IILM UBS Three Week Global Study Programme – ISM Stuttgart, Germany

Going beyond boundaries…
IILM Undergraduate Business School’s Three Week Global Study Programme

Wherever you go becomes a part of you somehow”- Anonymous

To be a globally responsible leader, you need firsthand experience learning about cultures, organizations, and business practices around the world. IILM Undergraduate Business School’s International exposure is designed to strengthen students knowledge, skills, attitudes and experience to create economic and social value wherever they go.

The three weeks global study programme helps students examine diverse aspects of interacting with other cultures and innovative methods of learning. This global study programme is an integral part of the academic program, and helps students progress toward completing their degree, while helping them define their view of the world. Our students are entrepreneurial, confident, socially driven and capable of fulfilling leadership roles in a global context.
This academic year our students were taken to the following universities for this programme :

• International School of Management , Germany – Stuttgart Campus
• International School of Management , Germany – Dortmund Campus
• Seneca College , Canada

Global Study Programme

Summer at International School of Management , Germany- Stuttgart Campus

Stuttgart and its surrounding area from one of the largest commercial capitals in Europe. The campus is just a few minutes on foot from south of the city centre and is easy to reach using public transport. Ms. Vanessa Schmidt Garaj , International Officer at ISM Stuttgart campus coordinated the entire programme and ensured the transition was smooth for the students and faculty. She was one stop guide for all queries pertaining to academics , German culture , places and society.

Students studied two modules- Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Strategic Management was delivered by Professor Björn Röeber and Professor Qeis Kamran delivered Entrepreneurship and Innovation. The teaching methodology included lectures and case discussions. Both professors were highly interactive. They engaged the students through group discussions on the various cases.

Global Study Programme

Students also had the opportunity to visit three Companies. Students visited Porsche Museum, Bosch and Daimler. It is noteworthy to mention that the Germany is renowned for its automobile industry and students were enthralled to visit the headquarters of the automobile giants.

Overall, the students enjoyed their experience learning about the Germany Education system, exploring opportunities for business and discovering new ideas which they can implement back home.

Global Study Programme

Behind the Scenes with Bosch in Germany with IILM Global Study Program

The IILM BBA (2016-19) Batch 1 students visit BOSCH plant and R&D centres in Stuttgart, Germany on 2nd August 2017. The IILM BBA students were treated to an up-close view of the Robert Bosch Corporation that few get to experience.

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In an endeavor to provide world class exposure to its students, IILM Undergraduate School of Business makes it mandatory for its students to be a part of its Global Study Program. The IILM Global Study Program takes the form of a study tour of a 3week to one of its partner universities in Canada or in Europe.

The IILM UBS Global Study Program was conceived to benefit the budding entrepreneurs and managers to immerse themselves in another culture as well as experience the challenges and opportunities facing organizations around the globe. It also extends global awareness and enhances the international perspective of IILM BBA students. During such tours, students meet leading executives and government officials while visiting businesses, industries, and cultural sites.

A visit to the Bosch World Wide Headquarters building in Stuttgart The company visit began with a thorough tour of the Bosch World Wide Headquarters building in Stuttgart, Germany. Very much like the gigantic Bosch corporate entity and identity itself, it was hard to judge how big the place was – with its office tower just disappearing into the low clouds behind the German countryside.

Once inside, our IILM BBA group got a better idea of the scope of things. The Bosch Group of companies has well over 350 subsidiaries and regional companies in 60+ countries and gives employment to nearly 300,000 people. Power tools make up 16% of Bosch business, while the automotive industry is responsible for 60% of its business. Appliances and countless industrial and energy related products make up the rest.


During our tour of some of the best corporate research and advanced engineering labs including that of Bosch, we were exposed to some of the latest developments in “smart” materials, photovoltaics, and Lithium-ion battery technologies. We can’t be more specific than that, but suffice it to claim that things move pretty fast at Bosch – the Bosch corporate research department files an average of 12 patents a day.

To conclude, the trip to the Bosch World Wide Headquarters building in Stuttgart didn’t disappoint the group! It was amazing to visit and get the first-hand experience of the business and functioning of this corporate giant.

IILM Global Study Program and a Visit to the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart

Just to give you a brief background, in its endeavors to provide world class exposure to its students, IILM Undergraduate School of Business makes it mandatory for its students to be a part of its Global Study Program. The IILM Global Study Program takes the form of a study tour of 3 weeks to one of its partner universities in Canada or Europe.

