, especially the operations.

Holi Celebrations at IILM Gurgaon

The festival of colour always rings with the spirit of joy at IILM. Utsav – The Cultural Club at IILM Gurgaon brought students, faculties and staff members to dance and enjoy the Festival of Holi. The lawns were sprayed with the vibrant colours that the students and staff members greeted each other with. Gujiya, cutlets and thandai added flavour to the celebration as it proved to be the perfect end to the day. It was interesting to see the International students and faculty enjoying the festival in full spirit as they blended with the Indian culture.

Sports Fun at IILM Gurgaon

“To keep the body in good health is a duty… otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear” ~ Buddha. Student Engagement has always added a different flavour to campus life at IILM Gurgaon. There are innumerable opportunities to develop current interests or to try out novel ones, during the stay at IILM Gurgaon. But a game of Volleyball or Cricket has always been considered as the most preferred activity by the students in IILM Gurgaon, which eases the stress of the entire day. Keeping this in mind, Wednesday, 11th March 2015 was dedicated towards conducting Sports activities at the campus.

Amidst the buzz of classes and assignments, students across the Undergraduate and Post-graduate programs, were excited to participate in the recently held Volleyball, Basketball and Cricket matches. While the students from the Undergraduate program won the Cricket Match, the game of Volleyball and Basketball got the scores equal between the two teams. Students and faculty members watched with excitement and cheered the teams they supported. The games continued till the evening and left the campus buzzing with a contagious zeal.

Art Camp

Between 9th and 13th March 2015, IILM School of Design organised its 5th Art Camp at Gurgaon. IILM played host to eminent and upcoming artists from India and across the world such as Mr. Tristram Miravalles, Mr. Gopal Samantray, Ms. Gunjan Tyagi, Ms. Nupur Kundu, Mr. Somu Desai, Mr. Sundhanshu Sutar and Mr. Tejinder Kanda. Students, faculty, alumni and parents were all invited to participate in the camp. Over the week, visitors had the opportunity to experience art while the artists worked live to create masterpieces. Mr. Somu Desai also gave a presentation on nature art to students and faculty, where in the audience was introduced to the creation of art using biodegradable material.

Spatula Art by Mr Tejinder Kanda

Spatula Art by Mr Tejinder Kanda


Report on Venture Capitalist Roundtable Series 2015

Most of the aspiring entrepreneurs have an idea that is commercially viable; unfortunately they do not have the necessary funding to take it forward. With the changing market dynamics now budding entrepreneurs have various avenues in the form of venture capitalists, banks and other funding agencies. On 13th March 2015, keeping pace with the changing environment Ignite incubation centre at IILM, in collaboration with SME JOINUP, hosted the Venture Capitalist Roundtable Series 2015, supported by Nasscom 10k Start-ups.

The VC Round Table offered an opportunity for potential entrepreneurs to present their ideas and interact with interested investors. The event had 35 entrepreneurs and 5 investor for VC Round Table. The event saw engaging sessions where speakers shared their personal experiences and offered insights into being an entrepreneur. Mr. Nitin Agarwal, an IIT alumnus and an entrepreneur, advised the participants on “How to pitch to investors?”

Venture Capital Round Up

Venture Capital Round Up


World Cup Fever

End of March found everyone, students and faculty alike, in the grip of world cup fever. With India unbeaten until the semis, a screening for India Vs. Australia was organised for students in the cafeteria. On the day of the match, students cheered and encouraged Team India. Despite India losing out on the berth to the Finals, students took India’s defeat in stride and made sure that sportsmanship spirit was victorious.

World Cup Fever at IILM IBM

World Cup Fever at IILM IBM

Guest Lecture on Digital Marketing

As part of the Digital Marketing course, Mr. Rishabh Garg, Product and Solutions Specialist with Google took a session with the undergraduate and post-graduate students on “Understanding the Digital Eco-System”. Mr. Garg discussed and explained the fundamentals of search engine optimization, search engine marketing and web analytics. Students showed an interest in pursuing a career in digital marketing, all the queries related to that were addressed by Mr. Garg. He shared his practical knowledge and experience with the students which made the session very interactive.

