Reasons To Start Your Own Business With A BBA Course

So, you have the perfect idea for your first business venture. Perhaps you have come up with an innovation or a disruptive business model, and now feel that this is the right time to step into the entrepreneurial world. But this is the moment where we tell you to take a moment and consider something that will have a great bearing on your future business plans: a BBA in Entrepreneurship course from one of the best undergraduate colleges in Delhi – IILM UBS.

Why? Like in every profession, there is a certain skillset that you must possess to tackle entrepreneurship head on and carve a niche for yourself. This is exactly what a degree in BBA arms you with as you work on your business simultaneously. Let’s take a detailed and convincing look at the reasons to start your own business with a parallel BBA in Entrepreneurship course:

Academic and Industry Knowledge:

Having knowledge of various subjects in business, finance and management will strengthen your expertise in entrepreneurship by building a strong theoretical foundation. The BBA in Entrepreneurship curriculum is designed to provide students modern subject knowledge along with practical know-how on the industry practices, case studies, and global scenarios. Such education will enable you to better understand your business and implement your learning in real life.

Exclusive Mentorship:

IILM UBS is one of the only few business schools in Delhi that ensures that every student gets a personal mentor who will guide them throughout the course and help them build upon their business plan. If you already have a business venture, you can set up meetings with your mentor to discuss and iron out problems and issues. Such an intimate interaction gives you and your new business a rare advantage.

Development of Communication Skills:

In today’s extremely competitive world of business, entrepreneurs are expected to be not only experts in their industry but also highly polished, fluent and confident. A course in BBA will help you build your personality from the ground up, and allow you to learn how to communicate and discuss your ideas, proposals, solutions, etc. in a charming, confident manner.

Building of a Robust Business Acumen via Experiential Learning:

In a BBA course, you get unbridled exposure to real-world learning, challenges, work experience, and projects. From internships at top corporates to seminars with business leaders, it is the experiential learning that will help you scale up your business and explore new possibilities. Then, there are the global study programs that provide a budding entrepreneur with international experiences that help in developing key competencies required in the field. All these experiences help cultivate the entrepreneur in you as you simultaneously work to make your business a success.

Apart from the above-mentioned advantages, successfully completing a BBA course along with your business venture provides you with brilliant networking opportunities. If you so choose to, you can later on pursue an MBA to take your entrepreneurial wisdom to another level.

BBA after Class 12th: PF Course Details, Eligibility and Career Prospects

A Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration (BBA) after class 12 lays the perfect foundation for a career in business with sound management skills. This degree aids you with the ability to effectively set up and manage businesses of all sizes, especially vital for business managers and entrepreneurs. BBA degree is of most relevance to those looking to foster innovative ideas and channeling their business acumen. Innovation is the only way for new businesses to succeed and old businesses to continue thriving. This drive for innovation can be in the field of business processes, technology, social innovation, business models, revenue models, branding, positioning, etc.

BBA after Class 12th

With innovation at its core, IILM offers a specialized BBA in entrepreneurship as per the SBS Swiss Business School curriculum, double accredited by the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE), as well as the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP). Being one of the leading business schools in Delhi, IILM seeks to set the groundwork for budding entrepreneurs and young achievers through a holistic support system.

The three-year course includes 2 semesters of international experience, studying at the SBS campus abroad. Being exposed to a global environment and holding an international degree gives the student an unmatched competitive edge to excel in any given field of business.

To match the eligibility criteria and get admitted in the course, prospective students must pass Class XII with minimum 55% under the Indian education system (CBSE or ICSE) or any equivalent board in India or overseas, with English and Mathematics at the class X level. Overseas students seeking admission should have completed their A-levels (under the British system). Students who meet the criterion undergo an in-depth counseling session with a faculty member followed by a video case study discussion. The aim of this activity is to gauge the student’s analytical abilities and thinking style. The final step of the admission procedure is a personal interview conducted by the admission committee.

Pursuing a degree at one of the top BBA colleges in Delhi will open up doors to opportunities in all fields of business. The degree will prepare the student to excel in varying functions and roles in a business setting. It will provide the student basic knowledge about corporate management with a focus on entrepreneurship. Extended guest lectures, live case studies, and simulations will expose the student to the dynamic world of business, setting them on the path to strategize, conceptualize and launch prosperous ventures.