The IILM UBS Global Study Program is so designed as to benefit the budding entrepreneurs and managers to immerse themselves in another culture, experience the challenges and opportunities facing organizations around the globe. It also extends global awareness and enhances the international perspective of IILM BBA students. During such tours, students meet leading executives and government officials while visiting businesses, industries, and cultural sites.

This year we visited Porsche Museum in Stuttgart, Germany on 9th August 2017, as a part of our Global Study Program. Porsche’s museum in Stuttgart, Germany is the world’s largest museum of science and technology, for which people are continually jealous of everyone that has the opportunity to visit it. I was leading the group with one of my colleagues Ms. Anisha Rani.

You will really be impressed if you are standing in front of the grand Porsche Museum in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen. The gigantic building of the museum is amazing and looks so light, almost like floating in the air. The museum building is resting on only three V-shaped pillars. The contemporary design of the largest science and technology museum continues in the building. In a plain and elegant surrounding, the development of the Porsche brand and the sleek sports cars are illustrated.

The entire reason for visiting Stuttgart was to visit the Porsche Museum along with the Mercedes-Benz Headquarters. Porsche best exemplifies good design values, which was obvious there, and which the IILM BBA group members appreciated. We found that the car company has an unbeatable lineup of vehicles that was achieved through an approach that’s very much different from that of Apple. The science and technology Museum is designed by Delugan Meissl and is situated near the company’s headquarters. The museum is executed meticulously and tells a mesmerizing story using great graphic design and installations.

Simplicity and the conviction of constant evolution are probably the strongest traits of Porsche as a world-class brand. This is what really strikes you move through the Porsche museum.


To conclude, the trip to the coveted Porsche museum didn’t disappoint the group! The Porsche museum tour took us through its prestigious racing history, the evolution of the Porsche brand, and its technological achievements that have revolutionized automotive industry today. Many of us in the IILM BBA group had a great time playing with the engine sound effect machine and looking at the cars but few even found enjoyment in the detailed descriptions of Porsche’s development of the tip-tropic automatic gear system and their weight reduced fuel pumps.

With a mind filled with great memories and edifying experience, bidding adieu to the Porsche Museum, at-least probably till next year!

Love the Land, Live the Life.. Normandie, France

A global exchange program was organized for the PG-1 students of IILM, all the campuses. Students were given choices to choose one of their dream global universities on the basis of modules offered by the university. The choices were France, Spain, Canada, Germany and Finland. The entire program was sponsored by IILM and tied up university except the students extra expenditures like food, travelling etc. On 4th of September 2016, 45 students collectively from LR, Gurgaon and Greater Noida campus boarded Emirates for Ecole de Management de Normandie, France with Dr. Gurpreet Singh Bhatia (Associate Professor, Economics, LR) as the team lead for the students for the entire exchange program.  The students were provided with the resident at Apart’ City, Caen.

The exchange program started on 6th with the welcome speech of Alain Ouvrieu, director of EM, Normandie. During the orientation the students were introduced to the different modules they have to take for next 26 days. The modules were: Supply Chain Management by Roger Soulieux, Doing business in France by Marie-Pierre Seznec, Business startup by Max Mikale Bjorling, and Business Project by Alain De Lamaziere. The students were divided in the group of 5-6 and were asked to present a business plan on lingerie’s and swimsuit market in different country like Benelux, Great Britain, Germany etc. The whole program was coordinated by Severine Groult(International Development Manager, Short program) and Brigitte Laine(International Development Assistant). In addition with this the students were also explained about the rules and regulations to be followed in college and hotel. Each and every student was provided on the same day with a unique identity card and a tram/bus card to travel nearby location for free of cost. The cost for the meal for Indian students was reduced so that they have to don’t pay much in terms of euros in university canteen.


The program was planned in such a way that there were class room lectures and related excursion. For example after attending SCM classes there was an excursion planned for student to Le Havre Port for the better understanding and practical knowledge. A surprise team building activity was also organized for all in an amusement park called Festyland, where students were told to capture pictures and videos and finally produce a digital file which was discussed in terms of business in front of Mr. lair, Director of Festyland. In addition to this students were taken to Caramel D’isigny where they tasted the caramel products and were showed the entire process how caramel chocolates are made. Students were allowed to buy the chocolates and candies from factories own shop at cheaper rates.  Here the idea was to explain the businesses related to caramel i.e. how the raw materials like milk, sugar etc. are arranged from different parts of the country. Another excursion was also made to cider factory i.e. Billy’s farm where the students there shown the process of making cider and how apples can help in making business. Students were allowed to taste the different kinds of cider and buy them from the firm.