Visit to Mother Dairy Plant by IILM Gurgaon students

The post graduate and undergraduate students of IILM Gurgaon visited the Mother Dairy plant on 6th April, 2015 accompanied by two faculty members. The objective of the visit to Mother Dairy manufacturing plant was to make them aware about the supply chain of the company. The trainers helped them in understanding the details of the milk industry, operation flood, processes that they follow, distribution channels and how they maintain quality of the milk. Students were taken around the whole plant and the company representatives gave them a presentation on their processes followed by a Q&A round.

Industrial Visit to Mother Dairy Ghaziabad

Industrial Visit to Mother Dairy Ghaziabad

Guest Speakers at IILM Undergraduate Business School

Between February and April, the undergraduate students had the opportunity to learn management concepts from experts across the Industry.

As part of the entrepreneurship course, UBS students understood the challenges and must-know aspects of building your own business from Mr. Swapnil, an entrepreneur himself. Mr. Prottoy Basu from Double Tree Hilton gave an industry perspective on Customer Relationship Management to the third year students. Ms. Reimara, international faculty, advised second year students on Stress Management. She also discussed the various aspects of National Minimum Wage with stage 3 students. Ms. Stefanie Chen (Lecturer of International Marketing Management and Corporate Strategy in University of Applied Sciences, Voralberg) conducted a session on “Strategic Challenges and Leadership” for stage 3 students. Mr. Ashish Agarwal from McKinsey enlightened the students on the impact of the budget on Indian economy. Mr. Naurine Kakkar, CEO, Law Institute introduced the nuances of business law to the first year undergraduates.

Throughout the semester, multiple guest faculties were invited to give an industry view to the undergraduate students, which also complemented the in-class learning.

Family Business Conference

The Family Business Management Conference was organised at Lodhi Road Campus on 15th of April 2015 on the topic ‘The Future of Family Business in the 21st Century. The conference aimed to bring together family business entrepreneurs to share ideas and insights, foster learning and inspire young minds. During the conference, Mr. Vishesh Chandiok addressed the audience on the challenges before family in India. Industry leaders, such as Ms. Divya Suri Singh, Mr. Shashank Raizada and Mr. Rajiv Jain, discussed succession planning and significance of family generations learning from each other. The students and faculty also benefitted from the experiences shared by IILM alumni, Mr. Riju Jhunjhunwala, Ms Paliwal and Ms Kirti Chawla, who talked about their learnings from their family businesses and building new ventures. Throughout the day, speakers fielded questions from the audience, providing clarity on the different facets of family business in India.

Charity Drive by Pukar

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give”. Keeping this in mind, Pukar, the NGO club at IILM Institute for Business & Management, organised a donation drive where in faculty and students were encouraged to donate for the poor and needy people. The drive saw everybody coming together for the cause and donating items such as came forward with items such as clothes, books and food items.

Convocation Ceremony for Class of 2015

On 20th May 2015, IILM Institute for Business & Management proudly bid adieu to the class of 2015. The graduation ceremony was presided by Mr. Chandra Shekhar Verma, Chairman – Steel Authority of India Limited. 134 students of the P.G. class of 2015 were conferred with Post Graduate Diploma in Management at IILM, Lodhi road campus in presence of chairperson – Mrs. Malvika Rai and members of board of governors (IILM), distinguished guests, proud parents and graduating students. The chief guest congratulated the winners and acknowledged the graduates with humble wishes and inspiring quotes. Honourable Mr. Chandrashekhar Verma enlightened the students by sharing the future of Indian economy and the need of bright young professionals. He concluded the address by sharing few success mantras with students, encouraging them to stay true to their goal, have a strong will and patience to learn combined with respect and integrity for all. The convocation ended on a high note with the faculty congratulating the new graduates and their parents on their achievement.