Reasons To Start Your Own Business With A BBA Course

So, you have the perfect idea for your first business venture. Perhaps you have come up with an innovation or a disruptive business model, and now feel that this is the right time to step into the entrepreneurial world. But this is the moment where we tell you to take a moment and consider something that will have a great bearing on your future business plans: a BBA in Entrepreneurship course from one of the best undergraduate colleges in Delhi – IILM UBS.

Why? Like in every profession, there is a certain skillset that you must possess to tackle entrepreneurship head on and carve a niche for yourself. This is exactly what a degree in BBA arms you with as you work on your business simultaneously. Let’s take a detailed and convincing look at the reasons to start your own business with a parallel BBA in Entrepreneurship course:

Academic and Industry Knowledge:

Having knowledge of various subjects in business, finance and management will strengthen your expertise in entrepreneurship by building a strong theoretical foundation. The BBA in Entrepreneurship curriculum is designed to provide students modern subject knowledge along with practical know-how on the industry practices, case studies, and global scenarios. Such education will enable you to better understand your business and implement your learning in real life.

Exclusive Mentorship:

IILM UBS is one of the only few business schools in Delhi that ensures that every student gets a personal mentor who will guide them throughout the course and help them build upon their business plan. If you already have a business venture, you can set up meetings with your mentor to discuss and iron out problems and issues. Such an intimate interaction gives you and your new business a rare advantage.

Development of Communication Skills:

In today’s extremely competitive world of business, entrepreneurs are expected to be not only experts in their industry but also highly polished, fluent and confident. A course in BBA will help you build your personality from the ground up, and allow you to learn how to communicate and discuss your ideas, proposals, solutions, etc. in a charming, confident manner.

Building of a Robust Business Acumen via Experiential Learning:

In a BBA course, you get unbridled exposure to real-world learning, challenges, work experience, and projects. From internships at top corporates to seminars with business leaders, it is the experiential learning that will help you scale up your business and explore new possibilities. Then, there are the global study programs that provide a budding entrepreneur with international experiences that help in developing key competencies required in the field. All these experiences help cultivate the entrepreneur in you as you simultaneously work to make your business a success.

Apart from the above-mentioned advantages, successfully completing a BBA course along with your business venture provides you with brilliant networking opportunities. If you so choose to, you can later on pursue an MBA to take your entrepreneurial wisdom to another level.

Think Global, Be Beyond with our Global Study Programme

With the ever-expanding reach of the internet and other mediums, access to the world is becoming easier. The more we know about the world and how it functions, the better prepared we are to take on the curveballs thrown at us. Businesses, too, are thinking globally today. The way they function or the way they create value needs a touch of the worldly wisdom to be able to truly succeed. And one way to grasp to this knowledge is by interacting with and learning from the best minds while completing your business education from one of the premier business schools in India.

Our Global Study Programme exposes our students to a truly enriching experience that empowers them to adopt a modern outlook while making day-to-day decisions. We believe there is nothing like an international experience at the best business schools around the world, to broaden your minds and sharpen your acumen. Our strategic tie-ups with leading business schools around the world nurture excellence by expanding your key learnings from your time with us to unprecedented levels. Unlock your potential with:

University of Winnipeg, Canada

The University of Winnipeg in Canada has always been a preferred destination for those looking to specialize in International Business and Marketing. Their programme in Entrepreneurship is an absolute value-add to those looking to start their own ventures after completing their BBA degree or MBA.

BBA scope, BBA in Entrepreneurship

EM Normandie, France:

The leading business school in the historic city of Normandy is among the prestigious B-schools in France. A rewarding course in supply chain management and a dynamic business project will groom you to lead operations. Or if you have plans to move to France, their course in doing business in the country will equip you with knowledge and a student network that will be extremely beneficial.

Lapland University of Applied Sciences, Finland:

The University of Finland is known for its exceptional focus and dedication towards innovation. During your time there, engage and build on relationships as you work through challenging team projects and come up with innovative solutions. Build on your talent of thinking out of the box by working with the brightest minds in the world.

ISM, Germany:

International School of Management in Dortmund, Germany is well-known for the diverse crowd that joins and graduates every year. Be a part of a worldwide network as you hone your skills in Operations Management, Strategic Management, International Finance Management, along with inter-cultural communication.

Thus, an international education can help you evolve personally and professionally. The exposure to different styles of teaching, thinking, and living makes you more adept at taking on the world as a universally thinking manager and paves way for unbound success. Think global with your business experience at IILM, and emerge as a leader who works and lives beyond.