Not only the business excursion but also the fun trip was planned in between the studies. Trip to Etretat was planned to show and experience the beauty of nature’s creation in form of elephant trunk cliff. Since, Normandie was one of major victim during World War 2, so to explain the history and the past, another trip was planned to Omaha beach, US Crematory and to the Memorial at Normandie. The students were explained about the hard situation and grievances faced by the people during the Hitler rein and how the World War 2 changed the face of the world specially France. To make memories, students were taken to Le Mount Saint Michel which is one of Europe’s most unforgettable sights. Set in the mesmerizing bay where Normandie and Brittany merge, the island grabs the eye from great distance. The entire story of how a mout turned into a great place of Christian pilgrimage was explained by the help of audio guide to everyone.

A unforgettable trip was also planned for the students dream city i.e. to Paris. Each studentwas given a blue t-shirt with the brand tag of EM Normandie on it for the trip. Students were shown the 360° view of Paris from Montparnasse tower. In addition to this student were also shown some of the major brand and historical monuments like Arc De Triomphe and finally dropped to Eiffel tower where photoshoot was done and students were allowed to enjoy on their own. Finally a relaxing trip on cruise down the river Seine was organized which proved out a great way to see many of Paris’ famous landmarks and sights.

Over the weekends everyone was allowed to go for the places they wish. Majorly students targeted Belgium, Amsterdam and Switzerland. The expense for this trip was on their own. But before leaving from the hotel they were asked to give a written information of the places they are leaving to, the number of students going and there contact numbers, there hotel and travelling tickets details. This information was circulated to IILM as well as EM Normandie so as to keep a tract to the student’s safety and security.

Each module has given a timeline of 4-5 classes to complete the course. At the end the students were asked to present a power point presentation in three modules and a mock multiple choice question insupply chain management module. The students were rated on scale of 20 in business project and top 3 business plan i.e. groups were appreciated for their work. In business startup module the students were asked to present their idea individually on how tourism in Normandie can attract Indian tourist. Manvendra and Pravin, a student form LR and Gurgaon campus respectively got 20 on 20 for their idea. Similarly in module doing business in France a presentation in group was done on how the business in Normandie is going on in different sectors.

The 26 days for the student ended with lot of fun and learning at EM Normandie. Student who excel in their work were appreciated from university side and a dinner at was organized for all in an Indian restaurant by Severine. Finally on 30th morning the students were dropped to the Paris airport to back to India.

  • Article by Er. Manvendra Singh, (PG20161419)

Campus News 2016

See all that happened in Lodhi Road campus last month.

Sports Activities

Football match and tug of war were two sports events organized for the undergraduate students of the IILM Business School, Lodhi Road Campus. The students of all the stages were grouped into four teams, named under popular characters of Harry Porter series – Godric Gryffindor, Helga Hufflepuff, Rowena Ravenclaw and Salazar Slytherin. The event which took place on 17th September started with Football Match. Two winning teams of the first round – Helga Hufflepuff and Salazar Slytherin participated in the final round with Salazar Slytherin winning the match. In tug of War, the two qualifying teams for the final round – Godric Gryffindor and Helga Hufflepuff played in full spirit against each other, and Godric Gryffindor won the match.

The students appreciated and enjoyed the sports events. All the participants, who were colors of their teams and played with great enthusiasm, expressed their desire that they wanted to see such events happening on a regular basis as it gave them another forum to interact with one another. A special note of appreciation goes to all the volunteers and Captains of the events, who helped in coordinating and organizing the event. They displayed great enthusiasm and team spirit. Their efforts in coordinating with the participants, arranging referee for the match, preparing the field for the games are being recognized.


Iccha Club – Blood donation camp

A blood donation Drive was organized at IILM Lodhi Road campus in association with Rotary Noida Blood Bank on the 12th of October 2016 between 10 am and 4 pm.

28 Donors were screened at the Camp. Out of which 19 could donate blood. The event was successful and helped spread awareness about the importance of donating blood that can save millions of lives.


Dandiya Night at LR

Dandiya Night is the most sought after evening of the year. This year as well it was celebrated with much gusto on October 13th, 2016. The students from both UG and PG courses along with the teachers got together for a night full of dance, drama, food and fun. Students enjoyed grooving to the beats of the dhol and the games played enthused the crowds with a different energy level all together. The candid photographer for the evening made sure that all of these moments were beautifully captured for all times to come. The event was surely a great success. Overall, it turned out to be a memorable evening indeed.


Ideation , Innovation & Creativity in Business

If you want to study business, launch your own startup or manage your family business, IILM is the place for you !

Requirements in the job market are dynamic and change constantly.  At IILM we have introduced an exceptional programme to incorporate the trend of startups and entrepreneurship. We have collaborated with the SBS Swiss Business School to bring to our students the change to earn a BBA in Entrepreneurship. The degree is awarded by the Swiss Business School and teaches modules that are aimed to equip students with the skills need to start their own ventures ,take on the responsibilities of entrepreneurship or manage their family business..

The programme spans over 3 years or 6 semesters and covers a variety of topics starting from the basics and moving up in difficulty. The initial semesters have introductory modules that introduce students to concepts of Accounting, Marketing, Management, Information Systems, Economics, Finance, Statistics and Law. These basics are aimed at bringing all students on the same platform as we have students from varied backgrounds applying to this course. Similarly, Foreign Language is also offered to students over the 3 years in order to diversify their knowledge base and give them an edge in the job market.

After the basics students study modules like Small Business Field Studies, Venture Capital and Private Equity, Entrepreneurship Case Studies and Mergers and Acquisitions – topics related to managing real world situations. These modules as well as the others offered are not only case study based but also incorporate learning through simulations in order to effectively instill the theories involved.Case studies used are from the Harvard Business School so that our students have access to the very best resources.

Experiential learning is also encouraged through Company Visits as a module students visit various companies belonging to various industries and interact with staff and department representatives to gain understanding of the working of the companies and respective departments. In tandem with the aim of experiential learning is the module of Internships. Students are attached to a company for a month long internship during their breaks and learn what it is like to be on the job in real life from experts.

Mentoring is a unique aspect of student life at IILM. Faculty and industry mentors are assigned to the students to guide them through the course of the programme. They advise the students so that effective decisions are taken with regards to modules, internships and careers. Students gain a lot from their expertise and experience.

Our programme is exceptional because of the unique mix of theory and practical application. We have understood the need for dynamism in curriculum and have molded our modules based on the requirements of the time. Our students study with the best resources, the best faculty and the best industry mentors, making them a cut above the rest when it comes to taking on the roles of an entrepreneur or top management of their family business.

Learn more about our exceptional programme at www.ubs.iilm.edu

Ms. Lekha Mukherjee

Company Visit to Crowne Plaza Hotel

“I learned that a long walk and calm conversation are an incredible combination if you want to build a bridge.”

Seth Godin, Best-Selling Author

The quote highlights  the essence of Crowne Plaza Hotel , a five star property catering to business and leisure travelers. Spread across 16 floors with an occupancy of 183 rooms, the hotel is one of the options for people planning to spend time out in outskirts of Delhi.
A group of 12 undergraduate students studying Entrepreneurship visited Crowne Plaza on February 15 to learn more about the hospitality industry.
The visit began with the supervisor taking the students on a tour of the different departments of the hotel. En route the supervisor  oriented the students with the hotel’s history and growth, facilities and  achievements. This was followed  by a tour of the laundry section , kitchen , Human Resources Department , banquets , business rooms , suite , restaurants like Spice and Connections , Adya- The Spa , Gymnasium and the pool area. The students were also made aware of the responsible business practices being followed by Crowne Plaza.
Considering , the hotel is located in the outskirts of Delhi , the students were inquisitive to know the reasons of people choosing the hotel for their holiday. In addition , they tried to understand how Crowne Plaza has an edge over its competitors and the marketing efforts the  chain does to promote the hotel located in a comparatively off beat location.
The students were enamored by the glitz of the industry that dips its wings in luxury.The visit was a great learning experience for students to get a birds eye view of different industries during these visits.  The students immensely benefited from this experience and  are looking forward to a visit of another popular chain to understand and compare the two enterprises and present an analysis.
 – Dr. Geetika Arora & Ms. Nidhi Piplani

Inter School English Debate – organized by Banyan Tree School

As part of the ‘Gender Sensitivity’ Week at Banyan Tree School, Lodhi Road, New Delhi an Inter-School English Debate (IX-XII) for schools in Delhi and NCR was organized on Saturday, the 19th of December, 2015 from 9:00 a.m. onward. A total of eight schools participated in the competition.  Each team consisted of two participants. The first speaker spoke for the motion. The second speaker spoke against the motion. Each team was accompanied by 4 students to cheer him/her and one teacher. The team from Tagore International School, East of Kailash bagged the first position. The team from the Pinnacle School, Panchsheel Enclave was declared the first runner-up. The Best Speaker-for the motion was also from The Pinnacle School. The Best Speaker-against the motion was from Gurukul The School, Ghaziabad. The event was sponsored by IILM, Lodhi Road, New Delhi.

The jury comprised of eminent academicians like Dr.Ajanta Dutt, Ms. Nandini Guha, Dr.Mridula Anand Tandon and Mr.Rahul Mishra. Dr Ajanta Dutt received her doctorate from Rutgers, the state university of New Jersey, USA where she studied the novels of 20th Century Indian English writers. She taught for a while in Rutgers and wrote a book called Landscapes and Languages for the writing programme of the university. After her return to India, she wrote a book on Tagore’s novel, ‘Home and the World’ and an annotated textbook on the poems of Pablo Neruda, Derek Walcott and Margaret Atwood which are taught in the English honours programme of Delhi University. Dr. Dutt teaches English at Deshbandhu College, Delhi University. She is also on the editorial board of a bilingual magazine, Hindol which is published every quarter from Delhi.  Ms. Nandini Guha is an Associate Professor of English at Delhi University, with over 25 years of teaching experience. She is an Alumnus of Lady Shri Ram College, Delhi and Carmel Convent School. She is also an award winning translator from Bangla to English. Her translations have been published by Katha  ,Zubaan,Harvard University Press, Social Science Press etc. Dr. Mridula Anand Tandon  received her MBBS degree from the University of Pune. She has worked for Poverty Alleviation through Girl Child Upliftment and Women’s Empowerment for over twenty years. She has initiated numerous other programmes for the cause of women. Dr. Tandon is also a long-time worker in gender-based social issues,helping organizations prevent sexual harassment and most recently, addressing women’s safety in communities through the “Avaaz Uthao” project with the Government of Delhi. She also personally sponsors the education of girl children from low-income families. Saakshi an NGO, is ably helmed by Dr.Tandon. Mr. Rahul K. Mishra has 18 years of work experience in teaching ,training ,academic and corporate administration. He did his Masters in International Business from the University of Delhi. He teaches courses on International Business  Strategy and Entrepreneurship. He is currently the Director, Executive Education at IILM Institute and has conducted training with Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited, Engineers India Limited, National Building Construction Corporation and Concentrix Corporation for senior and top management.

The Judges at the rebuttal  round

The Judges at the rebuttal round

The topics for contention were:

  • Worshipping the ‘Devi’ (female deity) and killing the baby
  • Gender equality must become a way of life
  • Equity vs. Equality, a gender discourse
  • Women are the real architects of the society

Each participant was given 3 minutes to speak. There were a total of 16 participants. Each team consisted of two participants. The first speaker spoke for the motion. The second speaker spoke against the motion. Before beginning to speak, each speaker from each team picked a chit to select a judge for the rebuttal round. The duration of the rebuttal round per participant was 3 minutes. During the rebuttal, the judge whose name was written on the chit picked by the speaker asked only one question. Banyan Tree School participated in the event but did not compete.

The judges expressed their views about the competition for over 15 minutes thereafter they were felicitated by Mr.Sanjay Srivastava, Dean, IILM.  This was followed by the prize distribution ceremony. The team from Tagore International School, East of Kailash bagged the first position. The speakers were Siaa Girotra and Rohini Sharma. They got Rs.7000 each, plaques and certificates. The team from the Pinnacle School, Panchsheel Enclave was declared the first runner-up. The speakers were Yashika Choudhary and Cheena Taneja. They got Rs.5000 each, plaques and certificates. The Best Speaker-for the motion, was Yashika Choudhary from The Pinnacle School. The Best Speaker-against the motion was Navya Dhir from Gurukul School, Ghaziabad. They both got Rs.5000 each, plaques and certificates. Banyan Tree School was represented by Anugrah Singh and Bhumitra Sharma. They got the highest points but being the host school, they didn’t compete. The debate concluded with a ‘Vote of Thanks’ by Ms.Chetna Saini, followed by the school song and National Anthem.

_MG_1165The Winning team – Tagore International School, East of Kailash  _MG_1168

After this, the Volunteer Felicitation ceremony took place. Over 33 volunteers from classes IX, X and XI and 8 members of the choir were felicitated. These devoted students had been working tirelessly for weeks, preparing for this debate. They executed the duties assigned to them, diligently.  Their sincere efforts were applauded by all.

-Written by Ms. Supriya Prathapan , TGT English , Banyan Tree School

Dreams do come true !!- Exchange Semester @ LaRochelle Business School, France

Akanksha Lamba along with her classmates Jatin Kapur , Kamandeep Singh & Sonal Aggarwal have been sponsored by IILM for an exchange semester to La Rochelle Business School, France. Studying Luxury brands was always their  dream…and there they get their wings to fly…!!

Akanksha Lamba (PGDM 2014-16) penning down her experience..

We got this stupendous opportunity to study at Groupe Sup De Co, La Rochelle France for a semester. Being the first batch of Indian students from IILM on the campus of La Rochelle Business School, we carry a lot of responsibility and sense of pride.


pic 1

1st & 2nd week (1st Sept- 13th Sept)–  After 24 hrs of  journey all filled with curiosity, excitement, planning sessions and mixed feelings we reached this beautiful town in western France, La Rochelle. This city has an atmosphere totally different from New Delhi. It is very calm, quiet yet interesting as it’s a seaport on a part of the Atlantic Ocean.

Vieux-Port de La Rochelle

We have been staying with a host family here and by far it has been a great experience as it helps in getting to know about the culture more closely, the best part being the French deserts we get to eat.

Our session was supposed to get started on 14th Sept so these two weeks gave us enough time to figure out the places in the city and get used to it. These two weeks helped us to explore the city and try new restaurants and delicacies famous in the city.

Vieux-Port de La Rochelle

                                                             Vieux-Port de La Rochelle

3rd week (14th Sept- 20thSept) – 14th September being the first day of our college was the ‘Welcome Day’ for the international students. We got to meet a lot of international students. Groupe Sup De Co promotes a great deal of diversity as it has students from all over USA, China, Taiwan, Egypt, Poland, Netherlands, England etc.

Pic 3

During this week we had classes for Geopolitics and CSR. Geopolitics is being taught by an English professor who has done his PhD from Cambridge and has years of experience for teaching in Cambridge University. It is a very different and interesting subject as we are able to gain knowledge about EU not only from Indian perspective but from the perspective of students from different nationalities.

We even got an opportunity to witness the ‘VoilesDeNuit’ event (light show & yacht show) in La Rochelle which is organized every year in the city.

Meeting international students

                               Meeting international students

4th & 5th week (21st Sept- 4th Oct) – During this week we had classes for the Event sector in which we were divided into groups and had to present the event we planned and created on the given topic. It was fun and involved a lot of creative ideas by the group members.

6th week (5th Oct- 11th Oct) – We have started with our specialization in Premium Luxury Marketing. The faculty here is very captivating and well acquainted with the subjects and the field they are teaching. The atmosphere in the class is very friendly. We have been divided in the groups where the groups have students from different nationality which we believe helps in looking at a subject with a broad perspective.

Light Show at La Rochelle

                                                                        Light Show at La Rochelle

On 8th Oct the Mayor of the city addressed all the international students, welcoming and encouraging to visit and study in this beautiful city La Rochelle. We even had the honor to meet the president of the international relations personally.

Mayor Addressing international students

                          Mayor Addressing international students

All with the busy schedules at school we even had some great time going on trips and visiting places like Nice, Cannes and Amsterdam.

Moments Captured

                                                         Moments Captured

So far it has been a learning curve and we are looking forward to exploring and acquiring more from this great opportunity. We thank IILM for making this dream come true !

Exchange Semester @Burgundy School of Business, France

In order to reward  all rounders and provide them with an International Exposure, IILM sponsored top 25 % of the 2014-16 batch for an exchange semester to our partner Institutions across the globe.

Sharing the experience of one of our student groups who are studying at Burgundy School of Business, Dijon, France


From New Delhi to Paris

Beginning from New Delhi Airport, we all were bright eyed and bushy tailed for what was coming forth and a bit sad for leaving home for a long time.

Backpacks, strollers, headphones, music, excitement, tire complementing each other was our journey to the Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris. Dijon was still a long way to go, ready to leave from Gare de Lyon train station at Paris, we gained possession of our seats in TGV, the fastest bullet train in France and in a blink of an eye we reached Dijon.



ESC Dijon- our IILM in France, organized an induction week for all the International Degree Seeking and Exchange Students. It was a diverse group of students from USA, China, Mexico, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Czech Republic etc. Beginning from a brief about ESC by the Dean of International Office Relations Mrs. Marie Jose ALBERT-BATT, followed by Rules & Regulations, Assessments and other academic concerns at ESC.

Student life Abroad

There is a big difference in staying home and staying abroad. At home we get everything what we desire, Staying in Dijon was a completely different scenario. We cook, clean, wash, launder, buy groceries, household items, utensils almost everything what we never did at home. Quite unusual but a new learning experience for all of us. Parallel to this we have to manage our studies too which all in all becomes tiresome.


Beginning of the Course

The first session at ESC was of Corporate Governance, which was conducted by the most cheerful professor Mr. Emmanuel ZENOU. We were divided into groups for our final report. The subject involved studies about corporate laws, descriptive and cognitive views of a board, shareholders, board of directors, experimental investigation, independent director, regulations, supervisory board etc.

The other session was of Business Ethics which was conducted by Professor Shahar AYAL and Shalvi SHAUL who were invited from Amsterdam. The two professors delivered lectures about their research on ethics followed by videos and games which can even be used in any Business.

Lectures for each session lasted for 2 hours for which we are not habitual, a 20 minutes break was given after every session. The timings for our sessions were 8:00 am and it was very hard for us to get to the classes in the unfriendly cold mornings.

Session at ESC 

French food and Wine Experience

The French cooks are one of the best cooks in the world, but the French food wasn’t that tempting to us as the Indian food is.

French food includes mainly Sea food, Beef, Pork, Chicken, Pizzas, Pasta, and Breads etc. Spices and Salt are absent in the French food which forced us to cook food ourselves. The Wines from Burgundy, Chateaux and Bordeaux are very popular in France and sometimes there are fests at the hypermarkets for the promotion of wines.

First Exam and Project

Our assessment for Corporate Governance was divided into 2 parts, one was a written exam and the other was an Experimental Investigation & Project.

The Experimental Investigation was something which none of us had done before, we had to compose a board on the basis of Age, Gender, Experience, Nationality and Educational Qualification which was based on a case study within a defined time and the top 10 students would be awarded with 20 Euros each. The written exam had 4 questions based on the lectures delivered and the project was to prepare a Board diversity considering various factors and raising a question as how a particular factor influence a board diversity.

New Courses

In the following week of our first exam, new courses Managing Diversity and International Marketing Management were introduced.

Managing Diversity is delivered by Professor Sabine MUELLER, which involves various group activities, play and a few exercises to separate us from drowsiness as our class is in the morning 8:00 am on Mondays. This course teaches about managing a diverse group in an organization, company, schools etc. and is taught by various video clips, discussions, guest lecturers.

International Marketing Management is delivered by Professor Mathieu Claude CHABOUD, which involves basics of marketing and its impact in international context i.e. from marketing to international marketing, explains the major difference between International marketing & Global marketing.

 With Professor Emmanuel ZENOU (3)

A weekend in Paris

The following week was the same as the previous, classes from morning to evening was very tiring for us and we decided to visit the capital city Paris and Disneyland.

From Dijon Gare to Paris Gare de Lyon, the journey was short and the TGV was too fast. The first evening we went to see one of the most famous attractions in the world, the symbol of Paris, “Eiffel Tower”. The view from the top of the Tower is one of the most spectacular views, located at the side of river Seine, the Eiffel Tower stands 324m high and looks astounding at night.

The very next day we went to a whole new world, “Disneyland”, the characters and cartoons we saw in our childhood were now standing in front of us, shaking hands, clicking pictures, dancing and running etc. The Disneyland Park was a home to bumpy rides, roller coasters, gigantic castles, Mickey Mouse’s shows, restaurants and cafes etc.

Catacombs of Paris, an underground museum which holds the remains of around 6 million miners was one of the most thrilling places. Our visit to the catacombs was unforgettable and the place is one of a kind.

Selfie at Disneyland

 We  are very excited and look forward to each day as anew experience. We thank IILM immensely for gifting us the best time of our lives !!

-Karandeep Suri (PGDM 2014-16)